Blur Image Background 1.28
Image blur is a picture blur app used to blurthe unwanted part of your picture very fast. You can also unblurthe image, using this blur picture editor. Select the picture to beblurred from the gallery and also take the picture using thecamera, and give it a blurry effect, using this blur imageeditor.Blur image background is an effective blur photo editor, which canbe used, to give your picture background, a blurry effect. Blurunwanted portions of a pic effectively, and give it a blur effect,using the blur photo filters, of this blur picture editor or blurpic editor.User also has an option to select the brush size, to give the pic,a blur background. User can share the blurred image to social medialike the Facebook and Gmail, using this blur background app or blurbackground camera app.Want to give your pic a blur effect? Want to set a blur backgroundto an image using, the blur photo filters? If yes, then blur imagebackground is the ideal blur photo editor or blur picture editor todo so.Click pics using the dslr camera option and blur it the way youwant, using this dslr camera blur background app or blurry photoeditor. Use this blur tool or blurred face app to give your pic, ablurred background, with a blurry background effect.This blur editor which is one of the best blur background apps orblur camera apps, can be used to effectively blur selfies with ablur effect camera or blur selfie camera having a blur dslr cameraeffect. This photo blur background editor or blur photo backgroundapp which is one of the best blur camera apps or blur app forpictures, allows you to take pics and blur your picture.Edit photos using different blur photo editing options using thisblur effect photo editing app or image blur camera app. Blur imagesor blur pictures and share them with your loved ones, using thisblur my photo app or blurry background camera app. Blur your photoor blur the image and save it on your phone, using this blur cameraor blurry selfie camera app.Key features blur image background1. Image picking from Gallery and CameraSelect the image to be blurred from the gallery and give it ablurry effect. The photo clicked using the camera option can alsobe given, a blur effect, using this blur photo editor or blurrycamera app.2. Zoom in and Zoom out for image blurZoom in and give the picture, a blurry effect, with a blurrybackground, using this blur photo editor.3. Picture Blur intensity adjustmentAdjust the image blur intensity, in order, to give a bigger blureffect, to the picture to be blurred, using this blur pic editor orspeed blur app.4. Brush Size adjustmentAdjust the brush size for pic blurring and give it a blurbackground, using this blur pic editor or blurry editor.5. Undo and reset optionThe blurry effect can also be reverted, using this blur imageeditor or blur photography app. The blurred pic can also be resetusing this blur photo image app or blur on photo app.6. Attractive UI.This blur photo editor or blur background photo editor, which givesa blurry background to your pic, has an attractive GUI.7. Save and share to all social networksThe blurred pic can be saved to the gallery using this blur pictureeditor. The blurred picture can be shared to social media platformslike the Facebook, Instagram and so much more, using this blurryapp or blur editing app.Blur image background is the best blur photo editor or blur imageapps for pic blurring. Download this top photo blur app or blurimage app, for free, and blur pics the way you want, and also giveit a blur background with a blurry effect.
Ghost In Photo 2.1
Hi friends use this "Ghost in photo"application to scare your friends by placing ghost in any picturefrom your collection.Ghost in photo app enables us to have different pics of ghosts inthe photo thereby creating a funny ghost scary effect. Use this newghost app pro or photo ghost app, to create a horror ghost photowith ghost photo effects like never before.Select your favourite ghost girl character among the ghostcharacters available, to create a ghost background for your pic,using this ghost picture app and scarry photo app, or ghost makerand ghost on camera app.Wanna include a ghost pic or ghost pictures in your photo? Thinkingof adding a ghost and demon to your pics? Want to give your pic ascary effect by placing a ghost photo in it. Then ghost in photo isthe ideal ghost photo creator or ghost photo editor app to doso.So it's time to get, the ghost and spirit app free download onandroid, and create a ghost photo with a scary ghost effect.Install this ghost picture camera app or ghost photo backgroundapp, to create, a ghost face photo or scary photo, in order toscare your friends and to have fun.Key features of ghost in photo1) This ghost photo editor or ghost photo maker app allows you tochoose images either from camera or gallery.2) Once you choose the image you can add any of the real ghostpictures which we have provided in this funny ghost app and ghosteditor in pictures, or ghost and spirit real app new.3) You can also change the opacity of the chosen ghost picture orghost image as per your requirement, using this ghost in picturephoto app or scary background app.4) Finally you can share the ghost in your picture, with yourfriends on social networking sites like "Facebook, Gmail, g+,Instagram etc, using this scary app and ghost in picture photo appor, scary ghost and evil ghosts photo app.5) Install this scary app to scare your friend and have fun, usingthis ghost and spirit app or ghost editor app.6) Save the ghost picture or ghost photo to the phone's gallery,using this real ghost camera app or original ghost app and scaryphoto app.Ghost in photo is the best photo ghost app or ghost photo maker,for creating a ghost photograph or ghost picture with a ghosteffect. Download this top ghost apps free and create a ghost imagefor a scary ghost effect. Get ghost app free download or ghost appdownload on android.
Add Audio to Video 3.6
Add audio to video is a professional videoeditor and audio mixer, which enables, you to customize your videoby adding your favourite background music. This audio editor ormusic editor supports various audio and video formats to mix audiowith video.This video mixer application is for changing background music of avideo. Using this video editor and video maker, you can add or mixany audio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger, then it willautomatically trim the audio to video's duration. If the audio'sduration is less than video then audio will be concatenated tovideo's length. These operations are done with high speed. You canshare these videos to social networks like Facebook, Gmail etc.using add audio to video app and music editor maker, or audio mixerand editor. Mix audio with video by using the various options ofthis video editing app and audio editor music app, or video mixerand editor.Thinking of customizing your video by adding a background music toit? Want to mix audio with video with various audio and videoformats? Then add audio to video app is the ideal video editor todo so.It is time to get this audio mixer app download and music editordownload, or audio mixer download and music editor app download, onandroid.Share the video with music among your loved ones, using this videomixer with audio and audio video mixer hd app, or audio video mixersoftware, which is one of the best audio video mixer apps.Features of Add audio to video1. Choose your favourite background music for your video, usingthis music editor new app and audio editor for android, or videomixer software and music editor mp3.2. Record an audio, the way you want, which can be added to avideo, using this music editor and mixer free, or best audio editorapp and video mixer audio app.3. Trim the audio or use it in original form using this videoeditor and music editor for android, or audio video mixer editorand video mixer with song.4. Have a preview of the video, to which the background music isadded, before sharing or saving it, using this music editor foryoutube and audio mixer software, or video audio mixer app and bestaudio video mixer.5. To mix audio with video, the formats supported by this musiceditor for videos are mp4, wmv, avi, flv, 3gp and that for audioare mp3, wav and aac.6. Save the video to the phone and also share it through differentplatforms like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp etc. using this musiceditor software and audio video editor app, or video audio mixersoftware and audio mixer for android.Add audio to video mixer app is the best video editor app and audioeditor tool, or video mixer editor and audio editor software, forbackground music for videos. Download this top music editor app andaudio editor mp3 app, or audio mixer editor and video mixer withmusic, to mix audio with video, all for free. Get this audio editordownload and video mixer app download, or audio video mixerdownload and one of the best audio video apps download, forfree.
1000+photo effects 1.15
This application you can use it as strongprofessional photo editor with all pro functionalities.It supports below functionalities:1) Collage Maker or Grid Maker: You can create awesome pic collageusing this photo collage maker application, supports plenty ofgrids or frames to mix your photos.2) Color Splash: You can use this application as color changer andyou can change from one color to other color.3) Photo editor: It has support for beautiful photo filters,overlays and other photo editing functionalities.4) There are other editing functionalities along with above.You can save and share via social media like Facebook, Gmail,Bluetooth and Whatsapp ......
Instant Pic Frames 3.17
Millions of users won't go wrong. Download itNOW!!!Insta Pic Frames is the best pic frame or photo collage maker forsocial networks like the Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp whichenables us to create some amazing pic collages.Use this best photocollage editor to create some stunning photo collages for variousoccasions like the anniversary, birthday with your beloved familyand friends, using photo collage frames of different shapes likethe apple, heart, butterfly, star and much more.Use this to frame your photos like the the ones you have seen indeviantart and instagram. It helps you to combine multiple photosin to amazing looking frame/shells/collage. Using this app you cancreate awesome photo collages. You can apply awesome photo effectsusing this app and it supports plenty of effects., there are around50 photo effects, you can use this as a photo editor also.This is akind of picmix or photo collage app with awesome photo effectssupport.Instant pic frames is a very powerful photo collage editor. Explorethe features of this photo collage editor, to effectively edit yourpics. This collage maker can also be used as a photo editor becauseof a number of photo editing options.Stitch pics using a variety of grid options. Explore these gridoptions to effectively stitch your pics. This pic stitch option,enables us to stitch pics, with a variety of photo frame options.Use the pic stitching option, to stitch pics, the way youwant.This photo editor, enables you to, edit your pics by altering thesize of its border and by changing its colour and pattern.This picmix app, offers a variety of collage layouts. Use thesecollage layouts to create some amazing pic collages. Explore theunique picmix features of this collage maker. Use this picmix appto create some worth shareable photo collages.Key Features Instant pic frames1. Grid makerThe grid maker feature is unique to this collage maker. Thiscollage maker supports around 50 grids for photo collage making.The grid maker option provides variety of grids for creation ofphoto collages. Make the most of this grid maker option for photoediting.2. Collage layoutThis grid maker, supports wide variety of collage layouts, forcreation of pic collages. It has 60 collage layouts3. Photo frameThe picmix feature provides variety of photo frame options, formaking pic collages.4. Frame ratioThe pic frame ratio feature enables us to set the length and widthof the photo frame. The pic frame ratio feature provides us anumber of options for setting the pic frame ratio.5. Photo editorThe adjustable border feature enables us to set the width of theframe border. The colour and pattern of the frame border can alsobe set using the photo editing feature. Try out different patternsand colours, for the frame border, to make it look beautiful.6. Frame adjustmentAdjust images, within a photo frame, for making some unique photocollages.6. Add a textUsing the text option of this collage maker you can add a text ofdifferent fonts, sizes and colours to the photo collage.7. Add a stickerAdd some mesmerising stickers, to the photo collage, using thesticker option8. Supports plenty of photo effects, there are around 50 photoeffects9. Pinch zoom support for images.10. Save to SD card.11. Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc.Instant pic frames is one of the best photo collage editor.Download this top photo collage editor, for free, for creation ofsome amazing pic collages like never before.
MakeMyMovie - Slide Show Maker 2.3
Make My Movie App will turn your photos intosensational movies by adding beautiful animations and music to itfor Free. It allows you to select the Theme/effects and Audio ofyour Choice, and allows you to create & Share your StunningVideo.It's never been easier to make video from images by choosingone of our video effects and music from our library or choose yourownsong/Music of your choice to make most beautiful video out of yourphotos,and Share that amazing movements with your Friends using ourinbuilt Social Sharing option.Key Features:-* Create Stunning Video from your Photos* Add Music from our in-built library* You can choose theme* You can choose song or music of your own choice if you wish* Add Title to your Video/Photo* In-built option to share your Awesome video with socialnetworking sites* You can share on Facebook, Instagram, email, YouTube etcSteps to create your movie1. Select all photos from your album.2. Select your theme .3. Select music from music library or from our app.4. Enter your movie title.5. Click on done button to create your movie.6. Share with your friends(supports Facebook,Instagram,email,YouTube).How Does MakeMyMovie App Works?You don't need be a video editor at all to use this app. Just useour app as a movie maker. MakeMyMovie app will analyze your photosand focus on users automatically andcreates a professional looking movie from photos that you haveselected.
