AMC Bridge Apps

AMC Bridge UA 1.0.3
AMC Bridge
AMC Bridge UA is a business app thatcombinesall AMC Bridge company media resources and enables users tocontactAMC Bridge directly via mobile device.The app capabilities include:• An access to the main sections of AMC Bridge website• An ability to check AMC Bridge vacancies• An access to AMC Bridge Facebook feed with a possibility tolikeand share posts• An access AMC Bridge YouTube channel• An ability to contact AMC Bridge directly
ViewER-VR 5.1
AMC Bridge
ViewER-VR is an innovative extension to the ViewER™ applicationthat enables its users to explore CAD models in 3D virtual realitywith Google Cardboard™ or alternative VR glasses and offers thefollowing options: • Import CAD models to Virtual Reality ViewER™ •Viewing models in Virtual Model View Mode and Virtual Space Mode •Rotating models with head movements • Walking through models
VR-Architecture 5.0
AMC Bridge
VR-Architecture is a technology demonstration of creating a 3Dmodelof a single floor or a whole building on an Android™ deviceusingfloor plan images or hand-drawn sketches. It demonstratesanimplementation of an algorithm that accepts image files offloorplans either saved to storage or taken with an Androiddevicecamera from a hand-drawn sketch or a printed picture andconvertsthem into a 3D model of a specific floor or a high-risebuilding.The user can open the resulting DWG file in ViewER orViewER-VR tosee the 3D representation of a corresponding model.VR-Architecturedemonstrates the following features: • Loadingmultiple floor plansfrom storage. • Recognizing a floor plan fromthe selected imagesand building their 2D models. • Identifyingdoors, windows, walls,and furniture. • Adjusting parameters fortrue-to-life recognition.• Building a 3D model and saving it in aDWG file. • Viewing theresulting models in ViewER or ViewER-VR. •Viewing the resultingmodel in AR mode. • Saving the generatedmodels to SD card,Dropbox, or Google Drive. User-friendly andintuitive UI doesn’trequire any special knowledge or experiencewith CAD or AECsoftware.  Link to the demovideo: