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Tap the Bubble: Free Arcade 1.3.5
Get your tapping skill ready to pop explodingbubbles and win the online contest!It's completely free - no hidden charges, no costly updates, noads!Have some spare time? Enjoy free multi-touch blitz gameplay inthe most challenging bubble blast adventure Tap the Bubble.Features:• Addicting multi-touch gameplay• Test your skill, speed and reaction• Competition through online multiplayer• 50 challenging levels• Free game and free updatesBurst the avalanche of the colored bubbles on your device in Tapthe Bubble: Free Arcade Game. As balls fill your screen you shouldpop them by the touch of your fingers. Multi-touch function allowsyou to play Tap the Bubble: Free Arcade Game with your friends onthe same screen. You won't get short of bubbles, because they arealways coming, the only concern is time. Be quick and precise,because every mishit results in time losses. The game is aimed atgaining the highest possible score, so another pair of hands willbe extremely useful to win in this extremely addictive doublebubble adventure. This bouncing balls game is easy-to-learn yethard-to-master.
Numbers Logic Puzzle Free 1.2.5
Push your math skills over the limits. Onlinemode helps to increase your reaction time and ignites the spirit ofchallenge. Enjoy a fun way to learn and train!Exercise your mind with a new free game Numbers Logic Puzzle.This is a mixture of Lines and Sudoku games with simple rules.Features:- Gripping gameplay- Unlockable content- Good mind trainerPlace digits next to each other so that their sum makes up 10.The number can be collected vertically or horizontally. If the sumis correct the digits disappear and you unlock the field tiles.Complete the said number by swapping the digits and change tilescolor to white. All you need playing Numbers Logic Puzzle is simpleMath skills. Try a number of free levels and unlock new ones toenjoy addictive gameplay!
Free Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids 5.5.11
Meet absolutely amazing puzzle game for children! Even the youngestfans of puzzle games will be able to enjoy our new, breathtakingand fascinating jigsaw game for kids. The game perfectly suits bothfor girls and boys. Its level packs are based on the well-knownfairy-tales. Playing our Free Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids your childwill have fun with their favourite book characters. Our littleladies will have a great time with lovely Cinderella while boys canenjoy the trip with The Elephant's Child. Colorful pictures, newopportunities and pleasant music will bring a fascinating pastime.It is a fun classic puzzle game that will help your child to traintheir attention, memory, accuracy and diligence. Enjoy nicegraphics and easy game mechanics! Features: - beautiful graphics -nice sound effects - addictive level packs - no language skillsneeded - easy game mechanics - amazing brain trainer
Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle 1.24.5
Be the first to discover Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle. Brightcolors, enhanced gameplay, amazing power-ups and the same addictivegame mechanics await for you in this fancy installment of the hitmatch 3 puzzle game. Features: ★ Stylish colorful graphics ★ 4types of bonuses ★ 100 challenging levels ★ Hexagonal, triangle andsquare playfield grids ★ Aaddictive family-friendly gameplay Learnmatch 3 magic Spring is the time to color your life! Try out abrand new Fitz game with 4 startling power-ups, redesigned graphicsand all new amazing match 3 levels. The new color solution makes iteasier to find possible matches and brings surprising dynamics toonline competitions in multiplayer mode. This free-to-play slidingpuzzle is a fun and relaxing brain-teaser that appeals to kids,teens and adults. Now you can also shuffle tiles or remove alltiles of particular shape to obtain new combinations on theplayfield. Bomb power-up places 3 bombs in random cells while Brushchanges the color of 10 most inaccessible cells, which is asplendid way to complete the level before your rival does that orto pass most tricky levels. Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle combinesaddictive tiles-swapping gameplay and incredible action due toreal-time multiplayer battles. Play your favorite match 3 game inan all new way or download classic Fitz version absolutely free.
Bubble Clusterz 1.14.5
Taste a new free arcade that combines the rules of bubble shooterand snooker games. With 45 challenging levels and multiplayer mode,Bubble Clusterz provides almost unlimited fun shooting experience.Keep the bubbles under control in this fun twist on Bubble Shooter.Features: - Full version of the game for free - Multiplayer mode -45 challenging levels - Global leaderboard - Multilingual interfaceJoin the competition for the smart shooter title in this new freebubble shooting game! If you like arcades, this addictive mix ofclassic shooter and billiards is going to make you one of theBubble Clusterz addicts. Remove all color bubbles by matching threeor more bubbles of the same color. Black bubbles are not removable,and isolated ones disappear from the field. The game is over ifbubbles reach the bottom. All the bubbles change their colorrandomly if you let a shooting ball fall down. So, pay attention toyour opponent's progress and do your best as you try to make itthrough 45 mind-blowing levels! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website: http://absolutist.ruYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure 1.0.1
With a fantastic hidden object adventuregamebefore you, a power to control elements through matchingpuzzlesand a pinch of magic this finding game will sweep you away.Your reality turns upside down when you find yourself thelastman on Earth, trapped in time for good. Your only hope now istofind hidden objects in search for clues to the reasons ofthiscalamity. Find other people lost in time, explore the world’smostbewitching places, learn to tame gale and fire storms bysolvingbrain-twisting puzzles and challenge almighty spirits tomake itback home in this awesome seek-and-find adventure game.Features of this hidden object adventure game:- 22 detailed hidden object scenes and counting- Bubble shooter, snooker, collapse and Match 3 puzzles- Unique casino-like mini-games to earn extra goldandcrystals- Daily bonus, deals and exclusive offers- Possibility to exchange collectibles and send gift hints- Compelling story that goes along as you progress- Cloud saving for you to continue the game on desktop ormobiledevice- Achievements, leaderboards and other spicy social featuresIf you are a fan of find it games, then this hiddenobjectadventure game is all you can ever dream about. It features22highly detailed finding locations and more are comingwithupdates. Whenever you enter a hidden object scene, the itemschangetheir location to enrich your playing experience. Word listoricons, reflected, dimmed or colorless image… Lost inTimetakes another approach to hidden object games to offer youastunning variety of game modes and keep you entertained asthestory unfolds. In your journey you are going to meet a castofall-knowing ghosts that will try to keep you in the dark aboutthecatastrophe. Present them with items you find in mysteryhiddenobjects locations and trick them out of information andreturn towhere you belong.Take a breath from searching things and master yourmatchingskills in a variety of puzzles available. Subdue theelements byplaying Match 3, bubble shooter, collapse or snooker(marblepopper) mini-games. 100+ puzzle and arcade levels aretailoredto maintain the challenge in these skill games in bothturn-basedand timed mode. Feel like gambling? Test your luck inunique casinogames and win whatever amount of gold and crystals anytime.As you find hidden objects, you will be able to completenumerousthematic collections which can later be exchanged forenergyboosters, hints or even more valuable collectibles. Theseyou maysend to your friends and receive other useful items inreturn.Mini-games like Match 3, bubble shooter, collapse orsnooker willhelp you to exchange the collections. Just don’tmiss the chanceto post your daily wishlist. The more friends youinvite, the easierit becomes to progress in this finding game.So, are you doomed to spend the rest of your life alone, orwillyou find a way to turn back the clock? Find it out inanunprecedented hidden object puzzle adventure.
Valentine Hearts:Match3 Puzzle 1.0.5
Valentine's Day is marked by sending giftsandlove messages to the special ones. And the most popular giftsareflowers, chocolates and greeting cards – valentines. Expressloveto each other by presenting the game filled with heartsandflowers! Pretty colors, jolly music and sounds will brightenyourSaint Valentine's Day!Features:- Romantic atmosphere- Addicting puzzle concept- Relaxing musicWe are dealing with square colored tiles filled withdifferentlysized bubble hearts. Clicking on the biggest hearts willmake thempop and change the tile color, enlarging nearby objects.Theobjective of the game is to change the color of all tiles towhite.But before you start playing, consider the mosteffectiveclick-and-pop combination, because every move counts.Earn bonuses for bursting three and more hearts in a row. Asyougo through the levels the board tiles form different maze-likeplayfields, so that's a great opportunity to developnon-linearthinking. This addicting and lovely puzzle game willdeliver hoursof fascinating gameplay.
Fortune FootBALL: EURO 2012 1.1.5
Get a prediction for every match oftheEuropean football championship with Fortune FootBALL: EURO2012.This is a free football prediction game for true fans ofsoccer.Don't miss your chance to create the football history ofEURO 2012.Cast a vote for your favorite team!* Get free predictions for every match of Euro 2012* Unite the football fans from the whole Europe* Get updated forecasts during the championship* Unveil the future and find out the winner* No language skills requiredThe best football predictionsRotate the ball to choose a country and its opponent fromtheofficial list of the teams. Shake the device and you'll seeaforecast of the match. When a country loses the match itsflagfades and becomes not active. The leaderboard and statisticsofmatches will be updated immediately after real time gamesbetweennational teams, as well as forecast data from professionalsportsanalysts.The idea of the FootBALL: EURO 2012 is to bring togetherthegreatest army of soccer fans to support their nationalteams.Specially for this game was created a unique system ofvoting,which is connected to other social media means. Here you cancheckand raise the rating of every country and prove it to theworldthat your football fans are the most active. Cheer for youfavoritefootball team with us.
Three Little Pigs Xmas Story 5.4.17
Grant your kids a happy Christmas mood with Christmas Night: ThreeLittle Pigs Adventure! This is a festive tale with belovedcharacters for the whole family. Decorate Christmas Trees for ThreeLittle Pigs, meet Santa Claus and save holiday gifts from the Wolf!Lots of entertaining educational games for preschool kids help thestory come together. Children can learn new words, improve theirmemory skills, image recognition, develop motor skills andcreativity. Try it yourself and experience the educational valuesof the game-like book! Features: ♦ Enjoy an interactive storylinewith educational activities for preschool kids ♦ Match-3, Collapse,Jigsaw Puzzle games supplement the story with new details ♦ 20pages of Christmas adventure with animated surprises ♦ This bookaims to teach children and to increase their puzzle solvingabilities ♦ Reading modes for all ages: Read to Me and Read by MeEntertaining & Educational Once upon a time there were threemerry Piggies who lived in the forest. Short before the wintercame, they had build three stable houses for themselves. ThePiggies felt happy and safe in their new warm homes. Meanwhile, theNew Year's Eve was approaching. And what is the holiday withoutgifts? So, the Piggies wrote letters to Santa Claus with theirHappy New Year wishes... Have a great Christmas adventure with ourlittle heroes. Find out how the Piggies prepared for Christmas andmet Santa Claus. Teach the Wolf a lesson and safe the spirit of theholiday! Featuring vibrant illustrations, professional narrationand festive music, this storybook will be the best Christmas giftfor every child. Read, play and discover with the all newinteractive book Christmas Night: Three Little Pigs Adventure!Merry Christmas, our little friends! Have a great Christmasadventure with our little heroes - Three Little Pigs!
Bubblez: Bubble Defense Free 1.20.5
Make your way through 45 crazy arcade levels and get additionalscore every time you win! If you like bubble games, than there isno need to explain the rules of this fun free arcade. If you don't,than Bubblez: Bubble Defense Free will make you change your mind.Features: - Full version of the game for free - 45 challenginglevels - Multiplayer mode - Global leaderboard - Multilingualinterface This multiplayer bubble shooter is a perfect time-killerand a challenging game for all Match 3 or Marble Popper fans. Makethe groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to clear the playfield. Compete online in multiplayer mode and gain bonus scoreevery time you win! With 45 impossible levels Bubblez: BubbleDefense Free provides almost unlimited play time! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website: http://absolutist.ruYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
Morgiana: Mysteries & Nightmares (Full Adventure) 1.3.4
Absolutist Ltd
Drift away in the world of magic, where paintings come alive inMysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana, a dark hidden object adventuregame. Once upon a time in a land far, far away there ruled a wiseking and a graceful queen. They had two talented daughters, bothborn with magic. Young Arabella was a sweet child, and olderMorgiana often felt jealous of her parents’ attention. In thirstfor revenge she decided to resort to black magic thinking not ofthe price. But dark powers are not to be trifled with, and the onceglorious kingdom now lies in ruins. Discover the end of thatlong-forgotten story as you explore a tumbledown castle, avoid itsmalevolent dwellers and pass through dangerous traps andchallenging puzzles to recall who you are. Features - a bewitchingadventure game full of mystery and magic - 8 hidden object puzzlesand numerous brain-teasers - interactive map to help you navigatethrough the painted worlds - replayable cutscenes and professionalvoice acting - smart and cute little companion - eldritchenvironments and sound effects Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgianatakes you on a journey through multiple worlds -- to picturesquejungles, full of life and vibrant colors, to frozen caverns withunimaginable eerie creatures and the scorched land of Anazgharod,the realm of fire. Though, you won’t be alone in your quest. Anamusing speaking mouse will help you find hidden objects, reach theitems beyond your grasp and solve mind-bending puzzles. By the way,this hide and seek game features a remarkable collection ofmini-games. These are classic board games like tangrams, jigsawpuzzles and unblock games, but also a few match 3 levels and moreoriginal brain-teasers. While you follow the compelling storyline,you are going to learn quite a few magic tricks, often turned intoa spectacular game movie. The eye-catching animations,spine-chilling sound effects and ghostly apparitions maintain theentourage which every scary hidden object games fan will definitelyappreciate. So, wait no more and set out for a blood-curdlingadventure in Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana. Prove the find itgames master and retrieve your true self and your destiny as youunearth the legend of the bygone times.
City of Fools: Hidden Object 5.3.195
Absolutist Ltd
Step in the shoes of an investigative journalist on the track ofanother sensation. Sent to a remote city of Tundel you understandthat something here is very wrong, and the rumored UFO visit is theless of your problems! This out of the ordinary humorous adventurewill require all you patience and wits. You arrive at Tundel withfew bucks in your pocket and the intention to dig out the truthbehind the UFO case. First thing you usually do in such cases istalking to the local authorities. However the mayor is not the CityHall, moreover he is not in the town! The only way to reach hisresidence is to buy a ticket which your travel allowance can'tafford. That's where the true heat starts as now you have to crawlthe streets, communicate with the crazy citizens and engage in themost absurd affairs. Be ready to collect, gamble, trade and stealas you you try to scrape up the needed sum in this hilariousadventure. Find the mayor and complete your quest for laughs in thefunniest hidden object game ever! City of Fools has a completelynon-linear storyline with an open virtual world to explore. Thegame features about 50 amusing locations, non-obligatory hiddenobject scenes, a variety of mini-games and days of gameplay inExpert mode. - Play as you wish – a complete freedom of choice - 50locations and different hidden object modes - Limitless inventoryand smart task book - Use map, taxi or metro in order not to getlost - Comic storyline and art style PRESS REVIEWS: "I was excitedto find that Tundel is an open town where I could travel to anyhouse and discover which tasks awaited me. An open town also meansa non-linear plotline, which is a breath of fresh air in the casualspace." - Gamezebo.com "You have to try this one to reallyappreciate it." - Bigfishgames.com
Mystery Numbers 2: Hidden Object 1.8.5
New scenes: conquer over 10 new levels. Find 400+ hidden objects.Beat your online opponents. The best FREE gaming experience! Meetnew and absolutely free levels of a fascinating hide-and-seek game.Mystery Numbers 2: Free Hidden Object is fun game idea, hundreds ofitems to find and a possibility to choose single or multiplayergame mode. Features: - Absolutely FREE hidden object game -Multiplayer mode - Global leaderboard - No language skills needed -Fun for everyone Download new free sequel of a fun hidden objectgame with hundreds of hidden items to find. Scour dreamlikelocations for cleverly hidden numbers and try to cope with the taskbefore your opponent. Just enable network connection to activatemultiplayer mode and gain additional score for being quick! MysteryNumbers 2 is your free hidden object fun which requires no languageskills and features family-friendly gameplay.
Christmas Tree Decorations 5.7.21
Welcome to the Christmas Wonderland! Santa Claus and his cheerfulReindeer are waiting for you. This amazing puzzle has two cutelittle games in one app. Features: - Fun kids game with amusingcharacters - Professional voiceovers and cheerful Christmas tunes -Rich hidden object locations - Lots of different firtrees todecorate - Dozens of ornaments of every color and pattern Kids cancollect a box of beautiful ornaments playing in hidden object modeand then hang them on a firtree. Your children can show theircreativity in this beautiful Christmas game for kids. They areencouraged to explore festive hidden object scenes, search forshiny balls and colorful wreaths and decorate a Christmas treethemselves. This adorable kids game will keep your childrenentertained during the whole Christmas season :)
Click-o-Trickz: Halloween Maze 1.8.5
Let the Halloween night be terrific funwithClick-o-Tricks: Halloween Maze, a spooky click-and-pop arcadegame!Display your Match 3 talents and logic skills to receive aspecialtreat from the wicked witch. This game is absolutely FREEwith noads, pop-ups or additional in-app purchases. Download it nowandenjoy your Happy Halloween to the fullest!Start you ghostly adventure for achievements!Features:♦ 30+ challenging levels♦ No ads and in-app purchases♦ Bonuses in Multiplayer mode♦ Halloween themed graphics and sounding♦ Many achievements to be earnedSpend this Halloween in the company of ghosts, vampirebats,spiders and other creepy creatures. Click-o-Tricks: HalloweenMazeis your trapdoor to the world of haunted fun. Join our coven ontheway through multiple click and pop levels in an exciting Match3puzzle. Change the tiles color to white tapping the groups ofthreeor more similar images. Your matching and logic skills willberewarded with a generous treat by a witch flying in the darkautumnsky. So do your best and mind your every move, ortheJack-o'-lantern will play tricks on you.Trick-or-treating on your own is not so taking though, soweadded multiplayer mode to double your playing enthusiasmandpossible gains. Outstrip your rival in the matching rush fortheenchanted sweets and get his score as a bonus. This wildHalloweengame is what you've yearned for! Download it free get thefullversion unlocked with no need to pay for anything. Thisamazingtapping game is also ads free, thus, no annoying pop-upmessageswill appear as you enjoy bursting collapse gameplay,spookysoundtrack and amusing animation. Trick or treat?
