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Extreme Rally Driver Racing 3D 1.2
****Welcome To The Epic ExtraordinaryGorgeous Unique And Highly Maneuverable Racing Game.**** Be Tight and Rush! It is fast and furious, Extremely Modern RallyRacer Game on gravel ramp, like a rouge criminal. It is galore ofspeed with prismatic and swirly jolt of joy even for a rougecriminal, and innocent dwellers. In this racing game test yourreflexes. Exquisitely superb racing on ramp, like a high speed hillclimb racing, within spectacular and lively countryside,captivating environment. Enjoy! Huge jolt of joy with ExtremelyModern Rally Racer. It is extraordinary alluring car racing game,with dazzling vibrant colors which will grab your attention, andhave gorgeous maneuvers on track The ultimately real race in the city streets, countryside roads andseashores, featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay andintense traffic competition. Dash through packed streets, avoidcrashes, take down traffic cars, pick up coins and perform dynamic,high-speed aerial stunts! The game will challenge even the mostskilled racing fans. The race is like truck is running offroad and it is fast aslightning with the speed like cars and smooth like hoverboard of asurfer in the subway tunnel and even on the curves. After playingthis game you will not feel like me is despicable or an angrybird’s pou but a minion person. You will touch the sky withpleasure and sweetness similar to crushing the candy, with jolt ofjoy you will feel yourself as airborne unlimited spiderman abovethe Asphalty or gravel ramps of drag racing. It's enjoyment is totally like a maneuverable Offroad Truck or saya metallic hungry shark is hunting, of modern era where agangstar’s offroad truck is in the city. You will enjoy this gamelike real car racing experience without the feeling of rivalry, ortrouble in the racing on hill climbing. Enjoy! The new metal giantrace as Battle of Tanks, and be the heroes like grimsborough. Thegame is not kong of a slacker in the banana jungle. Grab youradrenaline Extremely Modern Rally Racer Game RIGHT AWAY! Real jolt of enjoy! Alluring experience in rivalry and momentum ofspeed. There is no hideout for rivals, enjoy charismatic racingtriumph due to exquisite victory. It's a big fight or racing clansand trilogy like fiction for your thrilling pleasure. It is notacting like Harrison Ford or Alex Ferrari. There is no police chaseor ramp, be a canny driver like sitting in Metro city opera. Becomewild and rogue in the sin city like 4X4 suspension Driver in Sedancar game, for galore of speed test timer in metro city traffic. Itis huge jolt of racing fun & auto racing casino! The huge joltof fun & amusement will surround you.SPECIAL GUEST CARS FROM: Zen Garage, Domestic Mango, Street Driven,Bulletproof Automotive, King of Nations, Yasid Design, ShockMansion, Drift All Stars, The Slap Train, Saudi Gamer, OMGDrift,Black Panthaa, AR12More to come! *** Features ***- One of the most addictive physics based driving game!- Real & Hot Textures for concussion of joy, basiccustomization through paints etc.- Stunning 3D graphics, addictive gameplay & mesmerizingtrack.- Perform dynamic, high-speed illegal airborne stunts with nopolice chase pursuit!- Beautiful symbolic characters with milestone appearance and heartthumping music- Grab your adrenaline-pumping game!Minimum RequirementsHardware- iPad® Air™ or newer, iPad® 3 or newer, iPad® mini™ ornewer, iPhone® 4s or newer, iPod Touch® 5 or newer, Software - iOS8 or newerSCORE REGISTER: 0-50: L plater, 51-99: Sunday Driver, 100-199:Training Wheels, 200-299: Gettin’ Sideways, 300-399: You feel theneed for speed, 400-499: You’re in the red, 500-599: Flat out!,600+: You live your life a quarter mile at a time! Dom will beproud
Air Combat Vanguard:Eagle 3D 1.2
Guys & Girls ! Bored of foolishairfight games that have no proper theme situations and missions?Areyou a neophyte in flying or a ace survivor ‘Air CombatVanguardEagle’ gives you the perfect situation, in which yourmission is todefend motherland like a king lion even you arenovice, which isnot easy task, your country in the war arena, itdemands to save itfrom the brutal killer attack, of your enemieswith flight of thisfighter airplane flight simulator.Fly state of the art and fastest military jets like ace,swiftlydodge the rivals in the air, in the exciting airplanesimulatorgame, Air Combat Vanguard Eagle, which is a verticalshooting game.It is totally different Hyper realistic ace flightcombatsimulator, battle enemy jet fighters in the humongous skies,abovethe desert and city, your job is to protect the city fromoncomingenemy air raids, use your missiles to shoot down the otherplanesand military helicopters! Air Combat Vanguard Eagle bringsyouintense air-to-air plane combat bang with no fear, up to youhowlong can you battle against enemy military and fighterplanes.Fight and fly the skies to get the highest score, take outas manyenemy aircraft to help increase your high score and evenunlockmore planes to fly!Air Combat Vanguard Eagle force offers, the most comprehensive&awesome combat pilot flight simulation experience on mobiledevicesto unleash humongous inner maverick, whether you are acuriousnovice or an expert contract pilot. Fly a highly detailedaircraftin regions, crosswise the whole world - in atmosphericconditions,and with a wide range of configurations. Improve yourskills withour advanced flight system, letting you scrutinize evenmini portionof your flight to become survivor commander.This ‘Air Combat Vanguard: Eagle’ gives you the chance of dodgetoattackers & acting like a chief commander, by experiencingtherealistic situation of dreadful air combat. Enemies areattacking,with all their forces and try hard to control theirinvasions,although they are not neophytes near the defensiveborders. But ourbrave commandos could not stand against brutalstrike of rivals,and losing their precious lives in this deadly dogwar.You are the only survivor commander who has to battle againstthemby shooting them down. ‘Air Combat Vanguard: Eagle’ gives youachoice to pick up your favorite weapons and jetsincludingmissiles, bombs and machine guns to win against yourrivals. Gatheryour passion, use this 3D fighter plane simulator,fly through theskies by the help of directional arrows because nowyou areexperienced pilot not a novice, so chase and down all yourrivalswith great variety of battle weapons, claim victory for thisaircombat. Hurry up! Don’t waste your time and download this‘AirCombat Vanguard Eagle’ from play store on your mobile andtabletsand experience the most stunning and unique 3Dfightingenvironment.Features:- Super fantastic physics with lovely graphics.- Excellent game plays with 3D simulations.- Different kinds of realistic and stunning weapons.- Radar to indicate your rivals.- Alluring sound and visual effects.- Complete missions to unlock next levels.- Camera with different angles of dynamics.- Brilliant variety of fighter planes and jets.
Offroad Police Jeep Chase 3D 1.2
Become a Police Driver, but be carefulforheist homie? So gangster may become a Godfather, Stopannihilationin the city of crimes, where biggest gangster lives whohavecriminal background and wanted in many cases.In a law abiding citizen’s town that cops and DEA fear,crookedannihilators and kingpins are law in town. The city has gotnothinon the case of criminals. Cons with conflicts rule asruthlessthugs break into fray, skirmish and robbery is fun forgangsters.Like scum always rises to the top of this criminalparadise. Hey!Are you the right nigga who wanna finish thejob?No villain can raid and nuke through Crime Driver vs PoliceChase;you need to hunt the henchmen. Do a very high Brawl withhooligansfor respect from crooks and cons, then get yourself somegoons…anda handgun for amnesty, Hunt the kingpin of conflict andbutchery,then break the revel in ruthless domination of theGodfathers. Youwill chase them in jeep and hunt them down.After settlers have treat you a badass hideout, you’ll shootthugs,hommies and hooligans to beef up crews for skirmishes andraiding.After the mayhem you can even bust bad boy hustlers to ragethesurvivors, but you’ll bust plunderers who snatch a few bucksfrom afray with lowlife cons by chasing them. Detain some seriouslooterswho have protection rackets, for breaking and entering, andbankrobberies for big bucks, and create a Mafioso. Finish chaos inthiscity and catch the scum, stop them to overcome the illuminati,andenforce law on crooked underworld of hooligans, assassinsandgoons. You’ll have more dough than your fat momma’spizzachef!So you’ll not allow the rival niggas with their henchmen tobully,enforce law on underworld paradise of sin, then jet off intoalawful sunrise like a hero kingpin right? Nope! No permissionforthe carnage, conflict and domination! If the fray’s done onyourturf then stop heists, mayhem and annihilation to onlinehooligans.Battle hostile cartels who are raging against theirdwellers andraiding their plunder. Stop the savage solo carnage; orteam withrival raiders for a skirmish, nuke those scum cartelsintodust.A law enforced paradise don’t needs a big boss bully to make theDEAmess their shorts. Stop the kingpin of raiding, robbery andheists!who is tyrant and ruthless. Criminals try to earn the bigbucks andrun this crime city of lawless thugs, to stop them youneed bigbrains, bully bravado, stopping of craving for carnage,and cojones,with a handgun. Plan to earn big bucks, be prepared totake on bigtime illuminati gangsters, hope you got what it takesto become theGodfather?Drive your Police cars on very high speed even off-road. Tryyourreflexes with high speed on bridges. Similar to Offroad PoliceJeepChase game is not easy in real life in fact, but what if youtrythe speed simulation game at your fingertips! Get youradrenalinegame RIGHT AWAY – TOTALLY FREE ! You will be a PoliceDriver for acriminal. Stop the opponent car as quickly as you canand win thenext level. Stunning 3D graphics, accurate vehiclephysics, andexcellent and intriguing environments will always grabyourattention while you will play the game! It is reallyaddictinggameFeatures:- Try thrilling environments!- Enjoy the most insanely thrilling game play!- Vibrant user interface: realistic graphics and physics,- Offroad Police Jeep Simulator game is built for a real fun.- The game is built for full HD support.
Wild Dog Raid:Animal Attack 1.0.1
Hi All! Sharp and wild animal game WildDogRaid Animal Attack is here for youngsters. It is an ultimateacebetween the animal attack games having the original conceptofanimal revenge games in 3D, with the rousingly noisy zooanimalattack, to destroy animal breed. So, add new curve to theanimalattack games and become an expert animal hunter. Absolutely!Animalattack games were never like this before and this is one ofthebest animal attack simulator game, this is going to be fullofadventure for the animal games lovers, so your target should betodownload this awesome easy animal revenge simulatorgameimmediately. Get ready for the Animal revenge attack 3D whichisall about the wild farm and jungle animals’ revengeconceptualbased, Wild Dog Raid Animal Attack is on Google PlayStore.In 3D wild animal attack game, an infamous crime ace vandettaandhis lackey has threatening animals of the wilderness bystealingthem from jungle and keeping as pet! Your amazing storybegins asyou head out on safari to observe wildlife and potentialdanger.You get a chance to act as ace animal revenge attacker withthebest humongous wild animals form. There are different wildanimalsand farm animals to kill on the way, to the destination tocompletethe game such as zebra, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus,lion,wolf, Gorilla, Cow, Stag, Bear, Cheetah, Pig, etc. etc. Firstofall you need to kill wild animals, farm animals and animalsfromwater, even in the cages or in other part of forest, then youhaveto target and kill them, and it is not possible to deliverthemwith safety to the nearby zoo, to meet the animals demand.Exactlylikewise in Wild Dog Raid Animal Attack you will killanimals fromthe jungle, zoo and from forest lake to the Circusarena by yourhumongously mega fierce wild animal. Your job is toensure thequick killing of animals from jungle to Circus arena. Onthe otherhand enjoy more great levels, within this animal attackand revengegame. So download the wild animal attack game and be theforest aceruler king in the big vast jungle of this animal revengesimulator.Dare yourself to act as a driver of this big animalattack andrevenge game.Unbelievable! Such type of wild animal attack and revenge gamesisnot in the market yet. So in Wild Dog Raid Animal Attack revivetheuniqueness in animal revenge and attack games blended withtheconcept of 3D animal games. It's your time to show withfulldisplay some courage responsibly act with wild and farmanimals. Sohave fun with the simulator of animal attack Game3D.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics and environments.- Find & rescue various animal, like dinosaur breeds.- Check the wilderness in paddock and out- Realistic 3D Environments- Kids friendly with smooth control- Realistic HD Sounds
Beach Car Stunt:Hot Coast Wave 1.3
Beach Car Stunt is back with anexplosivelyfrenzied sequel game! Drive with an action-packed spree,filledwith surprises world of off-road kart racing havoc andmayhem. Raceagainst time as driver of muscle car, jeep, SUV, eachwith uniquepersonalities and special abilities. Build a collectionof crazypowerups, like Oil Slick finish. Variety of cars will beunlockedand upgrade in later levels, from dune vehicle tohumongously giantSUV trucks and sedan cars in summer. Test yourskills in differentgame modes on imaginative 3D race tracks,against a pack oftropical-loving granted recess with a serious caseof boomed uproller road rage with your fellow chaps!This is the best and official sequel of Beach Car Stunt HotMiamiWave game, and the best beach game for girls and boys withoutrageor thunder, it is the free driving game worldwide. Sayfast,furious, fun and FREE, Beach Car Stunt Racing on hot MiamiBeachwhich is like a real tropical kart-racing island adventure forallages.Game Features of BEACH CAR STUNT HOT MIAMI WAVEAWESOME & COOL CARS, JEEPS, SUVs TO RACEUse your winning points to collect and upgrade from a garageofunique cars for next level, from monster SUVs trucks to musclecarsfor the rovers of land, with oil slick and vibrantcolors!EXCITING STUNT & RACING ACTIONUtilize your driving skills with a collection of creativepowerupsto endeavor and run your way for the finish line. It’s notjust agreat looking 3D racing game coaster, it’s like an epicbattle withspectacular advanced real physics engine better than anybeachbuggy racing gameplay!BEAUTIFUL AND SCENIC RACE TRACKProbe tropical beach like white shark or safaridinosaur-infestedcoast with lava spewing volcanoes, beautifultourist beaches, andmysterious bogs. This unique race track ispacked with specialramps for surprising stunts.PARADISE FOR RACERSPlay with full action and joy, each ramp is with a uniquespecialpower like temptation teleport, flaming fire rings on tracksetc.etc.SMOOTH CONTROLS TO PLAY, THE WAY YOU WANTSeamlessly smooth control steering, accelerator to run andbreaks,to optimize your gaming experience compare to yourfellowchaps.AMAZING POWERUPSBeach Car Stunt & Racing is with over totally uniquePowerups... and more Powerups tycoon are coming! Play anywhere;does notrequire an internet connection and you can play it when youare inyour car (not during driving of course), flying in anairplane orhelicopter, enjoy it in the subway while waiting foryour train andyou can even play it on the beach and show the gameto your surferdudes!• • CUSTOMER SUPPORTIf you encounter a problem running the game, please email sure toinclude the device you're using, Android OS version, anda detaileddescription of your problem.We GUARANTEE we will endeavor best to fix bugs you mentioned. Butwecan't help you if you just leave your problem in areview.ENJOY!
Death Race Desert Drive Fevers 1.2
Hello Guys and Gulls! Get set to enterinfurious death race arena simulator game, crash burnmodifiedarmored cars and face ruthless rivals in every tracks. Firemissileuse gatling machine gun to destroy rivals racing cars andflip themin ashes in the air.Fast paced 3D racing game and easy to get started free game isoutnow. The only rule of this game is to stay alive. Hope youpresentall your respect to the death! Crash and Burn on your heroway inthis reckless death race. In this death game only the missilecanshot down the helicopter. Brake to avoid the ground bombingofmissile. Vehicle impact will not reduce speed with shield.ChoiceOther Own Car Can Be Continue! Get money and experience intheclassic mode. Each auto update, improve blood volume. Diamondsinthe game to buy double items that are permanent, and much more,itis all new version of death racing, so feel in game on theGooglePlay Store.Fight with the most fierce and cruel wanted man. Race likelightsand fight for survive, matter of fact “ To Win ” excitingbattlefor mobile devices and to feel like a real game on the streettodefeat enemies. Prove your ability of racing skill, from zero toamost wanted man. You can hit with the bullets and missiles onthisbattle track and can obtain energy shield for safety.This is absolute racing on street, aim and destroy all theenemieswho have taken muerte. Four special vehicles with 10 levelsofprimary weapons, secondary weapons, armor and roller gunturrets.Use items to upgrade your vehicles to take a lead in therace anddestroy enemy. Various game tasks to get diamonds andbonus. Sweepenemy and defeat the boss to win the world and yourliberty. Thefever of riot in this game will surround you to quenchthe thirstof your pleasure.Features of Death Race free games of 2016:• 10 breathtaking challenging racing missions withshootingscenario• 4 fully weaponized custom furious racing cars for death racecargames• Use accelerate and brake pedal to slow down or speed upyourracing cars• Battle against road warrior with heavy weapons gunsandmissiles• Clear all checkpoints to become on top position againstAImultiplayer• Vivid beautiful graphics for survival and chaseracergameplay• Stunning background music for best car racing games
Real Fox Simulator 3D 1.1
Hello Everyone! Imagine if you are WildAngryFox? Enter into the city of wilderness live life as a wildFox!Evolve your fox to become the strongest Fox ever. Play nowasWildfox Simulator from canidae family and become the mostpowerfulcarnivore animal in the wilderness, in this Real FoxSimulator. Bea Wild Fox and attack other carnivores like snowleopards, deer,anaconda, snowy wolf and explore wildness survivallong as much asyou can. Start your own pride of wildfox attack,fight for yourlife against fierce carnivore animals like moose,bear, wolf,anaconda, deer and snow leopard attack. In this Wild FoxAttackgame you have actually transformed into a Fox, so becomethestrongest wild angry snow Fox ever.In this Real Fox Simulator you are now in control of asuperpowerful beast looking and hunting for prey, explore thehugeinteractive sim 3D world before your wildfox attack, and go onthehunting looking for your next innocent goat, sheep, horseordangerous carnivore animals like snowy wolf, deadly anaconda,deerand snow leopard attack in this real snowy fox simulator.Racearound the map - smashing and crashing into everything yousee.Raid the local farm's vegetable stalls, and battle for yourlifeagainst fierce people. Evolve your Fox to become the strongestFoxever.Explore the unique map to discover all the secrets ofwildnesssurvival. Attack and clip everything like snow leopard,anaconda,deer or wild snowy wolf you see to earn points. Guestanimals areincludes: Farm Sheep, Goats, Chickens, and Horses, Bearsand offcourse you as a Red Wildfox simulator. Start as young wildfox,hunt prey like boar and rabbit, eat, drink, in the cityfruitstalls, survive in the wilderness and rule with ally foxesmates!Use your sharp teeth, intimidating growl, and swift speed tocatcha tasty snack or fight dangerous foes! There are differentfoxspecieslike:bengalensis,cana,chama,corsac,ferrilata,lagopus,macrotis,pallida,rueppellii,velox,vulpes,zerda,redfoxand most of them you will see in it.Realistic 3D WildFox simulator and wild snow fox attack withloadsof special effects, especially in wild fox attack. You'vetriedShark Simulator, Dinosaur Simulator, Anaconda Simulator,MermaidSimulator or any other wild red fox game, actual foxsimulation orwildfox attack now give Real Fox Simulation atry.- 10 Challenging wildfox levels- Awesome Fun with day and night rendition- Enjoy the fun of wildness survival- Great fun for everyone with new livery- Excellent 3D wildfox Animations & HD Graphics- Realistic city fruit stalls environmentSuper fun 3D graphics.Happy Hunting!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…. S O D O W N L O A D I T N O W A N D E N J O Y ….------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Anaconda Wild Snake Simulators 1.1
Play as deadly anaconda! Start a familylifewith clan of anacondas. Slay your victim like anything, seekforyour preys, slither in surroundings as killer and kill them inthemost brutal way possible. As predator you are hungry! TheGreatAnaconda Snake is always hungry. The Anaconda. Seeking arevenge onhumans, creeping hideously looking for his next prey,huntinghumans and animals callously. You have to utilize yourstealthability and smartness to carefully and calculate the righttime toattack, from behind with the controls coil around and crushyouropponent with force!Play as angry giant anaconda snakesimulatorgame in Amazon lush green forest, slither through grassyHealing ina drench, plains and rocky terrain or swamp to hunt yourpreys withyour ultimate attacking skills.The scariest predator is so hungry predator!There arehunterslooking for hunting to shoot the snake, teach them a realgoodlesson. There are all types of wild animals for targethunting,like Powerful King Lion, the Delicious Deer, and thehumongousWolf,bear.You’re the ultimate wicked ruler of this jungle!herecomes the scariest giant predator in town from the thickjungles ofAmazon and it’s looking for any type of food.AnacondaWild SnakeSimulator 2016 is looking for his next snack.StartAttack,constrict, break bones you’re violently seeking forblood!Rise from the water and look for your next snack.Anaconda WildSnakeSim 2016 takes you on pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey,whocrush and slay your victim with ultra strength and powerfulhuntingskills. You aren’t ordinary cobra or python who uses venomandpoisonous fang to kill animals. Fight with Rat, Frog,Turtle,Cow,Squirrel, Spider,Chicken, horses, crocodiles. andRabbit.Show with your might that you’re the ultimate villain ofthisjungle! To crush their bones and make your preys delicious foodinAnaconda Wild Snake Simulator 2016 full action packed 3Dsimulationgame in Google play store. Have Fun this RPG style game,play asbig python snake a legless reptile monster in the savannajunglearea. Fight with wild monster breasts.Beware of hunter whileyouattack, he can kill you with his weapons. Be swift whileattackingthe hunter.Act as ultra giant python serpent or viper andenjoy thethrill of critters attacking, animals, and humans to makethem yoursnack mealAnaconda Wild Snake Simulator 3D Features:- Easy & Smooth Controls to chase your prey- Realistic 3D Anaconda Snake in gameplay- Various lifelike anaconda breeds- Exciting 3D Maps to Explore the- Best Animal Simulation game- Various lively anaconda breeds
Monster Truck:Arena Collapse 1.2
***** Have you ever dreamt of drivingaMonster Truck on Safari Trail ? *****Hey! Buckle Up! Behind the wheel of these massivelymonstervehicles with giant tires to steer it! With the dash of easy4x4monster truck perform gut wrenching stunts! All of the fansinArena are calling out for destruction and you have to makesurethey get it! Get behind the wheel of monster truck and easy putitto its limits to destroy every target in sight. Spin your wheelsincompetitive Drag races or send your ride leaping off jumpsandsmashing into other target cars in Freestyle mode.This gameisabout to get crazy! Spin around in the monster trucks to becomethestunt champion! You do not have short cut or any subway. Jumpoverthrilling obstacles and speed through terrifying loops incoherentmanner! This new stunt game is going to blow your mind,drive withno affliction or accident scratch! Get set for loads ofaction,adventures and ultimate jolt of joy! Grab the momentumofadrenaline monster metal giants, with ultimate superb suspensiontostunt on gravel ramp and curve. Have fun with nervewreckingexperience.In game there are legend of monster truck which are fastaslightning with the speed like cars in this high monster truckgame.The game is a total destruction by a Monster Truck. Afterplayingthis game you will not feel like me is despicable. You willtouchthe target sky with stunts and will feel yourself in action,asairborne unlimited spiderman above the Asphalty or gravel ramps.Itis totally a combat of modern era lika a gangstar in the city.Itis legend of the Offroads, who is racing and climbing the hills.Itis like real car racing experience. Enjoy! The new metal giantraceas Battle of Tanks, and be the heroes of chaos and disorderinarena. Grab your adrenaline gang showdown monster truck racinggameand dash in looney way.Take over full control of your own monster truck of destruction,andbecome the exquisite stunt master. With great suspension youwillexperience like an offroad truck driver, so Have yourcourageousride on! Bring total commotion in target arena withmonster truckaction, easy and without amnesty. Paint the color ofyour madness.Enjoy! Your smash and crash mania. The greatestfiction ever. Itwill make you best monster truck driver, you cando speed monsterstunts with monster truck. Ruin every single inchof arena with hugedrifting of power pack machines, between crazycrowd. It is totallya frenzied experience. You will feel like anAlien Truck on planetearth.Game Features:• Action-packed gameplay• Smash, Race, and Fight to compete in crazy crowd.• 10 Different level for the ultimate jolt of joy in arena• Excellent visuals and a heart pounding soundtrack• Control method is on screen buttons
Police Dog Chase:Crazy Rush 3D 1.1
Everyone love pets and creatures! PoliceDogChase Crazy Rush 3D is awesome amongst dog chase thecriminalsgames.The dog works with Police and other law enforcement institutions,tostop the crimes in city for dwellers and act as police rescuedog.It has the concept of police vs thief and police dog games tochasedown the gangsters and street criminals, with top policechasetarget in missions like angry and crazy runner hunting dog,havingpassionate stamina.Pick your favorite breed and act a Police Stray Dog Chase!Survivein a grand city filled with dangerous dogs and feisty crimecats!Make your dog pack, dig up buried bones, and battle forgeneralpeople’s life with German Shepherds, or like Huskies,andLabradors! This is realistic police dog chase simulator, as copyouneed to maintain your dog’s health, hunger, thirst, and energyifyou're going to survive the harsh life of a police stray andwilddog on the street at the same time! Use the powerful bite oftodefend your assigned territory and fight your enemies! Becausetoomuch crime and trouble,the city will call the dog for help,don’tlet them steal a dog from your pack! You will love thispolicestray dog simulator games on Google Play Store.Dominate other confined dogs of the criminals and recruit themtoyour pack to work even in the downpour! Various breeds,andalternate colors, every pack will be unique! You can choosethebreed of your companion dog. Even better you can switch and playasany dog in your pack and level them up individually!Gainexperience by defeating dangerous enemies, at the time eatingfoodfrom the trash, and completing missions. Level up your policedogsto increase their health and attack damage, and increase thesizeof your pet pack within this addictive game play!Various new mission types, and dozens of achievements to give youaboost of experience! Soon will be introducing a brandnewprocedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, andcelestialmovement. Realistic storms will bring a downpour of rain,flashesof lightning and booms of thunder! Your dog is free to roamabitter and open-world environment that is more than triple thesizeof the previous simulators! It is something like Busy citystreets,wide-open parks, white-fenced neighborhoods, and likebeachfrontfairgrounds!Soon we shall bring to customize your dog pack with any dogsyou’dlike from the vast selection, for instance: Bulldog,Dalmatian,Doberman, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier,Labrador,Greyhound, Dachshund and Husky Spunk!Totally brand new intuitive controls let you navigate youranimallike