AWE Interactive Apps

Pit Lane Ads 2.3
Pit Lane with advertisement - Quick tool for tweaking iRacingsetups, calculating fuel loads, checking corners on track, readtrack history and so on... Pit Lane is a small app which is veryhelpful and time saving. Sim drivers not driving iRacing will alsobenefit from the tools in this app!Features of Pit Lane Ads:-Ablitity to move 2 SD card!1. Search - Lookup terms regarding racecar setup2. Quick Setup - Cure symptoms of the race car behavior3.Fuel Calculator - Calculate the amount of fuel needed for your raceincluding pitstop.4. Tracks - See track maps and history of alliRacing tracks.5. Extra - Features loads of information for you toadvance in iRacing.*** Search words ***iRacing Racing race Pit stopForza GT5 Gran Turismo 5 Playstation 3 2.0 Live For Speed NeedShift rFactor SimBin Fuel Gas calculator Terminology setup setupscar formula 1 one formel eins F1 guide description track tracks maphistory extra search quick tool
Nordschleife Corner Quiz 1.6
Have fun and learn the corner names of the 25km Nordschleife tracklocated in the Eifel forests in Germany. The track is a part of theNürburgring racing complex. The circuit hosts lots of drama andcrashes, tight and action-packed racing. Whether you are going torace or spectator, this trivia game lets you discover and learnturn, combinations and area names quickly - all in an exciting andfun way! Nordschleife Corner Quiz features- 13 levels- 41 cornernames and areas- Timer to see how quick you are- Scoring: Thequicker and more correct corners the better score!- Highscore boardto compare your corner knowledge performance- Improve on yourperformance and remember the corner names- Saves gear levelautomatically to come back later and pick up where you left -Cumulative number of corners. More corner and more challenging inthe higher levels.- Go AdFree as an option
RaceFuelCal Ads 1.2
RaceFuelCal - Calculate your fuel/gas loads for racing! Features:*Fuel Calculator - calculate from knowing your average lap time,amount of fuel used per lap and total length of the race (minutesor laps).* Endurance fuel calculator **Only in the Adsfreeversion**** Use this app on your own risk **
Absolute Zero Player 0.7
This app showcases essential features in the Absolute Zero 360degrees video camera. The final camera will features 8K recordingwith directional audio. The showcase features up to 1440p videowith directional audio.
AWE IHS Plugin Example 1.0
The AWE IHS Plugin Example makes a connection to the data sent fromJabra Intelligent Headsets. This app showcases the featuresavailable in the AWE IHS Plugin for Unity. To learn more about theplugin visit our website here: User Guide:Makesure your smartphone is already connected via Bluetooth with theJabra Intelligent Headset before attempting to connect.To connectto an IHS device, simply press Begin and then "Connect IHS". Thefirst connection may take about 6 seconds, and after that about 1-2seconds. The sensor data is polled with a 100Hz rate (10ms).Alsonote, that some devices will not work with the BLE part (data) ofthe headset, due to unsupported Bluetooth Low Energy standards inthe headset. To find out more about your smartphone's capabilities,download and use the IHS-Compatible apphere: sure your device has all green boxes with thisapp:, some Android devices are not supported unfortunately.Tips forthe Jabra Intelligent Headset:- Before connecting to the IHS, makesure to not have the audio mini-jack cable plugged in.- When inBluetooth searching mode, make sure to select the “GN IH a5.0.0”device - not the“IHXXXXXD”.- Make sure the headset has enoughbattery. This can only be seen on iOS devices in the upperbar onthe BT icon.- Be careful with the device as it can fall off yourhead fairly easy, and be aware that it doesn’t likerain either :)-When searching for GPS signal go outside in an open field. Gettinga GPS fix can take anywherebetween 10 seconds and 10 minutes.- Foroptimized performance, audio quality and lower latency, werecommend to attach the audiomini-jack cable between the IHS andyour smartphone after it is connected.
