Photo Funia Effects 1.2
This is wonderful and awesome online photo effects applicationwhich makes use of cloud photo funia..It enhances your pics by applying shade effects, photo frames andlight effects,different type of faces,photography effects,postereffects,pencil drawing effects,magazine effects.You can apply online photography effects which will make your picslook more photogenic.You can fit your pics in many varieties of online frames which makethem good looking.You can make a pencil drawing of your pics.You can create a magazine cover and posters from your pics.Note: As we are applying online photo effects we need to haveinternet connection for application to work.As you press save inbrowser it is saved in downloads.You can save it to PhotoFuniafolder in sdcard and share it by coming back to second screen whichhas those options.
Water Camera Fx 1.0
Water Camera• Now you can enjoy with water camera app we can createwaterphotography with your camera.• We can feel Real-Time Water Effects to Your Photo.• We have nearly 12 water effects to apply photo.• We can also have zooming functionality to you camera.• Water Camera app supports Front camera option.• We can Save the image in your Sd card and also we can sharephotosto social networks like Gmail, Face book..etc
Talking Tarzan 1.2
*Talk to Tarzan:Speak with Tarzan ,he repeatswhat you say in his own hilarious voice.*Play with Tarzan:Touch Tarzan Body he feels happy and lovesyou.*Tarzan Fight: Fun to see fight between Tarzan and Gorilla.*Tarzan playing:Tarzan enjoying the nature and playing with therope happily*Play in Rain: Come lets join and play with Tarzan in theRain.
Pic Editor 1.31
This application used for editing thepictureinstantly. This app contains various options for editingpictureslike changing the brightness; crop the image, change thecontrast,brightness, adding frames and mode of the picture etc.This appshares edited picture using Bluetooth, mail etc.
Split Pic 1.1
Do you want to know how you look in differentangles????.In this app you can compare one with another side byside.Here You will get Special effects for your pics like Space, Grunge,Contrast, Brightness etc. This app captures images and put themside by side in different frames so that you can compare you withothers or you with you.Take your pictures in different angels to compare you with you indifferent angles, or you can compare you with others, you can alsotake the pictures from the gallery and you can put effects on yourpictures like grunge, Spce, and you can change the brightness,color etc, make your picture more beautiful by using thisapp.So go for it you will like and I am sure you will enjoy thisapp.
Pocket FM- Online Radio 1.3
Online Radio is very good application launchedin android market. This consist of radio stations of10 countries. These radio stations are categorized like jazz,top40,rock etc. You can play stations andstop it according to your wish. If you like any station you can addthis station in your favorite list by clicking third button that isto-gather with play and stop button. Recently played first fivestations will be added into the recent play list. If you want toreplay recently played stations you can click recent button. Thiswill show those five recently played stations list. samefunctionality is for favoritestation list also. Online radio mainly containing shout cast andice cast radio stations. only internetconnection is required for this app.
Slidegram-VideoSlideShowMaker 1.3
Make a Video Slide show with your photos. Thisis video editor using this you can create flipgram, video slideshowand photobook.You can also change background music of your video.Most of us have lots of photos in our gallery. And we are fondof looking at them recollecting our memories. So why not we combineall those photos into one video slideshow & we can share withfriends and family? This app makes us to do that.Main Features:-> We can add our favorite music file to slide show-> Set your own timing to any length for slide gap-> Slide gap duration display.SHARING FEATURES-> YouTube, Facebook, Email, Instagram,Bluetooth,Dropboxetc-> Save to sdcard
Funny Pic Frames 1.5
Funny frame is a great app for having fun withphotos.You can place your photo on variety of funny frames.* Place your photo on amazing funny frame .* Lots of funny frames to have fun.* Lots of photo effects to apply.* Make relay funny photos for you and your friends.Be first to have fun.
Parachute Jump : Sky Dive Game
Parachute Jump : Sky Dive GameWant to experience the thrill of skydiving? If yes, then parachutejump is the ideal game for doing so.Parachute Jump is sky diving an addictive gameplay. the goal of thegame is to fall down person from parachute on to the water tube tosafe his life. but keep in mind the obstacles keep flying on air todisturb him.Have an ultimate skydiving experience, by playing this jumpinggame. Some stunning graphics adds to the excitement of this actiongame.Experience the thrill of skydiving by playing this action game. Thepresence of flying obstacles on the way, makes this action gameeven more exciting.Have fun, performing some breath-taking stunts, by jumping from aparachute on to a water tube in this action game.Score as high as possible, by flying and jumping from a parachuteon to the water tube in a river.Beat your top score, by performing some skydiving stunts, in thisflying game.Help:Tap on the screen to let person fall down from parachute.If you enjoy classic jumping games .then you will love thisvariation which takes the genre and turns it on its head.Parachute jump down avoiding obstacles, make hat-trick safe hislife to get an extra life to achieve the maximum score.Features:Test your estimation ability and predict the final position basedon different scenarios.Easy and fun.Realistic jumping on water and water tubes.Well-designed graphics and sounds.Avoid the flying obstacles (helicopters, airplane and rocket)Further Updates we are working on will make the game even moreefficient and easy touse!Parachute jump is one of the best action games. Download this topstunt game for free, and try out stunts, by jumping from aparachute.