Photo Funia Effects 1.2
This is wonderful and awesome online photo effects applicationwhich makes use of cloud photo funia..It enhances your pics by applying shade effects, photo frames andlight effects,different type of faces,photography effects,postereffects,pencil drawing effects,magazine effects.You can apply online photography effects which will make your picslook more photogenic.You can fit your pics in many varieties of online frames which makethem good looking.You can make a pencil drawing of your pics.You can create a magazine cover and posters from your pics.Note: As we are applying online photo effects we need to haveinternet connection for application to work.As you press save inbrowser it is saved in downloads.You can save it to PhotoFuniafolder in sdcard and share it by coming back to second screen whichhas those options.
Video Watermark Logo 1.5
Video watermark logo allows you to apply logoor text over your favorite video and share it to your lovedone.Key Features:1. Adding Logo on video2. Adding watermark or text to video3. Adding both text and logo to video4. Save and share your video on Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp,Instagrametc.Note: For best result use camera captured videos.
Photo Editor Bokeh 1.6
PHOTO EDITOR BOKEHNew Photo Editor Application with Bokeh effects easy to use. Itsfree in android market.How to use:1. Select image from gallery or take latest photo usingcamera.2. Next select the edit button it lunch the editor.In this application editor contained1)23 imageeffect like:Contrast, pixels, sepia, sobel, emboss, pasteurize, saturation,etc2) More the 20 beautiful bokeh effects, using this effects makeyour selected photo more beautiful3) More the 20 photo frames available, Apply frames to you selectedphotosYou can save the effects added image in sd card and you can sharesocial network
Water Camera Fx 1.0
Water Camera• Now you can enjoy with water camera app we can createwaterphotography with your camera.• We can feel Real-Time Water Effects to Your Photo.• We have nearly 12 water effects to apply photo.• We can also have zooming functionality to you camera.• Water Camera app supports Front camera option.• We can Save the image in your Sd card and also we can sharephotosto social networks like Gmail, Face book..etc
Talking Tarzan 1.2
*Talk to Tarzan:Speak with Tarzan ,he repeatswhat you say in his own hilarious voice.*Play with Tarzan:Touch Tarzan Body he feels happy and lovesyou.*Tarzan Fight: Fun to see fight between Tarzan and Gorilla.*Tarzan playing:Tarzan enjoying the nature and playing with therope happily*Play in Rain: Come lets join and play with Tarzan in theRain.
Food Splash - Match Candy Game 1.7
Food Splash- The new Switch and Match FoodPuzzle game of candies and fruits. Make a match of 3 or morecandies or food items. The more targeted items you match at singleinstance, better the score you get.The best game mania place to remove the boredom! Where our gamewill make you travel through different land of foods where you justneed to find the candy smash it and reach the target given andproceed to next level of land. Playing Food Magic is easy, but ifyou want to score more, then you need to use your skills to cleartargets on the boards.Get hundred levels of delicious food candy puzzles just you need toswitch and match, crush and cross the levels.Food Splash is completely free to play in fact you will get guidesfor the moves so that it will be easy for you to take correctmoves, if you will need some extra moves or life you need to buycoin for it but once you move to higher levels not only you willget guides for the moves but also free extra moves also you mightget.Playing this game is very simple but only you need have to bechallenging to blast the masters.The new modification done to the food crunch and crush game app isjust like king instead of using cookies we gave almost samestructure in form candies as it has been always tastier and sweetlydelicious.In this game you should do nothing more than, matching the foodcandy items either horizontally or vertically with leastmatch-three or more of same targeted food candy given. Whileplaying this food game you will get lot of additional elements toflavour up your game! Always remember to use awesome boosters toachieve the target effortlessly.Food Splash game Features:-Get wonderful Graphic designMake use of Power Boosters to hit the game easily.Very easy to play, become a witch with extra skills to masterit.100 of challenging levels to play. More levels are comingsoon.Get Free Rechargeable boosters.The extra bonus boosters that you will get on this games once levelis increased are• Colour Bomb: Clear all the same food items on the board• Small Hammer and Big Hammer: helps to clear the rock panels• Extract: Destroy any one selected food items on the board• Replace: Replace any one food item with other food item of yourchoiceDownload now to access the updated version of food splash and havea blast!
Split Cam Effects 1.2
Here we go!!!!. This is a magic app, whichtakes your pictures and put them in frames. You can add effects toyour imagesand make it more beautiful. You can give special effects likegrunge, space, can change brightness, color make your picture morebeauty full.You can share your beautiful images to gmails, through bluetooth toyour friend. This app puts your images side by side so that you cancompare you with with youor with others. You can see your self in different angles. So gofor it you will enjoy a lot with this app.
