Secret Photo Album: Photo Vault - Hide Photos 4
Secret Photo Album – Calculator Photo Vault is a place to hidephotos and videos by keeping them in a password protected photosafe that looks and functions like a calculator. One of the fastestgrowing private photo storage apps in the appstore is now availablefor Android devices. Have you ever been in a situation where peoplewere trying to look at photos and videos that you don't want othersto see? Secret Photo Album – Calculator Photo Vault will securelyhide photos and videos, keeping them away from prying eyes. SecretPhoto Album – Calculator Photo Vault keeps your photos and videossafe by using both a password protected security system, and socialengineering to protect your personal videos and photo albums (Howoften do you check out what calculator app someone is using?). Yoursecret images and personal videos are locked away in a hidden photolocker that is the next best thing to being invisible. Secret PhotoAlbum – Calculator Photo Vault makes it easy to keep your videosand private photos locked away: 1. Create a password. 2. In theGallery you'll find a photo album, and video album ready to use. 3.Transfer photos and videos that you want to hide into the photoalbum or video album. Secret Photo Album – Calculator Photo Vaultwill now keep these pics and videos safely locked away and readyfor your private viewing. Or, start taking pictures and videos withthe built in camera. 4) That's it! You now have a private photovault that people won't find. DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY TO PROTECTYOUR PRIVATE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS! * FREE and UNLIMITED: You have thechoice to use the basic features for free (forever) and unlimited,or simply upgrade to Secret Photo Album Pro for more benefits. *Secure Camera: When you use the secure camera, pictures and videosare placed directly into the app's private vault, and there's norecord of a picture or video being taken. * Private Photo Vault andVideo Gallery: A "for your eyes only" gallery. Organize, name, andcreate photo albums and video albums. * Private Notes: Bank vaultlevel security for your important ideas and memos. * PrivateReminders: Full protection for your To-Do lists. * Secure Contacts:Keep a list of private contacts that are protected and managedseparately from your other contacts. Get Secret Photo Album –Calculator Photo Vault now, and if you love us, don’t forget tospread the love by giving us 5 stars! ADDITIONAL BENEFITS + Hidephotos and videos with ease. + Connect to your Dropbox or GoogleDrive accounts. + Easily transfer existing pictures and videos intothe photo vault for your private viewing. + Easily unhide picturesand videos to share with your favorite apps. + All your pics andvids stay safely hidden. + A discreet icon that people won't thinktwice about. + Fully working calculator vault with a secretpassword known only by you. + Create passwords up to 14 digits. +Email photos. + Social engineering (out of sight, out of mind). +Intuitive layout. + Rotate photos. + Text photos, videos and more.Get started now. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.​Support: We are striving to be the best calculator vault for you,and we're always open to feedback and suggestions. If you're havingan issue simply check our videos:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT4dIFuQZv_fvOc3YE7zYNA/featured​, or our FAQ: ​https://akashasoft.ladesk.com/ Enjoy our calculatorvault, Team AkashaSoft
Boost & Clean: Phone Optimizer 1.2
Boost & Clean: Phone Optimizer can clean junk files, cache, andmake your phone run faster. Easy and safe to use, Boost & Cleanwill keep your Android device clean, fast and running like newagain.As an all-in-one trash cleaner, memory booster, CPU cooler,and app manager, Boost & Clean optimizes your phone quickly soyou can get back to all the things you like doing with your phone.Benefits:+ Clean Junk files: A powerful cleaner to give you morespace.Improves performance by scanning and removing junk files tospeed up your phone, and free-up space. Remove old apks, cache,residual files, and other big files.+ Memory Boost & PhoneOptimizer: The easy way to a faster phone.Boost your phone speed,and clean up memory (RAM)).+ CPU Cooler:Easily view your CPUtemperature and start the cooling process when stealth files,background apps, and low amounts memory are causing your CPU tooverheat.