Video Converter 1.5
Video converter is an effective video formatconverter, which enables, you to quickly convert your favouritevideos, to various formats.Select a video, you like, convert it to a format of your choice,preview the video and share and save it, using this video editorand video converter android app, or 3gp video converter and mp4video converter.Convert the videos from mp4 to 3gp, mp4 to avi and many moreformats, using this video editor app and video converter best app,or video file converter for android and free converter app.Want to convert a video from one format to another? Then videoconverter is the ideal video editor app to do so.Features of video converter1. Select a video from the phoneís gallery, using this video fileconverter app and Mp4 to avi video converter, or video convertorapp and mp4 to 3gp converter app.2. Convert a video, effortlessly to many formats, using this videoformat converter for android and avi to mp4 video converter, or 3gpto avi converter and mp4 to 3gp converter for android.3. The video formats supported by this video editor are mp4, 3gp,avi, mkv, mov and flv.4. Preview the video on conversion, using this best video formatconverter app and Mp4 to flv video file converter, or mp4 to aviconverter for android and converter video app.5. Share the video through different platforms like Youtube,Whatsapp, Facebook etc., using this video format converter andvideo converter for android, or video converter free app and videoconverter software.6. Save the video to the phone's SD card, using this video editorand video convertor android app, or video converter hd app andvideo converter new version.Video converter is the best mp4 to 3gp video converter app andvideo converter mp4 app. Download this top mp4 to avi converter appand convert video from one format to another. Get this videoconverter download on android, for free.
Coffee Cup Frames 4.8
You can beautifully frame yourself with 15 HDcoffee mug frames andAdd different effects like gray scale, hue, contrast, color depthetc to make your photo more beautifuland you can share it on Facebook,Instagram,Gmail,Google+ with yourfriends.....Its wonderful Coffee Mug Frames app. So download andwish "Good Morning" or "Good evening" to your friend with Coffeemug frames
Photo Funia Effects 1.2
This is wonderful and awesome online photo effects applicationwhich makes use of cloud photo funia..It enhances your pics by applying shade effects, photo frames andlight effects,different type of faces,photography effects,postereffects,pencil drawing effects,magazine effects.You can apply online photography effects which will make your picslook more photogenic.You can fit your pics in many varieties of online frames which makethem good looking.You can make a pencil drawing of your pics.You can create a magazine cover and posters from your pics.Note: As we are applying online photo effects we need to haveinternet connection for application to work.As you press save inbrowser it is saved in downloads.You can save it to PhotoFuniafolder in sdcard and share it by coming back to second screen whichhas those options.
Animated Wedding Frames 2.1
This app makes your wedding pics to beautifulones and adds awesome frames to your photo and gives attractive gifanimation to them.And you can also add photo effects to your pics. You simply need tochoose a pic from gallery or camera and adjust within the selectedframe.Supports zoom in,zoom out, and rotate options for your pic.Supports save, share options. You can share to Gmail, Instagram andFacebook etc.
Font Magic-Text On Photo 1.8
Font Magic- A beautiful way to express yourfeeling with our Awesome Text effects app on your images. Don’ttype boring text on image any more, use our Font Magic app tocreate stunning font effects. Make your image even more appealingby adding Stickers, shapes and color to your image.Font Magic-Creating better looking text on your images:Hope you have seen some beautiful Quotes on some images, have youever thought of creating such stylish quotes on your own imageswithout installing professional photo editing software? Here is away to do that. Our tiny app can do that work for you.With Font Magic App you can do…1. You can choose your own images or take photo directly fromcamera or select from our built in backgrounds2. You can type your Own Text on images3. Option to position your text, stickers where ever you want4. Choose Different Font styles, Font sizes and Font color5. You can add beautiful shapes to your images6. Add Awesome stickers to your images7. Option to change Shapes and Stickers colorHow to use Font Magic App1. First choose the image that you need to write text on it or youcan also select the background image from our app itself.2. To write Text on the image click on “T” button. A text windowwill open, type the text that you need to write on your image. Oncedone with writing text, click on the different Font Styles which isavailable below the text box to apply that font effects.3. To change the Text color click on “Paint Brush” button to opencolor panel. Choose the color that you need to apply to your Textand click on right button which is available at Top right corner toadd that color.4. Once you done all the above steps again click on “Right” buttonat the top right corner to add that text to your image.5. Position the text where ever it needs to be by clicking anddragging that text.6. To apply shapes to your image click on “SUN” type icon (3rd iconfrom left side). You will see list of geometrical shapes, click onany shapes that you need to add to your image. To change color ofthe shapes click on first option to open color panel. Choose thecolor that you need to apply to your shapes.7. To add stickers click on “Heart” icon and it will open beautifulstickers that you can add to your image. Once you done with addingstickers choose the color by clicking first option to add color toyour stickers. If you want to position that stickers to some otherplace click on that sticker and move it where ever you want.8. Once you done all editing click on Right icon which appearsright side of the option panel. Here you can name your image as peryour wish and also you can save that image to your device or youcan share it on any social networking site.So that’s how easy to add beautiful text effects on your image withour Font Studio app.
Color Text Fx 1.7
Color Text Effects:• Now we can enjoy with color Text Effects app.• Color Text Effects app we can add Text on different Themes andDifferent Frames.Color Text Effects app we can increase and decrease Text size andalso we can apply different colors to text.• Through Color Text Effects app we can send Birthdays,Wedding andNew year wishes to friends and close ones etcs..• We can send invitation through social networks like Gmailetcs..
