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Wild West VR - Cardboard 1.1
Wild West VR utilities the power of GoogleCardboard to put you in an exceptional adventure full of action andadrenaline in the Wild West.You are one of the most dangerous cowboys in the West and your headis worth thousands of dollars. During your journey you findyourself in one of the western villages surrounded by bandits thatare trying to hunt you down. Do what any respectful cowboy would doin such a situation – FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT! Shoot everyone on yourway to the gates of the village. Be wary about your surroundingsfor the enemy may hide.Features:- Full 3D immersion- Realistic 3D sounds designed specifically for this game- Engaging soundtrack- Incredible graphics that create lifelike atmosphere of the WildWest.- 4 different types of guns, one of which you can enjoy forabsolutely no fee- Dynamic damage system- Easy to use controls- Compatible with Google Cardboard
VR Sleigh Multiplayer
It's Sleigh Simulator time ! Just take yourSleigh and slide.Have fun !Features- Full 3D immersion- Intense sound FX designed- Compatible with virtual reality viewers such as GoogleCardboard.How to playTurn with your Head right or left to control the sleighYour goal is to collect coins so much as possible.We hope you will enjoy.
Coca-Cola Magic 1.0.2
The Coca-Cola Magic app is powered byaugmented reality technology that allows the user to experience themagic with Coke. Three experience options:- discover New Year magic on Coca-Cola bottles- explore special branded bus stations in the city- find Santa’s message in Dalma Garden MallUsing the camera, navigate your Android device on the selectedobject with Coca-Cola logo, keep it until the image isrecognized.Share happiness!
VR Roller Coaster Multiplayer 2.1.1
******** NEW - Multiplayer Mode ************ Experience the crazyRoller Coaster ride in Cave Depths. This 3D roller coaster willblow your mind with an exciting environment with more than 2 minride. We have interactive part in the experience, where user ischoosing the direction where to go with head movement. Get readyfor limitless Virtual Reality, powered by ARLOOPA. Features:-Amazing environment with realistic sounds and nature. -Exciting VRRoller Coaster experience in the mountain depths. -Get through thefairy caves. -Feel the sense of adrenaline. -Multiplayer Mode addedwith voice chat. Download now to experience the roller coaster rideof a lifetime...all from your living room.
Undiscovered: Disk of Phaistos 1.0
Embark on an incredible journey in the cavetofind the secrets of Phaistos. But it's not an ordinarycave!On your road you will meet various puzzles that you have to solvetomove forward. Be careful though. The cave is full ofdangerousplaces and scary monsters that will harm you. Try toescape fromall of them, solve all the riddles and find the secretsofPhaistos.Features:- Mysterious/scary environment- Dark/suspenseful soundtrack- Intense sound FX design- Detailed realistic landscape- Animated environment- Gamepad support
VR Loft Cardboard 2.1.1
Feel yourself at home with your personal VR Loft. It's your cozycorner, with a futuristic menu/console. Menu/console can becontrolled via either simple clicks or various voice commands.Simply tap the microphone icon and speak out one of the availablecommands (the options are yet limited, more will be added soon).Your can listen to shuffled music from your music library andbrowse the news, by reading the content provided by one of theleading news providers in VR industry, UploadVR. Give us yoursupport to add more functions and news websites. Please suggestwhat you would love to have in your own VR Loft.
Armenian National Costume 1.1
Welcome to the "Armenian National Costume"app."Armenian National Costume" lets you take a quick trip in timeandspace and learn about 40 types of traditional costumes, takeastylish photo of you wearing the costume of your choice andshareit with your friends.Project by ARLOOPA and The NAME Production.Materials provided by History Museum of Armenia.
