Aaron Shirsefat Apps

Put it on Science 3.1
After a long day at work, you just want to relax and watch sometv.The objective of this game is to find the science channel.However,this is no easy task as there are many other channels. Tapthescreen to flip through the channels, but make sure not to passit!There are also some very annoying advertisements. If youencounterone tap the "skip" button randomly placed on your tvscreen. GoodLuck!! TIP: The faster you flip through the channelsthe higherchance you have of finding the science channel!!
Total Slam!! 2.5
Welcome to Total Slam. The ad-free mobile game featuringadventureseeking characters with custom entrances, move sets, anddefiningpersonalities. Upgrade your characters, train them and gearthem upfor heart pounding matches. Compete in 1v1 matches of yourchoicein Vs mode, or compete in tournaments to earn theultimatechampionship. I'll be actively checking this games ratings,andcomments over the next few weeks for any mistakes orsuggestions.Thank you everyone!