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Tap Hero! 1.021
Tap Hero is an endless, old school, challenging, pixel action game.Intuitive control mechanism of the knight. If you miss a slice, youdie. If you miss a combo, you die. Test your skills and reflexes toreach the top of the leaderboard and fulfill your quest in thisnostalgic retro throwback! To aid you in your quest, your Knightwill perform a Powerful Combo attack, just tap when your Super Baris full! Upgrade your hero with armor, weapons, get an extra life,and fight for the glory of your Pixel Kingdom! Tap Hero Features:> Beautiful pixel art design > Simple controls! >Nostalgic, old school endless arcade offline gameplay >Fast-paced battle music and superb retro pixel animations >Collect gold coins to upgrade your Hero's blades and armor tocomplete your quest > Fight in 4 different seasons rendered in aretro pixel art > Smash 5 different opponents - warrior, bowman,mage, ninja and crazy dwarf > Chop, Slice and Combo your way tothe top of the leaderboards > Share your battle score with theworld Future updates will bring you more Heroes, Armor, Weapons,Epic Combo Attacks and even more 8-bit, Old School Pixel Goodness!If you like brawler games this is a great choice! TouchArcade Gameof the Week: Tap Hero CAUTION: HIGHLY ADDICTING!
Idle Boxing - Idle Clicker Tycoon Game 0.45
Build boxing tycoon career from scratch, grow your muscles,hiretrainers and advisors, buy gloves and become a heavyweightchamp inthis idle tycoon clicker game! Fight in different worldplaces,become stronger with every opponent, fight and make yourboxingdreams come true. Tap as much as You can for fasterprogression,manage your profits, upgrade boxing abilities, boostboxer to thehighest level. Fight bosses to reach new weightcategories. Don'tgive up and evolve into professional fighter.Learn new specialskills and use them wisely. Hit opponents withanvils, be invisibleand much more in this addicting boxing idletycoon clicker game!Revolutionary mobile fighting experience withfully physics basedcharacters. Take control of every single hit orleave the boxer foridle punching. Hilarious wobbly movement, funnypunching style andopponents reactions make this fighting tycoon aunique game title.You can't miss it! ★Manage your boxing idletycoon career 🥇 ★Growbigger after winning new boxing belts 💪 ★Hireadvisors, raise yourabilities, earn cash, boost your hero 🥊 ★Useprestige system 🔙★Learn special fighting skills ⭐️ ★Earn idle casheven when You areoffline and invest it in your hero's abilities🤑★Hilarious wobblyphysics based characters🤸‍♂️ ★Complete quests formore money✅ ★Youcan play offline, no internet connection needed❕★Must have on youridle clicker game list!❤️ Challenge yourself inthis unique physicsbased idle tycoon game❗️