NPS Calculator 4.0
NPS is a dynamic scheme launched by the Indian Government, to helpall the citizens to plan their future as per their convenienceNPScalculator helps you to know about how much Pension and lump sumamount you will get when you retired.The National Pension System(NPS) was launched on 1st January, 2004 with the objective ofproviding retirement income to all the citizens.The NationalPension System (NPS) is a defined-contribution pension systemoperated by the Government of India.NPS is open to citizens ofbetween the ages of 18 and 60 on a voluntary basis.Pension plansprovide financial security and stability during old age when peopledon't have a regular source of income.NPS offers help to thesubscriber by allotting a unique Permanent Retirement AccountNumber (PRAN). This unique account number will remain the same forthe rest of subscriber's life. This unique PRAN can be used fromany location in India.All India citizens including both state andcentral government employees are eligible for enrolling into theNational Pension Scheme.Types of NPS AccountsThere are two types ofaccount would be available to people* Tier I: In this withdrawalsare not allowed.* Tier II: In this a subscriber is free to make asmany withdrawalsBenefits* Transparent* Simple* Portable* Versatile* Regulated* Safe Investment* Low cost scheme* Access the NPSaccount from anywhere in India at any timeFeatures of NPSCalculator* The NPS calculator makes close estimates of how muchpension that subscriber can stand to receive.* NPS calculator is afree online instrument.* No Internet connection is required for NPScalculator* With the help of NPS Calculator you can view thecalculations Graphically for your better satisfaction.* NPScalculator offer close estimates and are very easy to use.* Thecalculator enables you in making decision about monthlycontribution to be made towards NPS.
blood lab values 3.0
Blood Lab Values Reference is a free offline dictionary thatprovides all information about Medical Tests, Diagnostic Lab TestValues. App Highlights: - Completely works offline and free todownload. - Trusted and used by doctors and medical students. -Information regarding all Medical Lab Tests, Diagnostic Lab TestValues. - Detailed reference guide including the Ranges, testdescription and differentials. - The best Lab Values Referencedictionary for doctors or students and every one with facts andinformation. DISCLAIMER: This app cannot and should not replace apharmacist or a doctor consultation. App content is only for pocketreference & educational purposes. Consult a doctor beforeactual usage of any of the information in this app.
Prepare for the Course on Computer Concepts Online CertificationExam in a better and systematic way with this app. Practice all theimportant questions for the examination, review your attemptedquestions to improve well ahead of the test & discuss allinformation regarding the syllabus, exam pattern and everythingelse related to the online test for computer with other candidatesappearing or have appeared in the exam. *Key Features of NIELIT CCCComputer Exam Prep*: Complete Mock Test, covering all sections.Discussion Forums to interact with other Aspirants. Review allattempted questions. National Institute of Electronics &Information Technology (NIELIT), earlier known as DOEACC hadintroduced the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) and Basic ComputerCourse (BCC) to impart basic computer and IT literacy to everycommon man. Doesn't matter whether you have applied through aNIELIT approved Institute or have applied directly for the ComputerCertification Examination, this app is a must have preparation toolto become a DOEACC / NIELIT Certified Computer Operator. Just likethe actual Course on Computer Concepts Exam, the mock tests willmeasure the candidate's grip on the basic computer topics likecomputer basics, GUI based operating system basics, elements ofword processing, computer communication and internet, www and webbrowser, communication and collaboration, making smallpresentations, basics of presentation, slide show, preparation ofslides, providing aesthetics and excel spreadsheets. NIELIT CCCComputer Exam Prep App provides practice tests and mock test forthe course on computer concepts certification examination.
ic 38 mock tests 3.0
IC-38: App that helps you prepare for Exam (Life Insurance agents).This app includes several mock test questions covering all thesyllabus topics asked in the exam. Features include: - Coverage ofTopics covering wide variety - Categorized question/answer sets -Quiz It is FREE for students to make most benefit of it.
There are many apps in the market that give paytm cash fordownloading and install but then also they didn't pay you enoughbut free paytm cash is a real deal and you seriously need to try itout. This innovative ad watching & clicking app gives for everyclick
Aadhar card Link With Banks.Internet banking for almost all INDIANbanks .Bank balance check through missed callGet Mini statementthrough missed call or SMS as provided by banks.Call Custmer carefor all banks .Hindi (हिंदी) & English supported.Note : This isnot an official application,All information contained inapplication are collected from INTERNET and developer has tried hisbest for its accuracy. But the accuracy of this information is notguaranteed and user can not challenge the developer for theaccuracy legally or in any other way
Apka Ration Card 2.0
The application features a digital Ration card that beneficiariescan open on their android phones to make transactions in fair priceshops . Other features of the application are : • GrievanceRedressal : Users can now submit complaints directly through themobile app. • Feedback Form : Suggestions can also be made throughthe app through the feedback form feature.
