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Type:Rider 1.0
ARTE Experience
The European cultural TV channel Arte innovates and launches itsfirst video game ! Immerse yourself in this fascinating and uniqueexperience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts &Characters ! Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages oftypographic styles and techniques. From the rock paintings ofprehistoric times to Pixel art of the 2000’s, solve all the riddlesby riding the most popular fonts and characters (Garamond,Helvetica, Times New Roman, Pixel, Comic Sans...) in a verycaptivating musical and visual environment. Type:Rider is anadventure puzzle game produced by AGAT – EX NIHILO and ARTE thatbrings gaming experience to a whole new daring level. Features: ••10 worlds echoing key periods of the typograhy’s history ••Breath-taking artworks and musical vibes •• Immersive andintriguing atmosphere •• 3 types of controls: accelerometer,buttons and intuitive •• Great historical archives and paintings
---- first chapter FREE >>> full experience = 2€99 ----"SENS VR is the first virtual reality game inspired by a graphicnovel. You play a man lost in a maze of strange laws. What is helooking for? Where are you going? To complete this initiatoryjourney, you must use both your observational skills and yourimagination. You will follow various types of arrows, which areeither obvious or hidden in graphic illusions. Surprised by anillusion, swept along by a storm, flying above infinite towns, youwill be able to lose yourself and then find your way easily, butnot without questions. Available for Samsung Gear, Oculus andCardboard, the experience can also be played without a headset,using the touch screen of your mobile phone or tablet. Theexperience is made up of 3 chapters, each lasting approximately 10minutes. *** Emotional Games Awards 2016 : VR category [Laval]Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016 [New York] Selection atthe VR Summit, in the ""artistic direction” category [Los Angeles]Selection at the Magic Festival [Monaco] *** -------- A UNIQUEGRAPHIC UNIVERSE Beautiful black and white graphics, faithfullyadapted from Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s graphic novel, will allow youto enjoy a deep and minimalist aesthetic experience outside of thenorm. -------- INTUITIVE NAVIGATION Slide your smartphone into theheadset and let us guide you. No controller is needed. You interactthrough sight. -------- AN IMMERSIVE SOUNDTRACK The spatializedsound further immerses you in this absurd universe and the musiccarries the limits of your imagination even further. An audioheadset is recommended for an optimal experience. Website Facebook : : Instagram :"
Notes On Blindness VR 20
Arte Experience presents: Notes On Blindness,avirtual reality journey into a world beyond sight."A magical VR Experience" - Guardian"Mesmerizing" - Motherboard - Vice"Poetic and timeless" - Le MondeIn 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hullbecametotally blind.To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, hebegandocumenting his experiences on audio cassette. These originaldiaryrecordings form the basis of this six-part VR experience,aninteractive non fiction using new forms of storytellingandgameplay mechanics to explore his cognitive andemotionalexperience of blindness.Each chapter will address a memory, a moment and a specificlocationfrom John’s audio diary, using binaural audio and realtime 3Danimations to create a fully immersive experience in a‘world beyondsight’.Notes on Blindness VR is viewable with or without virtualrealityheadset (cardboard mode or smartphone mode).Notes on Blindness VR is available in English, FrenchandGerman.Runs on Samsung S6 (or later) and Nexus 9 or later, as well asonany device from a similar generation. Requires Android 5.1 orlaterversions.For full user experience, please use headphones, raise thevolumeand increase the luminosity of your phone.