never before! Pinch to zoom and play from yourdog'sperspective or get a bird's eye view of the action! If youlikedour game which is living as a Police Stray Dog simulatorthenyou'll love our other animal simulators! Download ourDinosaurSimulator and soar through the skies, check out the SnowyFoxSimulator and pounce on your prey from high mountaintops,orslither around a tropical rainforest with the AnacondaSnakeSimulator! On top of all you will love this stray dogsimulatorfree game, with dozens of other free games..Challenge yourself as a perfect police trained hunting dog.Enjoythe POLICE DOG CHASE:CRAZY RUSH.Police Dog Chase Crazy Rush in 2016 Features :- 10 Challenging levels- Stunning HD graphics with bustling city life in crime city- Great performance for all devices- Dog hunting criminal suspects- Full trained German shepherd chase- Wonderful police vs thief like missions of breeding dog- Excellently awesome sound effects- High quality 3D graphics and exciting game play
Derby Horse Race Arena 3d 1.1
Guys and Gulls! Brace yourself on the backofthe horse in Derby Horse Race Arena 3D, for one of thehighrealistic 3D horse racing games which is best classicequestriansport and horse derby racing. So saddle up your stud chapforreal-time action in this free games, take your pedigree racehorsefor a gallop on the turf as the sport of kings which isequestriansport! Play as a perfect jockey take full control of yournonstopracing horse, on the surface of the grand race course arena,inthis newly released horse riding & racing games of horsederbyracing category. Derby Horse Race Arena is actually going tovim upyour inner jockey to show required passion for horse derbygames.Derby horse racing elation of happiness begins with pickingout thehorse with jockey that is right for you, speed test is thekey forthis. You have choice of three different includingthoroughbredbreed and Shetland of horses to choose from selectionmenu. So, goahead to race your horse till the finish line andbecame a greathorse racing champion. Compete with your horse indifferent horseracing events.For the derby's quest of real horseracing game,available free on Google Play Store games.Ride on horse racing across hill climb as professionaljokeyeither you are a police officer on Pursuit rivals in therace.Saddle up on horseback and steer wild stallion horse like atrainedpolice officer. Show your real rider skill in this fataladdictivehorse simulator game. Control jumpy horse racing breed ofanimal.Horses were used in past for royal carriage transportpassengers ina buggy and farming too. Jump over fences and pounceon arenaground. In this really fatal race be energetic on stallionfor thebounty. So, this is one of the high realistic 3D westernhorseevent racing games, which is one of the classic equestriansportand horse derby racing on turf, which is sport of king's&backfire in the grand race course. Play as pro jockey andenjoyriding cavalier and Arabian Stallion horseback, ontreacheroushedges bumpy rocky tracks. You will feel like classicera whencowboys use to train horses in for farming, sheriff andotherstuff. As rodeo you have to control this beautifulequitationstallion, saddle up to reach over mountain hills jumpinghorsesover all hurdles. Race your horse from haven farm to thefinishline through ranch and became a great horse racingchampion,because this is best horse racing event, you will not feelyourselfdespicable chap.Pick maximum energy booster on the way to glow. To be aperfecthockey jockey you need to manage the speed drag and staminaof yourhorse for racing, Shift and win the race with your runningspeed ina best classic way. Derby wild horse racing adventure is afreeexciting and challenging competition game specially foryoungsters,to improve their Hanoverian horse racing skills, andhave thechance to enter a world full of horse racing, jumping andridingevents. Your horse is professionally trained and same is foryou solet’s ride to reach a milestone.Horse derby racing the best 3D horse racing games with reinhorsederby games fun for all ages. Enjoy the stunning Sciroccocolt Horsefree-ride tour of a realistic horse racing simulator. Ifyou arepassionate about the jokey who runs the pro volk horsegallops forseveral yards then this equestrian sport game is yourbest choice.You might have enjoyed the revolutionary flatout horsesimulatorgames, highway pony pet world, zoo tycoon, farmingdiscomfort games,horse jumping games and piebald horseback triallandau riding games,mare straw soviet horse, Percheron horse orstandard bred Saturn butPalomino Canter DERBY HORSE RACE ARENAaction game will give youreal shudder in rival trot racehorsestallion derby action..Features for Best Equestrian Game of 2016:- 10 Challenging with fun levels- Horse selection of more than three breed types- Guaranteed! Best equestrian game ever- Best for all ages in leisure time
Wanted to drive flying cars? You are ontheright spot, it's your chance to experience the best fusionofflying car games and car stunt games. Get ready to race anddrivewith flying car driver is an awesome experience especiallywhenyour drive your car inside the San Andreas city. The gamebrings ina set of challenges for you. This is not only a crazydrivesimulator but you also need to fly in this flying car game.Get todrive the most awesome cars you've ever driven. All peoplewillturn their heads once you drive & fly by! Start to playthemost amazing driving & flying simulator. Be a real citydriverwho isn’t afraid of driving an enormous luxury car throughthe bigSan Andreas city. This job really requires some professionalrealdriving & flying skillsThis is an adventurous challenging game where you are playingtherole of a car driver. The game will start off by giving anoptionof flying car selection for the user to select the bestflying carto run from the police. In every level, the car driverwill have togo through a specific number of obstacles and obtainfuel boostersin the sky to keep up the fuel power of the flyingcar. If theflying car doesn't get the fuel booster in the sky, thecar willdrop on the city ground and the police will arrest thethief. Thespeed of the flying car will also be displayed on thescreen. Aspecific time limit will be provided in all levels inwhich we haveto complete the missions.Game Features- Smooth Controls- Stunning HD Graphics- Realistic and dynamic physics- Beautiful Landscapes- Easy & Absolutely Free to use- No WiFi? No Problem.- Offline Play.