+ Wi-Fi Speed CheckView the speed of any Wi-Fi network,and monitor the upload and download activity of all apps on yourphone, and more. + Apps Manager:Manage all your apps from onelocation. Delete apps and files, or move them to cloud services tofree-up space. + Device Info and Status:Live monitoring of yourphones health status. Including the name and model of thecomponents in your device. + Cleaner Alerts:Easily set a cleaningschedule for your phone to keep it performing at it’s best.Getstarted now. You'll wonder how you ever managed without Boost &Clean: Phone Optimizer.Support: We are striving to be the bestAndroid cleaner app for you, and we're always open to feedback andsuggestions. If you're having an issue just email at:support@akashasoft.com Enjoy our cleaner app,Team AkashaSoft
Scan Fast: Free PDF Scanner 1.1
Scan Fast is an app that helps you keep important document scannerfiles safe, and accessible. Keep your scans on your smart phone, orcomputer, and you can password protect your scans.By combining thebest features of other scanner apps, we think you’ll agree thatScan Fast is one of the most useful scanner apps on GooglePlay.Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make acopy of important documents, and you weren’t near your office? ScanFast puts the full power of a document scanner into your smartphone where you can access your scans quickly and easily.Scan Fastkeeps your scans safe by giving you the option to password protectindividual scans, and access to the app. (How comfortable would youfeel letting your important document scanner files sit aroundunprotected?) Your important documents and scans can be lockedaway, and only seen by you.Scan Fast makes it easy to keep yourdocuments and scans locked away:1. Create a scan.2. Tap the “lock”icon.3. Enter a pin number.4) That's it! Scan Fast will now keepthese documents and scans safely locked away, and ready for yourprivate viewing. Or, transfer existing images into the app andpassword protect them to create your own private document scannergallery.DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY PASS YOU BY WITHOUT A DOCUMENTSCANNER APP!* Built-In Camera: When you use the built-in camera,all your document scanner files are placed directly into the app'sscan gallery.* Scan Fast Gallery: View scans as a list, or asthumbnails. Organize, name, and create file folders.* PrivateScans: Password protect your important documents and scans for ahigher level security.* Private Access: Create an entry code, soonly you have will have access to Scan Fast.* Multi-Page Scans:Create multiple page scans for convenient storage and sharing.GetScan Fast now, and if you love it, don’t forget to spread the loveby giving us 5 stars!ADDITIONAL BENEFITS+ Easily transfer existingimages from your phone into the app for easy organizing.+ Easilyshare documents from the scanner with others, and with yourfavorite apps.+ All your document and scans stay in an easy toreach place.+ A simple icon that let’s you find your scansquickly.+ Over 70 filters for your photo scans.+ Create passwordseasily.+ Upload scans to cloud services.+ Intuitive layout.+ Emailscans+ Text scans, and more.Get started now. You'll wonder how youever managed without it.Support: We are striving to make Scan Fastthe best pocket scanner app for you, and we're always open tofeedback and suggestions. Any questions, simply shoot an email tosupport@akashasoft.comEnjoy our scanner app,Team AkashaSoft
Tip Calculator Global & Currency Converter 1.6
Tip Calculator Global shows you the customary gratuity forrestaurant dining in over 140 countries, and does all the math foryou quickly and easily. With our built in currency converter you'llnever feel unsure about how much tip to leave either at home orabroad. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself! Benefits:+ Tipping/Gratuity guide for over 140 countries. + Currencyconverter. + Split the bill easily and accurately in seconds. +Intuitive design. + Quick entry keypad (just tap the "bill amount"field). + Reverse calculations. + Easy to understand, and simple touse. Get started now. You'll wonder how you ever managed withoutTip Calculator Global. Support: We are striving to be the best tipcalculator for you, and we're always open to feedback andsuggestions. Any questions, simply shoot an email tosupport@akashasoft.com Enjoy our tip calculator & currencyconverter, Team AkashaSoft