Video Editor 1.7
Video editor is a free professional videoediting app and video maker, which can be used to edit a video invarious ways like trimming, compressing, adding an audio and awatermark, rotating, converting to different formats, making itsquare, adding effects, changing the speed and merging videos. Thisquick video editor app can also be used as an audio editor, toextract a portion of an audio, from an audio clip.Merge your favorite videos into a single video, using this videojoiner merger and high quality video merger, or video trimmer forandroid and video rotate free app.Apply some awesome effects to your video, using this video effectsadder and video effects free app, or video maker for youtube andvideo rotator.Edit an audio clip, by extracting a portion from it, and use it asa ringtone, using this audio editor tool and audio editor mp3, orvideo watermark adder and video watermark logo app.It’s time to get this video editor download and video trimmerdownload, or video converter download and audio editor download,for free.Key Features1. Awesome UI2. TrimTrim or cut, a particular segment or multiple segments in the videoclip, using this best video trim app and video trim editor, orvideo trim free app and video trimmer for instagram.3. Compress VideoDecrease the size of the video by compressing it, using this videocompress app and video compressor free, or video compressor app andvideo editor joiner.4. Add audio to videoAdd audio to the video clip or replace the existing audio with anew one, using this video editor best app and video editor foryoutube, or video editor for instagram and video editor gifmaker.5. WatermarkAdd a watermark to your video, by selecting the font size, fontstyle, font color, location of the watermark and the opacity, toclaim its ownership, using this video watermark app and videowatermark editor, or video watermark free app and video watermarkmaker.6. Rotate Video ClipRotate the video clip to different angles like 90, 180, 270 andback to the default angle, very easily, using this video rotateeditor and video rotate app, or video rotate maker and videorotater.7. Convert the Video ClipConvert the video to different formats like the mp4, 3gp, avi, mkvand flv , using this video converter app and video converter tomp4, or video converter for android and video converter to3gp.8. Square videoIf you are an Instagram user, then you will know, the need of, asquare video. By default the videos which we take from mobilecameras are not in square format. Make square videos and change thecolor of its background, using this video square app and videosquare maker, or video squarer app and video square for Instagramapp.9. Adding Effects to VideoAdd 15+ predefined video effects to your video easily, using thisvideo effects maker and video effects editor, or video effectscreator and video effects app.10. Video SpeedIncrease or decrease the speed of the video clip, using this videospeed editor and video speed changer, or video speed app and videospeed adjuster.11. Video MergingCombine multiple video clips into a single video, using the videomerger option of this video merger app for android and video mergerfree, or video merger for youtube and video merger forandroid.12. Edit AudioSelect the desired portion of the audio clip and save it, or usethat portion of the audio clip as a ringtone, using this audioeditor for android and audio editor mp4, or audio editor music appand best audio editor app.Video editor is one of the best video merger apps and video editorapps, or video maker latest apps. Download this top video trimmerapp and video cutter, or video editor latest version and videoeditor effects app, for free. Get this video editor app downloadand video trim app download, or video maker download and videoeffects download, on android.Note:* Supports mp4, 3gp,mkv,avi video formats.* Supports mp3, wav,aac,m4a audio formats.
Mix Audio With Video 2.9.2
Mix audio with video is an effective videoeditor and audio mixer, which can be used to edit a video by addinga background music of your choice. This video mixer or music editorsupports different audio and video formats, to mix an audio with avideo.Use this audio editor and video maker, to change background musicof a video. In this video mixer app, if the audio's length isgreater than that of the video, then it will be automaticallytrimmed to the video's length. If the audio's length is less thanthat of the video, then the audio will be concatenated to thevideo. All these operations are performed with high speed. Sharethe videos to social media networks like Facebook, Gmail, Whatsappetc. using this video editing app and audio editor music app, orvideo mixer and editor.Mix audio with video by using the various options of this add audioto video app and music editor maker, or audio mixer andeditor.Want to mix a video with your favorite background music ? Then mixaudio with video app is the ultimate or video editor, to doso.Add music to videos and share it among your loved ones, using thismusic editor new app and audio editor for android, or video mixersoftware and music editor mp3.It’s time to get this audio editor download and video mixer appdownload, or audio video mixer download and one of the best audiovideo apps download, on android.Key features1. Select a background music for your video, using this video mixerwith audio and audio video mixer hd app, or audio video mixersoftware, which is one of the best audio video mixer apps.2. Record an audio and add it to a video, as a background music,using this music editor and mixer free, or best audio editor appand video mixer audio app.3. Trim the audio for the video or use it in its real form, usingthis music editor for youtube and audio mixer software, or videoaudio mixer app and best audio video mixer.4. Preview your video, before sharing or saving it, using thisvideo editor and music editor for android, or audio video mixereditor and video mixer with song.5. The formats supported by this video mixer for videos are mp4,wmv, avi, flv, 3gp and for audio are mp3, wav, m4a and aac.6. Save the video to your phone, using this add audio to video appor add audio to video mixer app.7. Share the video through different platforms like the Facebook,WhatsApp etc. using this music editor software and audio videoeditor app, or video audio mixer software and audio mixer forandroid.Mix audio with video app is the best video editor app and audioeditor mp3 app, or audio mixer editor and video mixer with music,to mix music with videos. Download this top music editor app andaudio editor tool, or video mixer editor and audio editor software,to add your favourite music to videos. Get this audio mixer appdownload and music editor download, or audio mixer download andmusic editor app download, for free.
Video Effects 1.6
Video effects is a professional video editor,which enables, you to add some mesmerising effects to your videowith numerous options in store.Choose a video of your choice and a video duration, explore variousbokeh effects and other effects like blur, negative, sharp,vignette etc., to make your video appealing, using this videoeffects creator.Also, explore various video filters options, so as to make yourvideo worth shareable among your friends.Want to make your video special, by adding some stunning videoeffects and video filters to it? Then video effects app is theideal video editor to do so.Features of video effects1. Choose a video from the phones gallery using this video effectscreator.2. Set the video length, for the video to be edited using thisvideo editor.3. Numerous bokeh and other effects like colorswing, blur, vignetteetc. for your video.4. Various video filters options for editing your video.4. Preview the video before sharing or saving using this videoeffects creator.5. Save the edited video using this video effects creator.6. Share the edited video through platforms like Gmail, Youtube,Whatsapp and so much more, using this video editor.Video effects is the best video editor for adding effects and videofilters to a video. Download this top video effects creator, andadd some amazing video effects and video filters to your video, allfor free.Twitter pageFollow us on Twitter at pageLike us on Facebook at
Balloon Shooting : Bow & Arrow Archery Shoot Games 1.5
Thinking of shooting some balloons in the air?Want to become a bow and arrow shooter? Then ballon shooting is oneof the best archery games and shooting games, to do so.Ballon shooting is an addictive shooting game and archery game, inwhich you can shoot balloons of different colors in the air, usinga bow and arrow.In this baloon game, you get 5 arrows to shoot the balloons, if thetarget is missed then you lose one arrow.As the game goes, you get to see many surprise elements like thebomb, chain ball, unlimited arrows, crossed axe etc. in this ballongame and arrow shooting game, or baloon shoot game and balloonsgame, which is one of the top arcade games and balloon games, orbow and arrow games freeBlast multiple balloons at a time, by shooting the bomb, crossedaxe and chain ball, in this balloons game, which is one of the bestballoon games for kids, or new bow and arrow games for kids.Shoot the blue balloon with an arrow, to get extra two arrows, inthis balloon and arrow game, or archery bow and arrow game, whichis one of the top ballon shooting games and baloon games forkids.Have fun shooting, the balloons and scoring points, by playing thisbaloon game and baloon shooter game, or shoot balloon game, whichis one of the top balloon games and real archery shooting games, orarrow and bow games.Shoot the arrow pack, to get unlimited arrows for a particularduration, by playing this ballon arrow game and ballon shootergame, or ballon and arrow game, which is one of the best baloonarchery games and baloon shooting games, or baloon bow and arrowgames.Become a balloon shooter and bow shooter, by shooting balloons, inthis shoot game and baloon kids game, or ballon shoot game andbaloon arrow game, which is one of the best shooter games and bowshooting games, or ballon games and archery new games.Shooting the big balloons, will fetch you less points, whereasshooting the smaller ones, will fetch you more points, in thisbaloon game and balloon shoot game, or balloon bow and arrow game,which is one of the top bow and arrow games free, or arcade gamesand ballon games.It is time to get one of the top arcade games and ballon games, orarrow shooting games and ballon archery games, on android, forfree.Key features1. Amazing graphics and addictive gameplay.2. Shoot balloons of different sizes and colors.3. Plenty of surprise elements.4. Become a archery master.5. Archery game and arrow shooting game.6. One of the best balloon archery games and arcade games.7. Top balloon kids game.Ballon shooting is one of the best shooting games free and balloongames, or bow and arrow games free. Download this top bow andarrows game, or balloons game and ballon kids game, all for free.Get this balloon game download and shoot balloon game, or baloonand arrow game, on android.
