Mirror Magic 1.9
The most beautiful mirror app in android for free.Mirror MagicNowyou can enjoy with Mirror Magic App.Mirror Magic app provides agreat tool for putting makeup on, styling yourhair its digital zoomhas an impressive detail and you can also freeze theimage to take aclean look. In addition, you can also capture, save andshare imagesof yourself with a single touch.
Ghost In Photo 2.4
Hi friends use this "Ghost in photo" application to scare yourfriends by placing ghost in any picture from your collection. Ghostin photo app enables us to have different pics of ghosts in thephoto thereby creating a funny ghost scary effect. Use this newghost app pro or photo ghost app, to create a horror ghost photowith ghost photo effects like never before. Select your favouriteghost girl character among the ghost characters available, tocreate a ghost background for your pic, using this ghost pictureapp and scarry photo app, or ghost maker and ghost on camera app.Wanna include a ghost pic or ghost pictures in your photo? Thinkingof adding a ghost and demon to your pics? Want to give your pic ascary effect by placing a ghost photo in it. Then ghost in photo isthe ideal ghost photo creator or ghost photo editor app to do so.So it's time to get, the ghost and spirit app free download onandroid, and create a ghost photo with a scary ghost effect.Install this ghost picture camera app or ghost photo backgroundapp, to create, a ghost face photo or scary photo, in order toscare your friends and to have fun. Key features of ghost in photo1) This ghost photo editor or ghost photo maker app allows you tochoose images either from camera or gallery. 2) Once you choose theimage you can add any of the real ghost pictures which we haveprovided in this funny ghost app and ghost editor in pictures, orghost and spirit real app new. 3) You can also change the opacityof the chosen ghost picture or ghost image as per your requirement,using this ghost in picture photo app or scary background app. 4)Finally you can share the ghost in your picture, with your friendson social networking sites like "Facebook, Gmail, g+, Instagrametc, using this scary app and ghost in picture photo app or, scaryghost and evil ghosts photo app. 5) Install this scary app to scareyour friend and have fun, using this ghost and spirit app or ghosteditor app. 6) Save the ghost picture or ghost photo to the phone'sgallery, using this real ghost camera app or original ghost app andscary photo app. Ghost in photo is the best photo ghost app orghost photo maker, for creating a ghost photograph or ghost picturewith a ghost effect. Download this top ghost apps free and create aghost image for a scary ghost effect. Get ghost app free downloador ghost app download on android.
Add Audio to Video 3.10
Add audio to video is a professional video editor and audio mixer,which enables, you to customize your video by adding your favouritebackground music. This audio editor or music editor supportsvarious audio and video formats to mix audio with video. This videomixer application is for changing background music of a video.Using this video editor and video maker, you can add or mix anyaudio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger, then it willautomatically trim the audio to video's duration. If the audio'sduration is less than video then audio will be concatenated tovideo's length. These operations are done with high speed. You canshare these videos to social networks like Facebook, Gmail etc.using add audio to video app and music editor maker, or audio mixerand editor. Mix audio with video by using the various options ofthis video editing app and audio editor music app, or video mixerand editor. Thinking of customizing your video by adding abackground music to it? Want to mix audio with video with variousaudio and video formats? Then add audio to video app is the idealvideo editor to do so. It is time to get this audio mixer appdownload and music editor download, or audio mixer download andmusic editor app download, on android. Share the video with musicamong your loved ones, using this video mixer with audio and audiovideo mixer hd app, or audio video mixer software, which is one ofthe best audio video mixer apps. Features of Add audio to video 1.Choose your favourite background music for your video, using thismusic editor new app and audio editor for android, or video mixersoftware and music editor mp3. 2. Record an audio, the way youwant, which can be added to a video, using this music editor andmixer free, or best audio editor app and video mixer audio app. 3.Trim the audio or use it in original form using this video editorand music editor for android, or audio video mixer editor and videomixer with song. 4. Have a preview of the video, to which thebackground music is added, before sharing or saving it, using thismusic editor for youtube and audio mixer software, or video audiomixer app and best audio video mixer. 5. To mix audio with video,the formats supported by this music editor for videos are mp4, wmv,avi, flv, 3gp and that for audio are mp3, wav and aac. 6. Save thevideo to the phone and also share it through different platformslike Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp etc. using this music editorsoftware and audio video editor app, or video audio mixer softwareand audio mixer for android. Add audio to video mixer app is thebest video editor app and audio editor tool, or video mixer editorand audio editor software, for background music for videos.Download this top music editor app and audio editor mp3 app, oraudio mixer editor and video mixer with music, to mix audio withvideo, all for free. Get this audio editor download and video mixerapp download, or audio video mixer download and one of the bestaudio video apps download, for free.
1000+photo effects 1.16
This application you can use it as strong professional photo editorwith all pro functionalities.It supports below functionalities:1)Collage Maker or Grid Maker: You can create awesome pic collageusing this photo collage maker application, supports plenty ofgrids or frames to mix your photos.2) Color Splash: You can usethis application as color changer and you can change from one colorto other color.3) Photo editor: It has support for beautiful photofilters, overlays and other photo editing functionalities.4) Thereare other editing functionalities along with above.You can save andshare via social media like Facebook, Gmail, Bluetooth and Whatsapp......
Pic Effects 2.3
Pic effects is an effective photo editor with some stunning photoeffects and various photo editing options. Apply different photoeffects like Bokeh effects, Grunge effects, vintage effects to giveyour pic, an appealing look like never before using this photoeditor. Also, explore various photo editing options like croppingan image, rotating and flipping an image, and giving a colour andsetting the thickness for the photo border. Want to apply somebreath taking photo effects and photo filters to your pic? Then piceffects is the ultimate photo editor app to do so. Features of piceffects 1. Pic selection Take a snap using the camera option orselect a pic from the gallery using this pic editor. 2. Photocropping Crop the image using the custom option or select differentphoto cropping ratio options using this pic editor. 3. Imageposition adjustment Rotate the image clockwise as well asanticlockwise. Also, flip the image both horizontally as well asvertically, using this photo editor. 4. Photo effects Applydifferent pic effects or photo filters like gray, hue, bright,emboss, shadow, vignette and so much more, using this photo editor.5. Vintage Choose your favourite vintage photo effects or photofilters with different blend of colours, using this image editor.6. Overlay Use the overlay option, to apply different bokeh effectsusing this image editor. 7. Grunge Use different grunge photoeffects to give your pic, a special look, using this image editor.8. Border Give a color to your photo border, and also adjust theborder for thickness, using this image editor. 9. Reset Reset allthe changes, you have made to the original image, using this imageeditor. 10. Share Share the photo through various platforms likeInstagram, Gmail, Facebook and so much more, using this pic editor.11. Save Save the image to the photo gallery using this pic editor.Pic effects is the best photo editor app for photo effects andphoto filters. Download this top pic editor app and apply someamazing photo effects and photo filters to the image, all for free.Twitter page Follow us on Twitter at Facebook page Like us onFacebook at
Vintage Photo Editor 2.3
*************VINTAGE PHOTO EDITOR*****************this vintagephoto editor is a one of the different photo this 17different types of using this effects the photosare most it works:-1.first we can chose one photofrom gallery.....2.after selecting photo then we have 3options...they are edit and that editbutton again 3 buttons are there.....that is vintageeffects,overlays and beautiful frames.....4.we can apply and savein our gallery....5.we can share it viafacebook,twitter,email,gmail,,download this beautifulvintage photo editor and enjoy.....
Beach Run 1.8
Beach Run - Keep running on the beach side by escaping from thehurdles and save your life. While you run keep on collecting coinsand buy life saving helmets and funny jetpack to travel. One of theeasiest running game you can play on your mobile for free.With ourBeach Run game, you can play this game when you are bored, whileyou are walking, travelling and even when you are sleeping. It’sthat easy to play and have fun. ** The Best, free and Easy timeKiller Game you can have **### {WARNING}:- Very Addicting Game!!###Key Features of Beach Run game:1. It’s a 3D Game2. Use Helmetsto protect from accidents on road and save life3. Use JetPack(rocket) feature to fly while you run4. Easy to Play – play easilywhen you are travelling, walking and even while you sleeping. It’sthat easy to play.5. Run, Slide, Jump, Fly and hit!-: How to Playour Beach Run Game :-1. Keep running by escaping from the hurdlesand by collecting coins2. You can use collected coins to buyHelmets and JetPacks3. To buy helmets and jetpacks; keep playinggame and click on Pause button (look at left top) and click on Homeand then click on Shop button and here you can choose Rocket(jetpack), helmets. It can be used while you play. ( Game window>> Pause >> Home >> Shop >> choose helmetsor Rocket here)4. To use helmet (make sure you bought it before youcan use) while you play, just double tap on screen. It willautomatically added to running boy.5. With Helmet you can save yourlife even after hitting to any vehicle6. By using Rocket (jetpack)you can fly while you run. To use click on rocket icon on thescreen.Go… and Download Beach Run Now.
Color Sprinkle - Color Splash Effect 2.3
Color Sprinkle is a brand new photo editing application that allowsusers to bring their photos to life by selectively adding colors togray image . Touch on your photo to remove or change thecolors.Features:------------- Awesome UI and easy to understand.-Choose photos to edit from your gallery.- Smooth and quick changein photos by touching with fingers.- Choose a particular region tochange the color or get back the original color in a black andwhite image.-Change or remove the color of the image with selectedcolor.- Undo the accidental brush strokes.-Crop or rotate yourphoto with high resolution.- Adjust the brush size according to therequirement.- Having a help guide to get over from troubles.- Zoomin and out or scroll with two-finger for better art work.- 30+photo effects .- Awesome vintage and bokeh options to edit yourimage.-Adjust brightness of the photo. -Share your art work toFacebook or other media.- Save high quality image in gallery.
MakeMyMovie - Slide Show Maker 2.5
Make My Movie App will turn your photos into sensational movies byadding beautiful animations and music to it for Free. It allows youto select the Theme/effects and Audio of your Choice, and allowsyou to create & Share your Stunning Video. It's never beeneasier to make video from images by choosing one of our videoeffects and music from our library or choose your own song/Music ofyour choice to make most beautiful video out of your photos, andShare that amazing movements with your Friends using our inbuiltSocial Sharing option. Key Features:- * Create Stunning Video fromyour Photos * Add Music from our in-built library * You can choosetheme * You can choose song or music of your own choice if you wish* Add Title to your Video/Photo * In-built option to share yourAwesome video with social networking sites * You can share onFacebook, Instagram, email, YouTube etc Steps to create your movie1. Select all photos from your album. 2. Select your theme . 3.Select music from music library or from our app. 4. Enter yourmovie title. 5. Click on done button to create your movie. 6. Sharewith your friends(supports Facebook,Instagram, email,YouTube). HowDoes MakeMyMovie App Works? You don't need be a video editor at allto use this app. Just use our app as a movie maker. MakeMyMovie appwill analyze your photos and focus on users automatically andcreates a professional looking movie from photos that you haveselected.
Video Converter 1.7
Video converter is an effective video format converter, whichenables, you to quickly convert your favourite videos, to variousformats. Select a video, you like, convert it to a format of yourchoice, preview the video and share and save it, using this videoeditor and video converter android app, or 3gp video converter andmp4 video converter. Convert the videos from mp4 to 3gp, mp4 to aviand many more formats, using this video editor app and videoconverter best app, or video file converter for android and freeconverter app. Want to convert a video from one format to another?Then video converter is the ideal video editor app to do so.Features of video converter 1. Select a video from the phoneísgallery, using this video file converter app and Mp4 to avi videoconverter, or video convertor app and mp4 to 3gp converter app. 2.Convert a video, effortlessly to many formats, using this videoformat converter for android and avi to mp4 video converter, or 3gpto avi converter and mp4 to 3gp converter for android. 3. The videoformats supported by this video editor are mp4, 3gp, avi, mkv, movand flv. 4. Preview the video on conversion, using this best videoformat converter app and Mp4 to flv video file converter, or mp4 toavi converter for android and converter video app. 5. Share thevideo through different platforms like Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebooketc., using this video format converter and video converter forandroid, or video converter free app and video converter software.6. Save the video to the phone's SD card, using this video editorand video convertor android app, or video converter hd app andvideo converter new version. Video converter is the best mp4 to 3gpvideo converter app and video converter mp4 app. Download this topmp4 to avi converter app and convert video from one format toanother. Get this video converter download on android, for free.
Coffee Cup Frames 4.9
You can beautifully frame yourself with 15 HD coffee mug frames andAdd different effects like gray scale, hue, contrast, color depthetc to make your photo more beautiful and you can share it onFacebook,Instagram,Gmail,Google+ with your friends.....Itswonderful Coffee Mug Frames app. So download and wish "GoodMorning" or "Good evening" to your friend with Coffee mug frames
Pic Quote Text On Photo Editor 2.1
Pic quote text on photo editor enables you to send wishes to yourloved ones by adding your favourite quotes to some amazing themesand making it look even more special by adding a photo frame and asticker.Pic quote text on photo editor is the best professionalphoto quote or Text on pictures app for android. Using this pictureeditor app, you can create beautiful text quotes or picture quotesor captions on your own photos and also you can place your text oncolourful themes.You can choose image from gallery or camera andyou can create beautiful and colourful quotes on photo using thepic quote text on photo app. This picture editor app supportsbeautiful themes, photo frames and stickers.Types of themes1)Birthday themes2) Wedding themes3) Love themes4) General themesYoucan use this text editor or picture editor app for birthday wishes,wedding wishes, love wishes and for other wishes. You can alsocommunicate beautifully using this text editor app.Want to createsome amazing pics with picture quotes for your loved ones? Want toplace some mesmerising text on photo. Then this picture quotes ortext on pictures app is the ideal app to do so.Features of picquote text on photo editor 1.Text on photo or Text on pictureThistext editor app allows you to choose your own photo from gallery orcamera and it also allows you to place stylish photo quote. Alongwith text you can also place stickers and select a photo frame foryour pic. 2. ThemesThis text on pictures app supports more than 25beautiful themes, you can place stylish text quotes or picturequotes on these themes.3. StickersPic Quote supports beautifulstickers, there around 35 stickers. You can place stickers on photoor picture along with text, photo with text and stickers looks morebeautiful.4. Color textPic Quote supports colourful text on photos.You can change color of the text to any color.5. Style TextThisphoto quote app supports different styles of text, you can changestyle, font and size of the text.6. Photo framesThis text onpictures app supports 20 beautiful photo frames, you can frame yourphoto or picture using these photo frames.7. Save & Share PicQuote supports save to Sdcard option and you can also share yourbeautiful work to Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Email etc.Pic quotetext on photo editor is the best text editor or picture editor withvariety of themes, stickers and photo frames. Download this toptext editor or picture editor and create some amazing picturequotes or text quotes like never before, all for free.