Monster White Shark Revenge 3D 1.1
Control with click this Giant HungryWhiteShark attack for revenge, near shoreline in this full ofaction andadventure game. You will feel yourself a Barbarous GiantSharkwhich chase to Survive. Eat and smash everything on your way,keepcontinue the bloodbath of going on white shark’s revenge bingeinbeautiful underwater ocean environment.Play as an Ancient Ocean predator and learn the fun ofdevouringyour prey. A Predator come from Jurassic age with anappetite asbig as its size, you can hunt and eat anything. See theworld as anultimate ocean predator that will attack anything itsets itsbulging eyes on. Control this giant in water. Eateverything inyour way and keep the killing spree going. Ocean,Beach andeverything around all is your!! Attack, kill and hunt theSwimmers,Divers and ocean creature comes on your way to survive ina WildOcean. Attack people on boats or just hunt down fish in thewater -it doesn’t matter for you are the king of the sea. MonsterWhiteShark Revenge 2016 packed with lots of fighting missionbetweenmassive Pliosaurus, Shark, Whales and Dolphins.Enjoy! The best of its sort Giant Monster White Shark Revenge3D,and turn into a savage hungry shark to smash like dogfish, andkillheartlessly in an endless manner like a wild bull, and evenhumanfriendly dolphins. Control this beast as she terrorizes thewaters,attack boats, eats people, and hunts down some humpbackwhales.This relentless savage mammoth hunter is hunting underwater,and isout to eat majority of fish and heaps of human, but smoothand easycontrols allow you to play. Jump down to the profundity ofthe sea,and get start battle with diverse Sharks and Killer Whaleswho killother fishes, like dolphin, orca, jellyfish etc. etc.withwilderness, eat some sort of dolphin to grasp your sharkyappetite.Bounce to the surface to assault or raid on general publicwiththis predator beast, getting a charge out of on the shorelineforfishing, or swimming chum or scuba diving in warm waters.Becareful with the hunters, they shoot without missing. There arenoamnesty coastguards with helicopter to save people.There are beautiful graphics inside it, with manywonderfulbackgrounds. Awesome 3D sharks and obstacles: fish, seaturtle,seahorse, jellyfish, naval mines and octopus. But, the giantsharkis out of control! It will assault and smash whatever gets inway.Grab in mighty jaws and kill forthwith. Play as an angry sharkandshow no benevolence by smashing and killing everything withthisgiant angry white shark for revenge. Pursue what you need,assaultand get it in the might Jaws to slaughter rapidly. MonsterWhiteShark Revenge is easy to play, jus avoid fish, sea turtle,seahorseand jellyfish, and beware of naval mines and octopus,beside thisdo not let the sharks come close to the boat offisherman and allset. Beautifully smooth and simple controls grantsyou to controlyour monster very easy and start killing public withno effort.Continue gassing and do not fail with eating.Giant Hungry White Shark Predator of 2016 Features:• Awesome 3d Sea beside shoreline environment• Animated Aquatic animals including White Shark, Orca,Whale,Dolphin, Jellyfish and more• Awesome Hunting missions with smooth and easy controls• Have Magical environment and impacts.• Smooth diversion play and simple controls• Awesome Visuals and sound Effects• Lots of people people to kill including Scuba Divers,Swimmers,Beach Goers, Fishermen etc• Thrilling prey hunting challenge• Amazing Textures of Pliosaurus to unlock
Zombie Smasher Tsunami Diary 1.1
<<<<<<<>>>>>>>The city is infected by a virus and you are the commando to killinfected zombie citizens .This Virus is extremely dangerous.Chooseyour way to destroy all the zombies: aim to the heads, chop thelimb and crush them like small worm. The homeland doom is gettingcloser as the humans are infected by the ebola virus and turnedinto walking dead Zombies around who demolish any living thing theycatch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans. This isthe time to take action against ebola affected species, save yourhomeland and discover the cause of the virus!Is the world about to end? Apocalypse time? NOPE, not as long asyou keep fighting for survival!The world is facing the most lethal threat in the shape of a deadlyZombie Virus Epidemic, and human life is on the edge of extinction.Millions infected by the virus have turned into flesh eatingmonsters which only meat can satisfy! This means that it’s yourchoice to destroy the zombie stronghold and wipe out the menace.Use your superb shooting skills to return the world its peace. Astash of modern and advanced weapons and artillery is awaiting atyour secret bay. Arm yourself with the best guns! Creep through theruined hospital where it all started, and be on your toes. Defeatthe Zombie bosses and clear each area to move on.Remember zombies games indicators which are hunger and powerfulhealth! if one of these drops there is no chance to survive in thedead city.Features- 10 challenging Levels with 3d city, village and farmsscenarios.- Awesome 3D Graphics with sounds of deadly zombies.- Realistic Zombies simulator and realistic zombies behavior likesucking blood and breathing.- Stunning special 3D effects for zombies simulator game.
Assassin Sniper:Killer Soldier 1.2
Guys and Gulls! I am sure you are fond ofsharpsniper skills, to destroy the target. Another energizingawesomeeasy shooter game amongst best sniper games is in yourhands.Assassin Sniper Killer 3D game will make you addicted tothisfrontline sharp sniper shooter madness. Clock is ticking offforwar, either you are ex-army sniper or rifle man aim thesniperobjective like ace shooter in the battlefield, in front ofArsenal,be on fire and show your mastery and shoot on target beforetheyescape for good. Try not to squander precious sniper ammunitionoryou'll give away your area and henchmen will flee. Act onthisideal sniper opportunity for act of war to hit the target ongroundand in air like helicopters, demonstrate your huntingpropensity inarena and kill them with your sharp and swift aimplinking, at theideal minute like a lion. You won't have much timeto stay ashidden sniper, or chase long enough, or dodge them afteryour firstsharp and precise shot so dash immediately & build astrategylike ace before you start more sniping.Either you are novice boy or girl or elite assassin, showyourmastery in Assassin Sniper Killer 3D game you act as anaceprofessional contract killer assassin for wicked mind powerguys,so dash rush for mobile war to strike against evil withgoodintention, show them the modern sniper from army assassinsquad'sultimate fury, who has modern weapons to retaliate, your jobis tochase and execute and hunt down the marked target either intrafficor some alone place, simply with your sharp and swiftaimingcapability, so fire bullets. The city has been attacked andisswarming with savage henchmen on cars and helicopters withfiringbullets. If you are novice shooter, even then you will enjoythisfinest sniper game counting a wide range of baddies fromsmugglersto killers because you don't have alternate or shortsubway toescape. Recall your frontline Army experience, either youwere inalpha, bravo or charlie companies. You have chosen theroughhighway & destination is too far. Only the hit man withstronghunting skill will reach the destination. You are the bringerofdeath to the enemies. Awake the killer who is ready to destroythewar. Free as many hostages as you can & prove yourself aseliteswat soldier.The most needed person will be in mask so recognize the targetandshoot them before they get chance to get away. They don't havecarsso, set the targets carefully and fire on them. This gameplaywilltest your wicked power skills, show your mastery for precisionandspeed, so don’t act like novice. We give you thisextremeexperience of playing this homicidal expert sniper targethuntinggame, so shoot down every single monster you can, in themostlimited measure of time because without cars, enemy cannotmovevery fast in battlefield.Assassin Sniper Killer 3D game features include:• Shooting levels with a telescopic view for sniper attack• Stunning 3D graphics of invaders in the city• Earn experience points with your aimed shooting• Smooth gameplay experience in sniping everKill n shoot become the most wanted American sniper!!! Ifyoudare to……….