Pic Editor 1.31
This application used for editing thepictureinstantly. This app contains various options for editingpictureslike changing the brightness; crop the image, change thecontrast,brightness, adding frames and mode of the picture etc.This appshares edited picture using Bluetooth, mail etc.
Pics & Clicks Effects 1.2
Do you feel bored with seeing photo effectsafter shooting every time? Why cannot we see the final effectsbefore we snap shutter? This pic and click effects applicationoffers you different shooting experience.This app can help you see your photo effects before you snapshutter and offer new shooting experience.• Provided Effects filter are Contrast, Gamma, Brightness, sepia,Gray scale, Sharpness etc….Provider effects filters are not only for camera you can use forgallery images all so.This application completely free in androidmarket and by using this application you can save the images andyou can share to social network.In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive thefollowing –Search shortcut icon on your home screen,Search shortcut on your bookmarks and browser homepage.This will help us bring you more cool apps like this in thefuture.You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to thegarbage), this will not affect the application in any way.
Split Pic 1.1
Do you want to know how you look in differentangles????.In this app you can compare one with another side byside.Here You will get Special effects for your pics like Space, Grunge,Contrast, Brightness etc. This app captures images and put themside by side in different frames so that you can compare you withothers or you with you.Take your pictures in different angels to compare you with you indifferent angles, or you can compare you with others, you can alsotake the pictures from the gallery and you can put effects on yourpictures like grunge, Spce, and you can change the brightness,color etc, make your picture more beautiful by using thisapp.So go for it you will like and I am sure you will enjoy thisapp.
Pocket FM- Online Radio 1.3
Online Radio is very good application launchedin android market. This consist of radio stations of10 countries. These radio stations are categorized like jazz,top40,rock etc. You can play stations andstop it according to your wish. If you like any station you can addthis station in your favorite list by clicking third button that isto-gather with play and stop button. Recently played first fivestations will be added into the recent play list. If you want toreplay recently played stations you can click recent button. Thiswill show those five recently played stations list. samefunctionality is for favoritestation list also. Online radio mainly containing shout cast andice cast radio stations. only internetconnection is required for this app.
Pic Frames With Vintage 1.6
You want create your own photo frames withdifferent designed shapes, now you can find well designedPhoto frames Application for you. By using this application makeyou photos more beautifulThis application contained: Vintage, water, paper and 20 imagefx.This pic frames with vintage application is free in android market.Using this app you can share final images in social network
Slidegram-VideoSlideShowMaker 1.3
Make a Video Slide show with your photos. Thisis video editor using this you can create flipgram, video slideshowand photobook.You can also change background music of your video.Most of us have lots of photos in our gallery. And we are fondof looking at them recollecting our memories. So why not we combineall those photos into one video slideshow & we can share withfriends and family? This app makes us to do that.Main Features:-> We can add our favorite music file to slide show-> Set your own timing to any length for slide gap-> Slide gap duration display.SHARING FEATURES-> YouTube, Facebook, Email, Instagram,Bluetooth,Dropboxetc-> Save to sdcard
Funny Pic Frames 1.5
Funny frame is a great app for having fun withphotos.You can place your photo on variety of funny frames.* Place your photo on amazing funny frame .* Lots of funny frames to have fun.* Lots of photo effects to apply.* Make relay funny photos for you and your friends.Be first to have fun.
Cooking Fest : Restaurant Cooking Games 1.56
Cook, serve and enjoy delicious food in Cooking Fest. This cookinggame lets you serve out delicious food in beautiful locales, from atropical restaurant to a cool ice cream shop to a seafoodrestaurant out at sea. Play free Cooking Games with levelsthat take you around the world. This baking game lets you cook updelicious food of all kinds: sushi, pizza, chicken, ice cream,cake, and so much more. Have a cookout and prepare your favoriterecipes as a world-renowned chef. Cookout with time managementgames and see if you can be the expert chef of the kitchen.Restaurant games have you balance cooking, serving and timing asyou try to keep all your customers happy. Love restaurant games andwant to be a world chef? This cooking simulator is an addictive,time management game for girls and boys. Download Cooking Fest andrun restaurants around the world. Cooking Fest Features CookingGame • Cooking fest is an addictive time management cooking game •Cooking simulator with a realistic kitchen experience • Cookfood from all over the world, from pizza to sushi Restaurant Game •Food serving games put your timing and multitasking to the test •Time management games where you can’t let your food burn or leave acustomer waiting • Run restaurants in exotic locations, from thefrozen alps to lost jungles • Unlock restaurants and new levels MyKitchen • Play Cooking Fest to cook amazing dishes in over 20restaurants around the world. • Cooking games with levels thatoffer multiple challenges and rewards to unlock. • Be a master chefin all your kitchens. Cooking Game with Levels Around the World •Cook unique dishes in restaurants around the world, including: •Fast Food • Sea Food • Chinese Food • Barbecue • Pizza • Beach caféfood • Ice Cream • And more. Offline Cooking Games • Cooking gameswithout WiFi let you play wherever you are. Cook and serve tons offood in a realistic restaurant. Play cooking games with levels thattake you around the world and create culinary masterpieces.Download Cooking Fest today. Follow us on: Facebook:
Split Picture 1.3
There is no limit for creativity when you usePic Split app. This app puts your images together side by side withattractive color borders. Using this app you can create your ownstory with interesting title within frame itself.This app helps you to put minimum 1 to maximum 5 memories in singleframe.What PicSplit does for you :1. You can either select your memories from galley or click on thespot using app's camera.2. This app provides color effects, vintage & overlayfunctionalities to make your pictures more beautiful.3. You can add desired text with desired font, color & size atthe bottom of your frame.4. Frame can be colored too.5. More of all, you can adjust, zoom-in your each individual pic inthe frame before saving.Once done, you can save your frame to SD card or share to, go ahead & create great story for you and your lovedones..
Car Looping 1.1
Car looping is a type of racing game, the mainaim of this game is to avoid car accidents by hitting other cars.It is simple to play, by tapping you can change car movingdirection.*How long you can be safe without hitting other vehicles?Features:-----------*Nice background environment.*Having extra Booster’s.How to Play:---------------*Car will move automatically by taping you can change car movingdirection.*Pick up powers to eliminate other vehicles.*By double tapping you can use booster to avoid accident with othercars.
Collage Bokeh 2.2
You want see you photo collage with beautifuleffects and different borders for images this is the right time tocreate your photo collage using Insta Collage Bokeh.This application contains bokeh ,image effects and 23 differentcolor border are there for collage photos.This not regular collage application you can give different colorborder to selected image, after creating photo collage. By usingthis application merge selected photos in to one photo.You can save in sd card and share the collage into socialnetwork.
Parachute Jump : Sky Dive Game
Parachute Jump : Sky Dive GameWant to experience the thrill of skydiving? If yes, then parachutejump is the ideal game for doing so.Parachute Jump is sky diving an addictive gameplay. the goal of thegame is to fall down person from parachute on to the water tube tosafe his life. but keep in mind the obstacles keep flying on air todisturb him.Have an ultimate skydiving experience, by playing this jumpinggame. Some stunning graphics adds to the excitement of this actiongame.Experience the thrill of skydiving by playing this action game. Thepresence of flying obstacles on the way, makes this action gameeven more exciting.Have fun, performing some breath-taking stunts, by jumping from aparachute on to a water tube in this action game.Score as high as possible, by flying and jumping from a parachuteon to the water tube in a river.Beat your top score, by performing some skydiving stunts, in thisflying game.Help:Tap on the screen to let person fall down from parachute.If you enjoy classic jumping games .then you will love thisvariation which takes the genre and turns it on its head.Parachute jump down avoiding obstacles, make hat-trick safe hislife to get an extra life to achieve the maximum score.Features:Test your estimation ability and predict the final position basedon different scenarios.Easy and fun.Realistic jumping on water and water tubes.Well-designed graphics and sounds.Avoid the flying obstacles (helicopters, airplane and rocket)Further Updates we are working on will make the game even moreefficient and easy touse!Parachute jump is one of the best action games. Download this topstunt game for free, and try out stunts, by jumping from aparachute.
Dog Orbit Defence 1.2
Dog orbit defenceDog orbit defence is an exciting game to keep yourself engaged inyour leisure time. This game can act as a stress buster after atiring day’s work.In this game, biscuits are fed to the dog by overcoming the orbiteddefence. The more biscuits you feed the dog, the more challengescome your way and this makes the game really thrilling. Feed thedog more biscuits to get most rewards.Instructions for Dog orbit defence1. The player is given three lives. Tap the screen so that thebiscuits are pointed towards the dog. A single biscuit fed to thedog gives you one point.2. Initially, there is a single ball protection at the orbit. Onscoring three continuous points, the protection is doubled, againscoring three points makes it a three ball protection.3. If the biscuit hits the orbit once, the player loses one life.Once three lives are lost, the game is over.4. When the game is over, the points scored by the player aredisplayed on the screen.Download the dog orbit defence game now, for some fun andentertainment.
