Productivity Challenge Timer 1.11.2
Productivity Challenge Timer aims to help yoube more productive, more focused, waste less time and so on, youalready know all that stuff.What this app is about is challenging you to work harder andtracking your work habits. You'll earn/lose ranks depending on yourperformance, earn achievements and track your productivity overtime, so you'll know how long you worked on what and during whichdays of the week and hours of the day you're at your mostproductive.Now here's a few things you should know before downloading:- This is not an organizer. If you can't keep track of what you'resupposed to be doing, this app is not for you. The app includestracking of projects so you know how much time you spent working oneach of your clients/books/websites/whatever - like a time sheet,but it's not meant to be an organizer or a to-do list.- This app is in English only. No translations are planned for theforeseeable future.- This app will not let you pause work sessions or finish themearly, so if you have a tiny baby-sized bladder and you need topause every few minutes, this app is not for you. The shortest worksession you can set is 10 minutes and you're not supposed to beinterrupted. Also because I use this app too, and I'd be the firstto abuse that pause feature to go look up useless nonsense insteadof getting work done.- The purpose of this app is not to promote a healthy work-lifebalance, but to get you to work harder. Because of this, it doesnot recognize weekends or holidays or parenting or any other excuseto take time off, and it will demote you if you start slipping.Please don't expect the app to validate your goals, its solepurpose is to make you work harder, even when you shouldn't.- If you want to use the app with the screen off, make sure it'sbeen exempted from any battery saving apps/features your device maybe using.That's it, thanks for reading and I hope you find this app asuseful as I do.
Zig Zag 2D Classic 1.0.8
A simple but addictive game where you zig zagto follow the path.Hone your reflexes by playing this quick and easy game.Unlock multiple themes, each with different handlingcharacteristics like speed, size and turn radius, to mix things upand keep you on your toes.At 50 points you unlock the shuriken.At 100 points you unlock the fireball.At 150 points you unlock the bee.At 200 points you get a nice surprise.Compete against friends, enemies and frenemies in theleaderboards.If you have ideas for new themes, contact me and I'll see if Ican add them.
Zig Zag Word Snag 1.0.2
You want a back story? I'll give you a backstory.Carpy the Red Shark wants to become a writer, so he needs tolearn all the words in the English language. Help him by zigzagging around the ocean, avoiding hazards and spelling out wordsin this easy to play but addictive undersea adventure.Controls are easy - just tap to zig and tap to zag, a childcould do it. But a child probably can't spell that well, so don'tworry about your five year old beating your high score.Is there some word you think should be in the game's dictionarybut it's not? Contact me and maybe I'll add it.
Air Defense Command
The Alliance is the most powerful militaryforce in the worldThey have declared war on usWe cannot win...... but we must fight!Engage in a desperate struggle to defend your tiny country againstoverwhelming odds. Shoot down enemy bombers and exact a heavy priceon the enemy's air force.
Traffic Loop 1.0
Close the loop and remove dead ends in thisrelaxing puzzle game.Hundreds of levels.Every fifth level is a time challenge.