City Escape Prison Jail Breaks 1.2
The awesomely best prison break andescapegame in this year of 2016! ! !It will bring you an absolutely different game experience! !!Stunning sharp new graphics, tap and achieve new targets, newgameplay! ! !The top notch artwork, Appatrix team made the mostwonderfulgraphics for mobile games! ! !In game you aspire to be a crack shooter, in the battlefield,rightin front of arsenal to shoot.The real surrounding and physics engine, will definitelysatisfyyou, yes! No doubt! ! !Awesome City Escape Prison Jail Break is praised by players!Becauseof its finest and top notch elite physics, Its sequencemust be apopular game as well! ! !City Escape Prison Jail Break a very realistic first-personprisontarget shooting game in this you grapple and bust prisonersandlock them in prison. Finest mesmeric and riveting elite 3Deffects!Players need shoot the prisoners to help, stop prisonescape bychase and grapple them and lockdown them in jail. Just tapandsharply aim at your target, tap again on fire icon toshootbullets! When you use up bullets, you can tap load icon toreloadbullets.You will feel great passion that this is best jail attack andbreakgame, agility will determine how fast you act to killtargetprisoners, and it is matter of your reputation of expertisebeingguard of prison. Failing to do so will damage your reputationtauntyour mental state. Involve Police, click button in game forapowerful hardcore attack on running prisoners. Stop themforgeneral population’s safety, transport them back to theprisoncell. Make hard prison escape from having maximum securityjail onhilly area. Hell of criminal inmates got sentence in thisjail.Police bust criminals, transport criminals to jail aftersentencewith other notorious inmates, who always try to dodge you,grappleand fight with prison inmates and security guards. Soldierofficersare deputed with helicopter, bazooka, shotgun, AK47 etc.etc. forsecurity reason, but hardcore inmates always dodge, sneak,bribe,escape and kill them to sneak out.Do not consider that it is only Police chase, sniper shootersandassassins play important role in this Police action chase,becauseprison break is not that easy target. Beautiful jailenvironment,great missions in this prison break and escape game.So, be a goodsniper. Enjoy best prison jail break and escape gameso far. It hasboth flavors of jail attack and Police chase vscrime drivergames.There is rich arsenal within the game, you can choose anyweaponsyou want to complete the various missions.In this battlefield, near arsenal, you are the sniper of good,whomasters all the life and death.Now, aim to download awesomely adrenaline City Escape PrisonJailBreak and enjoy it!Features:- 10 extreme action packed challenging prison break missions- Multiple objectives during prison escape- Realistic jail environment, snipers, machine guns, policecops,dogs etc.- Hardcore action and addictive gameplay- Really Smooth and easy real controls- Awesome jail environment with terrific 3D graphics
Farmer Tractor:Yield Simulator 1.2
Start up for the most realisticfarmingexperience like a hero by all means in this simulator game!Play asa farmer and cultivate and park on your own land aftersowing thecrops seed by drilling in soil. Harvest and sell them inthe marketfor cash and earn the proud title of the king or queenofagriculture. You can become self sufficient with agriculturefieldin today’s tough economy age! Test new skills in the fieldoffarming and agriculture through this series of farming game,bygrowing crops in the home land with latest farming equipments.Itis a growing season in town! Grab and play this farmingsimulatorgames saga of 2016 and forget all 3d tractor parking andfarminggames, believe me it is true and no cheating.Farming looks mighty easy when you plow in the fields, or onthesand near the beach with a hoe to remove shrubs and weeds, andtotrain flowers, plant trees or any crop like canola etc.etc.Harvesting is toil and crucial and to exhaust one's strengthandone's days in cleaving the bosom of this earth, which compels ustowring from it the treasures of its fertility like a hero, whenabit of the blackest and coarsest bread is, at the end of theday'swork, the sole recompense and the sole profit attaching tosoarduous a toil. Agriculture is of course, a gold mine or aburiedtreasure on every mortgaged homestead plunder vile in therecentmisery queer saga.Avoid the 3D obstacles and get into the parking zone perfectlybytractor driving carefully, and do not bump into any crazyfarmville animals or a hay stack because that would be chaos.Features for Best 2016 Harvest Game:- Superb agricultural truck like drive and parking game- Awesome farmer experience in this harvesting &Parkingsimulator- Real farm frenzy equipment with great tractor suspensionforfields- Hydraulic break and acceleration paddle with smoothsteeringcontrol- Real life background sounds to boost your gaming experience- Retina HD 3D graphics to enjoy amazing harvester experience
Pizza Delivery Truck 3D 1.0
Drive and control your Pizza Delivery Trucktomove aside the roads and streets. If you think Pizza Deliveriesareeasy to manage, you know well everybody likes to eat hot andspicypizza so be quick to deliver it. Don’t be late so it get coldandtasteless it’s time to test your driving and superiordrivingskills. Manage a jumbo truck that can carry lot of pizzas atatime! The exquisitely spectacular jumbo delivery truckdrivingexperience, with the extraordinary amount of deliveries.Mostpeople can’t cope with the huge demands of customers whoarewaiting for their pizzas. Deliver the pizzas with yourdeliverytruck across bumpy hilly tracks and gravel roads. Be ready!Performas the fastest and active pizza delivery agent like surferonhoverboard.Look out! You are a delivery guy, customer has ordered pizzaoncall now it’s your duty to get pizza, there could belandslideahead and long lines of cars and trucks are stuck betweenheaps ofdebris! Be fast to do all that, hungry customers arewaiting foryou. City roads are there for you to drive through. Gearup likenever before, be ready to operate a heavy load of pizzaz inextremeconditions, for different destinations. The road is in badshapeand without pavement, automobiles are struggling to find theirwaythrough the rubble on gravel road. Pizza Delivery Truck is ahighpowered metal vehicle designed to carry out heavy load ofpizzazthat require ferocious force, even the deep excavation on thesidesof road, or even dirt and debris from the earth. Sometimes youwillbe slow like Walking Dead in on the Road to Survival, but itispizza delivery truckThe hydraulic heavy loader machine performs spectacularlywithgreat power on crafted roads, and even on the tracks havingdeeptrenches on both sides because of excavation, and even becauseoflandslide which is dangerous, so landscape is another challengeonyou. Reach the destination, people are waiting for the food.Thesteep hilly area with debris is no easy track to drive on, andwhenthe task is to drive pizza delivery truck efficiently throughthedebris on gravel road, so drive laboriously on gravel roadsandpavements and even in Fallout Shelter. It feels like a dragonstoryon the way to Country PicnicFeatures:- Extraordinary exciting gameplay- Blend of joy and amusement- 10 Exciting Levels to reach on.- Stunning graphics with realistic objects- Precision Control via tilt and others
Police Sniper vs Crime City 1.0
Join police force as best sniper shooterandend up deadliest gangsta missions of underworld mostwantedcriminals. Play as real marksman assassin in Police Sniper vsCrimeCity Game.Senior police officer has posted your sniper duty in New YorkCrimeCity. The whole urban city has bloody criminal records.Headshotbadass enemies at war with police sniper gun. In thispolice patrolsimulator, drive cop car on city crime streets.Fulfill police dutyby chasing rivals patrolling cars. Load policesniper rifle andtrigger pull to destroy terrorists’ cars and killthem. Takerevenge of innocent citizens from reckless criminals armysoldiersin police car racing game.Become vigilant police officer and control mad city by sniperkillshot to grand gangsters trying bank robbery. Safe drive policecarto reach high sniper nest. Remove sniper gun holster and bereadyfor shooting target. Like crazy police, do crime patrol tobringbad guys behind bars in Police Sniper vs Crime City 3Dsimulation.Take combat training and destroy illegal crime plans ofruthlessheist gangs with police squad having expert skills. Usacrime cityis in extreme war between cops and robbers. Ride policemotorbiketo stop grand bank theft.Features:10 exciting police sniper & combat shooting missionsEasy controls and thrilling destruction killing simulatorVariety of weapon selectionEpic sound and graphics effectRealistic city environmentDownload now Police Sniper vs Crime City game and be the bestarcadeshooter killing big time gangsta in town.