Vectronom 1.0.6
ARTE Experience
Feel like solving 3D riddles to a frenetic electronicsoundtrack?It’s easy to get into the groove but can you stick tothe beat? ACAPTIVATING ATMOSPHERE Welcome to the psychedelic worldofVectronom: experience waves of color and a pulsing geometricpaththat changes with the beat... All set to a hypnoticelectronicsoundtrack. There’s only one thing to do: turn up thevolume and gowith the flow. UNTZ! UNTZ! UNTZ! SOLVE PUZZLES AT THESPEED OFSOUND Find your path through an ever-changing world,keeping therhythm with every move you make. Think it sounds easy?The highlyintuitive and addictive gameplay will keep you movingthroughdaunting challenges... But how long will you last whenthechallenges get trickier and trickier? Better play to findout!Co-produced and published by ARTE, Vectronom is the firstvideogame from independent studio Ludopium. The prototype wasdevelopedin the Franco-German accelerator program Spielfabrique.The gamehas already won several awards, including “Best Game” atthe IndieArena Booth at Gamescom 2018 and GDC’s “Best in Play”2019.FEATURES • A challenging single player campaign • Eachlevelfeatures original electronic soundtrack and a colorful,dynamic artstyle • Regular updates based on curated User GeneratedContent
Vandals 1.1.4
ARTE Experience
Vandals is an infiltration game that will transport you to themostemblematic cities of street art. In this turn-based game, theaimis to sneak around police surveillance and spray walls thatgrowharder and harder to access. From Paris to Tokyo, via SãoPaulo,Berlin and New York, follow in the wake of ultra-famousstreetartists like Blek Le Rat and Keith Haring. With Vandals, youcanbomb your alias on the walls of New York like Lady Pink,paintchildlike characters like Keith Haring, or get inspired bythepoems of Miss.Tic and write your own. After Type:Rider, Vandalsisthe new project by Cosmografik. It is a video game publishedandco-produced by ARTE - the European cultural TV and digitalchannel- and Ex Nihilo. It was developed in partnership withNovelab. Itis easy to learn, and the puzzles promise hours ofimmersion andpleasure. • Share your most awesome creations onsocial networks •Rock to the rhythm of an original soundtrack:headphonesrecommended! • Play in portrait or landscape mode.Left-handed /right-handed option The game includes: • 60 puzzles tosolve • 5cities with original graphical worlds • 40 backgrounderson theevolution of street art since the 1960s • 18 achievements tounlock
Homo Machina 1.3.0
ARTE Experience
Homo Machina is a puzzle game inspired by the work ofavant-gardescientist Fritz Kahn. Set off on a crazy journey tosolve thesurreal puzzles of Homo Machina and learn about theinternalworking of the human body, represented as a gigantic 1920sfactory.In this narrative puzzle, players are plunged into aningenioussystem of nerves, vessels and valves. The aim is to helpthe bodyfunction correctly in about thirty steps or so throughouttheentire day. Each scene breaks down daily acts, such as openingyoureyes, chewing a toast or listening to music, throughseamlessnavigation and intuitive gameplay. Fritz Kahn, a pioneerofinfographics and popular science, came up with easy tounderstandanalogies to enable people to improve their understandingof thehuman body. By combining old school design with acontemporaryinfluence, Homo Machina delights with its cleverdialogue betweenthe absent-minded director a the helm of thebody-machine andJosiane, his diligent secretary, encouragingplayers to put taskthe armada of workers to get the incrediblefactory up and running.After Californium, Homo Machina is the newvideo game created byDarjeeling production. It was published andco-produced by ARTE,European culture digital and TV Channel, andFeierabend.
