112 Where ARE U
Where Are U is the app developed for calling the European EmergencyNumber 112 (where available), automatically sending your locationinformation and all the other information you included in the app.The European Emergency Number 112 was created to provide allEuropean citizens with a single number for their emergencies:Ambulance, Firefighters, Police can be alerted by the same PSAP(Public Safety Answering Point) and the service automaticallylocates you, for a rapid and accurate response. Where Are U allowsyou to: - send your position to the 112 PSAP management software,allowing an accurate location, for a rapid response, when everysecond is important; - store your personal data, including ICE (incase of emergency) numbers, that can be called for you by the 112PSAP operator if necessary; - enhanced interface for unimpairedsight citizens; - "silent call" function to allow a call to 112 andwarn of an emergency, even in situations when the caller is unableto speak; - selection of the most appropriate type of emergencywhen calling 112; - switching to the proper emergency number whentravelling abroad (e.g. in the U.S.A. the app will dial 911,instead of 112); - guide and app tutorial available from the menu;To use the Where Are U services, you need to follow a free ofcharge registration process.