Photo Funia Effects 1.2
This is wonderful and awesome online photo effects applicationwhich makes use of cloud photo funia..It enhances your pics by applying shade effects, photo frames andlight effects,different type of faces,photography effects,postereffects,pencil drawing effects,magazine effects.You can apply online photography effects which will make your picslook more photogenic.You can fit your pics in many varieties of online frames which makethem good looking.You can make a pencil drawing of your pics.You can create a magazine cover and posters from your pics.Note: As we are applying online photo effects we need to haveinternet connection for application to work.As you press save inbrowser it is saved in downloads.You can save it to PhotoFuniafolder in sdcard and share it by coming back to second screen whichhas those options.
Animated Wedding Frames 2.2
This app makes your wedding pics to beautiful ones and adds awesomeframes to your photo and gives attractive gif animation to them.Andyou can also add photo effects to your pics. You simply need tochoose a pic from gallery or camera and adjust within the selectedframe.Supports zoom in,zoom out, and rotate options for yourpic.Supports save, share options. You can share to Gmail, Instagramand Facebook etc.
Font Magic-Text On Photo 1.9
Font Magic- A beautiful way to express your feeling with ourAwesome Text effects app on your images. Don’t type boring text onimage any more, use our Font Magic app to create stunning fonteffects. Make your image even more appealing by adding Stickers,shapes and color to your image.Font Magic-Creating better lookingtext on your images:Hope you have seen some beautiful Quotes onsome images, have you ever thought of creating such stylish quoteson your own images without installing professional photo editingsoftware? Here is a way to do that. Our tiny app can do that workfor you.With Font Magic App you can do…1. You can choose your ownimages or take photo directly from camera or select from our builtin backgrounds2. You can type your Own Text on images3. Option toposition your text, stickers where ever you want4. Choose DifferentFont styles, Font sizes and Font color5. You can add beautifulshapes to your images 6. Add Awesome stickers to your images7.Option to change Shapes and Stickers color How to use Font MagicApp1. First choose the image that you need to write text on it oryou can also select the background image from our app itself.2. Towrite Text on the image click on “T” button. A text window willopen, type the text that you need to write on your image. Once donewith writing text, click on the different Font Styles which isavailable below the text box to apply that font effects.3. Tochange the Text color click on “Paint Brush” button to open colorpanel. Choose the color that you need to apply to your Text andclick on right button which is available at Top right corner to addthat color.4. Once you done all the above steps again click on“Right” button at the top right corner to add that text to yourimage.5. Position the text where ever it needs to be by clickingand dragging that text.6. To apply shapes to your image click on“SUN” type icon (3rd icon from left side). You will see list ofgeometrical shapes, click on any shapes that you need to add toyour image. To change color of the shapes click on first option toopen color panel. Choose the color that you need to apply to yourshapes.7. To add stickers click on “Heart” icon and it will openbeautiful stickers that you can add to your image. Once you donewith adding stickers choose the color by clicking first option toadd color to your stickers. If you want to position that stickersto some other place click on that sticker and move it where everyou want.8. Once you done all editing click on Right icon whichappears right side of the option panel. Here you can name yourimage as per your wish and also you can save that image to yourdevice or you can share it on any social networking site. So that’show easy to add beautiful text effects on your image with our FontStudio app.
Color Text Fx 2.0
Color Text Effects: • Now we can enjoy with color Text Effects app.• Color Text Effects app we can add Text on different Themes andDifferent Frames. Color Text Effects app we can increase anddecrease Text size and also we can apply different colors to text.• Through Color Text Effects app we can send Birthdays,Wedding andNew year wishes to friends and close ones etcs.. • We can sendinvitation through social networks like Gmail etcs..
Video Editor 1.8
Video editor is a free professional video editing app and videomaker, which can be used to edit a video in various ways liketrimming, compressing, adding an audio and a watermark, rotating,converting to different formats, making it square, adding effects,changing the speed and merging videos. This quick video editor appcan also be used as an audio editor, to extract a portion of anaudio, from an audio clip. Merge your favorite videos into a singlevideo, using this video joiner merger and high quality videomerger, or video trimmer for android and video rotate free app.Apply some awesome effects to your video, using this video effectsadder and video effects free app, or video maker for youtube andvideo rotator. Edit an audio clip, by extracting a portion from it,and use it as a ringtone, using this audio editor tool and audioeditor mp3, or video watermark adder and video watermark logo app.It’s time to get this video editor download and video trimmerdownload, or video converter download and audio editor download,for free. Key Features 1. Awesome UI 2. Trim Trim or cut, aparticular segment or multiple segments in the video clip, usingthis best video trim app and video trim editor, or video trim freeapp and video trimmer for instagram. 3. Compress Video Decrease thesize of the video by compressing it, using this video compress appand video compressor free, or video compressor app and video editorjoiner. 4. Add audio to video Add audio to the video clip orreplace the existing audio with a new one, using this video editorbest app and video editor for youtube, or video editor forinstagram and video editor gif maker. 5. Watermark Add a watermarkto your video, by selecting the font size, font style, font color,location of the watermark and the opacity, to claim its ownership,using this video watermark app and video watermark editor, or videowatermark free app and video watermark maker. 6. Rotate Video ClipRotate the video clip to different angles like 90, 180, 270 andback to the default angle, very easily, using this video rotateeditor and video rotate app, or video rotate maker and videorotater. 7. Convert the Video Clip Convert the video to differentformats like the mp4, 3gp, avi, mkv and flv , using this videoconverter app and video converter to mp4, or video converter forandroid and video converter to 3gp. 8. Square video If you are anInstagram user, then you will know, the need of, a square video. Bydefault the videos which we take from mobile cameras are not insquare format. Make square videos and change the color of itsbackground, using this video square app and video square maker, orvideo squarer app and video square for Instagram app. 9. AddingEffects to Video Add 15+ predefined video effects to your videoeasily, using this video effects maker and video effects editor, orvideo effects creator and video effects app. 10. Video SpeedIncrease or decrease the speed of the video clip, using this videospeed editor and video speed changer, or video speed app and videospeed adjuster. 11. Video Merging Combine multiple video clips intoa single video, using the video merger option of this video mergerapp for android and video merger free, or video merger for youtubeand video merger for android. 12. Edit Audio Select the desiredportion of the audio clip and save it, or use that portion of theaudio clip as a ringtone, using this audio editor for android andaudio editor mp4, or audio editor music app and best audio editorapp. Video editor is one of the best video merger apps and videoeditor apps, or video maker latest apps. Download this top videotrimmer app and video cutter, or video editor latest version andvideo editor effects app, for free. Get this video editor appdownload and video trim app download, or video maker download andvideo effects download, on android. Note: * Supports mp4,3gp,mkv,avi video formats. * Supports mp3, wav,aac,m4a audioformats.
Hoarding Photo Frames 1.7
Hoarding FramesIf you want Real and feel Hoarding Frames it isavailable in android market.In that you can adjust photo inframe.If you want save and share photo in social networks likeGmail and Face book etc..
Mix Audio With Video 2.9.5
Mix audio with video is an effective video editor and audio mixer,which can be used to edit a video by adding a background music ofyour choice. This video mixer or music editor supports differentaudio and video formats, to mix an audio with a video. Use thisaudio editor and video maker, to change background music of avideo. In this video mixer app, if the audio's length is greaterthan that of the video, then it will be automatically trimmed tothe video's length. If the audio's length is less than that of thevideo, then the audio will be concatenated to the video. All theseoperations are performed with high speed. Share the videos tosocial media networks like Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp etc. usingthis video editing app and audio editor music app, or video mixerand editor. Mix audio with video by using the various options ofthis add audio to video app and music editor maker, or audio mixerand editor. Want to mix a video with your favorite background music? Then mix audio with video app is the ultimate or video editor, todo so. Add music to videos and share it among your loved ones,using this music editor new app and audio editor for android, orvideo mixer software and music editor mp3. It’s time to get thisaudio editor download and video mixer app download, or audio videomixer download and one of the best audio video apps download, onandroid. Key features 1. Select a background music for your video,using this video mixer with audio and audio video mixer hd app, oraudio video mixer software, which is one of the best audio videomixer apps. 2. Record an audio and add it to a video, as abackground music, using this music editor and mixer free, or bestaudio editor app and video mixer audio app. 3. Trim the audio forthe video or use it in its real form, using this music editor foryoutube and audio mixer software, or video audio mixer app and bestaudio video mixer. 4. Preview your video, before sharing or savingit, using this video editor and music editor for android, or audiovideo mixer editor and video mixer with song. 5. The formatssupported by this video mixer for videos are mp4, wmv, avi, flv,3gp and for audio are mp3, wav, m4a and aac. 6. Save the video toyour phone, using this add audio to video app or add audio to videomixer app. 7. Share the video through different platforms like theFacebook, WhatsApp etc. using this music editor software and audiovideo editor app, or video audio mixer software and audio mixer forandroid. Mix audio with video app is the best video editor app andaudio editor mp3 app, or audio mixer editor and video mixer withmusic, to mix music with videos. Download this top music editor appand audio editor tool, or video mixer editor and audio editorsoftware, to add your favourite music to videos. Get this audiomixer app download and music editor download, or audio mixerdownload and music editor app download, for free.
Video Effects 1.7
Video effects is a professional video editor, which enables, you toadd some mesmerising effects to your video with numerous options instore. Choose a video of your choice and a video duration, explorevarious bokeh effects and other effects like blur, negative, sharp,vignette etc., to make your video appealing, using this videoeffects creator. Also, explore various video filters options, so asto make your video worth shareable among your friends. Want to makeyour video special, by adding some stunning video effects and videofilters to it? Then video effects app is the ideal video editor todo so. Features of video effects 1. Choose a video from the phonesgallery using this video effects creator. 2. Set the video length,for the video to be edited using this video editor. 3. Numerousbokeh and other effects like colorswing, blur, vignette etc. foryour video. 4. Various video filters options for editing yourvideo. 4. Preview the video before sharing or saving using thisvideo effects creator. 5. Save the edited video using this videoeffects creator. 6. Share the edited video through platforms likeGmail, Youtube, Whatsapp and so much more, using this video editor.Video effects is the best video editor for adding effects and videofilters to a video. Download this top video effects creator, andadd some amazing video effects and video filters to your video, allfor free. Twitter page Follow us on Twitter at Facebook page Like us onFacebook at .
Video Rotate 3.7
Video rotate is an effective video editor app, which can be used toquickly rotate and view, a video, in different angles like 90, 180,270 and 360. Choose a video duration and an angle for your video,preview your video, and also save and share it, using this videoeditor app. Have fun, watching a video, sideways or upside down,using this video rotate editor app. Do you want to watch a video indifferent angles? Then video rotate is the ideal video editor to doso. Key Features 1. Select a video from phoneís gallery using thisvideo editor. 2. Set, a video duration for the video to be rotatedusing this video rotate editor. 3. Rotate the video in differentangles like 90, 180, 270 and 360. 4. Preview the rotated video,before sharing or saving, using this video rotate editor. 5. Savethe rotated video to the phoneís SD card, using this video editor.6. Share the rotated video through different platforms likeYoutube, Facebook and Whatsapp, using this video rotate editor app.Video rotate is the best video editor for changing the orientationof a video. Download this top video rotate editor app, and view thevideo in different angles, all for free. Twitter page Follow us onTwitter at Facebook pageLike us on Facebook at
Happy Birthday Frames : Free Birthday Photo Frames 2.2
Never miss your beloved ones birthday again! With birthdays, youcan make the relationships with your loved ones stronger,remembering and celebrating their birthdays is a special feeling.Happy birthday frames enables, you to capture and wrap thebirthdays of your loved ones, with personalized birthday frames,for a long lasting memory.Birthday Photo Frames has a unique andspecial attraction, with amazing features like selection of frames,there are options to make your photo frame more decorative likeflower photo frames, balloons frames, birthday special frames,happy birthday cards photo frames, etc. Decorate your photos withthese incredible Birthday Photo frames with amazing photo editingeffects and make your birthday memorable and save your birthdaycelebration memories image to your SD card. You can display yourhappy birthday photo frames for Whatsapp display picture. Nointernet connection for birthday photo frames app you can downloadfor free, it is easy for kids to use happy birthday photo framesapp for birthday photo frames wishes greetings, happy birthday tome photo frames is decorated with colourful backgrounds.Add yourphoto on best birthday photo frame with different photo effects.Applying photo effects with efficient and effective makes you touse again and again on your Birthday Photo Frames that gives trulya stunning special effects and also beautiful, cool tone for yourphotos, Edit your wisher photos on birthday photo frames editor, itis fantastic latest happy birthday photo frames app to wish yourlover by editing they photo in birthday photo frames forbrother,lover, kids, boys, etc. Its simple single photo framesbirthday to wish u happy birthday by applying photo on birthdayphoto frames with wishes.Be one of the unique person to to wishyour loved ones by creating their photo in best happy birthdayframes app to wish your wisher birthday greetings using photoframes. Choose any effects you like to spice up your photo in happybirthday frames. Download Happy Birthday Frames app Now downloadHappy Birthday Frames for free and enjoy editing your bestiesphotos on happy birthday photo frames.-Easy to use: Happy BirthdayFrames -Go to the Happy Birthday Frames app-Choose your photo fromgallery -Apply effects on your images and save-Share your creationsvia Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc
Video Merger 3.0
Video merger is a very powerful video merging app or video joiner,using which, you can merge your favourite videos into a singlelarge video by adding, a background music of your choice. Thisvideo editor app or video combiner app, supports various optionsfor merging videos and adding a background music. Share the mergedvideo with your loved ones, using this best video joiner app andvideo merger app, or video merger free and video maker app.Thinking of merging multiple videos and making it even moreappealing by adding a background music? Then video merger is theultimate video editor and music editor, or video merging softwareand video editor gif maker, to do so. It is time to get one of thebest video editor apps free download and video maker download, orvideo maker latest apps and high quality video merger, on android.Merge your favourite videos into a single video and save it, for along lasting memory, using this video editor for instagram andvideo merging editor, or video combiner and editor, which is one ofthe best video merger apps. Add a soothing background music to themerged video, using this best video joiner app and video maker newversion 2017, or video editor high quality and video editor latestversion. This video merger is the best video joiner for youtube,and is also referred to as quick video joiner and video joiner forandroid, or video joiner merger. Key features of video merger 1.This video editor or video joiner free, supports android version3.0 onwards. 2. Select the videos to be merged from the phoneísgallery, using this video editor best app and video merger app forandroid, or video maker for youtube and video joiner software. 3.For best results, use only camera captured video(s) with same framerate, same frame size and same audio rate, using this video joinerand editor, or video maker editor and video merger for youtube. 4.Add a background music to the merged videos, using this musiceditor and video joiner hd app, or best video merging app and videoeditor hd app. 5. The video merger or video editor joiner, supportsmp4 and 3gp formats for videos, and mp3 format for audio backgroundmusic. 6. Share the merged videos through platforms like Facebook,Gmail, Whatsapp etc. using this video editor for youtube and videomerger hd app, or video merger in hd and video joiner fast app. 7.Save the merged videos to the phoneís gallery, using this musiceditor and video merger for android, or video joiner and merger.Video merger is the best video editor and high quality videojoiner, or video editor new version 2017 and video maker hd app.Download this top video merger and music editor app, or video makerlatest version and video joiner editor, to merge the videos of yourchoice, by adding a background music. Get this video editordownload and video maker app download, or quick video editor appdownload and video joiner app download, for free.
Tattoo On Photo : Tattoo Maker Editor & Creator 2.0
Tattoo on photo is a tattoo editor and tattoo maker app, whichenables you to add some amazing tattoos to your photos and thenedit it with various options. Looking for a tattoo creator, tattoophoto editor or a tattoo app? Do you want to add tattoos of amazingdesigns to photos? Then tattoo on photo is the ultimate tattoophoto maker, tattoos app and tattoos maker, to do so. Give your pican awesome look by adding tattoos, using this tattoo maker forboys, best tattoo maker and body tattoo photo editor, which is oneof the best tattoo apps and tattoo body editor apps. Explore someamazing tattoo designs for your photo in this tattoo maker forgirls, tattoo maker free and tattoo body app, which is one of thetop boys tattoo editor and tattoo editor photo apps. The size ofthe tattoo in the pic can be altered using this tattoo editor app,tattoo editor for boys and tattoo picture app, which is one of thebest tattoo on photo editor apps and tattoo photo apps. This tattoofor photo app and tattoo style app, boasts of a good collection oftattoos for girls and tattoos for boys. Give a color of your choiceto the tattoo in the photo, using this tattoo editor for girls,tattoo photo editor for boys and best tattoo photo editor, which isone of the top tattoo pic apps and tattoo picture editor apps. Usethis tattoo on pic or tattoo on picture app to make tattoo forgirls, tattoo for boys and tattoos for men. Share the pic with yourloved ones through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebookand so much more, using this tattoo photo editor for girls, bestpic tattoo editor and boy tattoo pic editor, which is one of thebest tattoo image apps and tattoo creator apps. Key features 1.Amazing tattoo designs for the photo. 2. The photo can be selectedfrom the gallery or take a pic using the camera. 3. Adjust the sizeof the tattoo in the pic. 4. Set the opacity for the tattoo in thepic. 5. Add a color to the tattoo. 6. Save the pic to the phone. 7.Share the pic through different social media platforms. Get thistatoo pic editor, tattoo pictures app and tattoo image editor orone of the best tattoo design apps for men and tattoo design appsfor girls, on android for free. Tattoo on photo is one of the besttattoo design creator apps, tattoos men apps and tattoos photoeditor apps.
Animated Hoarding Frames 1.9
This app lets you to add your favourite photos to beautifulhoarding frames and gives attractive gif animation to them.Yousimply need to choose a pic from gallery or camera and adjustwithin the selected frame.Supports save, share options. You canshare to Gmail, Instagram and Facebook etc.
Birthday Frames 2.2
birthday frames for freewe wish you celebrate this special birthdaywith your loves,family and friends.Take birthday photo and decoratewith awesome birthday frame appto memorize .This is very easy app.*choose a photo from gallery or take with camera.* choose a birthdayframe.* generate birthday frame can share or send to thebirthday person!
Animated Birthday Frames 2.1
This app lets you to add some amazing birthday frames to your photoand gives gif animation.For this you simply select a pic fromgallery or camera and adjust within the selected frame.And you canzoom in,zoom out,rotate your pic. It supports around 15 animatedbirthday frames.You can save and share to Facebook,Gmail,Instagrametc.
Rain On Photo 1.5
Rain animation application creates Gif animation of rain on images.User can select the image from gallery or can capture the image.And user can share the Gif through gmail, email etc.
Video Reverse Video Editor 2.9.2
Video reverse is a video editing app, which enables you to giveyour video, a funny effect, by trimming and reversing it, and byadding a background music. This video reverser app reverses a videowithout affecting its quality. Also, use the video speed option ofthis video editor, in order to make slow and fast motion videos. Doyou want create some funny effect videos? Then video reverse is thebest video editor app to do so. Features of video reverse 1. Thevideo to be reversed can be chosen from the phones gallery usingthis video reverser. 2. This video reverser app supports multiplevideo speed options for playing your video. 3. Add a backgroundmusic to your video using this video reverser app. 4. This videoreverse app supports Mp4, AVI and 3gp video formats. 5. Preview thereversed video before sharing or saving using this video editorapp. 6. Save the reversed video to the phones gallery using thisvideo reverser app. 7. Share the reversed video through platformssuch as Facebook, Youtube, Gmail etc. using this video editor.Video reverse is the best video editor for creation of funnyvideos. Download this top video reverser app and create some funnyvideos, all for free.
Collage Creator 1.9
Collage Creator for instagrame helps you and your photos intobeautiful frames and share them with your friends and family viainstagrame,email,Bluetooth..etc.With 42 freeframes,photoeffects,adjustments and easy color picker you willalways have unique style.Features*42 free & fully adjustableframes.*Apply effects to individual photos*Zoom,pan,drag and dropeach photo .*20 Free image effects and 30 bokeh effects forfree.*send as an email or save to your device.
PicTune - Photo Editor 1.17
PicTune is the only Photo Editor app that you need for your Androiddevice. Read the complete description to know more about thefeatures of this image editor app on play store. Tired ofinstalling plenty of free image editor app? It’s time to stop that.We designed an app in such a way that users only need to downloadthis free photo editing app to their device to make most of theirphoto editing task. In our PicTune app you mainly find 1. Collage:In collage option, you can use this as a photo collage maker app.Here you can select as many photos as you want, and in the nextscreen you’ll see all those photos in one screen. Just click on anyphotos to move or change the position, you can zoom those photos,rotate it or just double click on any image to open that image inan image editor. Edit that as per your wish and click on donebutton to save that. Now you can see that edited image in ancollage pan. Add Background Color or Patters:- Click on the “Squarebox” button to open image background patterns and background coloroption. Choose whether you need to apply color or design patter toyour photo collage. 2. Color Splash: In color splash option you canadd color to particular part of the image. Once you choose colorsplash option, you need to select the image that you need to addcolor splash effects. In next screen we will give an option toCrop, Orientation and Reset option. If you would like to use thoseoption than you can use or else just click on Done button at thetop menu. Now you will be in the Color Splash editor window. Hereby default that image will be Blank and White, to add color toparticular part of image For ex: Face. click or paint by using yourfinger on the face of the image, and that part only get colored. Inthis window you will get some more options like Zoom in and Zoomout, Remove added color, Change the color that you need to add toimage, lots of image effects, BOKEH effects, Vintage effects,increase or decrease brush size, Brightness option, Undo option andSave option. Don’t Forget to click on “Help” option at the left topmenu bar to explore options. 3. Frames: In Frames option you willsee lots of frames to combine multiple images on one image. Choosethe frame which best fits your need and join many photos in onephoto easily. In this app you’ll have lots of frames you can choosefrom. We also offer different “Shapes” (Ex: heart, apple etc). Ifwish to add your image to different shapes, then use shapes option.4. Editor At last, you will see option to edit your images. In ourPicTune image editor app, you will see below option to edit anyimages. -Crop: Use crop option crop your image. You use custom cropor you can choose predefined crop ratio to crop image.-Orientation: Want to Rotate or Flip image? use this orientationoption to do this. -Effect or Fx: Click on effects button to getlots of predefined image effects. Click on any image effects to addthat effects to your image. -Vintage Here you will get lots ofvintage sort of image effects. Click on any vintage effects to addthat effects to photo. -Overlay Add overlays to your photo with ourpre defined overlay images. -Frame If you would like to add framesto your image, then choose the frame design and that frame willautomatically added to your image -Border Here you can increase ordecrease the border thickness and also if you wish you can addcolor to that border. -Reset Don’t like all the editing which wedone on Editor option? then just click on Reset option to revertall the effects. It will take you to the original image version.There are many more options are available in this photo editor appto edit your photos. Download this free photo editor app to try allthose option yourself. We are sure you will enjoy this app.
Background Remover 2.0
Background Eraser - Not just an ordinary photo editor app, it’s asmart photo background eraser app for your android devices. Withour photo background Remover app you can smartly erase backgroundcolor or object easily. Instead of downloading many photobackground remover apps, download our photo Background Remover appand easily remove or add background to your image. Key Features ofour Background Eraser App: 1. Smart Crop option:- Most of theapplication provides default square crop option, but in this photoediting app we custom crop option. With our smart crop tool you canselect crop location by marking crop location by using your finger.2. Erase Image Background:- Use the background eraser option ofthis photo background remover app to erase photo background. 3.Fill Erased Location back:- Mistakenly erased some other location?then don’t worry. You can always fill erased location back tonormal by using our fill tool. 4. Magic Tool:- Remember Magic toolon Adobe Photoshop software? With our Pic Eraser app you can getMagic selection tool so that you can easily select particularregion on your image by just one click. 5. Region selectionIntensity:- This option works with magic tool. If our magic tool isselecting only small region then you can increase the intensityusing this option. 6. Zoom:- Some times small areas also matterswhile editing, that time you can use our zoom option of this photoeditor to work with your image carefully. 7. Increase or decreasebrush size:- Select erase or fill tool and click on setting to getthis option and drag the slider to increase or decrease brush size.8. Increase or decrease offset size:- To get this option selecteraser or fill tool and click on settings. With this offset sizeyou can make brush far away from the working location so that youcan easily see the location which you are editing. 9. Reset:- Don’tlike the changes made from this photo background remover app? thenuse the Reset option. 10. Image Editing option:- In this tool youwill get smoothen, brightness, opacity, contrast and saturationtools. 11. Change Background:- In this photo editor app you willalso get an option to change background. You can choose-withoutbackground, take background image from camera, pic color from colorpicker or use background images provided by the app itself. 12.Save or Share option:- Once you are done with editing using thisphoto editor app, you can save image to camera roll or share it onany social networking site like Instagram, Facebook. Finally, thisis one the best app to consider for working with removingbackground in the image. Background remover is one of the bestphoto editors for background removal. Download this top backgrounderaser app for free to erase photo backgrounds. 12. Save or Shareoption:- Once you done with editing you can save image to cameraroll or share it on any social networking site like Instagram,Facebook. Finally, this is one the best app to consider for workingwith removing background in the image.
Video Compressor 3.7
Best Video compressor app! compress large video files, Compress mp4video online, Compress movie,reduce video size online withoutlosing quality. Mobile video compressor is a professional videocompressing app, which enables us to reduce the size of a video, bycompressing it, Use it to compress mp4 video and reduce datausage.

Best video compression format Thinking how to compress avideo for email, Website, Social networks such as whatsapp,Facebook , google + etc. video size compressor free for android appfor reducing video size. Select a video format and compress of yourchoice, save videos for Android iPad, iPhone, compress a video filefor a duration in seconds.
 Video compressor tool will convertvideos to MP4 and free up lots of space, Upon compressing, sharethe video with your loved ones through social media platforms likeFacebook, Whatsapp, Gmail and so much more. 
Features of VideoCompressor • Video compressor without losing quality • Compressvideo for Iphone, Ipad and Android • compress video for website •video compressor online • Fast video compressor • Compress videofile online free • Video compressor for mac • Free videocompression software • Compress large video files Video CompressingProcess • This video compressor supports android version 3.0onwards. • Select a video from the gallery to be compressed usingthis video editor. • Set the duration in seconds to which, thevideo can be compressed • This video compressor or video editorsupports mp4, 3gp and AVI video formats. • Preview the video beforesharing or saving it using this video editor. • Share thecompressed video through social media platforms like Whatsapp,Gmail, Facebook etc. using this video editor. • Save the compressedvideo to your phone's SD card using this video editor. 
Videocompressor is the best video editor for compressing videos.Download this top video compressor app and compress as many videosas possible, all for free.

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Audio Converter 1.7
Audio converter(only for audio's) is one of the good converterapplication from one form of audio to other different .mp3, .aac, .wav and .m4a......and this is very easy to usealso... How to use:- * Take one audio song from gallery and justpress convert button it will show options like .mp3, .aac, .wav,.m4a... * we can select which format we want to convert......thenits automatically converts.... * and we can save that convertedaudio song/format in our sd card with file name...... * We can setas a ring tone to your device..... * We can share that convertedaudio via Bluetooth, Gmail and Whats app....... * this is the bestway to convert from one format of audio file to other formats........
Video Watermark Logo 1.8
Video Watermark app for Android Software will help you addwatermark to video to Create a logo (brand identity) and protectyour video copyright, this watermark maker for videos help you addwatermark to your files and photos with images, custom text,graphics etc. Video watermark logo allows you to apply logo or textover your favorite video and share it to your loved one. How tocreate a watermark? To add watermark in Mp4 video You don't have todepend on Computer or laptop, watermark adder to video allows toadd watermark on your android phone. Key Features • Free watermarkapp • Watermark pictures, logo. • Video watermark editor • Digitalwatermarking • Add watermark to photo • Supports MP4 Position onvideo. • Crop, Rotate and Resize Photos Create Watermark logo freewatermark software is a best Watermark / Logo Maker so that you canestablish your own professional logo, Upload your own and generatehigh-quality video. Watermark App Free! Free Video Watermark Makershows some free ways you can watermark in your video, Establishownership of video by adding logos, watermark, text or image intoyour video. Watermark App for android is best video editing appsavailable for watermark, easy to use and helps to Edit &protect your online videos without loosing its quality Try Now! Howto Add Watermarker in Video • Load a Video from gallery forwatermark. • Write text, images, add Logo or Watermark. • Choosemode (Slow/Fast) of Converting • Preview the watermarked Video. •Save and Share it in whatsApp, Instagram and so on. Download Bestwatermark Maker app. Free and safe download with latest version.Note: For best result use camera captured videos.