Amusement Island VR Cardboard 1.2
Welcome to Amusement Island VR. A place, where you can experiencethe fun and the craziness of a tropic island in Virtual Reality.Just put on your VR Headset, and start your adventure. Collectcoins that are spread throughout all of the island to get a chanceto use all of the attraction experiences: the crazy roller coaster,zip-line, jet ski and diving. All of this is combined in a sunnyisland by the beach, where, among other attractions, you can alsoexperience the tropical wilderness and nature. Features: -Amazingenvironment. -Exciting VR attraction experiences. -Feel the senseof adrenaline. -3D Sound effects - Roller Caster - Zip-Line - JetSki - Diving Use headphones for better experience... You can playthe game with following headsets - Google Cardboard, Homido,Fibrum, Merge VR, Go4D, Baofeng Mojing
Waterfall Hunting VR Cardboard 1.1
Meet the Waterfall Hunting VR, the first ever photorealistic VRgame ever. This VR experience is based on the concept of mixedreality. The game itself takes place in a real environment (namelythe Trchkan Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Armenia). There,you'll meet animals, which are integrated into the realenvironment, and you - the hunter, can interact with them. Theobjective of the game is to shoot as many animals as possible in 2minutes. So take your weapon, and get ready to your first everjourney to photorealistic VR world. This experience is created inpartnership with Dreamshots. Features: - Photorealistic environment- Easy to use controls (tap to shoot) - Compatible with virtualreality headsets such as Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Homido, BaofengMojing - Realistic hunting experience - Life-like sound effects
VR Zoo - Cardboard 1.0
Ever wanted to visit a zoo where animals just run around, insteadof sitting in their cages? VR Zoo brings that experience to life.Just put on your VR headset, and you will be transferred into ourawesome zoo with over 10 different animals (yet). Not only you canwatch and interact with the animals, but you can also read aboutall the species that are living in our zoo. Getting tired ofwalking? Get into your car and drive that around instead ofwalking. Also, the realistic environment and sound effects willbring you the sense of actually being in a real life wild zoo.Features: - Intense FX sound design - Easy to use controls -Compatible with virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard,Fibrum, Homido, Baofeng Mojing - Realistic experience
360 Impact - Cardboard VR 1.0.5
360 Impact is the ‘time machine’ to take you anywhere in the worldthrough ‘stories that matter’. We tell stories, where youexperience the reality and you step into stories we create. Webring you closer to places you can’t normally go, at the same timewe create stories depicting destinies you may want to change.Experience our stories created by professional journalists in animmersive 360-degree videos. Watch our stories through Cardboards.App Features: 360 videos for Cardboard or smartphone-only Stream ordownload videos Spatial audio
Extreme Bike VR - Cardboard 1.2
Extreme Bike VR is a free app forbikelovers.You want to get the feeling bike ride? You dream to drivefast?Extreme Bike VR is for you ! You can drive on the environmentwithhigh speed and do some crazy jumps with your bike.You will need a VR Headset like Google Cardboard for this Apporany mobile virtual reality headset..Pull magnet down for boost, or touch the screen.Have Fun! :)
VR Hunting 2 - Cardboard 1.1
Grab your rifle and start hunting. Strategically place your limitedamount of traps to get better results. Watch out for your ammo. Ifyou run out of bullets, you can always return to your camp toreload. Be careful though. Forest is full of wild animals, whichcan harm you. Try to pass all 10 levels. More levels are comingsoon. For a better experience use headphones. Features: - IntenseFX sound design - Easy to use controls (one tap to zoom, one tap toshoot, look down to zoom out) - Compatible with virtual realityheadsets such as Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Homido, Baofeng Mojing -Gamepad support - Realistic hunting experience
Sci-Fi VR - Cardboard 1.0
You are in a hibernation on your way to ahighly dangerous space exploration mission. Suddenly, you wake upand realize that you have been kidnapped by aliens. In the strangeUFO, all you have with you is your badass space gun. Endless waveof aliens is resolved to keep you from escaping alive, but thehumanity has never given up easily. Show them what hell looks likeby fighting till your last breath. Kill as many of them as possibleand make the earthlings proud.Features:- Full 3D immersion- Realistic 3D sounds designed specifically for this game- Captivating soundtrack- Incredible graphics that create a feel of palpable reality- Easy to use controls- High score leaderboard- Randomized enemy attack pattern- Compatible with Google Cardboard
Werewolf Hunt VR - Cardboard 1.1
Werewolf Hunt VR will make you feel the amazing medievalenvironment. You should help villagers to fight monsters and becometheir savior. Amazing 3D characters and open-world, will providethe best gameplay for VR and most intriguing experience. Theobjective of the game is to clean village from monsters. Villagerswill help either by fighting with monsters, or will give you healthor superpowers. But be aware, as some of them also will becomemonsters as they will smell danger. Features: - Mysterious/scaryenvironment - Gamepad support - Compatible with virtual realityheadsets such as Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Homido, Baofeng Mojing -Realistic hunting experience - Easy to use controls - Voice over -Complicated AI, and Unique fight system.