Wild Animals Police Truck Game 1.0
Transport angry animals to city zooinrealistic police transporter game. Track down wildlife beastsinWild Animals Police Truck Game & rescue their burning cages.Become vigilant police officer and catch crazy animals beforetheyattack humans. Drive police car to load jungle king andotherferocious creatures. Move giant animals from real forest tobig 3Dcity environment. Make sure their safe lock up in WildAnimalsPolice Truck Game. In this exciting & adrenaline filledanimalstransport simulator game, do job of rescue officer. As firerescuerextinguish fire destroying animal cage. Do real racingstunts withfire truck & rush towards wonder zoo for animalrescue. Forgetall car racing simulators, become real firefighter& saveanimals from flames. Drive cargo truck transporter onepic offroadtrack to bring African animals from dense forest.Cruise aroundcity in heavy transport trailer & beware of animalescape.Protect innocent citizens from animal attack & loadlion,giraffe & zebra in police transport.Test your car driving skills in thrilling race to petrescue& protect wildlife animals. Along with rescue team, gofor 911fire patrol. Play this ambulance rescue simulation andextinguishblaze with fire brigade truck. Become careful truckdriver &save zoo animals before they are wounded.Features:10 exciting animal transporter & rescue missionsPowerful steering controls for outstanding driving experienceStunning city & jungle environmentReal police dog rescue simulator featuresWild cargo transporter with action packed 3D simulation tocatchangry animalsHD graphics with heavy transport vehiclesDownload Wild Animals Police truck Game now and enjoycargotransporter simulation like never before.
Police Driving Academy Zone 1.0
Play as police cadet and test carparkingskills as new trainee in Police Driving Academy Zone 3Dgame. Drivecity police car in real traffic and follow the trafficrules. Copscar simulator is a realistic driving school game whereyou learnreal life city parking. Become a professional policedriver withthe newest driving school game.Guage your auto driver skills and learn to drive & parkcarwith perfection. Take the ultimate precision driving andparkingchallenge at SWAT police driving school game. Drive in therealcity traffic and react to natural obstacles. Avoid hittingothervehicles on city road, park car precisely at test parkingarea. Donot exceed the speed limit otherwise the traffic policemobile willcharge you traffic ticket for violation. Pass the cardrivertraining challenge at police driving academy zone.Get yourdriverlicense and become a professional police driver.Go through the rigorous car driver training. Test drivepolicecars at modern driving school to enhance your drivingabilities.Follow traffic signal rules, wait for green light, useproperindicator As learner driver in cadet driver academy; learnextremedriving police car to excel among secret agent corps.Improve yourSWAT police officer rank by getting real drivinglicenses forvarious vehicles in police academy parking simulator.Be a fastlearner at 3d parking police academy; learn to super drivepolicecar in the most famous mad city simulator.Features:Real Life Police Car Driver City SchoolUnique learner driver car parking challengesWell designed car parking testing pathsRealistic car driving physicsAmazing 3D graphics
Winter Girls Truck Racing 1.0
Appreciate new winter girls truckracingexperience and learn how to drive and park a winter snowtruck. GetSpeed on the Wheels and race on slippery city roads.Endless supergirls racing simulator; drag colorful snow trucksthrough the snowterrain in high speeds to win race.Drive your girly pink truck and take your driving abilities tothenext level. In this girly racing game, driving wintervehiclerequire accurate and precise driving skills. Handlingtrailer truckon slippery roads with high city traffic is a greatchallenge. Showsome girl power; unleash your winter car racingskills and becomechampion of girls trucker game. This racer game isdesigned forteen girls who love to play super speed stunts andcrazy driftracing against opponent female players.On Snowy weather the slippery asphalt roads becomeextremelydangerous. Steep hill roads will give you a hard time tokeep inwhen its heavy snowfall season. Drive your pink winter truckonsnowy roads in wide map in mountain range. Challenge yourself tobethe best snow mover driver. Enjoy the newest girlish truckdriversimulator for this winter season.Bored from regular dump truck driving to clear blocked roadsanddump snow? Embrace some girlish challenge in the glamorous lifeandbecome super star of the winter girls truck racing fun.Catapultyour luxury and celebrity life to the status of risingfamous starin girl sport world. Girls racing car game is a road toshine amongyour rivals and make them jealous. Delight-filled girlyracechallenge makes you a super star among high end friends. Sitinyour expensive luxurious beauty trucker that is painted byacelebrity designer. Barbie girl, drive fast in real timeracinggame to be on top of the leaderboard. Park carefully andavoidscratches on newly polished girlish pink car.Features:Breathtaking girls racing events on snow filled roadsSpecially designed colorful models to selectChoose female opponents to compete withChallenge missions to boost feminine driving skillsRealistic driving physics, drift system & uniqueaccelerometerskidStunning 3d environment of snow city race tracksPretty weather snowfall & beautiful fog effectsDownload Winter Girls Truck Racing new game in your androidmobileand phones to get speed gear at top and win girl racerchampionshipin real time. Enjoy snows driving 4x4 off road vehiclesin thiswinter trucks game is for feminine class who love drivingmonstertruck and big rigs.