Message Reader For WhatsApp
This App read messages from WhatsApp in voiceusing Google Text-to-speech.Main features are,* Headphone mode available that reads messages only when headphoneis connected.* Bluetooth only mode to use while you driving or at gym* Option to cancel reading messages when you having WhatsAppopened.* Settings available to change settings for language,volume etc . ..* You can disable and enable app whenever you want usingsettings.
Chat For Facebook 1.1
FbChat is an android app to log in to Facebook Chat from Androidphones and chat with friends in Facebook in a super fast speed.Features of this app are,* Emojicon smileys support.* Chat message history support.* Super fast because of not using features other than justchat.* Displays users profile pictures.* New chat message notifications.* Search option to find friends quickly.Have a second Facebook account ? log in to that account easilyby installing this app.Don't like Facebook Messenger ? this is the best alternative forMessenger.** Information For Users ***This Application do not share your Facebook log in details withany third parties.This Application connects to Facebook chat using official FacebookXMPP chat.
Voice Notification For SMS 1.0
Know who send message and what is thecontentof the message without taking your phone while your aredriving orbusy on something.Features are,* Headphone only mode.* App is very lightweight,requires little memory and CPU.* Stop Reading from notification.* Enable or disable easily from setting screen.