Heap 1.2
Jelly Heap is a very addictive andinterestinggame.To get started off with the game, tap on the screen, when thejellyon oscillation, reaches the centre of the heap.When the jelly reaches the centre of the heap, if there is noproperalignment, its edges are chipped off.As the game goes, expect challenges, as the piling ofjelliesbecomes difficult.Build towers of different shapes and colours by piling upthejellies.Construct a skyscraper by piling up the jellies.Pile up as many jellies as possible, in the heap, to get agoodscore.Compete against your best score.This is one of the best arcade games. Download this toparcadegame for free, and have fun in your leisure time.
Basketball Shooting 27
Like basketball game? Basketball shoot is a simple but veryaddictive sports games. Ultimate basketball fun for the player!Basketball shooting is an exciting game where you can challengeyourself to swipe balls towards hoop to score in various modes as abasketball shooter. Free Basketball shoot is an ideal game for allto master their skills with ball handling moves, shooting form anddifferent range of playing style with beautiful court vision. Acompetitive sports game of basket ball can be played in 3 modes. *Arcade mode * Time mode * Distance mode. 1. Arcade mode In thebasketball arcade mode the player will have 5 balls to shoot. Ifeach of these balls falls into the basket without touching thering, then the player will earn an extra ball. If the ball missesthe basket, then the player will lose a ball score. 2. Time mode Inthe Time mode of this basketball game the player needs to shoot,keeping the time in mind. Every time the ball falls into the basketwhen the player shoots, he gains extra time to shoot the balls. 3.Distance mode In the distance mode goal is to shoot successfullyfrom the longest possible distance. Initially the player needs toshoot from a distance of 1 meter, if he achieves this goal, then hewill have to shoot from a longer distance. If the player misses thebasket then the distance is shortened by 1 meter. It is game overwhen the distance is zero meter. Download this top basketball shootgame and have fun of shooting the ball through the hoop in a courtas a basketball shooter, all for free.
Color Changer Photo Editor 1.3
Color changer photo editor enables you to makeall the objects on the pic colorful, by picking a color from thecolor palette or by applying different color effects.Use the color changer photo editor to make your pic look beautiful,by trying out different color combinations.Explore the amazing variety in color effects, photo filters andphoto effects like bokeh effects, to give your pic a look likenever before.Want to give your pic some impeccable color effects? Then colorchanger photo editor is the ideal app to do so.Make worth sharable pics by applying some stunning color effects,photo filters and photo effects using the color changer photoeditor.Key features color changer photo editor* Choose a photo from the gallery.* Choose a color from the color palette for the pic and apply itusing your fingers manually.* Undo option to go one step back and reset option to completelyerase the colour effects. Also, erase the applied color effectsmanually.* Crop and rotate your photo, and adjust the brush size whilecoloring.* Zoom the image to get a better view of it.* Over 30 color effects, photo effects and photo filters.* Adjust the brightness of the pic.* Give a blur effect to the pic..* Share the pic through different platforms like Facebook andInstagram.* Save the image.Color changer photo editor is the best color effects app for photoeffects and photo filters. Download this top color changer app toapply different colors to the pic using various photo effects andphoto filters, all for free.
Collage Creator Plus 1.9
Collage Creator Plus you can quickly andeasilycreate spectacular photo collages from the photos stored inyourphoto album using your smart phone.This application is combination of 42 designed layout,combinationof image fx and space effects.This collagecreator plus have colorpicker Feature all so usingthisfeature you can add different color to your layout .After creating the collage image you can save the final imageinyour phone and you share to social network.
Pic Split 1.6
Hey do you want to share the best andmemorable moments in a single pic???. This is the app where you cancapture best and memorable moments and share them in a single pic.You can make them beautiful by applying effects like grunge, spacebookeh and many more.
Pic Frames Space 1.36
Pic Frames Space app for free in Googleplay.By using this application you can create you own lovely photoadjustable and images can movable, zoom able. In this applicationwe are provided more than 35 space effects and 20 amazing imageeffects using this effects you can create your own photo framegallery in your mobile. You can share created photo gallery insocial network also this application is completely free.
Grid Maker 2.2
Quickly combine multiple photos into onebeautifully framed picture. Grid Maker is a simple design with niceeffects to give you new look to your photos.Share your masterpiece on your favorite social media networksincluding Facebook,twitter.Features:1. 48 well designed frames2. Frames are combination blue and red color.3. Easy to use UI4. Amazing photofx up to 26 filters.5. Beautiful overlay effects6. You can play with images ,you can rotate,zoom in and zoomout,move along x and y axis7. Share into Facebook and twitter ..etc8. Save to photo album9. Share via email.
