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The calculator with a wealth of functions for Android allows you tohandle all the calculations easily. It has wonderful integratedunit/currency converters with clear display. Updated automatically,and manual update is available so as to get the latest currencies.It’s a perfect calculator for Android and it’s totally ads-free andfree! You can deal with simple and advanced mathematical functionsin your everyday life with this calculator by simple clicks and youwill get the instant result when you input value. You will find allthe functions you need quickly in the clean and beautifullydesigned interface. This effective calculator eases your life whenyou need to calculate anything – school homework, courseassignments, sales volume forecast, or discount amount whenshopping, etc. This powerful calculator provides an instantcurrency converter for the latest updates on currency exchangerate. It also provides calculations to convert common units ofmeasurement and you can get unit conversions as you type. Even whenyou quit the Calculator, all the calculations will be recorded andcan be used when you come back. >>>Functions we currentlysupported<<< General Calculator Support addition,subtraction, multiplication and division four fundamentalarithmetic operations for basic calculation. Scientific CalculatorYou will see advanced math functions/operations such as: ✔Mathfunctions: RAD DEG ABS ✔Powers/Exponentials: ℯ^x, x^y,x^(-1),10^(x), x^2 ✔Trigonometry functions: cos(x), sin(x), tan(x)✔Arcus functions: arccos(x), arcsin(x), arctan(x) ✔Logarithms: ln,log ✔Miscellaneous Operations: %, √, x! ✔Constants: π, ℯ ✔Memorykeys: MR, MC, MS, M+, M- ✔Other keys: ANS, RND Tap the “Functioncurve” icon in the upper right corner to display the scientificcalculator. >>>Features supported that you can’tmiss<<< Currency Converter The calculator has access toalmost 150 world currencies, including dollar, euro, yen, yuan,etc. You can refresh it whenever you want and calculate livecurrency exchange rates. To use the currency converter, tap theicon in the upper left corner and choose the “Currency” icon. Toadd/delete a currency, tap the “+” in the upper right corner or tapthe “+ Add currencies” button at the bottom. All the currencies aresorted alphabetically and you can find them easily. To manage thecurrencies added, long tap on one currency to re-arrange its order.Unit Converter List of over 70 unit converters we currentlysupported: • Length converter • Area converter • Mass converter •Volume converter • Temperature converter • Fuel converter • Cookingconverter To use the unit converter, tap the icon in the upper leftcorner and choose the “Unit” icon. Calculation History AvailableAll the calculations that has ever been used are recorded for yourfurther use. You can go back to all the calculation history andcontinue or re-start any finished calculation. Tap the “Circleclock” icon in the upper right corner to get all the calculationhistory. You can continue the finished calculation by tapping thecalculation result in the history. To close the calculation historypanel, tap anywhere in the calculator layout. To clear thecalculation history, tap the “Delete” icon in the upper rightcorner of the calculation history panel. Editable Content You canmove the cursor to edit your input, or copy & paste what youtype. Smart Gestures You can swipe right (or left) on the layout togo to different page. Customize Your Calculator To go to theSetting page, tap the icon in the upper left corner and choose the“Setting” icon. Come to use the calculator right now and shareabout your suggestions! Facebook page: permissions: We are asking permission to access your basicinformation due to EU's GDPR. We won’t collect or use yourinformation or data without your permission.
Calculator - free calculator ,multi calculator app 8.1.7
This calculator allows you to handle all the calculations easilynecessary for everyday life . I am Alcatel Calculator -Multifunction Calculator for Android. I am easy to use andbeautifully designed, much better than your phone or handheldcalculator. I will help you save time and effort. I remembereverything you calculated, so feel free to take a look back andsupport the use of history again. You can use me to make purchases,do homework, calculate finances, and calculate taxes. If you quitthe calculator and do other things, it's still here when you comeback. You never need to enter the same calculation twice again. Iam very attractive and effective, and I am fine with the buttonsall doing a lot better:  - You will never forget where you arecalculating - I always tell you what happened  - I remembereverything so you can take a break and then come back and continuewhere you left off  - I show your calculations in clear,elegant fonts that are easy to read and where commas should be - You can use backspace at any time to correct a simplemistake, not to start over  - My percentage key shows exactlywhat it does, so you will not be confused  - Click on theupper right corner of the function curve can be advanced math! - I am very intuitive and simple design, so that you can makedaily calculations on your phone or tablet Let Alcatel Calculatorand your phone or tablet, let your handheld calculator rest!General Calculator Support + - * / four fundamental arithmeticoperations. Scientific Calculator Do scientific operations such astrigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions. UnitConverter Support length, weight, width, volume, temperature, fuelconsumption and food units conversion. Currency Converter Supportsover 180 currencies all of the world, including dollar, euro, yen,yuan, etc. History Record All of the calculations that has everbeen used can be recorded for further use .
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