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আরবি শিখি (Learn Arabic) 1.2
আরবি শিখি (Learn Arabic) is a complete application of Arabiclearning.As a Muslim, each people should have minimum ability torecite Quran. However, having busy life and lack of practice, weforget reciting (if anyone knew Quran) or we didn't learn inearlier life. It's essential to recite Quran smoothly andcorrectly. Otherwise, the meaning will be changed and we will beultimate looser.Currently, people are now engage with smart devicesrather than books or other learning media. We prepared a completeguideline for our fellow users to learn reciting Quran. Thisapplication is totally based on Bengali language and so far this isonly android application for Arabic learning in Bengali languagehaving complete tutorials. Core Features:1. Complete tutorial,chapter by chapter explanation, example.2. Audio recitation forHorof, Makhraz etc.3. Letter by letter exercise for single words.4.Ayat exercise from different known Surah.
Rabbana Doa-৪০ রাব্বানা দোয়া 1.1
Literally, Dua means 'calling'. Therefore, remembering Allah(SWT)and asking support from Him is dua. Rasulullah says, "Dua isIbadah". So, we need to dua to Allah to accept our prayers and todemand Jannah in the Akhirah. Rabbana means 'Allah, Lord, Rob'.Duas, those are started with Rabbana, are called Rabbana Dua. Thisapplication contains 40 Rabbana dua with Arabic version of it,transliteration, translation and Importance in Bengali. Audiorecitation is also available. This is the first Rabbana dua app inBengali language having so many features in a single application.
News and Weather 1.0
This News & Weather application will provide you the content ofthe public rss feeds from BBC and weather updates from Google Openweather. Wherever you are, we keep yourself updated with the world,providing latest news and current weather.Main Features:- Dynamicand real-time world news available with details updates. - Currentweather updates from Google Open weather for any location- Titleand short description for each news- content-view videos, slideshows are also available for some featured news- Detailedinformation can be found by clicking each news- No need to maintainseparate application for current weather- Maintain your location bysingle click
Tangail Phone Directory 1.1
TangailPhoneDirectory application isdevelopedto facilitate specially peoples of TangailDistrict,Bangladesh.Government official's, important persons, politicalleaders,important institution's phone numbers will be availablewith thisapplication.Features-- A repository of different important phone numbers undersingleumbrella- User can make Call, SMS or group SMS from this application.- Any individual can delete, update existingcontactinformation.- Any individual can insert new phone number- User can add new category to sort out phone numbers.Powered by- DC Office, Tangail, Bangladesh and Supportedby-Logicraft BD ( www.logicraft.xyz )*Disclaimer: This application is published on behalf of DCOffice,Tangail, Bangladesh. All the phone numbers and otherinformation ofthis application is provided by the authority (DCOffice, Tangail,Bangladesh) itself. Logicraft accepts no liabilityfor the contentof this application, or for the consequences of anyactions takenon the basis of the information provided with thisapplication.
TangailDistrict PhoneDirectory 1.2
TangailPhoneDirectory application is developed to facilitatespecially peoples of Tangail District, Bangladesh.Governmentofficial's, important persons, political leaders, importantinstitution's phone numbers will be available with thisapplication.Features-- A repository of different important phonenumbers under single umbrella- User can make Call, SMS or group SMSfrom this application.- Any individual can delete, update existingcontact information.- Any individual can insert new phone number-User can add new category to sort out phone numbers.Powered by- DCOffice, Tangail, Bangladesh and Supported by- Logicraft BD (www.logicraft.xyz )*Disclaimer: This application is published onbehalf of DC Office, Tangail, Bangladesh. All the phone numbers andother information of this application is provided by the authority(DC Office, Tangail, Bangladesh) itself. Logicraft accepts noliability for the content of this application, or for theconsequences of any actions taken on the basis of the informationprovided with this application.
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