Photo Fx 2.3
Photo Effects allows you to apply effects onyour photos .You can select your photo from Gallery or Camera and apply morethan 40 effects to your photos.The Effects are• Hue Effect• Reflection• Blur Effect• Invert Effect• Old Poster• Water• Grunge effects• WantedIn This app you can apply effects to your photo with in fraction ofseconds just you taught on effect it will apply to yourphoto.Through this app you can Save and share your photos to Gmail andFace book also.
Color Shoot 1.2
Color shoot is addictive &challengingcasual game..How to play:• Tap on screen to shoot black color ball.• Shooted black color ball should not touch any other rotatingcolorballs in the screen.• Shoot all the available black color ball to clear each level.Feature:• Color shoot game having more than 1000 levels to play.• Clearing each level in Color Shoot will unlock the upcominglevelto play.
Snap filters and stickers 1.3
Have you ever thought of decorating, yourpics, with some mesmerising stickers? If yes, then snap filters andstickers is an ideal option.Snap filters and stickers lets you to take a snap of yourself,add some amazing stickers, and text of different sizes, colours andfonts, to make it look really special.Snap filters and stickers provides you stickers with differentemotions, for photo editing.Use this app for photo editing, and give your pic amakeover.Key features snap filters and stickers1. Camera option to take a snap. The images from the phone’sgallery can also be edited.2. Collection of stunning stickers for your photo.3. Add a text of different fonts, colours and sizes to yourpic.4. Save the edited photo to the phone’s gallery.5. Share your pic on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and so muchmore.Snap filters and stickers is one of the best apps for photoediting. Download this top photo editing app, for free, to add somecool stickers and edit the pics the way you want.
Pic Frame Fx 1.45
New PicFrameFx application in android marketfor free , Using this app you can create your own photo collagewith 30 bokeh effects and 20 image effects.First select frame from frame list.Select image from gallery.Add effects to your photos(Bokeh or image effects).Enjoy giving new look to your photos with picframefx.
Kids Skin Doctor 1.1
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a skindoctor?Then become one by playing our kids skin doctor game.Kids skin doctor is an amazing doctor game, speciallydesignedfor the kids, to kill their boredom and for alearningexperience.This kids doctor game presents, you with 4 characters, forwhom,the treatment can be carried out, for differentskinconditions.There are skin conditions like acne and rashes, cat scratch,beesting, snake bite, infections, wounds etc., for which thetreatmentneeds to be carried out, in this kids doctor game.Explore the different tools like the syringe, band aid,laserbeam, spray dispenser, dirt remover etc. for treating theskindiseases, in this skin doctor game.Upon completion of the treatment, you can take a pic ofthecharacter, and share it through different social media platformsinthis funny doctor game.Features of Kids Skin Doctor1. 4 Funny characters available for treatment.2. Different skin conditions can be treated.3. Explore the numerous skin treatment tools.4. Magnifier option to have a close look at theskincondition.5. Learning experience for kids.Kids skin doctor is one of the best doctor games for kids.Downloadthis top doctor game for kids and have fun treating, thepatients,for different skin conditions, all for free.
Stylish Keyboard 1.1
Keyboard is an android application, whichcanbe used to customise your keyword with some impeccablekeyboardthemes, to give it a classy look.Customise your keyboard with mesmerising themes like blurrygreen,night beach, blurry lights, broken glass and so much more,usingthis keyboard app.Want to customise your keyboard with some amazing keyboardthemes?Then keyboard is an ideal option to do so.Features of keyboard1. Easy to use.2. Option to switch between default keyword mode andcustomisedkeyword mode.3. Amazing keyword themes for keyword customisation.Keyboard is the best keyboard app for keyboardcustomisation.Download this top keyboard app and customise yourkeyboard withsome stunning keyboard themes, all for free.