The Elephant's Child Free 5.5.5
The Elephant's Child interactive book is based on one of the justso stories written by the well-known English novelist RudyardKipling. Book features: ♦ absolutely free ♦ 300+ animations ♦ 20puzzles ♦ professional voice-overs ♦ awesome graphics and sounds ♦learning practice ♦ excellent and dynamic storyline ♦ unlockadditional screens from within Animation on each page, games andpicturesque jigsaw puzzles turn reading into the entertaining andlearning process. The Elephant's Child has more than three hundredanimations. The author's text is voiced by a professional actor.The book is very dynamic and fascinating. It is impossible to putit down! Cheerful characters will improve your kids reaction,diligence and reading skills. The Elephant's Child will assure yourkid that not all the books are boring.
Words and Riddles: Crosswords 2.18.5
Scramble Words goes SOCIAL! ► Create riddles and share crosswordpuzzles with your friends through Facebook! Be in touch with theworld while playing the game. * Learn everyday English, German,French, Japanese and 5 other languages in a fun way * Multiplayermode speeds up memorizing of new words * Educational game for thewhole family * See yourself among the best submitting your score tothe online leader board * Master 9 foreign languages Learn foreignlanguages with an educative word game Scramble Words Puzzle! If youenjoy solving crosswords and other types of word puzzles, thisbrain-teaser is made for you. Scramble Words Puzzle is a way totest your knowledge of a foreign language and learn more. Chooseany of 9 languages available: English, German, French, Dutch,Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian. Complete wordssimply by swapping white letters. If the word is correct all theletters change to one color. This is a good scrabble crossword gamefor kids because of family-friendly gameplay and simple mechanics.Try to challenge other players online. You are not limited in timeto cope with a crossword but you get bonus score for completing thelevel faster than your opponent. Test you lexis and spellingskills, decipher new words and become a world champion in crosswordsolving!
Rats and Spears 2 Learn to Fly 1.4.5
Olympic team. Fame, fans and traveling around the globe. However,if you are not fit enough to join the national team, you still havea chance to beat the world record with Rats & Spears freearcade game. Features: - Fun free-to-play sport game - 20+whimsical power-ups - Comics-style graphics and dynamic soundtrack- Lots of achievements - Create your photo album Have you everdreamt about Olympic records, exotic countries and your name in theheadlines? Then this fun skill game is your lucky chance. Practicejavelin throwing, upgrade your apparatus with various fancyfeatures and earn unimaginable achievements. Do your best to makeit up to the top of the global leaderboard and get valuablepresents from the sporting goods retailer. This arcade isabsolutely free, which means that you can pass the game and collectall trophies without spending real money. However, if you want toobtain quick promotion, you are welcome at our secret store. So,train, earn money and upgrade your skills and javelin to fill youralbum with photos taken in 20+ counties. Enjoy comics art style,fun animations and dynamic soundtrack on your way to gold medals inan addictive sport game.
Science Art Free Jigsaw Puzzle 5.3.127
Science Art: Free Jigsaw Puzzle welcomes you in a fascinating andmysterious world of science! Have you ever seen drawing of Leonardoda Vinci inventions, pictures of the outer space or molecules undera microscope? Get this adicting free puzzle game and meet mysteryscience. TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHINTHE GAME! Science Art: Free Jigsaw Puzzle is a great tool to trainyour attention, memory, accuracy and logic skills. We have 5different level packs to offer. Unlock the full version and enjoy60 engaging puzzles in different game modes! Science Art: FreeJigsaw Puzzle is your guide through questions about science.Features: - Numerous of stunning level packs - Unlock the fullversion from within the game! - Challenge to your logic skills - 4different game modes - Hints available Master your logic skillsScience Art: Free Jigsaw Puzzle, free addicting puzzle game. Yourtask is to make a picture from the pieces by putting them into theright position. Use your creativity to get through five absolutelyamazing level packs in the full version of the game.
Jump Robot: Space Adventure 1.0.5
Meet an insanely addictive arcadeplatformerJump Robot! Customize your own robot with awesomeupgrades andguide it on the endless journey in the sky. Submit yourrecords andcompete with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Downloadthe gameand get hours of fun-packed action!Features:♦ Collect coins to buy cool power ups and numerous upgrades♦ Easy-to-use accelerometer controls♦ The stage layouts are never the same♦ Enjoy the slow-motion “Matrix” effects♦ Experience fantastic graphics and non-stop action♦ Get an endless fun!Real Steel!Have you ever dreamed of designing your own robot? Meet anewgame from the creators of sensational Last Robot series. Guideyourcharacter via tilt controls to the highest possible point inthesky. The higher you get, the more points you score. Every timeyoustart the game, the layout of the stage changes. That's whygettingpast even your own score will be quite a challenge. Gathercoins tobuy upgrades and awesome power-ups.Use different items to add a unique dynamic to the game. Tapyourtouchscreen to activate the jet pack and gain flyingcapabilitiesfor a short period of time. Add engine power, jumpstrength, strafe,parachute, health, improved replaceable parts andmore. The fullversion of the game allows players to use all ofother featureslisted in the store, including magnetic fields andadditionalequipment.As you reach higher and higher, different obstacles appeartoslow down your progress. Whenever your robot is withinathreatening distance from falling bombs or any otherdangerousobject the slow-motion effect from The Matrix comes tolife. Richlyillustrated environments and motivating sound scoreignite the realspirit of non-stop action. Build up your robot andsoar up to Spaceand beyond in this crazy jumping game!
Run Rabbit Run Free Platformer 1.3.46
Are you a big fan of platform games? Can your nerves tolerate ahigh level of difficulty? If your answer is yes, then get yourjumping skills ready for a new platformer Run Rabbit Run! ★★Thisgame is free to play with the option to buy extras with real money.Run Rabbit Run is a dangerously addicting and delightfullychallenging game about a bunny angry for carrots. The bunny runsand jumps. And guess what? It also dies a lot. Will you manage toleap over increasingly perilous obstacles and keep your bunny inone piece? Skillful control of jumps, velocity and inertia willallow you to succeed. Features: • Comic book style pictorial introstory • Classical platforming elements and fresh jumping mechanics• Quickfire nature of levels • Responsive, finely tuned gameplay •Stylized silhouetted characters and background • Well-balancedcontrast-based art • Gorgeous soundtrack featuring liveinstrumentation and a variety of styles and moods • 2 trickychapters and additional "secret" levels • Tons of challenge and adose of silliness Each level in the game is carefully structuredand revolves around traversing various obstacles, including spikepits and circular saws of all shapes and sizes. That can be atricky task unless you are skilled enough to have a perfect controlover your jumps. You have to make sure to attain the propervelocity for each jump but you should never forget about inertiawhich is another important factor to consider. There should not betoo much or too little inertia, but just enough to land safely on aplatform as any brush with a nearby spike or circular saw is acertain death. There is no wall-jumping in Run Rabbit Run - goodnews for players who find it annoying! Instead, there is anotherchallenge which is managing inter-jump velocity in order to land ona platform mid-air. This adds another skill level to the game and afresh jumping mechanic that you are sure to enjoy. A thrillinggameplay is complemented with stylish and tasteful artwork. Serenepastel-colored background in the game suggests an atmosphere oftranquility that makes an interesting juxtaposition with theblood-spattered circular saws and spike pits. The silhouettes ofthe bunny and other animals against the images of trees,snow-capped mountains and cityscape look charming and touching. Allthis, tied together with an incredible soundtrack, delivers amixture of blood, action, style and drive that should not bemissed!
Cinderella Classic Tale 5.3.132
Absolutist Ltd
Cinderella Classic Tale is an interactive book for children basedon an amazing morality story by the French author Charles Perrault.The adventurous journey will take your kids to the magic world offairy-tales! There are 400+ fascinating animated elements and 20puzzles on every page. The interactive storytelling modelencourages kids to read, think and will spark their imagination.Features: ♦ Enjoy interactive storytelling with professional voiceovers ♦ Choose between "read it myself" and "read to me" options ♦Great learning practice for your kids ♦ Listen to pleasant musicand original sound effects ♦ 400+ animations and 20+ incrediblybeautiful puzzles ♦ Kind and cheerful book characters ♦ The bookperfectly fits for preschool activities Be a part of the storyCinderella Classic Tale offers a new way of telling stories andwill help your children to get acquainted with the unbelievableworld of literature. The book grants not just reading, but also agreat number of mini-games to develop creative thinking, attentionand logic skills. Hundreds of animation elements literally enliventhe well-liked characters: kind and beautiful Cinderella, fairygodmother, courageous prince and envious stepsisters. Tap on thescreen to move objects and discover new scenes, while the storyunfolds. Vivid illustrations bring unforgettable moments to yourlife. Plunge into the magic world and help Cinderella to make herdreams come true. This is a book that should be read to everychild!
Mosaic Gems: Jigsaw Puzzle 1.7.5
Find dozens of colorful layouts in Mosaic Gems: Jigsaw Puzzle. Fillin the inlay with shining jewels of various shapes and try tooutstrip your rival in multiplayer mode. This puzzle game is freeto download. Lots of fabulous patterns are waiting for you.Features: ★ 100+ fun free jigsaw levels ★ Family-friendly puzzlegame ★ Multiplayer mode ★ Multilingual interface Mosaiс Gems is afree puzzle game for true jigsaw addicts. Complete numerous layoutswith puzzle pieces of different forms. Tap the jewels to rotatethem and use Trash Box to get rid of useless gems. Enable yournetwork connection to activate muliplayer mode and compete onlinewith other tiling puzzle fans! This free jigsaw is also a niceeducational game for kids because its family-friendly gameplay is afun way to develop their logic skills and reaction.
Mahjong 2: Hidden Tiles Free 1.10.5
Mahjong has never been so creative and challenging! Make anincredible discovery of fun-packed puzzles and experienceinnovative online mode. Free to start, endless to play. Become afamous mahjong master as you enter the incredible world of a freepuzzle game Mahjong 2: Hidden Tiles! Try the best 400 levelscreated by dedicated mahjong fans worldwide and beat your opponentsonline! Experience an epic tile-matching journey to unlock ancientwisdom. FEATURES: - Online mode - Over 400 boards - Helpful hints -Experience an epic tile-matching journey Sharpen your matchingskills solving more than 400 creative layouts. Get more addictingsets from within to complete the fabulous quest of Mahjong 2:Hidden Tiles! The rules are so easy - match identical tiles toclear the playfield. You won't be tired of this game knowing thathelpful tips can always help you out. The gameplay is greatlyenriched by the free online mode, which allows you to compete withlive people in real time. Simple yet captivating puzzle conceptwill grant you hours upon hours of unforgettable mahjong fun!
Free Vegas Casino - Slot Machines 1.2.9
Play in a lucky Vegas casino wherever you are with free onlineslots. Double down, match golden sevens 777 at tumbling reels andmake a jackpot fortune. Spin and Win! Features of the Free VegasSlots casino game: * Your own casino only a tap away! * Free onlineslots with huge payouts * Variety of free slot games in yourfavorite settings * Vibrant colors and top-notch artworks * Bonusrounds, free spins and big wins * Take part in a casino tournamentto earn bonuses * Discover best casino games anywhere, everywhere!* Yet more free Vegas slots are coming soon! Feel in the heart ofVegas playing in a grand casino palace as you enjoy this sizzlinghot slot game. These big win slots open the doors to your casino ofdream. Choose from a variety of free online slot machines withbonus rounds. Play Gods of Egypt in the quest for the deserttreasure and find the pharaoh's gold. This setting is among toppopular for mobile casino games. Join Lucky Pirates to set sail formega fortune. Sooth your slotomania as you enter the Elven Forestfor magic fairytale slots. Go shopping and chat with your friendsover a fruit cocktail in Fashion Sweets slots. Let Big Apple Wintake you to 20s with first casino fruit machines, featuring LibertyBell and 777 on reels. Make a fortune with these thematic freeonline slots and unlock special casino mini-games. For instance, inFashion Sweets, join a lucky lady on a quest for bonus cash prizes.Follow a mermaid and dive for a dolphin’s pearl and sunkentreasures in Big Golden Reef casino. Whatever mega slots youchoose, be sure to get best gambling games out there with exclusivecasino app. With these casino slots, you are always a tap away fromfortune. Add your friends to get free spins and bonus coins. Besure to share your luck too! Tournament is another reason to playslots with friends. It's a good opportunity to win bonuses andenjoy casino games like never before. *** Did you know that freeslot machines are top popular casino games, as one-armed banditsoffer big cash prizes? Free video slots took this game of chance tonew heights, opening a casino within your reach. While some freeslot machines offer an opportunity to win real money or prizes,this particular casino app do not offer "real money gambling". So,even if you hit a jackpot, you can only spend your big winningswithin the same free slot games. Free Vegas Slots is intended forplayers of 21 and above for amusement purposes only. Mind thisbefore installing this free mobile casino game.
Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure
Best free detective game of 2019 returns for a new season! LizzyDark not gonna make it without her buddy cop. So grab your gun andsolve another high-profile case! 5 Things You Must Know About ThisHit Whodunit What’s going on here? In case you missed it, CrimeCity Detective is a police procedural crime drama turned into afree hidden object game. Every criminal case is a separate chapterand present all sorts of crimes, from art center burglary tobombing and white collar crimes. However, as the story unfolds, youstart suspecting a puppeteer behind it all. It's getting so thatyou will have to challenge one of the brightest criminal minds ofthe world… or even a secret society that leaves mafia far behind.So, it’s just all about finding objects, right? NO. Actually, thisHOG offers lots of activities and ways to progress. Scouring hiddenobject scenes is basically crime scene investigation. First youcollect hidden clues, then you let forensic scientists analyseevidence and interview a less silent witness if you are luckyenough to find one. Complemented by a variety of jigsaw puzzles,match 3 and word games, it gives you a wide opportunity to earncash and bonus points. Apart from that, while you rest and regainenergy, you may also get involved in law enforcement around thecity. Help traffic wardens issue parking tickets, send SWAT todetain thugs or prevent street shooting. In a sin city, a policeofficer always has a job to do. Who’s that babe on the screenshot?If you mean the blonde, it’s inspector Elizabeth Dark, and you’dbetter watch your manners. She is a tough thing, and your boss bythe way. A couple of years ago she lost her second, and finallyagreed to become a training officer for a promising rookie (you!).That missing homicide detective was apparently her secret flame,but (shh!) that’s just between us. She is a keen investigator andwill often draw you in a dangerous adventure. She also likes toplay spies in disguise and brags a wardrobe of outfits which somedressing games may only dream about. Is it actually free to play?Yes, all quests are unlocked and you download full game version.You can play 100% free of charge online or offline. Though the gameoffers boosters for real money, it also gives you plenty of chancesto earn them without paying anything. Play with friends andexchange gifts, win tournaments, collect daily bonus, or watchrewarded video to name a few. By the way, you are also welcome tomaintain law and order in your city (see point 2 above). What’scoming next in 2020? What’s good about crime games is that new casefiles are coming out regularly. Be it a murder mystery or aforgery, it will encourage you to revisit previous locations andnew hidden object scenes. The hunt for criminal mastermindcontinues, and perhaps you will be the one to disclose theconspiracy! Enjoying Crime City Detective Adventure? Learn moreabout the game! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Crime-City-Detective-265670850528590 Website:http://absolutist.com YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBA Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
365: My Daily Hidden 1.5.10
Play daily hidden object games free with friends and collectprizes.Make your weather forecast sunny 365 days a year and unlockyourmotivational daily quotes. In this free hidden object game youareto find items in the picture against the clock. All hiddenlocationsare colorful HD photos. Created by HOG fans, this freemobile gameoffers both fun pastime and challenge to search andfind gamesaddicts. All items on the hidden scenes change theirpositionwhenever you replay them. Various anomalies, e.g. Nightmode, addspecial zest to the item search gameplay. New levels areadded everyday and are free to play for a week or as long as youwant them!Find items in pictures as quickly as you can! Move thepicture whenit is zoomed to find the hidden objects! You can zoomin the pictureto find the hidden item easily! Some objects arehidden in theshadows of other objects. Go through all the levelsof thismagnificent mystery hidden object quest and enjoy theunforgettableadventure where you should search for hidden itemsand lost objects.And if you like mystery hidden object games, tryTimeGaphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.timegapandCrimeCityhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.citydetectiveFeaturesof this free hidden object puzzle 🔍 Play new hidden objectlevelsadded daily 🔍 Discover this day in history 🔍 Master varioushiddenobject modes 🔍 Search items on beautiful HD photos 🔍Complete tasksfor inspirational daily quotes 🔍 Play with friendsto gift andreceive energy 🔍 Earn multiple achievements Hidden 365is the recipeto create sunny mood every day. Search for hiddenobjects onhigh-resolution photos, complete tasks and receive yourdailyfortune. It’s not a daily horoscope, but rather motivationalquotesto cheer up. Play and learn facts about historical eventsassociatedwith the date. Add friends to receive free energy andearnachievements as you enjoy pure hidden object gameplay. Whilefreehidden levels are unlocked, older find-it scenes freeze,butpurchased levels stay with you forever. Instead ofdownloadingholiday games just replay themed hidden object locationsto createfestive mood. Along with finding objects you collectcurious factsand brainy quotes about travelling, sports, businessand love. So,every day you change your weather forecast and let thesun shineupon you! We made this game for hidden and escape gameslovers.Thank you for playing our search and find games. You are thebest!Don't forget to rate them! Get a little hint from gamedevelopercreated the most compelling hits such as "Time Gap: HiddenObjectMystery", "Twilight Town", "Bubble Shooter", "MysteriezHiddenNumbers", "Twisted Worlds"- Personally, I first examinethoroughlythe hidden scene and then I start tapping on hidden itemsI wasable to find. So it turns out to earn a combo and get morepoints!Look for more new challenging adventure games and hiddenobjectfull games from our studio! You may require an Internetconnectionto take access its social features. You can play thisgame withoutInternet. Enjoying 365: My Daily Hidden? Learn moreabout the game!Facebook: http://facebook.com/Absolutist.gamesWebsite:http://absolutist.ruYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds
Play an exciting fantasy hidden object game for sci-fi loversandsave the world from peril. A brave adventurer, you discoveramagical portal and get drawn into a mystery greater than youeverexpected. Solve thrilling puzzles and investigate hiddenobjectscenes as you journey into the unknown. Opening with thestunningcutscene, the gameplay will draw you right into the heartof themystery. You are tasked with saving two realms from timecollapse.Find hidden clues in stunning hand drawn scenes anduncover thesecret behind mysterious symbols surrounding us. Gamefeatures ●Meet a cast of mysterious characters ● Master loads ofexcitingmodes with every new level ● Discover surprises at everyturn ●Travel around the world… and beyond ● Solve exciting puzzleswithnumbers ● Explore beautiful locations ● Full version of thegamefor free Set off on all-new adventure from the makers of thehithidden object game Time Gap played by over thousands of fans.Takea break from your daily routine and dive into a mystery gamelikeno other. And if you like mystery hidden object games, try TimeGaphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.timegapandTwilightTownhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.twilighttownHowever,this HOG is more than just a mystery game. It's a brandnew hiddenobject game with lots of unique features. First, you aregoing tovisit the most beautiful places in the world… and theirreflectionin the parallel reality. In order not to lose yourselfin a fantasyworld, use hints and watch the time. Inhabited by thewild andwonderful characters, it is absolutely bewitching.Secondly, it isnot an ordinary story game. Instead, each questwill unravel thehistory of the humanity. While you make incrediblecollections youwill enjoy a story of our civilization. Theartifacts collecteddisplay establishment and evolution ofdifferent spheres of ourlife. Get to know about the medievalbattles, inventions of theVictorian era, and modern discoveries.This fantastic free-to-playhidden object game is indeed a journeythrough centuries full ofintrigue. Moreover, we even dared to lookfurther. Ever wonderedwhat incredible events await you? Playchallenging mini-games andlook into the future. Uncover a newmystery in each new quest youcomplete. Further on, various amuletshelp you progress quicker.Take advantage of a cumulative dailybonus to amass coins andcrystals, and prepare energy boosters fromthe found ingredientswithout a single in-app purchase! In a word,we took the best ofyour favourite genres and mixed them in amystery game you’ll love.So, get ready for the journey of alifetime in this epic hiddenobject adventure game unlike anythingyou’ve seen before. Getinvolved in a story to take you into aworld of thrilling mystery -the Future! Enjoying Hidden Numbers:Twisted Worlds? Learn moreabout the game!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Hidden-Numbers-Twisted-Worlds-Community-472912176179944/Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Animal Hide and Seek for Kids 5.8.26
Play with cute animals in a fun educational game. Colorfulhiddenobject levels and interactive tasks makes it an amusinglearninggame for kids. Animal Hide and Seek is a free learninghiddenobject game designed specifically for kids. Features ofAnimal Hideand Seek for Kids ★ designed specifically for children ★ideal forpreschool education ★ easy game mechanics for learning andfun ★embark on an exciting adventure into the world of nature ★variouslandscapes grant hours upon hours of exciting gameplay ★thislearning game helps your kids to develop creative thinkingandlogic skills This kids finding game will help your childrenlearnmore about African wildlife in a fun way. This educationalgame isalso a great tool for learning animal sounds. Don’t wonderif yourchildren will meet kind and funny dinosaurs. Knowing howexcitedkids are about the prehistoric creatures, we added a DinoPark packin this hidden object game to give your toddlers a chancetoobserve these amazing animals. The kids games haveeasy-to-catchmechanics and don't require any language skills. Eventhe youngestchildren will get involved into the magic world ofhidden objectfor kids. There are 12 African landscapes in thislearning game,and every time you play the animals are hidden in anew location,so you have an endless supply of amusement. Noadditional rules -just find the animals! With cheerful charactersand interactivepuzzles this learning game for kids will give yourchildrenunforgettable pastime!
Bubblez: Magic Bubble Quest 5.1.30
Bubblez: Magic Bubble Quest is an extremely addictive match 3puzzlegame for anyone from the age of 5 to 95. Playing the game isreallyeasy: shoot at like-colored bubbles to make them pop. You'llspendhours exploding bubbles on your device in three game modes inthisexciting game in bubble shooter genre. Here are awesomefeatures ofthis bubble shooter game: - Choose between 3 gamemodes: Classic,Adventure and Arcade - Make your way through 1400+bubble puzzlelevels - Enjoy classic bubble shooter gameplay inCollector andSniper modes - Tailor game difficulty to yourmatching skills -Challenge your friends and share yourachievements - Customizebubble skins and backgrounds in thisbubble shooter minigame - Fullversion of the game for free ChooseAdventure mode and display bothlogic and bubble popper skills topass numerous tricky levels. Thegoal changes with every level, aswell as bonuses scattered on theboard. Collect keys, break throughfrozen and stone balls, shoot thelightning to unleash a bubbleavalanche or burst bubbles as you tryto beat your friends' score!Choose Arcade mode and have hours offun trying to pass more than1400 levels. Put your bubble pop skillsto test and meet the levelgoal before you run out of moves. It’s infact quite a challengingtask, as each level has its own specialballs you'll have to dealwith. Blast Fireflies so they would flyaway and pop bubbles of thecolor they were hit with; get rid of Webthat prevents the adjacentbubbles from falling down or hit Bomb toburst all adjacentbubbles. Press and hold to aim and score more.Use multipleboosters and power-ups to earn 3 stars on each bubblearcade level.Finally choose Classic mode to relax and forget aboutthe dailyroutine by tapping bubbles. No energy, no lives, nolimits. Clearthe play field making groups of three or more bubblesof the samecolor and try to make huge bubble avalanches. Theindicator in thebottom left shows the number of unsuccessful shotstill anotherline appears. Start with Easy Ride game difficulty,reach newbubble shooter levels of skill and become a master. Thefans ofClassic bubble shooter games may choose between CollectorandSniper modes. Sniper mode obliges you to consider every singletap.Improve your shooting and targeting abilities: the fewer shotsyoumake, the higher score you get. Collector mode is a bubbleshootinggame where the aim is to get the highest possible score.When youmiss to burst bubbles a number of times the row moves down.Bouncemarbles with similar colors line-by-line until nothing isleft.Explode all of them and collect the highest score. In a word,ifyou enjoy bubble games, this arcade is sure to absorb you!EnjoyingBubblez: Magic Bubble Quest? Learn more about the game!Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Hidden Objects: Twilight Town
The fate of the Twilight Town uncertain until you stop thevillainsbefore they unleash powerful forces that will destroy themysticalcity. Are you brave enough to uncover the dark secret ofTwilightTown and stop the villains before it's too late? Get readytodiscover the truth in this stunning mix of hidden secretsandmysterious city building games full of twists and turns! Thelastin your line, you have been summoned to Twilight Town to becometheJudge of the Others. It’s up to you to investigate themysteriousdeath or your predecessor. Constantine was down onsomething, butwas removed from the board before exposing theculprit. As you lookinto the entanglement of clues, you soon learnthere’s more to thistown than meets the eye. Everyone seems to havedouble life, andyou’d better trust no one playing Hidden Objects:Twilight Town, amystery adventure quest. The time has come tounravel the web ofintrigues, choose your side in the eternal warbetween vampires andwerewolves and protect people from the evil.The Others need theirJudge! Get ready for an incredible adventurein the mystery world.And if you like mystery hidden object games,try TimeGaphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.timegapandCrimeCityhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.citydetectiveFinditems in pictures as quickly as you can! Move the picture whenit iszoomed to find the hidden objects! You can zoom in thepicture tofind the hidden item easily! Go through all the levelsof thismagnificent mystery hidden object quest and enjoy theunforgettableadventure where you should search for hidden itemsand lost objects.GAME FEATURES: ❤ Absolutely Free & Fun forall ages and Genders❤ Silhouette hidden objects – a challenginglevel for finding items!❤ Display your city building strategyskills ❤ Delve up the mysteryadventure quest ❤ Explore richlydetailed hidden object scenes ❤Complete 100 magic collections ❤Fight the evil with might and magic❤ Run your own detectiveinvestigation to track down the villain ❤Manage goods supply, careabout the citizens and improve yourreputation ❤ Meet a colorfulcast of characters, each in two guises❤ Solve clever word puzzles❤ Earn coins in Match 3 mini-game ❤ Winartifacts and cash in aspooky casino We added 3 in a row, questsand puzzles minigames foryour relaxation and distraction from themain storyline . At the"mach 3" levels you will find a lot ofpuzzles, beautifulanimations, and useful bonuses. Move and match 3things of the sametype three in row to burst and win points. Enjoymatch-3 puzzlegame, it’s cool! We made this game for hidden andescape gameslovers.Thank you for playing our search and find games.You are thebest! Don't forget to rate them! Look for more newchallengingadventure games and hidden object full games from ourstudio! I’msure if you are looking for item searching games, it’sthat youneed! Seeker, find all the things and hidden subjects in apictureand share this hidden object adventure with your friends andfamilymembers. You may require an Internet connection to takeaccess itssocial features. Enjoying Twilight Town? Learn more aboutthegame!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Hidden-Objects-Twilight-Town-Community-973170712715448/Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Bremen Town Musicians: Free Book for Kids 5.5.6
Embark on a fascinating journey to the town of Bremen with anewgeneration of books! The book covers auditory and visual stylesoflearning. Bremen Town Musicians Free is packed withexcitingactivities for preschoolers. One of the main bookparticularitiesis music. It accompanies you while you go from pageto page andcreates a unique atmosphere. Just with one touch of afinger yourchildren can brighten up all the details like flowers,musicalinstruments, animals and buildings. Tap the screen toenjoypleasant and melodious sounds. Every page of Bremen TownMusiciansFree can be easily turned into fascinating match threepuzzle. Helpour cheerful characters to explore the world of fairytales!Features: ★ Enjoy over 15 matching games ★ Reading experienceforpreschoolers ★ Splendid sound effects ★ Numerous enchanting andfunanimations on every page ★ “Read to me” and "Read by me" modes★Colorful and child friendly graphics Interactive storytellingThemain characters of the book are four animals: a dog, a cat,arooster and a donkey. Since they are all bored with farming,thecharacters decide to form a band and become famous musicians. Beapart of the story and visit Bremen with our friends. There aremanycolorful pages with easy-to-read texts. This interactivestorybookwill be interesting for toddlers, preschoolers andkindergartenkids.Your children can play guitar, drums and lots ofdifferentmusic instruments along with the animals as the storyunfolds. Thebook has a lot of interactive elements and, thus, turnsreadinginto a breathtaking process. Kids will learn music, Englishandimprove motor skills. A great number of mini-games help todevelopcreative thinking, attention and logic reasoning. Picturesareevocative and lovely, which creates the enchanting atmosphere ofakind fairy tale. It is a MUST have book for your children! Doyouhave questions? Contact our tech support atsupport@absolutist.com
Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery
Plunge deep in a whirlwind adventure with Time Gap hiddenobjectmystery game. A mysterious event wipes away humanity, sendingyouon a quest to save the day. However, it's more than theoriginalstoryline that makes this free adventure game so addicting.Travelaround the world with the help of an interactive map andexplorebeautiful HO locations. Zoom in and explore a HOS in detailto findhidden objects as quickly as you can! Master various searchmodes,including silhouette hidden objects. And if you like mysteryhiddenobject games, try TwilightTownhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.twilighttownandCrimeCityhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.citydetectiveTiredof finding items? Bonus match 3 puzzles and bubble gamesprovide fora rich game experience. Moreover, while you completemultiple tasksyou assemble diverse collections. Unravelinteresting facts aboutLeonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, queenCleopatra and otherhistoric personalities. GAME FEATURES: -Absolutely free & funfor all ages and genders - Completecountless tasks and play formonths - Follow the fantasticstoryline and solve the mystery -Experience diverse hidden objectgameplay by exploring 35 hiddenobject locations - Unlock 100+bubble shooter levels, 3 in a row andblock puzzles - Discovercurious historical facts and make uniquecollections - New hiddenobject scenes and minigames are added withupdates - Play withfriends and unlock weekly tournaments - Takepart in special eventsand explore secret locations on the map Thisfree mystery quest wascreated by and for devoted hidden objectgames fans. Thank you forplaying! If you enjoy playing Time GapHidden Object Mystery, tryother search and find games from ourstudio. Discover more newchallenging adventure games and hiddenobject full games! EnjoyingTime Gap: Hidden Object Mystery? Learnmore about the game!Facebook: http://facebook.com/TimeGapCommunityWebsite:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Boxie: Hidden Object Puzzle 1.14.4
Discover the wonderful world of adventure! Play Hidden Object,Match3 and Bubble games with your Virtual Pet. Treat him withyummies andmake a collection of Surprise Boxie-Pets! Compete withyour friends,exchange free gifts and set new records! Gamefeatures: ★ Petsimulator ★ The game contains a variety ofmini-games: arcade, match3, puzzles, hidden object, 2048 andbubble shooter ★ Find fantasticbeasts in the game ★ Encyclopediaof the game about animals Everwanted to slip into the secret lifeof pets? Meet Boxie! Boxie is anamiable talking virtual pet, whichcan grow into any animal,depending on food you treat it with. Howmany fabulous pets can youget? Nurture your Boxie, feed it with omnom fruit and veggies, ormeat delicates. Sated, Boxie likes toplay free games. Visit puzzleplayground for logic and board games,like mahjong solitairemini-game or memory game. Arcade sandbox iswaiting for you to playBubbles games or match 3 blitz. If youprefer seek and find games,crawl into a haunted castle. This simgame will also become one ofyour kid's favourite educational apps.Stuffed with logic puzzlesand arcade mini-games, it features coolanimations. Let yourchildren make fun dressing Boxie. So, playgames and earn money andachievements in this free virtual pet sim.Boxie will certainlybecome your best friend! Enjoying Boxie:Hidden Object Puzzle? Learnmore about the game! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.gamesWebsite: http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Fitz: Free Match 3 Puzzle 1.10.5
Discover a new way to play the world's favorite Bejeweledmechanics!Create chains of similar figures to unlock coloredtiles. Beat youropponents online and see how high you can score inthe global leaderboard. Download Fitz and get a brilliant moodrecharger! Features: ♦Full version of the game for free ♦ Developyour matching skills ♦Enjoy free multiplayer mode ♦ Solve puzzlesfaster than youropponent to get bonus score ♦ Choose your languageof interfaceamong many available ♦ Submit achievements to theglobal leaderboard♦ Pleasant graphics and sounds make this gamenice and relaxing ThisMatch-3 puzzle is easy to learn, yet hard tomaster. Swap figures,align 3 and repaint the tiles white. Everynew level presents youmuch more perplexing grids so you’ll needall your matchingexperience to get through this challenge. Improveyour skills,discover tricks and compete with other players inmultiplayer mode.Download the game and start your own adventurethrough the match 3world of Fitz! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.gamesWebsite: http://absolutist.ruYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Bathory: Bloody Countess Lite 1.2.3
The name of Elizabeth Bathory is associated with blood and fear.Butnow, few centuries later her story seems to receive athrillingcontinuation. Get down to the bottom of the legend andsave yoursister in Bathory: The Bloody Countess, an eerie hiddenobjectpuzzle game. Your little sister has always loved mysteriesandadventures, and that's why she became an archaeologist. Buteversince she was summoned to excavations in east Slovakia,Rosesuffered terrible nightmares of a dark hooded figure. Anxiousabouther last letter, you come to see her just to find out thatshevanished. Now it's up to you to learn the truth behind theancientlegend of the Countess Dracula before her castle claimsanothervictim. TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROMWITHIN THEGAME! Features: - Trendy hand-drawn artwork - Superbhidden objectlocations with variable item list - Crafty puzzlesandbrain-twisters - Compelling storyline and blood-chilling effects-Earn coins to purchase tools and more The history of almosteverycountry has a controversial figure whose sins and virtues havebeendebated for centuries. While most of the world knowsElizabethBathory as the ruthless serial killer, many biographersstill claimthat she was slandered. Taking a twist on differenttheories andspeculations, this hidden object adventure game appearsa stunningentanglement of legends and evidence, history and magic.Dare toenter the world where myth and fantasy are interwoven,whereheathen beliefs and rituals are still a commonplace. Challengeyouri-spy skills as you decipher secret messages and uncoverancientmanuscripts. Explore mesmerizing locations of a remotevillage lostin the Carpathians and search for clues in beautifullydrawnseek-and-find scenes. Collect gold coins and buy various goodstohelp you crack the mind-twisting riddles and escape thedeadlycontraptions of the medieval keep. Stop the blood ritebeforesomething darker than the myth itself comes to live inBathory: TheBloody Countess, a haunted hidden object adventuregame. EnjoyingBathory: Bloody Countess Lite? Learn more about thegame! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Mysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana Adventure game 1.2.2
Drift away in the world of magic, where paintings come aliveinMysteries and Nightmares: Morgiana, a dark hidden objectadventuregame. TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAY this darkmysteryadventure game forever offline! Once upon a time in a landfar, faraway there ruled a wise king and a graceful queen. They hadtwotalented daughters, both born with magic. Young Arabella wasasweet child, and older Morgiana often felt jealous of herparents’attention. In thirst for revenge she decided to resort toblackmagic thinking not of the price. But dark powers are not tobetrifled with, and the once glorious kingdom now lies inruins.Discover the end of that long-forgotten story as you exploreatumbledown castle, avoid its malevolent dwellers and passthroughdangerous traps and challenging puzzles to recall who youare.Features - a bewitching adventure game full of mystery andmagic -8 hidden object puzzles and numerous brain-teasers -interactivemap to help you navigate through the painted worlds -replayablecutscenes and professional voice acting - smart and cutelittlecompanion - eldritch environments and sound effects - TRY ITfree,THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! MysteriesandNightmares: Morgiana takes you on a journey through multipleworlds-- to picturesque jungles, full of life and vibrant colors,tofrozen caverns with unimaginable eerie creatures and thescorchedland of Anazgharod, the realm of fire. Though, you won’t bealonein your quest. An amusing speaking mouse will help you findhiddenobjects, reach the items beyond your grasp and solvemind-bendingpuzzles. By the way, this hide and seek game features aremarkablecollection of mini-games. These are classic board gamesliketangrams, jigsaw puzzles and unblock games, but also a fewmatch 3levels and more original brain-teasers. While you followthecompelling storyline, you are going to learn quite a fewmagictricks, often turned into a spectacular game movie.Theeye-catching animations, spine-chilling sound effects andghostlyapparitions maintain the entourage which every scary hiddenobjectgames fan will definitely appreciate. So, wait no more andset outfor a blood-curdling adventure in Mysteries andNightmares:Morgiana. Prove the find it games master and retrieveyour trueself and your destiny as you unearth the legend of thebygonetimes. *** Discover more from Absolutist***Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.ruYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Logicly Educational Puzzle 5.5.7
