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Decision 2 1.03
AMT Games
Winner of 2013 Flash Games Summit!#1 Zombie Shooter game is now available on the Android!The streets are pretty empty tonight. Except for all of thecrazy zombies. In Decision 2 it's up to you to patrol the citystreets and kill as many zombies as you can. You have your trustygun and as you make your way through the city you can earn moreweapons to kill zombies with. Stay alert because the zombies areeverywhere and they are hungry.The city is completely overtaken by zombies and your aim is tofind the way to clear it out! A lot of action and brain-splatteringawaits you::: 4 players co-op multiplayer:: 24 upgradable weapons and 15 abilities:: A whole city to explore
Epic War Saga 1.11
AMT Games
Epic War Saga is an Online SideScroller Defense game. Build up apowerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles withother armies!Killer features:★ 20 heroes to play for★ 250+ items tounlock and use★ 100+ units to hire for your army!★ Rank up to 9999levels★ 100 v 100 Massive battles
Legendary Saga 1.2.3
AMT Games
Build your army, embark on quests and rise inpower in this Strategy RPG game.EXPLORE THE STORY LIKE NEVER BEFOREYour quest begins in the dark days when the world is ready to fall.With over 600 quests and dozens of adventures, your decisionsimpact how the story unfolds!FORGE YOUR ARMYHire the best heroes to send on Adventures and explore thedangerous world!Killer features::: 30 heroes to play for:: 120+ items to unlock and use:: 40+ units to hire for your army!:: Rank up to 1000 levels:: Massive bloody battles