Photo With Text On Tshirt 1.9
Text on Tshirt app, using this app you can place your photo as wellas text on can change font style and font size as wellas font color of gives different look to your photo..Itcontains 17 Tshirt frames and also different photo effects likehue,tint,bright,etc...You can save and share your photo to allsocial networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail etc
Mirror Editor - Photo Collage Maker Editor 1.8
If you are an android user then I’m sure you will use lots ofandroid photo editor apps on your device. Why you need to use somany image editor apps when you can get all those futures on oneapp? Here we designed an best app for all android users.In ourmirror editor app you’ll mainly find 4 features like Collage,Shape, Mirror and Square options on our app.Key Features:1. AwesomeUI (User Interface) design2. Lots of options like Collage, Shapes,Mirror effects and Squaring Image option on one app3. Many photoediting options like – Crop, Orientation, Effects, Vintage,Overlay, Frame, Border etc..,4. of course this app is available forFREE, you don’t loose anything while trying this appPhotoEditor:When you choose image you are always directed to imageeditor window. In this editor you will find below options.Crop: Usethis option to crop your images. You can use Custom or you canchoose predefined ratios to crop your photo.Orientation: Easilyrotate your image by using rotate option on this app. We also haveFlip option to flip that image.Effects: Add beautiful effects toyour images easily with our predefined effects themes. Just clickon that image effects theme to apply to your image.Vintage: Addvintage effects to your image by choosing vintage themes.Overlay:Add overlay effects to your image by choosing overlaythemes.Frames: Add beautiful frames to your image by selecting theframe from our frame designs.Border: Add border to your image withborder color of your own choice and also you can increase ordecrease border thickness easily with slider controller.Reset:Easily reset all the effects back to original image by clickingReset button.Collage:Every Instagram users need collage option.Without photo collage, no image is complete for Instagram share.That’s why we included image collage option on our mirror editorapp. Once you choose collage option you will see lots of frames tomake photo collage. Choose the frame that you need to combine manyimages in one photo and in the next screen you will see imageeditor option to edit or add effects to that image. Once you addedimages to frames you can add border by clicking on 1st option. Ifyou want to add pattern design to border then you can choose 2ndoption. If you wish to increase or decrease border thickness ofcollage image then you can do that here as well. Once you done youcan save that collage image or you can share that image on socialmedia sites.Shapes:Place your or your lover image on beautifulshapes easily with our shapes option. Once you choose shapes youwill see an option to add image to that shape. Add any image tothat shape. Once you add image to that shape you can rearrange,resize, zoom in or zoom out that image easily. You can also addbackground color to that shape, you also have an option to decreasethe opacity of the background color.Mirror:Looking for mirroreffect app? then this app will do that work as well. If you want toadd mirror effects to your image then use mirror option from ourapp. Once you choose mirror option you will get an option to addimage. Once you add image you’ll take you to the image editor zone.Edit that image as per your wish and in the next screen you willget Mirror Effects themes to add mirror effects to your photo.Choose the effects according to your wish. Here also you will getan option to control background color and patters.Square:EveryInstagramers need to make their image square that too withoutcropping any part of their image. In our app you can make squareimage easily by adding background color or pattern of your choiceto your square image, you can also make or add corner type ofeffect to image and save that image or share it to any socialnetworking sites easily with our built in social sharingoption.This is no crop for Instagram app as it allows to postphotos without cropping to Instagram.
Beautiful Flower Frames 2.2
Are you looking for flower photo frames? Thinking of decoratingyour pic with photo flower frames? Then flower photo frames is theapplication you are looking for.Make your photos look stunning, bydecorating it with some incredible flower frames. Download thisflower photo frames app now, that too for free.Flower Framescontains plenty of colorful flower frames and lots of enhancedphoto effects. Decorate your photo with a beautiful flowersbackground, using this flower photo frames app.In photo flowerframes, you can choose a photo from the gallery or take a photowith the camera, then apply a flower frame that you like and savethe photo in the memory card. Spring flower photo frames aredesigned for the flower lovers. Romantic photo frames for yourphotos, makes your love look romantic. Red rose flower photo framesrepresents romance or passionate love, sacrifice or memorial, edityour loved ones photos on red rose photo frames and send it on aValentineís day, Wedding day, marriage day etc. Download thisflower photo frame app, choose the frame that best suits your photoand edit it with amazing photo effects. Flower frames app givesbeautiful flower frames to your photographs and you can share thosephotos with your loved ones. Photo flower frames free is uniquelydesigned with hd backgrounds with realistic photos effects. Flowerphoto frames card is the new trending way to wish your loved oneson special occasions within a fraction of a second. Download thiscute Flower Photo frames app and edit your photo with colorfulflower frames.Latest flower photo frames gives you beautiful andamazing design with different flowers, and this is the mostcreatively designed flower photo frames app. Flower love photoframes is a user friendly app that works without internet, and hereyou need not purchase any frames. Grab this flower photo frames appto present your photo with an artistic creation. Most of the womenlike pink color flowers, so edit your photo with calming pinkflowers background with spring fresh flower photo frame set. Flowerphoto frames with red rose represents love and memories of aromantic Valentine's Day. You can set your flower photo frame withyour photo edited as wallpaper and feel the gentle touch of flowerson your screen. This beautiful high resolution flowers photo frameswill cover your photos with beautiful colorful flowers. Get one ofthe best flower photo frames editing app for android and convertany image into an unforgettable memory with many colorful flowerbackground frames.How to use:--Download flower photo frames.-Selectthe flower photo frame of your choice.-Choose your photo from thegallery.-Add Photo Effects to it.-Share your pics with flower photoframes on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Gmailetc.
Video Mute 1.9.1
Video mute is a video sound editing app, which enables us to mute avideo completely or adjust it for its sound. Choose a video of yourchoice and set a video duration for it, edit the video for itssound, and preview it before sharing or saving, using this videosound editor app. Do you want to edit a video for its sound? Thenvideo mute is the ultimate video sound editor app to do so. KeyFeatures of video mute 1. Select a video from phones gallery usingthis video editor. 2. Set a video duration for the video, whosesound is to be altered, using this video editor. 3. Mute a videocompletely or adjust its sound, using this video sound editor. 4.This video mute app supports mp4, AVI, 3gp, MKV video formats. 5.Preview the video, before sharing or saving, using this videoeditor. 6. Save the video to the phones SD card, using this videoeditor. 7. Share the video through different platforms likeYoutube, Facebook and Whatsapp, using this video editor app. Videomute is the best video sound editor for adjusting the sound of avideo. Download this top video sound editor app and mute a video oradjust its sound, all for free.
Photo Editor Bokeh 1.7
PHOTO EDITOR BOKEHNew Photo Editor Application with Bokeh effectseasy to use. Its free in android market.How to use:1. Select imagefrom gallery or take latest photo using camera.2. Next select theedit button it lunch the editor.In this application editorcontained 1)23 imageeffect like:Contrast, pixels, sepia, sobel,emboss, pasteurize, saturation, etc2) More the 20 beautiful bokeheffects, using this effects make your selected photo morebeautiful3) More the 20 photo frames available, Apply frames to youselected photosYou can save the effects added image in sd card andyou can share social network
Water Camera Fx 1.0
Water Camera• Now you can enjoy with water camera app we can createwaterphotography with your camera.• We can feel Real-Time Water Effects to Your Photo.• We have nearly 12 water effects to apply photo.• We can also have zooming functionality to you camera.• Water Camera app supports Front camera option.• We can Save the image in your Sd card and also we can sharephotosto social networks like Gmail, Face book..etc
Funny Pic Frames Photo 2.2
Make amazing funny photos with funny photo frame app.App workswithout internet connection. You can place your photo on variety offunny frames. Funny frames and beautiful image effects for creatingfunny pictures from your photographs.How to use?1.choose photo fromur gallary or from ur camera.....2.then u can apply differentframes on that beautiful love frames........3.u can apply differenteffects on that that u can improve ur photostatus....4.u can save in your sd card...5.u can share thatparticular photo to social medias.....likefacebook,twitter,gmail,whatsapp etc.....