Lion Hunting 1.1
Want to experience the thrill of hunting,thewild lions, in a forest environment? Then lion hunting istheultimate 3d hunting game to do so.Lion hunting is an addictive 3d shooting game, with amazing3dgraphics and engaging gameplay, wherein you will have to hunt,thelions, and survive from their attacks.This 3d shooting game consists of two gameplay modes ñ Huntermodeand survive mode.In the hunter mode of this 3d lion hunting game, you havetoinitially hunt, the female lions, and later hunt, the malelions,which are of attacking nature. In the hunter gameplay mode,youwill be given, a score, based on the number of lionsyouhunt.In the survive mode of this 3d shooting game, you will havetosurvive from the male lions, wherein the number of seconds,yousurvive, will be considered.Stay alert on the arrival of the wild hungry lions, on the huntforits prey, in this 3d animal hunting game. Experience thebeautifulscenery with trees alongside, a lake, and mountains, asyou playthis 3d animal shooting game.The stunning sound effects, in the gameplay, adds to theexcitementof this 3d shooting game. Become a skilled lion hunter,by playingthis 3d animal hunting game.Hunt as many lions as possible, to score higher, in this3dadventure game. Also, survive as long as possible from thewildlions in this 3d adventure game. Compete against yourhighestscore, in order, to score higher in this 3d animalhuntinggame.Key features1. Two gameplay modes ñ Hunter mode and survive mode.2. Stunning 3d graphics and amazing sound effects.3. Addictive adventure game.4. Challenging gameplay.Lion hunting is the best 3d animal hunting game. Download thistop3d lion hunting game and hunt as many lions as possible, allforfree.Twitter pageFollow us on Twitterat pageLike us on Facebook at
Fruit Frames 1.9
Fruit Frames helps you to apply beautifulFruit frames for decorating sweet cute photos and share with familyand friends.With 23 fully adjustable frames supporting and very easy touse,just select a photo and move it to any position,choose bestframe for the photo you can also edit your photos with differenteffects each time is easier, better and gives a new look to allprofile.Make cute photo with lovely and pretty decorations. Sendamazingly framed photos to your loved one!Feature:- Easy save and share- Share photos with your friends via email,gmail,picasa...- Apply color effects to your photo.- Save your effected photos.How to Use:- Select a photo from your photo library,Facebook,Instagram,Flickror take a photo by camera.- Select a lovely frame you like- Save the photo,share by email,gmail,picasa.......
Jungle Run - Running Game 1.2
Want to have fun, by running, in a forestlikeenvironment? Then Jungle run is the game, you must belookingfor.Jungle run is an addictive, adventurous, running game, withamazinggraphics, wherein, you can run long distances, byovercoming,several obstacles on the way.There are obstacles like logs, rocks, and blocks on the way,whichyou have to avoid to continue your journey, in thisadventuregame.Make the most use of the facilities like a rocket, gliderandprotective shield, to make your journey, a smooth one, inthisadventure game.The energy drink provided on the way helps, you to boost,yourstrength in your journey, in this adventure game.Earn more points and coins, by covering more distance, byplayingthis adventure game.Features1. Engaging gameplay and stunning graphics.2. Rocket and glider facility to cover long distances.3. Helmet facility for a safe landing from a rocket orglider.4. Protective shield facility to overcome the obstacles.5. Availability of energy drink, to boost, the strength ofthecharacter.Jungle run is one of the best running games. Download thistoprunning game and have fun running long distances, allforfree.
Picstun - Animate Photos 1.2
Picstun is a professional photo animation appfor pictures, which can be used, to add, some amazing animatedvideo effects to a pic and animate it.Apply animated video effects like the birthday, love, bluewave,bokeh, glass break, snow, smoke and much more, to animate image,using this photo animation maker or photo animator.Take a snap using the camera option or select a picture from thephoto gallery, crop and rotate it, add a colorful photo animationeffect to animate photo, preview the animated pic, share and saveit, using this free photo animator or live photo editor app.Share the animated photo after adding the animated video effects,with your loved ones, using this free photo animator or live photoeditor.Key Features1. Take a snap using the camera option or select a pic from thegallery using this selfie camera editor.2. Crop and rotate the image, using this colorful photo animationmaker or live photo editor.3. Number of animated video effects for your pic or image.4. Add some amazing animated video effects, to a picture andanimate it, using this live photo editor or pixel animator.5. Preview the animated image, using this photo animation maker orlive photo editor.6. Save the animated image or photo, to the phone's sd card, usingthis photo animator.7. Share the animated pictures through platforms like youtube,Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Shareit and so much more, using thislive photo editor or selfie animation app.Picstun is one of the best photo animators for pictures. Downloadthis top photo animator or selfie camera editor, and add someamazing animated video effects, to an image, to make animatedphotos, all for free.