Video Rotate 3.4
Video rotate is an effective video editor app,which can be used to quickly rotate and view, a video, in differentangles like 90, 180, 270 and 360.Choose a video duration and an angle for your video, preview yourvideo, and also save and share it, using this video editorapp.Have fun, watching a video, sideways or upside down, using thisvideo rotate editor app.Do you want to watch a video in different angles? Then video rotateis the ideal video editor to do so.Key Features1. Select a video from phoneís gallery using this videoeditor.2. Set, a video duration for the video to be rotated using thisvideo rotate editor.3. Rotate the video in different angles like 90, 180, 270 and360.4. Preview the rotated video, before sharing or saving, using thisvideo rotate editor.5. Save the rotated video to the phoneís SD card, using this videoeditor.6. Share the rotated video through different platforms likeYoutube, Facebook and Whatsapp, using this video rotate editorapp.Video rotate is the best video editor for changing the orientationof a video. Download this top video rotate editor app, and view thevideo in different angles, all for free.Twitter pageFollow us on Twitter at pageLike us on Facebook at
Happy Birthday Frames : Free Birthday Photo Frames 2.1
Never miss your beloved ones birthday again!With birthdays, you can make the relationships with your loved onesstronger, remembering and celebrating their birthdays is a specialfeeling. Happy birthday frames enables, you to capture and wrap thebirthdays of your loved ones, with personalized birthday frames,for a long lasting memory.Birthday Photo Frames has a unique and special attraction, withamazing features like selection of frames, there are options tomake your photo frame more decorative like flower photo frames,balloons frames, birthday special frames, happy birthday cardsphoto frames, etc.Decorate your photos with these incredible Birthday Photo frameswith amazing photo editing effects and make your birthday memorableand save your birthday celebration memories image to your SD card.You can display your happy birthday photo frames for Whatsappdisplay picture. No internet connection for birthday photo framesapp you can download for free, it is easy for kids to use happybirthday photo frames app for birthday photo frames wishesgreetings, happy birthday to me photo frames is decorated withcolourful backgrounds.Add your photo on best birthday photo frame with different photoeffects. Applying photo effects with efficient and effective makesyou to use again and again on your Birthday Photo Frames that givestruly a stunning special effects and also beautiful, cool tone foryour photos, Edit your wisher photos on birthday photo frameseditor, it is fantastic latest happy birthday photo frames app towish your lover by editing they photo in birthday photo frames forbrother,lover, kids, boys, etc. Its simple single photo framesbirthday to wish u happy birthday by applying photo on birthdayphoto frames with wishes.Be one of the unique person to to wish your loved ones by creatingtheir photo in best happy birthday frames app to wish your wisherbirthday greetings using photo frames. Choose any effects you liketo spice up your photo in happy birthday frames. Download HappyBirthday Frames app Now download Happy Birthday Frames for free andenjoy editing your besties photos on happy birthday photoframes.-Easy to use: Happy Birthday Frames-Go to the Happy Birthday Frames app-Choose your photo from gallery-Apply effects on your images and save-Share your creations via Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc
Video Merger 2.8
Video merger is a very powerful video mergingapp or video joiner, using which, you can merge your favouritevideos into a single large video by adding, a background music ofyour choice.This video editor app or video combiner app, supports variousoptions for merging videos and adding a background music. Share themerged video with your loved ones, using this best video joiner appand video merger app, or video merger free and video makerapp.Thinking of merging multiple videos and making it even moreappealing by adding a background music? Then video merger is theultimate video editor and music editor, or video merging softwareand video editor gif maker, to do so.It is time to get one of the best video editor apps free downloadand video maker download, or video maker latest apps and highquality video merger, on android.Merge your favourite videos into a single video and save it, for along lasting memory, using this video editor for instagram andvideo merging editor, or video combiner and editor, which is one ofthe best video merger apps.Add a soothing background music to the merged video, using thisbest video joiner app and video maker new version 2017, or videoeditor high quality and video editor latest version.This video merger is the best video joiner for youtube, and is alsoreferred to as quick video joiner and video joiner for android, orvideo joiner merger.Key features of video merger1. This video editor or video joiner free, supports android version3.0 onwards.2. Select the videos to be merged from the phoneís gallery, usingthis video editor best app and video merger app for android, orvideo maker for youtube and video joiner software.3. For best results, use only camera captured video(s) with sameframe rate, same frame size and same audio rate, using this videojoiner and editor, or video maker editor and video merger foryoutube.4. Add a background music to the merged videos, using this musiceditor and video joiner hd app, or best video merging app and videoeditor hd app.5. The video merger or video editor joiner, supports mp4 and 3gpformats for videos, and mp3 format for audio backgroundmusic.6. Share the merged videos through platforms like Facebook, Gmail,Whatsapp etc. using this video editor for youtube and video mergerhd app, or video merger in hd and video joiner fast app.7. Save the merged videos to the phoneís gallery, using this musiceditor and video merger for android, or video joiner andmerger.Video merger is the best video editor and high quality videojoiner, or video editor new version 2017 and video maker hd app.Download this top video merger and music editor app, or video makerlatest version and video joiner editor, to merge the videos of yourchoice, by adding a background music. Get this video editordownload and video maker app download, or quick video editor appdownload and video joiner app download, for free.
