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Dhivehi Date Time Widget 2.0
Abo Ryhan
Display the date and time in Dhivehi by just simply adding thistiny widget on your home screen.This is not a standalone app. Forthis to function, you need to install UCCW app from GooglePlay.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.vineetsirohi.customwidget&hl=enAfterinstalling checkout the widgets menu and insert a 4x2 UCCW widgeton your home screen. When you insert the widget a popup willappear, from there choose Dhivehi Date Time Widget.The bar aroundthe clock is the battery percenatge of your device.
Dhivehi Fonts Installer 2.0
Abo Ryhan
=> Only for rooted android phones <=This app contains some ofthe common Dhivehi fonts supported for your android phones.You needto root the device for this to work. If you update your firmwareyou may again need to install the font.Here are the fonts used inthis app:1. Faruma font2. MV Faseyha font3. Elaaf font4. Elaaf XPfont5. Funa Font6. Mv Eamaan XP font7. Mv Galan font8. MvGroupXAvas font9. Mv Iyyu Formal font10. Mv Iyyu Nala font11. MvIyyu Normal font12. MVJBold font13. Mv Lady Luck font14. Mv MAGRound font15. Mv MAG Round Hollow font16. Mv MAG Round Linedfont17. Mv MAG Round Shadow font18. Mv MAG RoundXBold font19. MvBoli font20. Mv Sehga FB font21. Mv Sehga Old fontFor a Dhivehikeyboard, download Gboard and enabledhivehi.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.inputmethod.latin
Daily Azkar 2.1
Abo Ryhan
This app provides Azkars to recite for your daily, differentroutine tasks.Features:☆ Simple attractive interface☆ Contains morethan 40 Duas & Azkars☆ Dhivehi Translation☆ Change text size☆Azkar Reference☞ If you've liked this app, please take a moment toreview this app.☞ Please let me know, if there is any problem,instead or low rating.Tags: Dhivehi, Azkar, Maldives, MV, Zikuru,Daily Azkar
Viavihi 1.2
Abo Ryhan
Viavihi is a book published by Sh.Milandhoo School. The bookconsists of Sh.Milandhoo School's 2013 Grade 12th Students writtendhivehi stories, articles, reports, poets etc. The contents of thebook have not been changed though they are as it waspublished.Tags: Maldives, Dhivehi, Thaana, MV
Mind Reader 1.0
Abo Ryhan
Mind Reader is an innovative math magic app which will read yourmind. Don't believe me..? You all gotta try this.