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Mehndi Designs 2016 Tatoo حناء‎AK Entertainment Free Apps and Games 3.3
Mehndi Designs 2015 نقش حناء app is embedded with latest trendydesigns. Allowing user to select the best design for their handsand feet. Following to user demand we added multiple countriescultural mehndi designs for weddings and other festivals. Mehndiculture is occupied by many Asian countries including Pakistan,India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Srilanka. EachCountry has their own style.We included new mehndi designs forAsian girls and women. Mehndi/ henna app contains ton of imagesthat will make you tired to follow. Besides having too much imagesfor mehndi designs, the app will take only two mega bytes ofphone/card memory. All the mehndi images are store on cloud so youdon’t need to download all images on your phones memory. Justdownload the one you love. Mehndi Design app makes it possible forzoom in and zoom out. Mehndi Designs 2015 app is constructed withuser friendly interface. Can be easily operated by anyone. Evenchildren can easily handle the layout to get access to ideal mehndidesigns images. Major Features include:• Light Weight • More FreshDesigns• HD graphics • Include Latest Pakistani, Indian and ArabicMehndi designs for 2014 and 2015• More Designs for Bridals • BabyMehndi Design. karvachauth• Completely Free Of Cost• Can be sharewith friendsEid Mehndi Designs 2015Install and rate this mehendiiapp because your feed back is very important to us. We spend ourprecious time to save your precious time. Feel free to give usefulcomments which will encourage others to download this application.Try our other applications as well you find them worthy foryourselves.
Ramadan 2015 Recipe Guide New 1.0
Ramadan Recipe Guide will let you learn Various dishes.This App containPakistani Khanaypakistani food recipes in urdu language are available if you haveset the device language to Urdu Language.IncludingIftar recipesAftar RecipesSahoor RecipesSaladarabic food recipesShakesDesertsetc
Women Salwar Kameez frock 2016 2.1
Salwaar kameez 2015 app is designed for girls to choose the bestand latest dresses designs. An easiest way to get aware of latesttrend without going outside home. We have collected tons of imagesfor designs which is a cultural dress for women and girls in thesub continent. Usually people buy dresses online but we decide toembed all the latest and upcoming trendy cloths in our new app.This app will help user to find the perfect match for their selvesand then go outside to buy the same design clothes. Our Collectionincludes dresses from best designers. (For copy right issues pleaseemail us to remove those designs as early as possible)IncludingDresses designs of 2015:• Best Wedding Dresses• Churidar Pajamasand Shalwar• Pakistani Salwar Kameez• Indian Salwar Kameez• NewBridal Wearwomen KurtasGirls Farak Designs 2015EID dressdesigns.Latest Style Party Dresses to wear on Eid and FestivalsBestKurtis CollectionGirls farak and Shalwar Kameez are addedThis appis a complete package and you do not need any internet connectivityto run it. Women app is designed simple which allow user to easilyoperate it. Download and Rate this app as your reviews arepriceless to us. Your comment will motivate other users to downloadand install this simple app on their Android Devices.
Women Mehndi Designs New Henna 2.0
This is a new version of offline MehndiDesigns 2015 which do not required internet. No Internet requiredonce you download this app. Mehndi app contain new and latestdesigns by latest April 2015. This is a book type application.Users can download each image they love.We included bridal Mehndi Designs category in this version.Mehndi is also called Henna in Arabian countries so we alsoincluded Arabic henna designs as well.** latest mehndi designs for kids are includedhenna designs 2015
Mehndi Songs Dance Videos 1.2
Top Mehndi Songs Dance Videos app consists of 100 best weddingreception songs list. Indian and Pakistani weddings are a sign ofrich cultural values. Mehndi Dance and singing Mehndi songs arevital part of Indo-Pak weddings. Pakistani Mehndi Dance isspecially loved all around the world, in which boys and girl fromeither side of bride and grooms come together for beautiful mehndisamba.There are tons of mehndi videos over the internet sharedsocially by various users. Girls ;) especially practiced forwedding dance before the main mehndi function. This app containsdifferent steps for girls and boys to practice different kind ofdances to impress. Such socially viral videos that tops Indianmehndi songs 2015 dailymotion © lists is also embedded in thisapp.Enjoy watching r and b wedding songs and made the next functionmore memorable for you and your loving ones. We have includeddownload function so one can easily download mehndi dance song andvideos directly on their cell phones.Watch how the Punjabi Girlsdance on their weddings in beautiful dresses. Apply the Mehndidesigns they used to wear on their hands andfeet.Features:Beautiful Pattan Girls dancing on Pashto Songs.IndianSchool Girls beautiful dance on Mehndi function.Pakistani FilmMehndi SongsDownload and Rate this app and give us your feedbacksas they are very important to our production line. Any suggestionwill be highly appreciable.