Logicly: Educational Puzzle for Kids is a great logic appintendedfor learning and preschool activities. It is a perfectmeans thathelps your kids to find the logical order and improvetheir basicskills. Your little ones are sure to enjoy four thematiclevelpacks which contain numerous educational puzzles. All thepuzzlesare beautifully colored and will captivate your kids fromthe firstsecond. Each pack has its own inimitable story. PlayingLogicly:Educational Puzzle for Kids your children will not onlyentertain,but also improve their logic reasoning, diligence,assiduity,memory and attention. Features: ★ 4 amazing level packs ★Each packhas its own inimitable story ★ Numerous logic puzzles ★Educationalbrainteaser for your kids ★ Beautiful graphics ★ Perfectmeans forpreschool activities Logicly: Educational Puzzle for Kidsis anamazing logic game that fits even the smallest kids. The rulesareeasy. There are several pictures which representparticularsituation. The aim is to put them to the suitablepositionaccording to the logical order. The piece begins to sparkwhen youput it to the appropriate place. So, don't waste your timeand getthis app for your kids. They will enjoy every secondsolvingcaptivating educational puzzles! Do you have questions?Contact ourtech support at support@absolutist.com
Puss in Boots: Free Touch Book 5.5.5
Enjoy a beautiful story about an awkward miller's son inheritance—a cat. The most renowned tale in the world is now interactive!Cutecharacters live their own life while the story unfolds.Explorefascinating scenes, interact with lovely animals andanimatedsurroundings. In-story activities include 3 differentgamingmechanics, which help to develop visual memory, logicthinking andmotor skills. Download the book and grant your kids aneducativeplayground! Educational value: • Memory games with dozensof levels• Shape and shadow puzzles • The well-liked labyrinth game• 20pages with 2 reading modes: “Read to Me” and “Read by Me”•Atmospheric music and sounds Once upon a time there lived amillerwho had three sons. When the old man died, the sons sharedhisheritage. The oldest one kept the mill, the second took adonkeyand the youngest son got nothing but a cat. “What will I dowith acat? Are we going to catch mice together or something?” theyoungerson lamented. But, little did he know that he'll becomeMarquis ofCarabas very soon. Join the fairy tale and take part intheincredible adventures of Puss in Boots. Funny characters fillthestory with magic and laughter. Every page of the book hasfuninteractions and educative mini-games adding new details tothestory. A professional voice over narrator will read to your kidsifyou choose the “Read to Me” option. Tap on “Reed by Me” tofollowthe story by your own. Puss in Boots presents you lots offun,reading, playing and listening! Get this book and sharefairyadventures with your little ones!
WTF Detective: Hidden Object Mystery Cases 1.13.4
Best free adventure game 2020! Well, at least in our opinion,andyou should definitely play and make your own. Search hiddencluesin the photorealistic hidden object scenes and try to trackthevillain in every detective story. Every episode of the game isanew criminal case, and a quirky one! Follow the storyline andmakeyour choices to put the real culprit behind the bars..Hiddenobject levels created by HOG fans. Finding games fans oftenseekfor vivid hidden object scenes with true to life colors andsizesof hidden items. As such, we intended to create a fun hiddenobjectgame for the like-minded to enjoy. We ensured that photo HOSaredifferent, with landscape views and close-ups, with indoorandoutdoor locations to explore. Hidden object game modes alsovary,maintaining the challenge for new and continued players.Acollection of puzzles to unlock. Enjoy puzzle timeperfectlyentwined with the detective storyline. If hidden objectgameplaystands for the crime scene investigation, then logicminigames letyou work with the evidence. Feel a true detective asyou decipherseeker’s notes and secret files by solving jigsawpuzzles and wordfinder games. Play with sound and try to crack thevault in searchfor the hidden truth. Run forensic analyses with yetmore puzzlesand arcade mini-games as you progress. Play withfriends andexchange free gifts. Even the great Sherlock Holmescouldn’t solvecrimes without a partner. Why should you? Invitefriends to joinyou in this thrilling detective game and discovernumerousadvantages. Exchange free energy to play more hidden objectlevelsand puzzle games, earn bonus points and win cash and in-gamegoodsin weekly tournaments. Moreover, adorable animal aids canalsoprovide you with extra coins and XP. So, grab all the fansofpolice dramas you know and solve criminal cases together in oneofthe best free hidden object adventure games out there! EnjoyingWTFDetective? Learn more about the game!Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Mysteriez: Hidden Numbers 1.4.8
Mysteriez: Hidden Numbers offers a long hours journey througheyecaptivating scenes accompanied by pleasant music. Discover40hidden numbers in the incredible graphics environment. This gameisfree and easy to understand. No special language skillsneeded!Features: ● No language skills needed ● 3200+ items to find● 80levels to explore ● Enjoy pleasant music and fantastic visuals●Get powerful hint upgrade ● ABC family-friendly game ●AddictingHidden Object gameplay ● See how high you can score andsubmit yourresults to global leaderboards Make learning a joy! Thisis a greatexample of ABC family games and an exciting way for kidsto getbasic math skills. Though the game is quite a challengeforeveryone, you can play it with your children to learn numbersanddevelop attention. Be quick to get time bonuses and submityourscore to global leader board. Examine the tiniest details, zoominand out and tap 40 hidden numbers on every location. Icons ontheframe will show what is yet to find. Be quick to gain extrascoreand accurate enough as every mishit results in time penalty.Youhave only 5 minutes to cope with your task and prove your ispytalents. Mysteriez: Hidden Numbers grants a great opportunitytolearn while playing. Launch your expedition to discoverhiddenwonders as you travel through time and space. Be the firsttounravel top unsolved mysteries!
Bathory - The Bloody Countess 1.3.27
Absolutist Ltd
The name of Elizabeth Bathory is associated with blood and fear.Butnow, few centuries later her story seems to receive athrillingcontinuation. Get down to the bottom of the legend andsave yoursister in Bathory: The Bloody Countess, an eerie hiddenobjectpuzzle game. Your little sister has always loved mysteriesandadventures, and that's why she became an archaeologist. Buteversince she was summoned to excavations in east Slovakia,Rosesuffered terrible nightmares of a dark hooded figure. Anxiousabouther last letter, you come to see her just to find out thatshevanished. Now it's up to you to learn the truth behind theancientlegend of the Countess Dracula before her castle claimsanothervictim. Features: - Trendy hand-drawn artwork - Superbhiddenobject locations with variable item list - Craftybrain-twisters -Compelling storyline and blood-chilling effects -Earn coins topurchase tools and more The history of almost everycountry has acontroversial figure whose sins and virtues have beendebated forcenturies. While most of the world knows ElizabethBathory as theruthless serial killer, many biographers still claimthat she wasslandered. Taking a twist on different theories andspeculations,this hidden object adventure game appears a stunningentanglementof legends and evidence, history and magic. Dare toenter the worldwhere myth and fantasy are interwoven, where heathenbeliefs andrituals are still a commonplace. Challenge your i-spyskills as youdecipher secret messages and uncover ancientmanuscripts. Exploremesmerizing locations of a remote village lostin the Carpathiansand search for clues in beautifully drawnseek-and-find scenes.Collect gold coins and buy various goods tohelp you crack themind-twisting riddles and escape the deadlycontraptions of themedieval keep. Stop the blood rite beforesomething darker than themyth itself comes to live in Bathory: TheBloody Countess, ahaunted hidden object adventure game. EnjoyingBathory - The BloodyCountess? Learn more about the game!Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Steal the Meal: Free Unblock Puzzle 1.7.5
Feed an insatiable red cat in Steal the Meal: Free UnblockPuzzle.Enjoy a new comic twist on classic mechanics with cutecharactersand amuzing sounds. Help the spy mice filch strings ofsausages,fish, ham and other yummy treats from the fridge. The lessmovesyou make, the more stars you get. Collect stars to unlocknewbrain-teasing levels for free! Challenge your logic with acheerfulunblock game for all ages! Product Features: * Cutecharacteranimation and sounding * 100+ challenging sliding blockpuzzles *Unlock new level packs free * Mind-twisting game Once upona timein a fridge. A fat red cat (no, not Garfield) always wants toeat.The only way for the mice to survive is to supply him withmeat.Help them swipe some treats out the fridge in Steal theMeal:Unblock Puzzle. Move the mice with the strings of vegetablesandfruit on the playfield to lead for the breadwinner to thedoor.Various obstacles will stand in your way. Some of them aremovable,others have to be passed round. Apply your unblock skillsto makethe least moves and earn 3 stars. Sneak your way through100+puzzle levels and unlock new level packs free! Enjoy funnyanimatedcharacters and unusual game concept with a comicbrain-teaser!Facebook: http://facebook.com/Absolutist.gamesWebsite:http://absolutist.ruYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at support@absolutist.com
Mate in One Move: Chess Puzzle 1.8.5
Who said that to checkmate in one move is easy? A new puzzlegameproves the contrary. Mate in One Move: Chess Puzzle bringstogethera powerful combination of learning tasks and features forimprovingyour game. Wage intellectual warfare finding the checkmatein eachpuzzle. This is a premium game for those who are trying togetbetter at chess! Features: - Perform tricky checkmates in onemove- Sharpen your skills with 200 chess puzzles - Enjoyincrediblechessboard layouts - Recognize patterns and improvepositioningplanning - Flexible settings allow to play veterans andcasualgamers alike! Double Attack! If you like chess and puzzles,whydon't you try to play both at the same time? Enjoy a new wayofplaying chess with Mate in One Move: Chess Puzzle. Try to findatricky mate in incredible positions and combinations of morethantwo knights, queens or other pieces on the board. With threelevelsof difficulty the game will always change. Put your skills totestand proceed solving a huge library of chess problems. Featuringaplethora of flexible game settings, Mate in One Move issuitablefor both novice and expert players. For those who don'tknow athing about the game, a chess-move manual included. Just tapafigure to see the possible moves. Intuitive menu system,advancedvisual graphics and realistic sounds make this gamesuitable forplayers of all ages. Download the game to improve yourchess skilland become a grandmaster!