RaceFuelCal 1.3
AWE Interactive
RaceFuelCal - Calculate your fuel/gas loads for racing! Features:*Fuel Calculator - calculate from knowing your average lap time,amount of fuel used per lap and total length of the race (minutesor laps).* Endurance fuel calculator **Only in the Adsfreeversion**** Use this app on your own risk ***** Search words***iRacing Racing race Pit stop Forza GT5 Gran Turismo 5Playstation 3 2.0 Live For Speed Need Shift rFactor SimBin Fuel Gascalculator Terminology setup setups car formula 1 one formel einsF1 guide description track tracks map history extra search quicktool
1807 1.2
Fun and exciting storytelling with Spatialized Audio! Are you atourist in Copenhagen or a local interested in the history of thecity? Want to explore something different than the usual tourguides? Experience how the British attacked the capital of Denmarkin 1807 during the Bombardement of Copenhagen. The story is drivenby dynamic audio, which you can "listen around" in. The 360 degreesoundscape transports you to the exact same location as you are,but 200 years ago, where rockets, bombs and grenades flew throughthe city. In order to hear it, first make your way to The Church OfOur Lady (Vor Frue Kirke) in Copenhagen. When you get there, thestory starts and you are taken back to the year of 1807.
Absolute Zero Remote 1.0
Absolute Zero Remote for controlling the Absolute Zero 360 degreecamera
Det Ovale Rum : Sidste Stop 1.2
Det Ovale Rum : Sidste Stop er en app tilknyttet en liveperformance den 9. december 2016. Gå omkring på Drone, Nørrebro forat høre denne podcast. Når du bevæger dig rundt på Drone, vil duhøre forskellige bidder af podcasten. Lyden vil skifte rundt altefter, hvor du befinder dig!The Oval Room: Last Stop is an appassociated with a live performance on December 9th 2016. Walkaround the Drone, Nørrebro to hear this podcast. As you move aroundthe Drone, you will hear various bits of the podcast. The soundwill switch around depending on where you are!
Ro - Spatialized Audio Calmness, Relaxation & ASMR 1808311141
Hey You Slow Down... Ro uses Spatial 3D audio for withdynamicbinaural audio relaxation. Fancy words for taking your earsintoanother calming reality. The spatialized 3D audio evolves overtimelike small stories. This creates a believable andimmersiveexperience that restores your focus. Ro includes topquality aubitsproduced by leading Hollywood sound artists as wellas high-qualityrecordings by AWE. Additional sounds are availableto expand thelistening experience from the default aubits. Buildyour ownsoundscapes by adding and dragging aubits around you in360degrees. Store and enjoy your favorite soundscapes again andagain.Use your device to listen around in your 360 degreesoundscapes.Discover new tinkling perspectives as you unleash theimmersivesound when rotating around. Like the sound in a certaindirection?Freeze the rotation, put down your phone and enjoy thesound stage.You can dim the screen to black with our app to savebattery life(especially if your device has an AMOLED screen). Wewant you toenjoy Ro for as long as possible. Therefore we've put ina lot ofeffort to avoid fatigue of hearing the same repeated soundloopsover and over again and by that becoming annoyed. Instead weevolvethe aubits you choose as small plays that meander slowly asyoulisten. We randomize and humanize the changing audio to keepthelistening fresh and believable. Each aubit is even layeredseveraltimes, so its timbre and expression will always sounddifferent andnatural. There's no fake 3D effect - all aubits arespatializedproperly with Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) andcorrectinteraural time and level differences (ITD and ILD). Eachaubit iscorrectly heard from the relative position and rotation toyou.Furthermore we attenuate and reverberate aubits as you movethemfurther away from you. All this provides the best possibilitytoimmerse yourself fully into the alternate audio reality. Use Rotofall asleep with the built-in Sleep Timer. We've addedaconfigurable fade-out option allowing you to select the amountoftime it will decrease in volume. On top of that, we've addedafeature to build up to your alarms as well! "Ro" is Danishforcalmness Hey You Slow Down...