Islamic Quiz 1.6
Free Islamic Quiz is an application full of information. Aninteractive way for kids to learn general knowledge questions aboutIslam. Islamic Quiz application is embedded with multiple choicequestions allowing user to select the right option. User willanswer twenty random questions each time the quiz is launched. Aresult sheet will appear to show overall performance of the userthroughout the quiz. User will know all the right answers at theend. Free Islamic Quiz will increase Islamic knowledge as well asIQ. App is designed professionally so there is less chance oferror. High Quality smooth interface enables any kind of user tooperate it, kids or adult both can operate it easily. AppFeatures:• Multiple Choice Question• Contain Quizzes for Kids• EyeCatchy design• Stable• More QuestionsIt is our prime obligation tolearn knowledge and spread it however Free Islamic Quiz is acontribution towards good cause. Share it with other friends andfamily members to avail its benefits and learn more about religion.
Nail Art Designs 2016 (New) 1.7
Nail Art Designs 2015 contain all the latestand trendy designs. Now no need to search the web for new designswe have collected all in one place. Enjoy.Nail Art application has a unique User Interface that allow userto easily operate the app. This is an online app so you always needinternet connection to load images. This is because of saving yourfavorite images only. Discarding the remaining Designs.
Best Mehndi Songs and Dance 1.3
Best Mehndi Songs and Dance Videos application contain more thanbest wedding reception songs list. Mehndi songs are important partof local weddings. Each wedding is incomplete without mehndifunction. There are dozens of Mehndi dance videos socially sharedby different families. We include them in our app to make itpossible for easy access to beautiful mehndi videos. Such sociallyviral videos that tops Indian mehndi songs 2015 lists is alsoembedded in this app. Enjoy watching r and b wedding songs and madethe next function more memorable for you and your loving ones. Wehave included download function so one can easily download mehndidance song and videos directly on their cell phones.Watch how thePunjabi Girls dance on their weddings in beautiful dresses. Applythe Mehndi designs they used to wear on their hands andfeet.Features:Indian School Girls beautiful dance on Mehndifunction.Beautiful Girls danceBelly dancePakistani Film MehndiSongsDownload and Rate this app and give us your feedbacks as theyare very important to our production line. Any suggestion will behighly appreciable.
Ezee Eye Makeup Step By Step 1.3
Make up is an art to beautify women. This app is embedded with tonsof step by step make up tutorials. Improve your beauty skills bypracticing different styles and shades. Each category havedifferent tutorials and designs, choose the one that perfectlysuites you.Easy makeup app is a handy way to quick beauty. The appis designed with eye Navigational Scroll view to help user findtheir favorite style easily. with Pinch zoom one can zoom eachimage for a clear view.
All HD Video Downloader – Download Fast 2.4
All HD Video Downloader Download Fast app is designed with latestsearch algorithm that gives the best quality HD videos from thevideo database. You can download any video with a faster speed. AllHD Video Downloader is designed so unique that it is very easy tonavigate the app. Once a video is downloaded You can find it in thestorage tab which is in the navigational drawer. 4k Videodownloader app works well for any type of user. Video downloaderapp has all language videos. Download and rate this app so it canreach maximum users.