ArmCulture AR 1.0.3
With ArmCulture Augmented Reality based app, users will be able tobring statues of Armenia to life. As of now, there are speciallyplaced markers near the statues of Hovhannes Tumanyan (famousArmenian poet and writer) and Alexander Spendiaryan (famousArmenian music composer). Users can scan the markers using this ARapp, and witness the magic! The statues will come to life in users'phones/tablets. Users will be able to interact/take pictures usingArmCulture AR. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience andinteract with some of the greatest Armenians to ever live. So whatare you waiting for? Take your phone/tablet and make their statuescome to life. Porject by Ministry of Culture of Republic of ArmeniaApp Development by ARLOOPA Inc. Marketing Communication by AuroraBaréalisse Marketing & Branding
Shoot Loop VR - Cardboard 1
Shoot Loop VR brings the entertainment ofareal shooting range with real weapons to life. In therealisticenvironment, you must take your weapon and startpracticing byshooting at different targets. There are three optionsfor weapons:a revolver, a pistol and an assault rifle. Select aweapon of yourchoice and start training.The minute you master shooting in training mode, you willbetransferred to the next level, where you must hit all thetargetsthat are coming to you at a very high speed. Use yourshootingskills, focus and attention to hit all targets, collect allbonusesand set the score as high as you can.Features:- Realistic Environment- Full 3D immersion- Realistic 3D sounds- Incredible graphics that create a feel of palpable reality- Easy-to-use controls
AR Watches - Augmented Reality Commerce 2.0.4
The era of flat-screen view e-commerce is over. Today users want tohave better consumer experience, they want to be sure that they buywhat they really like. Experience top watches on your wrist andfind your perfect fit with Augmented Reality. Trying on watchesonline is easy. Simple steps to try on the watch virtually: 1. Openthe AR-Watches app, 2. Point your phone at the wristband 3. Seeyour potential watch on your wrist Download the wristband:
VR Sniper 59 Cardboard 1.1
Take a role of a professional sniper, who is involved in astorybigger than he can imagine. Being forced to choose whether heis tolive or die, he is forced to become a pawn of a mysteriousagent.Are you swift and accurate enough to escape destiny's hand?
LWTF AR 2019 - 롯데월드타워 불꽃축제 AR 1.3
2019.05.04 PM 8:30 롯데월드타워에서 펼쳐지는 환상적인 불꽃축제를 AR 애니메이션과 함께 감상해보세요!카메라를 타워 상단에 비추면 행사 중간 깜짝 등장하는 AR 나비와 봉황과 함께 불꽃축제를 200% 즐길 수있습니다!
FAST AR - Augmented Reality for GIF18 1.3
FAST AR, augmented reality application, is an innovative wayofpresenting Global Innovation Forum (GIF) information. Byscanningthe special AR cube or other AR markers, the users will getaninteractive content, see the agenda, the speakers and getotheruseful information about the conference. The usage of modernARtechnology contributes to the decrease of paper waste. Itprovidesthe participants with a sci-fi experience of exploringconferenceinformation. As GIF is an innovative forum, theapplication of ARtechnology is a top-notch innovative solution forit.
William Saroyan 1.2.2
William Saroyan is an Augmented Reality app created incooperationwith William Saroyan House Museum located in Fresno,California.The museum is dedicated to one the most famousArmenian-Americannovelist, playwright, and short story writerWilliam Saroyan. Thisapp includes both news, information, photos ofthe writer andspecial AR experiences. The AR part presents 3Dvirtual animationswith William Saroyan. To experience find the ARmarkers in themuseum and the locations indicated on the map.
interiAR - Augmented Reality Google ARCore 1.6
Discover a whole new way of designing and decorating yourdreaminterior with InteriAR powered by ARLOOPA. InteriAr isaninnovative marker-less AR platform, which allows to recreateandstyle any interior using furniture and décor fromrealmanufacturers. The users can easily have a virtual previewofdesigned space with AR. InteriAr works with an ARcomputingplatform called ARCore developed and authored by Google.InteriARprovides • potential buyers from around the globe toexperience 3Dvirtual models of their furniture • exceptionallyefficientdetection of surface and its curvature that allows theusers toplace virtual objects in the real-world locations. • choosethedesign, color and other parameters before they make thefinalpurchase  • decision of purchasing • screening thefinalinterior designs, sharing them in social media • allowsfurniturebrands around the world add their products to InteriARwith directlinks to their shops. For more info please go toarloopa.comInteriAr team tends to develop the app and provide thebest everexperience for all our users and seeks to evolve it on asmanyplatforms and devices as possible. Contact us if you havequestionsor issues with our application by
Napoleon for Younger Chinese Visiting Europe 1.3
Napoleon has travelled all across Europe during his life,visitingmany countries and giving his name to various landmarks.Follow hisroute, travel all around Europe and gain more knowledgeabout bothNapoleon the lover and Napoleon the Emperor. Use this APPto scanour cubes present in different trade fairs to access extracontent:exclusive videos about Napoleon, more information about hislifeand history and visit many touristic sites in pictures.Napoleon isa brand in itself that is world famous, it is also anincomparablereading key of the European history and culture. Hisfoot printsare still tangible all over Europe : palaces, museums,roads,canals, battle fields. His moral and political patrimony isstillvery present in modern Europe. Many European boundaries werefixedunder his empire, while he introduced in the kingdoms hedefeated,the political rules of the French revolution, based ontheEnlightenment Age. Discover the life of one of the mostsuccessfulgeneral in history, learn more about him by using thisAPP. ThisAPP has been created within the framework of the 2018EU-ChinaTourism year, with the support of the European Commission.