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Apk Share 1.1
Wow an Amazing app If you have a difficult situation where you haveno internet facility to open Play store and YourFriend want toshare its cool app with you so weProvide Apk Share app which doesyour work in a second and Very Easy and smooth way...And also WhenYour Friend Buys a New Android Phone and you wish to share all Yourcool Apps With Friend So Do not Worry We Provide Apk Share App forthe Solution .Sharing apps with your friends is possible now withApk Share.Apk Share app shows you all your app including Native andLibrary app ,so you can select Each app and share Directly ViaBluetoothGmail , DropBox , Google Drive Via SMS and Social MediaNowshare your apps, the simpler and cooler and smoother way!Downloadit and Do not forget Review and Rate the app.