Labs Diagnostics Manual 1.0
App Highlights:- Completely works offline and free todownload.-Trusted and used by doctors and medical students.-Informationregarding all Medical Lab Tests, Diagnostic Lab TestValues.-Detailed reference guide including the Ranges, testdescription anddifferentials.- The best Lab Values Referencedictionary fordoctors or students and every one with factsandinformation.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot and should not replaceapharmacist or a doctor consultation. App content is only forpocketreference & educational purposes. Consult a doctorbeforeactual usage of any of the information in this app.
e -hospital OPD Registration 1.0
Online Registration System (ORS) is a framework to linkvarioushospitals across the country for Aadhaar based onlineregistrationand appointment system, where counter based OPDregistration andappointment system through Hospital ManagementInformation System(HMIS) has been digitalized. The application hasbeen hosted on thecloud services of NIC. Portal facilitates onlineappointments withvarious departments of different Hospitals usingeKYC data ofAadhaar number, if patient's mobile number isregistered withUIDAI. And in case mobile number is not registeredwith UIDAI ituses patient's name. New Patient will get appointmentas well asUnique Health Identification (UHID) number. If Aadhaarnumber isalready linked with UHID number, then appointment numberwill begiven and UHID will remain same.Simple appointmentprocessFor yourfirst visit to hospital, registration andappointment with doctoris made simpler. All you have to do isverify yourself usingAadhaar Number, Select Hospital andDepartment, Select date ofAppointment and receive SMS forAppointment.Dashboard ReportsTotalnumber of Hospitals for whichappointment can be taken through webalong with their departmentsfor which online appointment can betaken can be seen in reports.Detail reports showing informationabout New and Old patients takingappointment through this portalcan be seen.Hospital OnBoardingHospitals can come on board thisplatform and provide theirappointment slots for online booking bypatients. The systemfacilitates Hospitals to easily manage theirregistration andappointment process and monitor the flow of
Fetal devolopment week by week 1.0
Pregnancy Week by WeekAre you pregnant? Are you an expectantmother?We have created this Pregnancy Week by Week app to help youandre-assure you during your pregnancy. Our aim is to become thebestpregnancy week by week app. Follow your pregnancy every weekwiththis complete guide.Pregnancy is a wonderful andexcitingexperience. There is lot of information available inbooks,websites to consume whilst you are pregnant - but this is toomuchto go through - by creating this app we aim to ease thisprocess sothat all pregnancy related information is one place.Findout whathappens each week with your baby’s development and yourbody’schanges while you’re expecting. Track your pregnancy.You willalsofind information on antenatal diet, pregnancy care,antenatalexercise, where to have your baby, what happens duringpregnancy toyou and your baby, your health and your baby's healthlabor andmore. Week by Week growth and changes in you and your babywillkeep you update about pregnancy. Every week providesinformationabout your body and baby's, symptoms, thoughts, feeling,weight andtips. Find out what's going on with this week by weekpregnancyguide.This pregnancy week by week app for expectingparents alsoprovides a community of expecting parents, where youcan ask andanswer questions about your baby's and pregnancydevelopment.In theapp, all info about pregnancy is divided into thefollowingsections:How to ConceiveHow to Maximize your chance ofgettingpregnantGive up smokingAnd manymore….SymptomsSorebreastFatigueNauseaFrequent urinationLateperiodsIn the app, allinfo about pregnancy is divided into thefollowingsections:pregnancyPregnancy week by weekby dayofpregnancypregnancy after cesareanMonthly pregnancypregnancyafterbirthpregnancy by trimesterpregnancy after 40Pregnancywithendometriosiscalculate pregnancypregnancy dream bookpregnancyafterabortionFirst pregnancyFirst signs of pregnancyPregnancytestEarlypregnancyDefinition of term pregnancyStomach duringpregnancyWhatis and what is not during pregnancyPregnancyandchildbirthTrimesters of pregnancyteenage pregnancycounselingsignsof pregnanciespregnancies testPain duringpregnancyPregnancycalculatorPregnancy symptomspregnanciessymptomsPregnancy week byweekDeciding to have a babyContraceptioninformationCalendar ofpregnancy by weeks.Pregnancy test checkerfreePregnant or trying toget pregnantPlanning pregnancyGettingpregnant(conception)Confirming you are pregnantpregnancy fromconception tobirthpregnancy plusetc.If you are future parents tryWeeks Pregnantfree app. Please rate the app and provide us feedbackso that wecan improve the app, as we aim to do the following withthepregnancy week by week guide app.Hope you will love thisFetaldevolopment Week by Week app.