Pic Shapes 1.8
Create stunning shapes for your beautiful photos easily with ourPic Shapes app. In this pic shapes app you will get lots of shapes,option to add color to your shapes and inbuilt photo editor to makeyour image even more appealing. Currently in Shapes we have Heart,Nature, Animal and Star shapes categories are available. In each ofthose categories we have many more shapes available. KeyFeatures:1. App is exclusively designed for adding Shapes to yourbeautiful Images2. Lots of popular shapes are included in thisapp3. It takes less then a minute add Awesome shapes to yourimage4. Option to change the shapes color5. Option to Zoom in, Zoomout, Rotate, arrange image position inside the Shapes6. Built inImage editor to edit your image easily in the app Shapes:- NatureShapes:In natures shapes you will find many shapes which is relatedto nature. Here you can apply nature designs on your photos easily.For example, you can apply tree, sun, moon, leaf etc.. designs toyour image.Animal Shapes:In animal shapes you can find lots ofanimal related shape designs. Select any animal design to apply toyour photo. Animal shapes example: Lion shape, horse, dog, birdetc.,Star Shapes:Here in star shapes category you will find allgeometrical related shape designs. Example: star, triangle, circleetc.,Heart Shapes:Express your love with our heart shapes. We havemany heart designs available in our Heart shapes category. Chooseany heart from our heart design collection to express yourfeelings. Example: Single heart, broken heart etc., Color: In ourInsta shape app we also provided an option to add color to shapes.By default all our shapes comes with white color, if you wish youcan change the white color of the shapes to something else byclicking on color option. Choose any color that you wish to applyto your shapes and click ok to apply that color. Image Editor:Sometimes you may need to edit your photo without opening otherphoto editor apps. To make editing task easier we offered photoediting option inside the insta shapes app itself. In photo editoroption you will getCrop: Use this option to crop your images. Youcan use Custom or you can choose predefined ratios to crop yourphoto.Orientation: Easily rotate your image by using rotate optionon this app. We also have Flip option to flip that image.Effects:Add beautiful effects to your images easily with our predefinedeffects themes. Just click on that image effects theme to apply toyour image.Vintage: Add vintage effects to your image by choosingvintage themes.Overlay: Add overlay effects to your image bychoosing overlay themes.Frames: Add beautiful frames to your imageby selecting the frame from our frame designs.Border: Add border toyour image with border color of your own choice and also you canincrease or decrease border thickness easily with slidercontroller.Reset: Easily reset all the effects back to originalimage by clicking Reset button. How to Use Insta Shapes App to addshapes to your image: 1. Open Image:- Open our Insta Shapes app.Once you open you will get an option to choose image. Choose theimage. By default circle shape is added to your image2. AddingShapes: - To add shapes to your image, click on Shapes button andchoose the shapes category and select the shapes that you need toadd to your image.3. Arrange image position:- To arrange the imageinside the shapes just click on image move that image as per yourwish. You can also Zoom in, Zoom out or Rotate that image insidethe shapes.4. Adding Color to Shapes:- To add color to Shapes clickon Color option and choose the color that you need to add to shapesand click OK.5. Image Editor:- You can also edit image inside theshapes even after applying shapes. To edit image, click on Editorand it will open the image in image editor.Edit image according toyour wish and click Done button to apply that effects.
Love Frames 2.1
Love Frames app Brings you 25 well designed love frames forphotoframes app lovers.And also brings 10 Photo Effects to impressyour loved ones.It is absolutely free app and Very simple todecorate your loved ones pics with frames and effects.You can ableto share the final pic to facebook, twitter ..etc
Nature Photo Frames 2.1
%%%%%%%%%NATURE FRAMES%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Hi guys want to be surroundedby nature frames??. This is an application which makes you tosorround with Natures frames. There are number of Beautyful framesyou can choose and frames yourself with nature. You can add effectslike gray scale, hue, contrast, color depth etc. You can share themon social network like FB, Twitter etc@@@@@@@FEATURES@@@@@@* ITt iseasy to use.....* it contains 15 awsome natural frames.....u canuse any frame is suitable for ur photos... from ur gallary or fromcamera...* it contains more than 10 different effects.....byapplying that effects we can change our photos beautifully....* wecan save our photos with beautiful frames and effects in yourmemory card....* we can share it as a social media likegmail,facebook,instagram,whats app etc.......for nature lovers itis wonderful download and enjoyyyy...........
Rose Photo Frame 2.1
Decorate your photos with these lovely rose frames, choose a photofrom the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply theframe that you like and you can save the photo, share with friendsor upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter , email etc...Download and enjoy the app
Wedding Frames 2.1
************WEDDING FRAMES*******************Make your photosunforgettable!by using wedding frames app.........Free weddingphoto frames for quick download. Easy to use format. Differentbeautifully designed wedding frames available for you to choosefrom. Just select any of the wide collection of picture frames andshoot your lovely wedding can save that memories in toyour sd can share via social media likegmail,picasa,facebook,whats app..........etc.....
Talking Tarzan 1.2
*Talk to Tarzan:Speak with Tarzan ,he repeatswhat you say in his own hilarious voice.*Play with Tarzan:Touch Tarzan Body he feels happy and lovesyou.*Tarzan Fight: Fun to see fight between Tarzan and Gorilla.*Tarzan playing:Tarzan enjoying the nature and playing with therope happily*Play in Rain: Come lets join and play with Tarzan in theRain.
Pot Shooting 1.0
Pot Shoot is about shooting as many pots as you can in limitedamount of time. The 3D jungle effect of the game looks sorealistic.To break the pots all what you have to do is throw thestone as fast as possible by swipe your finger.
Food Splash - Free Super Blast Match3 Puzzle Games 1.7
Food Splash- The new Switch and Match Food Puzzle game of candiesand fruits. Make a match of 3 or more candies or food items. Themore targeted items you match at single instance, better the scoreyou get.The best game mania place to remove the boredom! Where ourgame will make you travel through different land of foods where youjust need to find the candy smash it and reach the target given andproceed to next level of land. Playing Food Magic is easy, but ifyou want to score more, then you need to use your skills to cleartargets on the boards. Get hundred levels of delicious food candypuzzles just you need to switch and match, crush and cross thelevels.Food Splash is completely free to play in fact you will getguides for the moves so that it will be easy for you to takecorrect moves, if you will need some extra moves or life you needto buy coin for it but once you move to higher levels not only youwill get guides for the moves but also free extra moves also youmight get.Playing this game is very simple but only you need haveto be challenging to blast the masters.The new modification done tothe food crunch and crush game app is just like king instead ofusing cookies we gave almost same structure in form candies as ithas been always tastier and sweetly delicious. In this game youshould do nothing more than, matching the food candy items eitherhorizontally or vertically with least match-three or more of sametargeted food candy given. While playing this food game you willget lot of additional elements to flavour up your game! Alwaysremember to use awesome boosters to achieve the targeteffortlessly. Food Splash game Features:-Get wonderful GraphicdesignMake use of Power Boosters to hit the game easily.Very easyto play, become a witch with extra skills to master it.100 ofchallenging levels to play. More levels are coming soon.Get FreeRechargeable boosters.The extra bonus boosters that you will get onthis games once level is increased are • Colour Bomb: Clear all thesame food items on the board • Small Hammer and Big Hammer: helpsto clear the rock panels • Extract: Destroy any one selected fooditems on the board • Replace: Replace any one food item with otherfood item of your choiceDownload now to access the updated versionof food splash and have a blast!