112 Where ARE U
112 Where Are U is the app that calls the European Emergency Number112, where the service is implemented, automatically sending yourlocation information and all the other information you provided inthe app. The European Emergency Number 112 was created to provideall European citizens with a single number for their emergencies:Ambulance, Firefighters, Police can be alerted by the same PSAP(Public Safety Answering Point) and the service automaticallylocates you, for a rapid and accurate response. Existing features:- Where Are U sends your position to the 112 PSAP managementsoftware, allowing an accurate location, for a rapid response, whenevery second is important. - 112 Where Are U stores your personaldata, including ICE (in case of emergency) numbers, that can becalled for you by the 112 PSAP operator, if necessary. - Automaticlocation services are currently available here: Wherever 112 Where Are Ulocation services are not present, the app still allows normalemergency calls to the emergency numbers. To be able to use 112Where Are U location services, it is necessary to subscribe, usingthe app. New in this version: - 112 Where Are U has been completelyredesigned with a new look, easy to use. - Mapping of touchfunctions for unimpaired sight citizens. - “Silent call” function,to allow citizens to call 112 even when they are unable to speak. -You can choose to call 112 directly or select the emergency serviceyou need, by using the “voice call” menu, to make the process moreefficient. - Added interactive tutorial to guide users through theapp’s functions on screen. - Add your photo in the user profilemenu. - The emergency number changes automatically with the Countryyou’re in (e.g. if you are in the U.S.A., the app will propose 911instead of 112).