Hologram 3D 1.1
Now you can make 3D holograms your smartphone to the projector. Nofake, no simulation, really true thanks the simple pyramid effect!There are many hologram Apps in Google Play Store. But the most areonly simulations or pranks. Not this! It requires just a littlemanual skill for building the required pyramid. With this app youcan create true 3D holograms on your Android smartphone or tablet.Already in its first version, you have the choice between sixdifferent projections: Earth, skull, digital spiral, lights,fountain and laser circle. More will be added in the future with anupdate (for free). The hologram 3D Viewer works according to theprinciple of the pyramid as it is being used in many commercialsolutions. Among others at exhibitions and in shop windows you cansee the hologram effect with all-round view. As 2D version - thestripped down version with only one projection instead 360 degrees– you can find a similar effect in many modern vehicles, called HUD(head-up display; HUD display). To create a 3D hologram with thisAndroid app and your any smartphone or tablet, you do not needmuch: Only a transparent piece of glass or plastic. It must reflectstrong. For example a CD Case is suitable optimally. Such rangesfor displays up to about 6 inches. If you want to use it on atablet, more are needed. Use a knife or scalpel can this piece ofplastic handle with little effort to a hologram pyramid. A piece oftape and a few drops of superglue ensure a stable structure thatcan be placed on your phone. In the app you'll find aneasy-to-understand instructions, which is adapted to the respectivescreen size of your device and will save you the hassle ofconverting. The application includes in its first version alreadyvarious 3D projections. Gradually new holograms will be added infuture. Installing a update is always recommended. You like thishologram projector app? Then review it at the Google Play Store. Ifyou have problems or errors, however, send me an email, so I havethe chance to fix it as soon as possible.
Alien Radar Simulation 1.1
They live with us, aliens. At least some people believe it to know.However, the existence of extraterrestrial creatures has not beenscientifically proven. With this radar simulation you can now foolyour friends by telling them, you could detect aliens with yoursmartphone. Alien Radar is a simulation of a locating device, whichscans the sky and space for aliens and UFOs. The animation isconstructed like a real radar. You should be aware, that this isnot possible with a simple smartphone. The app just displays arandom signal on the radarscreen. This is also signaled by anacoustic sound and vibration. In addition, you can set in theoptions that the screen rotates with your movements. For this, abuilt-in compass is needed. A auch is standard on most modernandroid phones and tablets. If you could have pranked your friendswith the UFO scanner, just leave a comment. Please also rate theapp at Google Play Store. If you find an bug, please send me anemail. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. And now, have funwith the free alien radar on your android device. But keep in mind,this is just a simulation and not a real radarscreen for detectingUFOs out of space.
Anti Mosquito Repellent Prank 1.1
Download the free Anti Mosquito RepellentforAndroid and simulate a fight against biting mosquitoes. Youcanprank your fiends by telling them, the app generates ahighfrequency signal in the ultrasound range and scared off thosepeskybloodsuckers. Only you know, it is just a simulation and not arealsonic sound.All advantages of this simulated mosquito repellent app:✔ sinusoidal oscillations for more prank-efficiency✔ tell your friends, it is effective against both male andfemalemosquitoes✔ different frequency simulations in the ultrasonic range✔ fake sonor works even when the display is off✔ foolproof operation✔ chemical-free mosquito plug prank✔ free for all Android devicesEspecially in the summer time and near the swamps and inthetropics, mosquitoes are a real nuisance. The little bloodsuckersrob not only sleep and cause unpleasant itching, they canalsotransmit dangerous diseases, such as malaria.Mosquito repellent from the chemist should be the first remedyinmalarial areas. But for the domestic gnats, the harmfulchemicalbomb is not recommended. For home use, many manufacturersoffer amidge plug, which operate with ultrasound.However, most of these devices are not really cheap. So why notusethe mobile phone to play the high-frequency tone in sonic-range?-Just for pranking your friends! Tell them you can do this withyoursmartphone or tablet.There are different sound frequencies in 2000s steps. Avalueshould be chosen, which is no longer perceived by the user.But alow noise will perfect the effect of prank. ;-)During operation, the app needs to stay open. To save battery,thedisplay can be switched off.Note that this App is just a sound simulation. Only veryfewmobiles can play the high frequency sound correctly.TheEffectively of ultrasonic against mosquitoes is notscientificallyproven. This app is just a simulator, a prank! Thereis noguarantee for function! Use it (in every way) at your ownrisk!Especially in malaria areas it is highly recommended to useaproper mosquito plug! This app is just for entertainment andforpranking your friends!The application can be used in addition to the mosquitorepellentas prank in school. Choose a soundfrequency that canstill beperceived by your classmates. These are feel disturbed bythe peak.But your old teacher can not hear it.Please rate five stars on Google Play, if you like theAntiMosquito Sound-Simulation Prank. If you find an error, pleasesendme an email. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
Zombie Radar Simulation 1.1
With the Zombie Radar, you can scan your local area for undead anddisplay them on a simulated radar screen. Zombies are in manynations an integral part of faith. But their existencescientifically unproven. As a simulation this app is just forentertainment purpose and you can prank your friends with. This isnot a real Zombie detector, it is just a random animation of aradarscreen. Zombies are actually dead people, but they are comeback to life. However, after their awakening, they are soulless andfeel only a need, the for human flesh. To redeem the dead byrunning her suffering, is the damage to the brain needed. Otherinstitutions have the story after no vital significance. The ZombieRadar behaves like a real scanner. New deaths are displayed as apoint on the rotating scanner screen. To look more realistic, thesignals move across the screen and disappear after a short time. Ifyou like, you can activate the radar rotation according to yourmovements. For this feature, an built-in compass is needed. Youlike the Zombie Radar? Or you could prank your friends with? Pleasewrite a review on Google Play and give five stars. However, pleasekeep this in mind that it his free Android app is explicitly markedas simulation to use for entertainment. Technically, it is notpossible to locate walking dead people with the sensors of asmartphone or tablet. In addition of this, zombies are not real! Ifyou find an error, just write an email and I will try to fix is assoon as possible. Do it on the same way for feature requests.
Money Radar Detector Simulated 1.1
Looking for the big money? With the money radar detectorsimulation, you feel like a rich man soon. ;-) But to feel that waydoes not mean it to be, because this App is just a simulation toprank all your friends or even to have fun with the rich feeling.The detector simulates how the money is in the streets and waitingto be picked up from you. Whether euro, dollar or yen, the radarscreen signaled every currency in the world. There is no differencebetween notes and coins. Because this app is just an animation, itdoes not matter whether a safe or a purse is found. The money radardetector simulation works randomly. Found valuables are signaled aspoint. Because money is usually worn on the body, it moves witheach refresh of the signal. The detection of the new coins will beaccompanied by sound and vibration. In addition, the localizationcan adapt your movements. For this a built-in compass is needed inyour smartphone. You can activate the rotation in settings. Thiscan affect the free money finder even more realistic, If you likethe app, please review it positively at Google Play Store. Keep inmind that this is just a simulation and not a real money detectoror checker! The positioning of banknotes is not possible with thesensors of a cell phone. This app is designed for entertainment andfor fooling your friends. In case of errors, send me an e-mail,please. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Do it on the sameway, if you have a feature request.
Love Test Calculator 1.1.1
How big is your love? Install the free love test calculator forAndroid and find it out. It's completely free and takes no longerthan one minute! Simply enter your name and those of your swarm,and the app calculates your love. Can you reach togehter a value of100 percent? The calculation is based on a clever algorithm, as itis also used on many online dating platforms or for personalhoroscopes. A score of 90 percent and more, represents a greatrelationship. Your love can hardly be better. By the way, the valueof a typical good relationship starts at 40 lovepoints. But evenwith a lower value, you should not give up hope, because thecalculation relates only to your two names. And love is more thanjust a calculation! Relies on true love and do not hang themarriage on the nail. A kiss for example, is worth more than asimple number. The Love Test is an app that is used forentertainment. Even if it is a proven formula, it is no more than atheory of probability as in a horoscope. So, please don't rate badthe Love Testwith names, if the result does not coincide. Themathematics gives no guarantee in love. Please send an e-mail, ifyou find a bug in the free Love Calculator for Android. I'll try tofix this as soon as possible. Therefore it is important to alwaysinstall new available updates on Google Play.
