Abhinandan Chakraborty Apps

Insta Story Saver & Uploader 1.5.3
Save any Instagram Stories, Videos, or DMVideos without giving any login/password details!Now you can even upload your old gallery photo/video into yourStories (Beta version)You can download entire video:-No login/password required-No limitation-Free to use App-Record Live Story-No intrusive permission other than those that are actuallyrequired-Excellent layout & UI-Watch all saved video files list directly from the app-Delete unwanted video right from this app-Upload video with new video trimmerPlease don't believe in any other software or application thatpromise you that they can save video directly or can uploadphoto/video to Instagram App. Because such app definitely will askfor your password details which is absolutely not good for yourprivacy.The "Instagram" name is copyright to Instagram,Inc. "Insta StorySaver & Uploader" is in no way affiliated with, sponsored orendorsed by Instagram,Inc.
Likes for Instagram - FameTags 1.8
FameTag - is the ultimate Hashtag collectionwith more than 100 tag categories.FameTag is providing options to help user gain more followers byjust following some simple steps and get Free Shoutout. There's500+ Quotes available offline from within the app that you can copyand share with your friends. You can enjoy the best hashtag appever along with beautiful quotes all within this App! Extremelypolished andsmooth scrolling UI!Hashtags categories like People, Nature, Celebrities, Anime,Popular, Season and many more are available and sub categories likeArt, Pokemon, Books, Music, Movies, Fashion, etc.Easiest way to copy any tag you want and share them to any of yourfavorite social sites! It has all latest trendy hashtags andupdated to new as of 2016!Quotes categories includes Love, Life, Inspirational, God andmany more categories that will help you and inspire you all thetime and you can quickly use these quotes as your status or sharewith those who need these quotes the most!Quickly download this app and share this app with all yourfriends!
Night Selfie 1.1
Night Selfie app is made specially for thepurpose of taking selfies at night.It's very common for people taking selfies at night in theirroom, under their blanket or at any dark outdoor places but due tolack of front facing flash and lack of screen brightness the selfietaken at night are usually dull as compared to daylight photoThis App uses a special image processing technique along withbright white screen to make sure that your selfie will look brightand beautiful.Some of the features are:- Bright white screen + Image Processing- Enjoy 50+ Photo Filter- Browse through all selfies you've captured from this app anddelete them in single click- Best Image Cropping/Rotating layout- Beautiful UI- Use Image Compressor to resize your imagesNote:- This app is intended to take pictures in dark place.Image quality can differ according to the lightning situation anddevice camera hardware quality.Download now and share this app with your friends!
SaveStory 2.3
This app lets you take screenshot of any app. You can also recordvideo with this app. Some of the features of this apps are:- -Works on non - rooted devices - No notification when screenshot iscaptured - Continuous screenshotting - Screenshot/Screenrecordingworking simultaneously - Super Fast - HQ Recording - Grab Imagefrom recorded video - Trim Video - Works on chat screen - Recordvideo with audio - No login/registration required - Simple and easyto use Please note that: This app might not work as expected onolder devices. Make sure that you've free ram before starting thisapp. Don't run any background apps while using this app. Screen-Recording might crash on certain devices. Future improvements arein proceeds. Disclaimer: "This app is not sponsored or endorsed by,or affiliated with, Snap Inc."
Downloader for IG 1.5
This app lets you download photo, video,avatar and even carousel album post-- How to use?1. Just copy the URL2. Paste it in this app3. Tap on 'Save' button. That's it.Download this app now!
Status Saver for WhatsApp 1.1
Save all status photos & videos in one click.Just watchwhatsapp status and then download them from this app.The "WhatsApp"name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc. "Status Saver for WhatsApp" isin no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Inc.
Video Downloader 3.5
This app lets you download video from the sites which is supportedby our app. [Supported sites name is mentioned within the app] -How to use? 1. Just copy the URL 2. Paste it in this app 3. Tap on'Download' button. That's it. Download This App Now!
Boat Surfer 1.0
Simple fun game! Drift your boatcarefully.Avoid Obstacle and make your way!.- 6 Beautiful levels- Different boat/ship models- Compete in Leaderboard- Unlock Achievements- Fast and challengingHow to Play?- Tap on left/right side of the screen to move the boattowardleft/right side- Avoid obstacles on your way- Collect coins to fill up the coin meter- When coin meter is full, double tap on coin meter toactivatespecial power-upsDownload Now!
Downloader for Smule 1.3
This app allow you to easily download audio and video fromSmule.How to use this app?- Copy share URL of the video- Paste itin this app- Tap on Download- Enjoy ;)Premium feature [PAID]includes:- downloading cover image- listed name of all performer-download profile photo of any performer- no adsDisclaimer: "Thisapp is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Smule,Inc."
StorySaver+ 1.9
StorySaver+ is made with the sole purpose of making user lifeeasier by providing all major options to download files. Someimportant features are listed below:- - View & Download StoryAnonymously of any username - View & Download Replay StreamAnonymously - Watch Live Stream Anonymously - Watch "Top-Live"Broadcasts - Download Photo or Video - Download Carousel Post -Download Highlights Story - Download videos from IGTV - DownloadProfile photo at best available quality - Share media to othersocial platform without downloading any file - In-built galleryviewer There's also other feature that are still under-developmentand will be release soon :) Disclaimer: "This app is not sponsoredor endorsed by, or affiliated with, Instagram, Inc."
Deep - Art Filter Studio 1.0
Paint your photos in an artistic way like never before! Applymorethan 20 effects on your photo with our specialised AItechnologyShare and enjoy!
Blink - Anonymous & Random Snap App
Blink is a social app, that allows user to share and receivecontentwith random stranger anonymously. - Simple registration -No phonenumber, no username, no email, no password required - Nounnecessarypermission - All content in full quality, nocompression! How touse? - Create and send new contents - Receivenew content from otherusers - More you share, more you receivePlease read our: - Termsand Condition:https://waspchat.com/blink/web/terms - PrivacyPolicy:https://waspchat.com/blink/web/privacy
Romba - Video Editor 1.1
Romba let's you edit your video with our advance and powerfultools. Some of the features are: - Let's you crop video by aspectratio - Cut large video - Capture high quality image frame fromvideo - Convert video to various audio formats e.g. MP3, WMA, M4A -Convert video to GIF - Transcode video to popular video formatse.g. MP4, AVI, WMV - Add new audio to your existing video - Captureall image frame from your video More features are underdevelopment. Download and share this app with your friends &family.