Important medical terms 1.0
This is very simple app, but very informative and powerful atthesame time as far the medical students, nurses, GP’s and eventhespecialists and the consultants are concerned. It hastheexplanations of thousands of medical terms and terminology,forwhat could be commonly used or even uncommonlyusedterminologies.You can even search for terms or terminologyoffline.This free app is compatible with all the new and olderversion ofAndroid. You can take this medical terminology glossaryanywhere asit can be used without internet access.
Science & Technology Gk for All Exams 1.0
Science and Technology is one of the disciplines of modernscienceunder which, we study about the various technologies,theirapplications, and the development led by thesetechnologies.Science and Technology also includes a wide range oftopics such asSpace Science Technology, Biotechnology,Nanotechnology, DefenseTechnology, Artificial Intelligence,Information Technology,E-infrastructure, etc. By considering thediversity of thediscipline, we have categorized this tutorial intodifferentchapters for easy understanding. General Knowledge forallCompetitive & Entrance Exams. Science (FOR ALLCOMPETITIVEEXAM) These Science GK Questions are based on thefollowing topics:Matter in Our Surroundings Atoms and MoleculesStructure of TheAtom The Fundamental Unit of Life Tissues Diversityin LivingOrganisms Motion Gravitation Work and Energy SoundNaturalResources etc. Easy Hindi Notes of General Science for SSC,IAS andall other Competition Exams General Knowledge for allCompetitive& Entrance Exams
Love Calculator 1.0
How do you know if your partner is true to you? Then a must useisLove Calculator app for calculating love compatibility based onanancient numerical computational algorithm. # It derives itsrootsfrom ancient systems of planetary influences and numerology.So ourlove compatibility test, or love calculator, is utterlyACCURATE.#Sometimes you'd like to know if a relationship withsomeone couldwork out. There comes the power of Love CALCULATOR.The LoveCalculator can enable you calculate the probability of asuccessfulrelationship between two people. The Love Calculator isaneffective way to get an impression of how bright the chancesofstability & mutual harmony existing in a relationshipbetweentwo people, find out what are the chances of you and yourdreampartner getting close to each other.. Hold your breath !!There isone thing that you would absolutely love. If whilecalculating thelove score, prima facie you get an unexpected score- in this caseyou can go into settings & preset the desiredresult. Now ifyou calculate & demo this to your lovely paramour, the scorewould come from the stored result which you already set:-)
This is a level game. It has many unique and interestinglevelswhere you have to knock down all the boxes using your logicalandaiming skills to complete a level. The physics used in this gameisvery accurate and interesting. You will surely enjoy it. Youcanalso zoom in, zoom out and move the game scene to see closelook.So just download and enjoy this interesting world.
All Exam History GK 1.0
This application has been developed for testing your IndianHistoryskills. This is a latest and fantastic new educationapplicationwhich has been fueled with lots and lots of interestingquestionsthat test you intelligence in the subject. It has multiplechoicequestions and answers and these cover a wide range ofvarieties oftopics. General knowledge starting from basic to highlevel IndianHistory can be found in this app. This is a completeIndian Historystudy app which covers from the base to the highestlevel and thisis one of the very few best learning apps and mostuseful apps thatcan be found online for free. This Indian Historytesting app hasbeen designed in the best possible manner so thatthe user canconstantly improve his/her knowledge about the subject.This IndianHistory testing application suits for all lower,intermediate andhigher levels as this application carries acombination ofquestions for testing the user from the basic levelto the highestlevel. The questions in each level will be displayedrandomly. Bygoing through the tests and attempting the questions,the user canimprove his/her Indian History knowledge and can scorewell in highschool level, college level and competitive levelexams. Theapplication is very easy to use and has been designedverycarefully keeping in mind the needs of the students. TaketheIndian History tests repeatedly and analyze your improvedresultseach time. This is a free version and this can be used inonlinemode. Some of the most important categories covered undertheIndian History tests are: - Archaeological sources -Pre-historyand Proto-history - Indus Valley Civilization -Megalithic Cultures- Aryans and Vedic Period - Period ofMahajanapadas - MauryanEmpire - Early State and Society in EasternIndia - Guptas,Vakatakas and Vardhanas - Regional States duringGupta Era - Themesin Early Indian Cultural History - Early MedievalIndia - CulturalTraditions in India - The Thirteenth Century - TheFourteenthCentury - The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century - TheFifteenthand early Sixteenth Century - Mughal Empire in theSeventeenthCentury - Economy and Society in the Sixteenth andSeventeenthCenturies - Culture in the Mughal Empire - TheEighteenth Century -European Penetration into India - BritishExpansion in India -Early Structure of the British - EconomicImpact of BritishColonial Rule - Social and Cultural Developments -Indian Responseto British Rule - English Industrial Revolution -Nation-StateSystem - Imperialism and Colonialism - RevolutionandCounter-Revolution - World Wars - The World after World War II-Liberation from Colonial Rule - Decolonization andUnderdevelopment- Unification of Europe This application help youin IBPS, IAS,State PSC, SSC and any other government exams. It willbe alsouseful for job seekers who are looking to get recruitedbygovernment firms or any government jobs or for any entranceexams.