Sadhana - The way back 1.0.1
ARTE Experience
Dive into Indian tales by following the spiritual journeyofSvetaketu. Guided by his master, this young soldier undertakesaninitiatory quest. But the path to self-knowledge is punctuatedwithinner demons to vanquish and puzzles to solve. Will you be abletotriumph over them and finally reach wisdom? SADHANA: "THE WAYBACKTO THE ESSENTIALS" Embark on a mystical quest in adreamlikeuniverse inspired by oriental mythology. You areSvetaketu, afearsome and proud archer, a tiger among men. Tired ofwar, youwant to detach yourself from the material world to reachthesupreme wisdom. You will have to show perspicacity, the road totheflames of knowledge is strewn with trials: get inspired bytheprecepts of the spiritual master to cross them one by oneandfinally touch the essential. SOOTHING PUZZLES Each stage oftheadventure is accompanied by a musical puzzle that will takeyouinto a meditative state. Visual puzzles as complex as theyarerelaxing: connect the dots and draw symbolic constellationsthatwill allow Svetaketu to fulfill his destiny. A SHORTINTERACTIVETALE BASED ON INDIAN TEXTS This original interactiveexperiencealternates puzzle phases with narrative and contemplativescenes.Let yourself be carried away by the voice of Guru, thespiritualmaster of Svetaketu, and discover the philosophy of theUpanishads:these immemorial writings calling us to refocus on theessential.Features : • An interactive tale by web documentarypioneerAna-Maria De Jesus (Thanatorama) • A poetic initiation toorientalspirituality • A discovery of the path of Yoga and lettinggo inabout 30 minutes • A dreamlike art direction with themesmerizingsoundtrack of James Blackshaw Sadhana is an interactivetale byAna-Maria De Jesus, produced by La Générale de Production.It isco-produced and published by ARTE, the European culturechannel anddigital network, with the support of CNC.
Earn a Living 1.0
The app uses AR to mix documentary and fiction, plunging theuserinto a future where humanity has gone from an era offullemployment to full automation. Newly redundant, the user isinvitedto take part in Hand-in-Hand, a government program thatteaches AIto recognize and understand human emotions. The pay-off?The moreefficient the robots become, the more humans will be freedfromwork and the bigger the basic income pot will be for all oftheredundants. But in a future where robots will do everything forus,will we miss doing the work ourselves?
The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature 1.0.0
ARTE Experience
A fresh look at the myth of Frankenstein Play as the Creature,awanderer without memory or past, a virgin spirit in acompletelyfabricated body. To forge the destiny of this artificialbeing whois ignorant of both Good and Evil, you will have toexplore thevast world and experience joy and sorrow. Dr.Frankenstein'sfounding myth is once again revealed in all its glorythrough theinnocent eyes of his creature. A thousand miles from thehorrorstories, here is a sensitive wander in the shoes of a popicon. Abreathtaking artistic direction Imbued with a darkromanticism, thegame's universe draws its astonishing beauty from19th centurypaintings. Through evolving landscapes, the boundarybetweenreality and fiction fades and the novel comes to life.Powerful andoriginal, the soundtrack highlights the Creature'sfeelings ofwanderlust. Explore your emotions and write your storyOne choiceafter another, feel your way towards your destiny.Confronted withhumans, you will no longer be able to escape thequestion of yourorigins. Who gave you life? This introspectivequest will take youon an adventure across Europe. Bitter orpleasant, your experienceswill bring you closer to the truth. Willyou be ready to face it?The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature isthe new video game from LaBelle Games, co-produced and published byARTE, the culturalEuropean TV and digital channel. Features: •Rediscover a popculture icon through 18 paintings, in a point &click narrativegame • Your actions will shape the end of yourstory, choosecarefully • Landscapes evolve according to thecreature's emotions• A unique atmosphere thanks to a staggeringsoundtrack
Ordesa - the interactive movie 1.6
ARTE Experience
Two years after she left, Lise has returned to the family home. Buther reunion with her father is soon interrupted by a ghostlyapparition... Deep in the forest, in a house haunted by tragedy,it's up to you to reveal the secrets of the past. Tilt your deviceto move around the scene, but beware: your actions may haveunintended consequences! • Star in your own interactive fantasymovie • Bring forgotten memories back to life • A unique sensoryexperience • Bewitching original soundtrack • An immersive 45'experience just for you With MELISSA GUERS and CARLO BRANDT. Aninteractive movie by NICOLAS PELLOILLE-OUDART, written incollaboration with NICOLAS PEUFAILLIT (A Prophet, The Returned).Produced by CINÉTÉVÉ EXPERIENCE, edited and co-produced by ARTE, TVand digital European culture channel. With the support of CNC,CICLIC - CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE, PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTES D’AZUR,OCCITANIE, the CITY OF PARIS, PROCIREP, ANGOA, and SACEM.