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Red Letter - Beta 5.6.6
Note: This Application supports only the Arabic text.Note: Usingthis application will be totally your responsibility and thedeveloper does not take the consequences for any bad usage.RedLetter application is the summarization of some ancient researchesfor Jafr and Arabic Letters which has been quoted from scientistsand seekers in this sciences, Red Letter distinguished by theprogrammatic ability and the highly wanted content by a lot ofpeople.In Red Letter we've added an Unprecedented section on thelevel of Arabic and Islamic programmatically which is (Jafr andLetters Calculator) which is very useful in any extended researchesin Jafr and Arabic Letters sciences.Red Letter content:# ResearchPreferences:- Letters Table (Abjd & Abtth)- Letters Sort(Friendly and Unfriendly)- Letters Genders (Friendly andUnfriendly)- Letters Values (Big, Common Small, Qahtani Small andSequential)- Letters Weights (theory of A.Khi & A.Ni)-Researches Rules (Common, Qahtani & Developer)# SpecialResearches (summarization of scientists researches): - Birth datehoroscope- Name horoscope- Letters weights- Letters values andquantities- Letters genders- Letters elements- Best prayer- Generalbehavior- Horoscopes elements compatibility- Copulation ability-City entrance outcome- Neighborhood outcome- Neighborhood outcomecomparison for group- Letters elements reflection- GeneralSpecifications- Traveler status exposure- Asker conscienceexposure- Came for exposure- Women chastity- Conqueror test-Adultery test- Horoscopes comparison for couple- Copulation abilitycomparison for couple- First pass away for couple- Neighborhoodoutcome for couple- Marriage summarization
Ekhtilajat Interpreter 4.4.4
Ekhtilajat is the interpreter science of many convulsions(involuntary shake in human body and ear tinnitus), explore andinterpret your Ekhtilajat by interactive images which will simplifygetting the results.You can interpret you ear tinnitus which isvery common symptom for the humanity, it's not necessary to be akind of disease, you can try and share your interpreted story withus.Note: You can participate translating this app to anyunsupported language, kindly visit the settings screen ofEkhtilajat app to know more.