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GoDial Personal Mobile CRM and Auto Dialer 12.0.1
GoDial turns your phone into a CRM and Call Center ☎️ Want tohandle customers with a single click? Want to reach more contacts?Want to put your sales on autopilot? GoDial is your answer. ZeroSetup Fees. 2 Seconds to set up. GoDial Today! How It Works? 1️⃣Add a contact or Import your list 2️⃣ Click Start Call to start theAuto Call Dialer 3️⃣ After the Call, set a Status like SALE, NOANSWER, INTERESTED, BUSY etc 4️⃣ Add a note or schedule a callback,send a message 5️⃣ Go to Next call Featured In 💚 YourStory 💚Hindustan Times 💚 Business Standard 💚Fox 💚Business World PackedWith All The Tools You Need ✅ Task Manager Schedule callbacks.Setup tasks. Setup meetings and send calendar invites. Works withGoogle, Apple and Outlook Calendars. 💹 Payment Tracking and InvoiceSet a deal value to your prospect. Track payment received and sent.Send invoices in one click. 🛗 PipeLine with Stages Create pipelinesand move your contacts across deal stage. Follow their entirejourney. 🤝 Business Cards Share and Create stunning business cards.🚀 Bulk Messages Send dynamic template messages via Email or Sms toyour imported call lists. Or after a call without saving the numberon your phone. 🗄️ Attachments Attach files to your prospect forlater viewing and easy management. ♾ Rechurn Recycle dialedcontacts to get the most out of your calling list. Godial allowsyou to rechurn call status like Busy, Not Available, etc to New anddial them again. Get the most out of your Call List. Increase Salesby 200% 📝 Voice Notes Add notes and remarks to the contact after acall. View anytime and easily export. Even leave voice notes, ourText to speech converts your voice to notes. 🔬 Lead Score andFiltering/h3> Setup custom contact status, after every call setthe contact a status. You can visualise the contacts by status. SetLead scores and filter the most valuable leads to you. 📞 AutoDialing Simply import your call list and start dialing. Calls areautomatically placed from your phone. No more manual dialing.GoDial is a simple one-stop solution for all your outbound callingneeds. The free plan allows you to store upto 100 contacts andcreate unlimited lists. Upgrade to the paid plan for unlimitedcontacts. ✅ Easy to Use CRM ✅ Bulk Import/Export Contacts ✅Unlimited Call Lists ✅ Add Voice Notes and Follow Up Actions ✅ SetUp Automatic Message Templates ✅ Lead Score ✅ Send WhatsAppMessages ✅ Schedule Follow Up Calls ✅ Do Not Call List Filtering ✅Track Payments and Send Invoice ✅ Find Nearby Contacts ✅ Set Taxeslike GST or VAT Why Use GoDial? 1. Do you want to increase salesand reach more contacts? 2. Are you dialing a lot of numbers? 3.Are you copying and typing numbers manually on your phone? 4. Doyou type messages manually after each call for your contacts? 5. Doyou forget call backs? 6. Do you need to track payments better?Send Invoices? 7. Do you want a manage all your customers in aMobile CRM together? Try GoDial and see the difference. Who UsesGoDial CRM and Auto Call Dialer? 1. Real Estate 2. Finance 3.Banking 4. Education 5. Universities and Schools 6. CustomerService 7. Lead Generation 8. Telecom 9. Hospitality and HealthcareAny industry that communicates with customers.. With GoDial, nevermiss a deal. Be a sales ninja! Reach more prospects. Turn yourphone into a CRM with auto calling like a Call Center. Try it nowfor free! ☎️
GoDial Enterprise - Auto Call Dialer for Teams 5.0.0
GoDial Enterprise Caller App for Teams Empower your team withGoDialauto dialer to increase sales and customer contact. Setupyour callcenter in a few clicks. Its as simple as this 1. CreateEnterpriseAccount in https://godial.cc 2. Add Team 3. Add CallList 4. Teammembers can login and start dialing 5. Watch livereports on yourdashboard If you are not currently calling yourprospects, you maybe losing value. Use GoDial's simple dialer toempower your teams tomake more customer contacts. Use Cases 1.Real Estate 2. Finance 3.Education 4. Medical 5. Tele calling 6.Telecom 7. Any any industrythat requires Calling Note : This appis only for agents/teammembers for dialing. To signup for GoDialEnterprise visithttps://godial.cc