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APUS Browser Pro-Video Booster 0.9.6
Equipped with world’s advanced accelerationkernel, the brand-new APUS Browser Pro is now available to provideyou with unprecedented browsing experience for different tastes.APUS Browser Pro makes your webpage load a lot faster as well assaving more data due to the innovative data saving feature, also,you will find that downloading media files is faster and morestable thanks to the optimized download technology. For those whoconcerns a lot about privacy, APUS Browser Pro is definitely thebest choice for you since APUS Browser Pro offers Incognitobrowsing mode, safe and private.Key Feature★ Faster browsing speed★ Incognito Mode★ Download management★ Data saving★ History/ BookmarkLearn more about APUS Browser Pro★ Faster browsing speedWith acceleration kernel, APUS Browser Pro can boost 2X more yourbrowsing speed, render and display your webpage in seconds; youwill never hit your phone again.★ Incognito ModeWithout leaving any history, cookies traces, cache, etc., IncognitoMode makes APUS Browser Pro perfectly private and secret.★ Download ManagementAPUS Browser Pro supports download for a large array of mainstreamwebsites, you can download media files like MP4, MP3 and txtwhatever you like.★Data SavingTo make best use of your cellular data, APUS Browser Pro’s uniquedata saving feature will save you more than 60% of total datausage, leaving our opponent far behind.★Bookmark/HistoryInstanly find your favorite and recent websites as long as youbookmark them.★Offline PageWith APUS Browser Pro, you can save any website pages for offlinebrowsing anyyime ,anywhere.NoticeAPUS Browser Pro does NOT provide any materials that may havecopyright issues for downloading, nor does APUS Browser pro storeany infringed materials.The de facto effect of browsing speed and data saving may varydepending on your phone and mobile network operators.Connect us :Feedback: apusbrowserprohelp@gmail.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/APUSGROUPTwitter: https://twitter.com/apusgroupWebsite: http://www.apusapps.comAds:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices