MSQDR Face Swap 1.0
Mix Shot Quickly by Reforming Decoration(MSQRD )Take photos of you and your friends with this funny app. Turneveryselfie into a funny selfies, it includes a set of funnyanimalface, will be selected randomly which make it more funandsurprising. When you open the camera on most devices, itstartswith the rear-facing camera. To take a selfie. This appSTARTS yourfront camera and provides a simple button to take apicture.Mix Shot Quickly by Reforming Decoration - MSQRD
Submarine Stunts 1.2
Welcome to the underwater world on asuperbsubmarine.Throw yourself at any speed and enjoy the fun it givesavoidingobstacles and collecting coins.The pieces collected allow you to buy other underwater enginemorepowerful and more difficult to control to challenge yourvehiclecontrol skills.
PhonBooster 1.0
PhonBooster is a simple and great helps you improve battery lifetime, keep your androidphoneclean and fast.PhonBooster is set of tools that will help you:- Clean the junk files that are stored in the phone takingspacesuch as cache files or temporary files.- Lists all apps installed on your android phone.- Easy and fast to uninstall all unwanted application APK fromyourphone.- Optimize your phone's memory, it's best used after youhavefinished using a memory (RAM) intensive app or game.- You can extend your battery life by doing some mostpracticalbattery tips, we will guide you through the do's anddon'ts ofbattery use
New FlashLight 1.0
Using the flash on your phone as a lightsourceis something people have been doing for years, but themethod usedto activate your camera LED as a flashlight varieswildly dependingon what phone you are using.
3D Color Swap 1.0
Bounce up and fly through the matching hues!InColor Switch, you must have quick reflexes to score. Touchthechange orb, and look at your new shade. Then, wait untiltheperfect time to glide through the next spinning circle!
Monster Truck : Girl Edition 1.0
Drive your Monster Truck throughamazingtracks, perform tricks on air and be the fastest to getmostcoins
Timberman Jump 1.0
Timberman Jump is a simple game that willblowyour mind. Make the Timberman bounce from platform toplatformwithout falling.Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jump thehighestin Timberman Jump?Collect the diamonds to increase your score and purchaseotherblocks.
Driving DR 2017 1.0
Get ready to race and roar in some realcrazy,monstrous outdoor environments, meanwhile destroying whateverlieson your path and beating your opponent to the's the new Dr Driving Monster Trucks of 2017