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Demon Slayer: Crocodile Attack 1.0
APG Studio
Enjoy fighting action game...You will controlthe crocodile warrior and fight against the demons from hell tosave the world.Get ready to encounter powerfull bosses. They are giantmonsters.Scary scene in game will bring you to horror world.How to play:- Touch to wheel control to move character.- Touch A button to attack and roll button to roll character- Collect healing potion to cure and restore character’s healthpoint.- Kill demons to gain exp and raise your levelFeatures:- Boss will appear after a period of time.- Great graphics with high quality, scary scene, horror- Character can increase power attack and defense when he got levelup.- Easy control and smooth performanceNow let's play this game and hope you will like it...!
Anti Mosquito Protection Prank 1.0
APG Studio
Going on Holiday, Don't let mosquitoes ruinit!This Mosquito repellent prevents you from getting bittenbymosquitoes and some other nasty bugs.The application emit a very unique high frequency sound(ultrasound) that the insects dislike. The pitch of the sound is sohighthat most humans will not notice anything.Keep the application close to you and enjoy the outdoorswithoutbites..*Note*+ This is just a prank app.+ The app does not guarantee a 100% protection as there areover3500 known mosquito species in the world and they allreactslightly different to the repellent. Use the pitch selector tofindoptimal repelling frequency for the mosquitoes inyourregion.+ We recommend that you should use bed nets while sleepingandscreen anti-mosquito cream whenoutside.
Guide For Overwatch 1.0
APG Studio
This App is not a game Overwatch, it isonlyhelper for Overwatch players.Hero Guide: Overwatch Edition will provide all informationyouneed in choosing right character for your style of play.Great insight, and character tutorials show all advantagesanddisadvantages of your favorite heroe, and help achive next levelinyour game.More apps for your favorite games comming soon.