all exam india gk 1.0
All exam India GK is one of the best and most trendingTestPreparation App currently in English. This app will beupdatedfrequently and we will keep adding new questions so you canmoreenjoy and learn about new(latest) question. Right now wehavequestions of all categories like, - India gk This app is usefulforIAS, UPSC, SSC, IPS, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, BANK EXAMS, IFS,PCS,CIVIL SERVICES, BANK SPECIALIST OFFICER, RRB or REGIONALRURALBANKS, STATE CIVIL SERVICES, POLICE EXAMS, SSC CGL, CISF,CAPF, NDAEXAMS, CDS EXAM, RAILWAY EXAMS, GOVERNMENT JOB EXAMS, IBPSBANKEXAMS, IBPS CWE EXAMS, INSURANCE EXAMS, POST OFFICE EXAMS,NICL–Assistants, AICL – AO, UICL – AO, APPSC, BPSC, ChhattisgarhPSC,GPSC, HPSC, HPSSSB, HPPSC, JKPSC, Jharkhand PSC, Kerala PSC,MPPSC,MPSC, Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board, OPSC, RPSC,PPSC,TNPSC, UPPSC, WBSETCL. This App is also Very useful ForTheseRailway Recruitment ::Group D RRCNR Railway ::RailwayRecruitment2018 ::Railway Group D Recruitment ::Ticket CollectorVacancies::North Western Railway Recruitment ::rrb vacancy Allexams gk********************************************* Disclaimer:werespects the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual propertyofothers and also we expect this from other users. In this app,ifyou found any information that is owned by you or any contentthatviolates your intellectual property rights.
All in One GK App 2.0
This Application will improve your general knowledge aboutIndia.Application will help you in your career plan and helpsinpreparation of other government exams. Here you will be abletoknow some of the important things happened, History events,Insight into Politics , Knowledge about Economy, Geography,FamousPlaces and Culture. Features: 1. questions that prepare youfor anytype of GK Quiz and Test. 2. Provide an option for userstopractice his/her own answers as your application will presentyouwith a question. User can think of his answer then compare howhisanswer is different from our answer. 3. Questions havebeencategories in Section for ease of use. All in one GK app isbestgeneral knowledge app for various competitive exams such asSSC,CSAT, Railway, Bank, Defense, TET, HCM and various other jobexams.Features of All in one GK app: Question Answers in EnglishLanguageNew Questions to be added every month. The All Exams GK appis bestsource of GK for following Exams: 1. SSC LDC, MTS, UDC, CPO,GDetc. 2. Railway exams, Metro exams, RPF etc. 3. Police exams,HCM,CISF SI, ASI etc. 4. TET exams, KVS, NVS exams etc. 5. Army,Navy,Air-force exams. Make app a part of your mobile and prepareforGeneral Knowledge section of your competition exams. # A lotmorelist of categories in GK Section is there for competitionexams.English GK Category Include following sections: 1. IndianPolity GK2. Indian History GK 3. Geography of India and World 4.EconomicsGK
What is BMI Calculator? BMI Calculator is free app that allowsyouto monitor BMI and percentage of fat in your body. Ideal weight-app calculates the ideal weight you should gain. To calculateitapp uses the WHO formula. Body fat percentage is estimated fromBMIby formula derived by Deurenberg and co-workers. Allmeasurementsuse information about your body: gender, age, heightand weight.App is designed for people of different ages andsupports for bothmetric and imperial. Track your BMI and stayhealthy!