Tattoo On Photo 1.8
Hi guys,this is the app where you can havegorgeous tattoos on your photos and you can change the color of thetattoos also.1)Choose the image from gallery or photo, or take picture from yourcamera.2)Choose the tattoo which you like, you can also place any numberof tattoos.3)Pick the color to change the color of the recently selectedtattoo and apply color.4)Save and Share (Facebook,Gmail,Instagram etc) by clicking donebutton.This app help you to have beautiful tattoos without any physicalpains to your body.Enjoy the app.
Birthday Frames 2.1
birthday frames for freewe wish you celebrate this special birthday with your loves,familyand friends.Take birthday photo and decorate with awesome birthday frameappto memorize .This is very easy app.* choose a photo from gallery or take with camera.* choose a birthday frame.* generate birthday frame can share or send to the birthday person!
Animated Birthday Frames 2.0
This app lets you to add some amazing birthdayframes to your photo and gives gif animation.For this you simply select a pic from gallery or camera and adjustwithin the selected frame.And you can zoom in,zoom out,rotate your pic. It supports around 15animated birthday frames.You can save and share to Facebook,Gmail,Instagram etc.
Rain On Photo 1.5
Rain animation application creates Gifanimation of rain on images. User can select the image from galleryor can capture the image. And user can share the Gif through gmail,email etc.
PicTune - Photo Editor 1.16
PicTune is the only Photo Editor app that youneed for your Android device. Read the complete description to knowmore about the features of this image editor app on playstore.Tired of installing plenty of free image editor app? It’s time tostop that. We designed an app in such a way that users only need todownload this free photo editing app to their device to make mostof their photo editing task.In our PicTune app you mainly find1. Collage:In collage option, you can use this as a photo collage maker app.Here you can select as many photos as you want, and in the nextscreen you’ll see all those photos in one screen. Just click on anyphotos to move or change the position, you can zoom those photos,rotate it or just double click on any image to open that image inan image editor. Edit that as per your wish and click on donebutton to save that. Now you can see that edited image in ancollage pan.Add Background Color or Patters:- Click on the “Square box” buttonto open image background patterns and background color option.Choose whether you need to apply color or design patter to yourphoto collage.2. Color Splash:In color splash option you can add color to particular part of theimage. Once you choose color splash option, you need to select theimage that you need to add color splash effects. In next screen wewill give an option to Crop, Orientation and Reset option. If youwould like to use those option than you can use or else just clickon Done button at the top menu. Now you will be in the Color Splasheditor window. Here by default that image will be Blank and White,to add color to particular part of image For ex: Face. click orpaint by using your finger on the face of the image, and that partonly get colored.In this window you will get some more options like Zoom in and Zoomout, Remove added color, Change the color that you need to add toimage, lots of image effects, BOKEH effects, Vintage effects,increase or decrease brush size, Brightness option, Undo option andSave option.Don’t Forget to click on “Help” option at the left top menu bar toexplore options.3. Frames:In Frames option you will see lots of frames to combine multipleimages on one image. Choose the frame which best fits your need andjoin many photos in one photo easily. In this app you’ll have lotsof frames you can choose from.We also offer different “Shapes” (Ex: heart, apple etc). If wish toadd your image to different shapes, then use shapes option.4. EditorAt last, you will see option to edit your images. In our PicTuneimage editor app, you will see below option to edit anyimages.-Crop:Use crop option crop your image. You use custom crop or you canchoose predefined crop ratio to crop image.-Orientation:Want to Rotate or Flip image? use this orientation option to dothis.-Effect or Fx:Click on effects button to get lots of predefined image effects.Click on any image effects to add that effects to your image.-VintageHere you will get lots of vintage sort of image effects. Click onany vintage effects to add that effects to photo.-OverlayAdd overlays to your photo with our pre defined overlayimages.-FrameIf you would like to add frames to your image, then choose theframe design and that frame will automatically added to yourimage-BorderHere you can increase or decrease the border thickness and also ifyou wish you can add color to that border.-ResetDon’t like all the editing which we done on Editor option? thenjust click on Reset option to revert all the effects. It will takeyou to the original image version.There are many more options are available in this photo editor appto edit your photos. Download this free photo editor app to try allthose option yourself. We are sure you will enjoy this app.
Background Remover 1.9
Background Eraser - Not just an ordinary photoeditor app, it’s a smart photo background eraser app for yourandroid devices. With our photo background Remover app you cansmartly erase background color or object easily. Instead ofdownloading many photo background remover apps, download our photoBackground Remover app and easily remove or add background to yourimage.Key Features of our Background Eraser App:1. Smart Crop option:-Most of the application provides default square crop option, but inthis photo editing app we custom crop option. With our smart croptool you can select crop location by marking crop locationby using your finger.2. Erase Image Background:-Use the background eraser option of this photo background removerapp to erase photo background.3. Fill Erased Location back:-Mistakenly erased some other location? then don’t worry. You canalways fill erased location back to normal by using our filltool.4. Magic Tool:-Remember Magic tool on Adobe Photoshop software? With our PicEraser app you can get Magic selection tool so that you can easilyselect particular region on your image by just one click.5. Region selection Intensity:-This option works with magic tool. If our magic tool is selectingonly small region then you can increase the intensity using thisoption.6. Zoom:-Some times small areas also matters while editing, that time youcan use our zoom option of this photo editor to work with yourimage carefully.7. Increase or decrease brush size:-Select erase or fill tool and click on setting to get this optionand drag the slider to increase or decrease brush size.8. Increase or decrease offset size:-To get this option select eraser or fill tool and click onsettings. With this offset size you can make brush far away fromthe working location so that you can easily see the location whichyou are editing.9. Reset:-Don’t like the changes made from this photo background remover app?then use the Reset option.10. Image Editing option:-In this tool you will get smoothen, brightness, opacity, contrastand saturation tools.11. Change Background:-In this photo editor app you will also get an option to changebackground. You can choose-without background, take backgroundimage from camera, pic color from color picker or usebackgroundimages provided by the app itself.12. Save or Share option:-Once you are done with editing using this photo editor app, you cansave image to camera roll or share it on any social networking sitelike Instagram, Facebook.Finally, this is one the best app to consider for working withremoving background in the image.Background remover is one of the best photo editors for backgroundremoval. Download this top background eraser app for free to erasephoto backgrounds.12. Save or Share option:-Once you done with editing you can save image to camera roll orshare it on any social networking site like Instagram,Facebook.Finally, this is one the best app to consider for working withremoving background in the image.