Hidden Art: Twilight at Museum 1.1.3
Wander the galleries and find inaccuracies on a seriesofmasterpieces in Hidden Art: Twilight at Museum. Discover 4gamemodes, play against the time and prove a connoisseur in thisartfulhidden object game. TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAYthisHidden Object game forever offline!! Did you know thatmanypainters leave easter eggs for true connoisseurs of art? Haveyouever come across historical discrepancies on a canvas? Wouldyoulike to get to the bottom of the symbolic meaning of therecognizedmasterpieces? Play Hidden Art: Twilight in Museum andfind hiddenobjects on the classic works of Sandro Botticelli,Edouard Manet,Pieter Paul Rubens, Ilya Repin and other eminentartists of variousschools and epochs. Features: – 4 creative gamemodes (Blitz, Quiz,Joke and Words) – 3 level packs with dozens ofhidden masterpieceswithin – Amazing facts about the paintings youthought you know –Family-friendly i-spy gameplay – TRY IT, THENUNLOCK THE FULLVERSION FROM WITHIN THE GAME! Art Paradox While MonaLisa provesthe best known and the most parodied work of art in theworld,there still remains plenty of room for imagination andmockery.During the open night in the museum some artful jokercrawled inand decided to fill in the details on all canvasesexhibited in theClassic Art Gallery. Now you must arm yourself withpatience andpower of observation and help the masterpieces recoverfrom theeffects of the culprit's creative mood. Hidden Art offersyou tosolve the secrets of great art and search for elements thatanartist might not have originally painted. Playingseek-and-findwith an unknown forger turns up a real challengebecause not allthe misfits are as obvious as surveillance camerasand cell phones.This straightforward find it game features fourplaying modes inwhich you are supposed to seek for the hiddenobjects by word listor silhouettes playing against the time. Thequiz for the artexperts is sure to reveal the secret message behinda canvas youthought you knew, unveiling the artist's background andtherealities of his epoch. It's twilight in the museum and it'shightime to solve the classic hidden object mysteries.
ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Object 1.5.2
Go on adventure through epochs as you search for hidden objectsinmystery locations. Bring back the sweetest memories kept onthepictures of a large family album. Find the alphabets blendedwiththe scenery end experience free seek & find fun withthisunbelievable hidden object game. Game feature: - pure hiddenobjectgame - no language skills needed - awesome graphics andsounds -additional level packs - blitz game mechanics - globalleaderboards Alphabet of Mystery Streets, stations, mystery castlesand agreat number of other spectacular locations make exploring funandamusing. No additional rules and boring crossword descriptions,nolanguage skills required, just letters! Sumptuous graphicscleverlymasks hidden treasures: alphabets. Be attentive to everydetail,zoom in and out to find 26 hidden letters on everylocation.Special icons indicate your game progress. Be quick andprecise tocomplete your quest for fun in 5 minutes. Download ABCMysteriezand start to improve your hidden object skills! This gameis freeto start. If you enjoy — feel free to buy more levelpacks:Flashbacks, Hobby, Retro! Be quick to get time bonuses andsubmityour score to global leader board!
Mahjong: Hidden Symbol Free 1.15.5
Journey through 4000-year history of classic Mahjong in 50uniquelayouts! Enjoy the ancient game and improve your matchingskills.Be the first to discover new stylish free match gameMahjong:Hidden Symbol! Features: - 400 levels - Addictivefamily-friendlygameplay - Relaxing music - Multiplayer mode Therules are easy –match identical tiles to clear the playfield. Don’tforget that youcan use the tiles with free right or left side only.Play hundredsof layouts in unlimited version. You can either enjoythis relaxingboard game alone or play in multiplayer mode!According to alegend, Mahjong was thought up in ancient times bythe fishermanTsze as a means to distract from the seasickness.Today Mahjong:Hidden Symbol is a fine means to distract from dailyroutine.
Greatest Artists:Jigsaw Puzzle 5.4.27
Create the masterpieces with a touch. Get acquainted with theworksof Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Raffaello Santi, LeonardodaVinci and other outstanding representatives of differentpaintingschools. Are you a connoisseur of art? If not you willundoubtedlybecome one of the fans of art with our new andabsolutely addictingpuzzle game Greatest Artists: Free JigsawPuzzle! It has become soeasy to get acquainted with the famousartists, and to learn moreabout their works. The game perfectlysuits both for kids andadults, and it helps to train yourattention, memory, accuracy andlogic skills. TRY it first, then PAYonce and PLAY this ClassicJigsaw Puzzle game forever offline!!Features: - numerous ofstunning level packs - canvases of thefamous artists - challengeto your logic skills - 4 different gamemodes - hints available -TRY IT , THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTUREFROM WITHIN THE GAME! Itslevel packs present a collection ofcanvases of such great artistsas: ***Anthony van Dyck ***ClaudeMonet ***Pierre-Auguste Renoir***Vincent van Gogh ***Jacques-LouisDavid ***Henryk Siemiradzki***Paul Cezanne ***Henriette Ronner-Knip***Fyodor Alekseev Touchthe beautiful and try to solve our amazingjigsaw puzzles. You cantry yourself in different game modes,including fifteen mode. Provethat you are the winner, apply allyour skills and knowledge and doyour best to gain a gold star!
Shadow Shapes: Free Puzzle 5.5.10
Have you ever dreamed your kid could read, learn, solve puzzlesandentertain at the same time? Shadow Shapes: Free Puzzle givessuch achance! It is not just an ordinary puzzle game. This appalsooffers amazing classic fairy-tales. It has three differentpacks tooffer: Cinderella, The Elephant's Child and Three LittlePigs levelpack. Each pack has 12 puzzles and a fairy-tale inside.Just unlockthe pack with shape puzzles and get a free book as abonus! ShadowShapes: Free Puzzle is a real mix of education,challenge and fun!Features: ★ Free book in each pack ★ 3 thematiclevel packs toenjoy ★ Numerous engaging shape puzzles ★ Educationalbrainteaserfor your kids ★ Picturesque graphics ★ Shape puzzle gamemechanics★ Learning practice for you kids Shadow Shapes: FreePuzzle is agreat mix that combines amazing shape puzzles with a funkidsfairy-tales. The task is really easy: restore the picturebydragging the piece to the suitable position. The piece beginstospark when you put it to the appropriate place. Just completeallthe puzzles in the pack and get a book as a bonus! Do youhavequestions? Contact our tech support at support@absolutist.com
Mystery Numbers: Hidden Object 1.9.5
Do you think it's easy to find 40 numbers in the picture? Thenproveit and try to cope at least with one level within a minute!Theincredible world of hidden object games opens its gate foreveryonein a new dimension. Get all the advantages from a specialrelease ofan ABSOLUTELY FREE game Mystery Numbers: Free HiddenObject.Investigate all levels without limitations and play as muchas youwant with online opponents. Get this game and discover yourway tovictory among other seek-and-find fans world wide! Features:♦ Enjoyunlimited version ♦ Compete with real people online ♦ Learnnumberswith your children ♦ Play as much as you want ♦ 400+objects to find♦ Great graphics and sounds create unforgettableatmosphere PlayMystery Numbers: Free Hidden Object with your kidsas they learnnumbers. It's a great mix of learning andentertaining. Thisfascinating free online hidden object gameoffers a lot of gorgeouslocations and hundreds of cleverly hiddenitems. Your task is tofind hidden numbers among a big quantity ofother objects. Doubletap on the screen zooms in/out the image.Exploring the picture inthe magnifier mode is easy as you drag theimage aside by the touchof your fingertips. Challenge othersonline as you master yourhidden object skills without limitations!