UFO Radar Simulation 1.1
You believe in aliens who move in flying saucers through space?Then use the UFO radar to simulate a display of unidentified flyingobjects in the sky. Of course to come to your fun, you haven'tbelieve in aliens, because as simulation this app is just for pureentertainment. Use it to fool your friends, you could locate UFOswith your Android smartphone. With a little persuasion they willsurely bevlive your little fairy tale. The UFO radar is constructedso that it is hardly indistinguishable from a real radarscreen. Newflying saucers are displayed as points. The appearance will besignaled by an audible ping and also a short vibration. New UFOsare added randomly and then move in a random direction. Optionally,the radar rotates even to your movements. To enable this feature inthe settings, a built-in compass is needed in your mobile device.If you like the UFO Detector, I would be very happy about apositive review in the Google Play Store. Especially if you havefooled your friends with. However, please keep always in mind thatthis is not a real radar and just a simulation. It is technicallynot possible to scan the air for unidentified flying objects by theinstalled sensors of a smartphone or tablet. Also the existence ofextraterrestrial life forms is not proven! Use this fun app purelyfor entertainment.
UV Light Simulation 1.1
Let the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet shade in anultraviolet light. Use this UV light app to simulate the color of areal blacklight. Switched on, the screen acts like it would producetrue black light, but it doesn't, because this does not cover thecolor spectrum of real UV range. As a simulation, you can use thisapplication with it purple animation, to have a lot of fun onparties or prank your friends. One click is enough and thesimulated black light is turned on. With another, you switch offthe UV lamp. The switching process is accompanied acoustically.This supports the illusion of a proper fluorescent tube. Tosimulate a higher brightness, a total of three light sources areshown. During use, the screen brightness is adjusted to 100percent. After that, it will be moved back to normal, so thebatterylife is protected. If you like the app, please rate itpositive in Play Store. However, always keep in mind that this isexplicitly marked as simulated and not real UV light with afluorescent effect. Behalte jedoch stets im Hinterkopf, dass essich hierbei explizit um simuliertes und keine echtes UV Licht mitfluoreszierender Wirkung handelt. This is technically impossiblewith a conventional cell phone screen. Write me an email if youfind a bug. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Do featurerequests also on the same way.
Diamond Radar Simulation 1.1
With the free Diamonds Radar, you can simulate the search ofjewelsnearby you and display them on your Android smartphone ortablet.Feel like a treasure hunter, but keep it in mind that thisis justa simulation of a radar. Use the app for fun or prank allyourfriends by telling them, you could locate expensive diamondswithyour mobile. The diamonds radar is constructed as a properlocatingdevice. This is ensured by various animations, which arecontrolledby a sophisticated algorithm. The search for near jewelsissymbolized with a rotating scanner. New diamonds willappearrandomly on the screen. Since diamonds are usually worn asjewelryon the body, the signals on the radar screen of course alsomove.Optionally, you can activate the rotation by your movements atthesettings menu. But this is only possible if your Android devicehasa built-in compass. Please rate the diamond detector in theGooglePlay store, if you like it or you may could fooled yourfriends.However, keep it in mind that this explicitly is a fun appforpurely entertainment, It does not replace a realradar!Technically, it is not possible to locate gemstones withthedevice's sensors of a mobile phone. If you find an error, youcanwrite me a e-mail, so I can take care of it as soon aspossible.Also feature requests can be communicated in this way.
Ghosts on Radar Simulation 1.1
With Ghost on Radar, can you simulate supernatural figures onyoursmartphone or tablet. The animation is a real radar screenveryclose and looks deceptively real. But this is just a simulationtoprank all your friends, because they do not know that. Tellthemyou can track paranormal activity with the included sensors ofourphone. Not all, but some will believe... Ghosts are a subjectinitself. Though they are not scientifically proven, manypeoplebelieve in them and other supernatural beings. Some evenoperatethe ghost hunting as a hobby. They use different tools andsensorsto prove an existence. With the ghost radar, you can alsofeel likethe Ghostbusters. At least in the eyes of others, but onlyyou knowthat it is a simulation and not a realemp-detector(electromagnetic pulse). The app behaves like a realradar. Thesearch operation of the scanner is indicated by arotatinganimation and the simulated ghost appear as dots. Theoptionaloption to adapt your movements still generates morerealism. Forthis, a built-in compass in your mobile is necessary.If you havetricked your friends with the ghosts radar, then write acomment.Even what you told them exactly, for example that you alsocandetect zombies and monsters with your smartphone. Nolessinteresting is where you have encountered spirits. Give alsotheother reviews compliance, from experience many funny commentswillbe posted. Always hold in your mind that this App expressly isasimulation, just for entertainment! A realghost detector formobilephones is technically impossible. In addition, the existenceofspirits is not confirmed. Send me an email if you find a bug.Iwill try to fix as soon as possible. Use for suggestions ofnewfunctions the same way. Please keep the app always up to date.
Blacklight Simulation 1.2
With this free app for Android, you can simulate a blacklightwiththe screen of your smartphone or tablet. The produced lightisclose to the ultraviolet color spectrum and looks deceptivelyreal,but as pure simulation without real UV rays. Use theblacklightlamp as a general optical accent or to prank yourfriends. They donot know that it is app just generate a violetcolored screen andthe will think you could produce true black lightwith yoursmartphone. To turn on the animated UV tubes, it requiresa simpleclick on the screen. Similar to a real lamp, you can hearthe shiftacoustically. Consequently, in order to switch off theblack lightagain, just click one time more on an empty part of thefreeAndroid app. If you like this application, then please rateitpositive at the Google Play Store. However, always keep inmindthat this is explicit marked as simulation for thepureentertainment, becaus a smartphone or tablet can'ttechnicallyproduce a real blacklight with their ordinary screen! Ifyou find abug, or if you have a feature request, please send me anemail. Iwill reply as soon as possible in German or English.
Drone Radar Simulation 1.1
Drones and Multicopter flying everywhere through the skies.TheDrone Radar simulates a tracking of this flying cameras,aseveryone wants. Such a radar screen could improve airsafetyimmensely. Also everyone could protect against spying fromthe sky.Until such a visualization is realy possible, you can prank(!)your friends with this free simulation app. You can tell themthatthe recognition actually works. Only you know, it's just a jokeandnot a real radarscreen for your android smartphone ortablet.Important note: This is just a non-real simulation forprankingyour friends. A drone radar on a simple smartphone is notpossibleyet and without real detection hardware! How this freedrone radarsimulation works: After starting the application,several menuitems are displayed. With a simple click you reach theradarscreenand activate the dronetracking. Fake multicopter near byyou aredisplayed randomly. After a short time they disappear again.Thisacts like a real airradar. In the settings you can changethevisualization of the quadrocopters. It is recommended onfirststart that you take the time for the configuration. Forexample,you can specify that a sound is played at drone appear.Also, youcan activate the vibration. If supported by yoursmartphone, youcan let rotate the radarscreen with yourorientation. In the nearfuture there will be many more options andaddons. This will makethe drone radar even more realistic. So youcan prank more of yourfriends. If you like the app, please ratefife stars on GooglePlay. of course you can also tell how you'vepranked your friendsor at which funny locations a drone hasappeared on radar screen.In case of errors please send me an email,I will try to fix assoon as possible. Use the same way for tellingme suggestions forimprovement the RPA Scanner (remotely pilotedaircraft). PS: Ifflying copters like the phantom UAV (unmannedaircraft system) areno interest for you and your friends, you canfind more free radarsimulations on my developer page at GooglePlay. Just have a look,maybe you'll find something else indeed.