Video Compressor 3.4
Video compressor is a professional videocompressing app, which enables us to reduce the size of a video, bycompressing it, for a duration of your choice.Select a video of your choice, compress it for a duration inseconds and preview it, using this video compressor.Upon compressing, share the video with your loved ones throughsocial media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail and so muchmore.Features of video compressor1. This video compressor supports android version 3.0onwards.2. Select a video from the gallery to be compressed using thisvideo editor.3. Set the duration in seconds to which, the video can becompressed using this video compressor.4. This video compressor or video editor supports mp4, 3gp and AVIvideo formats.5. Preview the video before sharing or saving it using this videoeditor.6. Share the compressed video through social media platforms likeWhatsapp, Gmail, facebook etc. using this video editor.7. Save the compressed video to your phoneís SD card using thisvideo editor.Video compressor is the best video editor for compressing videos.Download this top video compressor app and compress as many videosas possible, all for free.Twitter pageFollow us on Twitter at pageLike us on Facebook at
Audio Converter 1.5
Audio converter(only for audio's) is one ofthe good converter application from one form of audio to otherdifferent .mp3, .aac, .wav and .m4a......and this is very easy to usealso...How to use:-* Take one audio song from gallery and just press convert button itwill show options like .mp3, .aac, .wav, .m4a...* we can select which format we want to convert......then itsautomatically converts....* and we can save that converted audio song/format in our sd cardwith file name......* We can set as a ring tone to your device.....* We can share that converted audio via Bluetooth, Gmail and Whatsapp.......* this is the best way to convert from one format of audio file toother formats ........
Video Watermark Logo 1.5
Video watermark logo allows you to apply logoor text over your favorite video and share it to your lovedone.Key Features:1. Adding Logo on video2. Adding watermark or text to video3. Adding both text and logo to video4. Save and share your video on Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp,Instagrametc.Note: For best result use camera captured videos.
Photo With Text On Tshirt 1.8
Text on Tshirt app, using this app you canplace your photo as well as text on can change font style and font size as well as font color gives different look to your photo..It contains 17 Tshirt frames and also different photo effects likehue,tint,bright,etc...You can save and share your photo to all social networks likeFacebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail etc
Photo Editor Bokeh 1.6
PHOTO EDITOR BOKEHNew Photo Editor Application with Bokeh effects easy to use. Itsfree in android market.How to use:1. Select image from gallery or take latest photo usingcamera.2. Next select the edit button it lunch the editor.In this application editor contained1)23 imageeffect like:Contrast, pixels, sepia, sobel, emboss, pasteurize, saturation,etc2) More the 20 beautiful bokeh effects, using this effects makeyour selected photo more beautiful3) More the 20 photo frames available, Apply frames to you selectedphotosYou can save the effects added image in sd card and you can sharesocial network
Water Camera Fx 1.0
Water Camera• Now you can enjoy with water camera app we can createwaterphotography with your camera.• We can feel Real-Time Water Effects to Your Photo.• We have nearly 12 water effects to apply photo.• We can also have zooming functionality to you camera.• Water Camera app supports Front camera option.• We can Save the image in your Sd card and also we can sharephotosto social networks like Gmail, Face book..etc
Wedding Frames 1.9
************WEDDINGFRAMES*******************Make your photos unforgettable!by using wedding framesapp.........Free wedding photo frames for quick download. Easy to useformat.Different beautifully designed wedding frames available for you tochoose from.Just select any of the wide collection of picture frames and shootyour lovely wedding can save that memories in to your sd can share via social media like gmail,picasa,facebook,whatsapp..........etc.....
Talking Tarzan 1.2
*Talk to Tarzan:Speak with Tarzan ,he repeatswhat you say in his own hilarious voice.*Play with Tarzan:Touch Tarzan Body he feels happy and lovesyou.*Tarzan Fight: Fun to see fight between Tarzan and Gorilla.*Tarzan playing:Tarzan enjoying the nature and playing with therope happily*Play in Rain: Come lets join and play with Tarzan in theRain.
Video Trimmer 1.5.4
*****VIDEO TRIMMER*****Video Trimmer is a free and easy app cut/trim video files into yourrequired size,And Extract audio file from video.Also you can sharevideo clips to Facebook,G mail,YouTube etc.A well designed Range seek-bar for selecting start and end time ofa video to trim.-It access all your video files from gallery.-Trim Video by selecting start and end points from seek-bar as peryour requirement.-Convert video files to audio files.-You can rename trimmed video clips.-Play video clips.-Share your video clips to Facebook,gmail,youtube etc...
Photo Cut Paste 1.7
Here is a Application with which you cancreate your own wonderful custom photos,by cutting part of the photo drawing on it with your hand.You canplace yourself in different nature and background.So try this awesome Cut Paste app and have fun in photoediting.1) Cut :- You can cut the photo by free hand drawing onphoto.2) Cancel :- If you do not want the selected part to be cut, thenyou can cancel the part selected.3) Background :- Add *background which you like from *Gallery or*Photos or *Background images given by us.4) Paste :- If you want to paste already *cut parts then you canclick on ***paste button*** to get previous cut parts.5) Done :- Click on the ***done button*** to paste and save andshare on social networks like Instagram,Facebook etc
Pic Clone 1.5
This is very funny application. In thisapplication you can capture two images and clone them as singleimage. Where you can clone two images as single by a single click.You can adjust the cloning point. You can share the cloned image onsocial networks like Face Book, Twitter, Gmail etc and you can saveit on sd card.