Farm Fest : Farming Games, Farming Simulator 1.19
Do you want to own a farmland? Do you want to cultivate and sellthe crops like a farmer? Play free farming games and became anexpert farmer by farming and selling virtual crops In village ortown every day. Farming games to cultivate and sell the crops as avillage farmer! Welcome to a new faming game where you can manageyour own farm and produce all kinds of food products like fruits,vegetables, hay, flowers and many things by Planting and Harvestingin Village Farming land. Farm fest is the ultimate farming game orfarm game for all which can be played both online and offline.Farming Game for Free Experience the Farm fest an addictive farminggame, where you can build and manage your own farm to cultivate andharvest the crop and sell them to town supermarket and villagecustomers in both raw and processed form. Get ready for playing theharvest farm simulator game even without internet network. Farming,cooking and selling games Produce to cook and sell! cultivate cropslike the tomato, potato, and corn, hay, etc and when ready, harvestand sell them or get all the recipes and cook different deliciousfoods like french fries, popcorn, tomato juice and much more byusing tomato juice maker, French fries maker and much more. Farmingin the town - real farming games Build your own Farm and enjoythe fun in the farmland by growing and cutting crops, takingcare of animals, etc. Grow the crops and process them to sell inthe restaurants. Farming game for androidNew farm simulation! Build your own Farm in this farmfest game for android and take care of crops as a virtualfarmer. Taking care of cute animals in this agriculture game.Farming game special features Farming games for free with variousfarming environments. Faming game include many faming equipment tocultivate variety of crops. Different Equipment for creationof processed foods. Farming simulator to harvest farmlandFarming with animals, cultivate and harvest the crops Farm gamewith many levels without internet Download andplay faming game for free! This farm fest is a time managementgame to cultivate, harvest and sell the crops in farm.
Hand doctor 1.2
Have you ever thought of becoming ahanddoctor? Then you can become one by playing the kids crazyhanddoctor game.Kids crazy hand doctor is an exciting and funny game whichprovideskids, entertainment as well as a learning experience.The kids crazy hand doctor game provides different characterswhocan be treated for different hand conditions. This funnydoctorgame lets you choose a cause for a hand condition beforestartingoff with the treatment.The different tools used for treatment in this funny doctorgameincludes tweezer, spray dispenser, magnifier, cuticle removeretc.There are different methods of treatment like applying an icepackfor a swelling, taking an X-ray of the hand, applying a bandageforwound etc. in this funny hand doctor game.The stunning graphics makes this funny doctor game evenmoreexciting. Here, you can also save and share the character forwhomthe hand treatment had been carried out.Kids crazy hand doctor is the best doctor game app forkids.Download this top funny doctor game for kids so that theystayoccupied in their leisure time.
Pet Blast Crush : Matching Puzzle, Match 3 Games 1.17
Blast in Match 3 Game Free! Match 3 Game with Levels - Match 3 orMore & Swap on Puzzle Pets. Pet Blast Crush is a match 3addictive puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more cubes ofthe same colour to achieve the target and rescue the pets in adifferent environment. Free pet match three is a fun game for girlsand boys to play, Match the puzzle and clear all the levels withgiven moves to complete tons of challenges. Pet Blast – Best Match3 Game Want to play a matching puzzle game? Then Play the Match 3Game for android, it is perfect game to have fun and adventures tosolve all levels. Use all your skill to Clear all the level andbecome a master in matching game. Matching Game Creates Puzzle inMind How fast you can clear the board? Challenge inthis match 3 puzzle game with the targets,collecting colour blocks, ice cubes, pets, etc. Use thedifferent kinds of bombs like a rocket, TNT, etc., to destroy theobstacles like ice cubes, bricks, chains, etc. Match 3 games withplenty of levels Play your favourite blast games with plentyof levels with surprise elements like hatching an egg, bird in cageetc., if you face the obstacle in matching three cube, blast themwith the rockets, TNT and other boosters like the hammer, vacuum,truck and bucket, to reduce the number of moves and achieve thetarget. Special Features • Match 3 game free! with around 500levels and environments • Match 3 Game with cool graphics • Awesomeanimation effects. • Play with attractive different environments. •Blast game – relax & fun to play, play with differentpowers. • Amazing environments with plenty of levels to play. •Power boosters and bombs, to clear the obstacles. • Matching gamefor all, adults, girls and everyone, relaxing game play to all.Match 3 games free download for android with blasting fun, Prepareto play addictive matching puzzle game to blast colourful cubeand achieve the target.
Words Connect : Word Puzzle Games 1.22
Word Games for Free: Word puzzle with levels Words connect is achallenging word puzzle game, where you need to connect letters tobuild words on different levels. To complete the levels you need toswipe the letters and fill the blocks with correct words. Enjoyplaying Puzzle word game in your leisure time or when you arefeeling bored. Refresh yourself by solving various word puzzleswith easy and difficult levels, improve your spelling skills andalso be occupied in your free time. Explore beautiful backgroundthemes that give a soothing effect to your eyes while playing thisword puzzle game. Unlock new themes by clearing the levels. Earnmore coins by finding many words and solving the puzzles in each ofthe levels. Improve Vocabulary: Improve your vocabulary by solvingdifferent kinds of word puzzles in this word offline game. In thehigher levels of this app, you get to solve various puzzles withmore words which helps to improve and also test your vocabularyknowledge. Word Game with Levels : There are a number of easy andchallenging levels in this word puzzle app. Here you need to fillthe blocks with correct words to complete the levels. As the gamegoes the difficulty also increases in the higher levels. Take thehelp of the hints when you are stuck while playing. Key features •Plenty of challenging levels to play. • Meaning of all wordsavailable. • Helps to improve your vocabulary. • Colorful andAttractive graphics and themes • Personal Piggybank available wherethe user can store more coins and collect it later when the piggybank is full. • Interesting background themes, which are calm andsoothing to eyes for long play sessions. • Hint boosters are givento use the hints without spending coins. • Interesting powerups tomake the gameplay more smooth and enjoyable. • Anytime, anywhere.Play word connect without wifi or offline. Download thischallenging word connect game and solve different kinds of wordpuzzles, all for free.
Glass Pong 1.06
Glass Pong is an addictive game where you have a challengeofthrowing the ball in the glass with simple control anddifferentchallenges. It’s simple and tricky to throw the ball indifferentdirections to land in the opponent’s cup.
Knock Down It : Hit If You Can 2
Knockdown is an addictive game where you need to hit and knockthecans down, using a ball in different levels. . Thiscan knockdown game has three modes - Arcade mode, timermode, anddanger mode. Arcade mode In the arcade mode, you needto knockdown the cans using a given number of balls.Timer mode In thetimer mode, you have to knock down the cans withina specific timewith an infinite number of balls. Danger mode In thedanger mode,you need to knock down all the cans except the dangercans. If youknock down the danger cans, then it is game over.
Word Pick : Word Search & Word Puzzle Games 1.0.1
ENJOY picking real words in Word puzzle Games | Exciting wordsearchwith numerous easy and hard levels involves you in thepuzzles,crosswords, twists to make or select words from scrambledletters.Word puzzle games not only extend vocabulary but alsohelps to boostfunctions like creativity, problem-solving, whichmakes life easier,relax and fun for the whole family. Engageyourself in unjumble asmany words as you can with the jumbledletters. Word Pick offerscolorful word-collect puzzles to dealwith language, where you haveto find the crosswords of differentlengths to connect the rightletters in easy and challenginglevels. The purpose of the wordconnects to build words from randomletters which put your wordskills to the test to match. Play anaddictive puzzle game byfinding new words with a given set ofletters. Words game containsnew and modern words landscape.Whether you are offline or onlineenjoy your favorite word game andhave some regular bonding wordstime with friends and familymembers. Words of Different Length:Believe it or not, constructingwords of different length is a goodstrategy for reading andlearning words, the word stacks stands inthe way of learning toread and find out the difficult andmultisyllabic words. Memory isimportant for remembering, learning,and several reasons. Giveyourself enough of a word challenges tomind with word finder gamesto keep engage your mind. How to Play:Find out the correct wordand swipe the scrambled Letters to connectwords in the rightorder, so that words came crashing down fromword peak.Easy to learn and difficult to masteras levelsgo up. Letters Arrangement: The jumbled letters ofdifferent stylescan be arranged in different ways. You can connectthe scatteredletters by swiping letters in any order or directionlikevertically, horizontally, triangular way. In addition to this,youcan rearrange the letters from the whole to create aword.Interesting Features of Word Pick Word game with Levels:Manyword search with levels help you to think strongly and giveachallenge with difficult letters and words. Hint for the word:Funway to exercise with a word game, take the help of veritiesofhints to solve word puzzles, and learn the spelling of thetrickyword. Background music and Themes: Guess and pick the unknownwordswith lovely and amazingly creative themes and jolly music forthepleasure of mind and vision. Learn About Words : Word gamewithword meaning induces a great collection of words with moreoptionsto learn words and spellings with their meaning. Don’tforget toshare words with friends. Score More: More Score indicatesyoursuccess in learning words, score more, and earn more coinstoactivate higher levels and unlock useful features. ShuffletheWords: Unscrambler provides the options to shuffle thescrambleletters to identify and connect the words It is fun toguess theexact word in given letters in the word search game, whichissuitable for boys, girls, and others. This easy word gamecanimprove your vocabulary and spelling skills by engaginginconnecting smart letters as meaningful words. Word search istrulydeserved for all word game lovers to exercise their memoryanddevelop spelling skills, vocabulary, and concentration.DownloadFree! Play word Pick now, Share your unforgettable gameexperiencewith other members.