Egg Catcher 1.4
Catch the eggs is one of the most excitinggame and its totally free.In this game your goal is to catch the white eggs as many aspossible in the basket provided. Drag the basket left and rightusing your finger.If you catch the black egg, you will loose the game. Latest highestscore will be stored in your phone which makes it competitive gamewhen you play it for next time.We made it so lovely and attractive that is fun for the wholefamily, especially for girls and kids!!BEWARE!! It's an addicting game.
Bokeh Photo Editor 2.0
**********BOKESH PHOTO EDITOR**********bokesh photo editor is one of the amazing photoeditor......inthisdifferent types of bokesh effects and different types of ovelayeffects are to use:-1.we can choose beautiful photo from phone gallary....2.we use different types of bokesh effets and overlays....and alsonice frames....3.we can save it...3.and we can send that beautiful photos to our friends(or) familymembers via email,gmail,picasa.....and also post as a is completly download and njoy
Split Cam Effects 1.2
Here we go!!!!. This is a magic app, whichtakes your pictures and put them in frames. You can add effects toyour imagesand make it more beautiful. You can give special effects likegrunge, space, can change brightness, color make your picture morebeauty full.You can share your beautiful images to gmails, through bluetooth toyour friend. This app puts your images side by side so that you cancompare you with with youor with others. You can see your self in different angles. So gofor it you will enjoy a lot with this app.
Pic Frame Effects 1.77
Pic Frame Effects helps you combine multiplephotos into amazing frames.With 42 Fully adjustable frames supporting up to 9 photos, photoeffects and space effects for a unique look.Main features:------------------Very cool photo effects and space effects.Awesome framesAdjustable borderColor and pattern support for bordersSupport to move, rotate and scale images.Share to face book, Instagram, Gmail……….etc.
Pic Editor 1.31
This application used for editing thepictureinstantly. This app contains various options for editingpictureslike changing the brightness; crop the image, change thecontrast,brightness, adding frames and mode of the picture etc.This appshares edited picture using Bluetooth, mail etc.
Beautiful Photo Frame 1.7
This app has collections of beautiful andawesome Photo Frames. If you want to see your photos with nicePhoto Frames then download this app.Its totally Free!!!.features* A huge selection of photo frames* Select photo from gallery or camera* Save edited photos to your device* Share photos with frames to facebook and other socialnetworks
Pics & Clicks Effects 1.2
Do you feel bored with seeing photo effectsafter shooting every time? Why cannot we see the final effectsbefore we snap shutter? This pic and click effects applicationoffers you different shooting experience.This app can help you see your photo effects before you snapshutter and offer new shooting experience.• Provided Effects filter are Contrast, Gamma, Brightness, sepia,Gray scale, Sharpness etc….Provider effects filters are not only for camera you can use forgallery images all so.This application completely free in androidmarket and by using this application you can save the images andyou can share to social network.In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive thefollowing –Search shortcut icon on your home screen,Search shortcut on your bookmarks and browser homepage.This will help us bring you more cool apps like this in thefuture.You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to thegarbage), this will not affect the application in any way.
Split Pic 1.1
Do you want to know how you look in differentangles????.In this app you can compare one with another side byside.Here You will get Special effects for your pics like Space, Grunge,Contrast, Brightness etc. This app captures images and put themside by side in different frames so that you can compare you withothers or you with you.Take your pictures in different angels to compare you with you indifferent angles, or you can compare you with others, you can alsotake the pictures from the gallery and you can put effects on yourpictures like grunge, Spce, and you can change the brightness,color etc, make your picture more beautiful by using thisapp.So go for it you will like and I am sure you will enjoy thisapp.
Apple Shoot 1.0
Apple shoot, love shooting apple which isplaced on some person? then here is a game for it. In this gameapple will be placed on person head, Shoot apple properly or elseshoot outside but don’t shoot boy because boy will die. If he diethen game will also over.Try this very simple shooting game on your device and keep shootingapples.In each game you will get 6 bullet to shoot apple, if you cannot,then your game will over.If you shoot apple properly, then you will get 500 points for eachhit or else 0 points.Point Gun to Apple position and shoot it.Go and Download Apple shoot now.
Pocket FM- Online Radio 1.3
Online Radio is very good application launchedin android market. This consist of radio stations of10 countries. These radio stations are categorized like jazz,top40,rock etc. You can play stations andstop it according to your wish. If you like any station you can addthis station in your favorite list by clicking third button that isto-gather with play and stop button. Recently played first fivestations will be added into the recent play list. If you want toreplay recently played stations you can click recent button. Thiswill show those five recently played stations list. samefunctionality is for favoritestation list also. Online radio mainly containing shout cast andice cast radio stations. only internetconnection is required for this app.
Photo Collage Maker 1.28
Photo collage is the best way to creategorgeous photo collage.If you like to make composition with your photos,you need photocollage maker in you phone.You can Collage your multiple photos and post them toFacebook,twitter.Here are a number of frames to combine multiple photos into one.youcan arrange your photos into various layouts.This application is Collection of Blue and red color frames withnice photofx filler and beautiful overlay effects.Final image you can share social network and save in phone,thisapplication is free.
Pic Frames With Vintage 1.7
You want create your own photo frames withdifferent designed shapes, now you can find well designedPhoto frames Application for you. By using this application makeyou photos more beautifulThis application contained: Vintage, water, paper and 20 imagefx.This pic frames with vintage application is free in android market.Using this app you can share final images in social network
Slidegram-VideoSlideShowMaker 1.3
Make a Video Slide show with your photos. Thisis video editor using this you can create flipgram, video slideshowand photobook.You can also change background music of your video.Most of us have lots of photos in our gallery. And we are fondof looking at them recollecting our memories. So why not we combineall those photos into one video slideshow & we can share withfriends and family? This app makes us to do that.Main Features:-> We can add our favorite music file to slide show-> Set your own timing to any length for slide gap-> Slide gap duration display.SHARING FEATURES-> YouTube, Facebook, Email, Instagram,Bluetooth,Dropboxetc-> Save to sdcard
Funny Pic Frames 1.5
Funny frame is a great app for having fun withphotos.You can place your photo on variety of funny frames.* Place your photo on amazing funny frame .* Lots of funny frames to have fun.* Lots of photo effects to apply.* Make relay funny photos for you and your friends.Be first to have fun.