Abstract Game Studio Apps

Fruit Slice 1.9
Fruit Slice is a 3D game,it's free game,Enjoy more sweet anddelicious game.To play just cut fruit's in slicing style.To findmore fun and interest just slice more & more fruit's,butremember one thing don't slice the bomb.To score high you need tocut each and every fruit's.Fruit Slice has more interesting &Powerful UI on market.Fruit Slice has many types of fruit's likeorange,pineapple,coconut,banana,water melon etc.. flying up in theair.More interesting thing is when slicing the fruit's the splashesof juice spread on the background wall.For hard level play theArcade mode and score high in just 60 sec,but again don't slice thebomb.For easier level choose Relax mode & score high in 1:30min and also relax from bomb in the air,so relax and slice morefruit's.To play classic mode be aware from bomb & score high inlimited blades.masterpiece. Enjoy. How to play* Don't touch thebomb.* To score high get 3 hit combo,4 hit comb.* Arcade modecomplete level in 60 sec with high score.* Freeze mode help to richthe high score.Futures:* Fun and Free game.* Amazing 3D graphicsand sounds.* You can with play different backgrounds dash.*Different Challenging levels. * Arcade * Classic * Relax* Beautifulscenery and great animation.* Smooth game control feelings* Richbackground music and sound effects * Easy to play.You can Freedownload now!
Archery Master 1.3
Archery Master game is shoot a Target board with bow and arrow andachieve best score.Amazing animations and simple intuitivecontrols.Game Features:- Amazing animation and sounds.- Realistic2D graphics.- This game is very detailed and accurate.Download andplay Archery Master game, you will enjoy it.
Perfect Piano 1.1
Perfect Piano is designed to simulate playing a piano.Perfect Pianois Musical instrument in which you will love to learn & playagain & again, so enjoy Perfect Piano.Hit keys to play.PerfectPiano comes with great features, 4+ sound effects.Learn to playPiano like Professionals,beat friends and family in play fluentpiano.Perfect Piano is easy to learn & play.Best for Pianolearners and professionals.For Professionals create your own musicwith great sound effects.Our Perfect Piano app let's you choosemany different sound effects.So play piano like a professionals,beprofessional.* How To Play----------------------- Just Freely moveyour fingers over the Perfect Piano tiles,play like live music andfeel like a real musician.* Features-----------------------Realistic Graphics- 4 Different Sound Effects- Real Studio QualitySound- Multi-Touch- High-Quality Sound- Full 82 key Piano Keyboard-Auto-Resize to Device Layout- Pocket Size & Portable Piano-Perfectly Done Key-Animation- Simple but powerful- Adjust Piano atYour Comfort level- Fun is waiting for you. Start Enjoying !!!
Knock Down 1.07
The Knock Down game is to knock down all the boxes usingslingshot,when all boxes fall down level will complete. In eachlevel no. of birds ball, if you throw all birds ball without falldown boxes will level failed. Features • 50 amazing game playlevels. • Amazing graphics,sounds and user friendly interface. •Simple one touch controls. • You can download this game for free.
Toy Cars 1.2
Toy Cars is a fun free Casual game.Toy Cars game is one of its kindgame with select different cars to choose. This game is generallydesigned for all age groups.kids will love this Toy Cars game.ToyCars game is endless driving also adds to the beauty of this game.Features :- - Load/Save game anytime. - Driveable Loop. -Switchable Camera Views. - User friendly simple graphics. - BasicScoring & Sounds. - Select different transport mission. - Carrefill at Gas Station. - Three different cars types. - Automaticway point driving. - Individual drive-behavior (way point based).You can download this game for free.
Stunt Hill Biker 1
Stunt Hill Biker is best racing game with different play themes andamazing character.You can select different mountain bicycles andplay stunt action. Stunt hill biker is best mobile racinggame.Features:- Amazing 25+ game levels.- Realistic 2D physics.-Select different mountain bicycles.- Amazing stunt ramps. -Beautiful different play themes.- Stunning HD Graphics.- Amazinggame sounds.You can download this game for free!
pastel.doll.ab 1.03
Pastel Doll Make your own unique cartoon avatar! She will be themost cutest avatar in the world. Want to create a pastel dollavatar of a new character? Or maybe you dream of a picture of yourfavorite character but are not good at drawing? Our avatarconstructor is what you need! The app offers a large variety offragments for you to mix and match and dress up your originalcharacter. - More than 500+ decoration items! Skin color, hair,face, top, bottom, wing, sticker, etc. Make your own cutest pasteldoll avatars. - You can choose your own background! Save youravatars in 16: 9 resolution and set on your social media profile. -You can save your works and share! Easily save your work in app.Share your created characters with friends. Thank you for yourdownloads! Feel free to mail us if you have any problem orsuggestion: Looking forward to hearing from you!
ab.com.cannonmaster 1.3
The ultimate bottle shoot challenge is here! Hit the cannon bombinto the bottles to break them. Try to find the best way tocomplete each level. Be careful from moving wood box or otherobstacles. One-tap easy gameplay controls with stunning visualeffects & addictive gameplay mechanics. The game featuresaddictive gameplay levels and different beautiful color bottles& themes.
Sushi vs Knife 1.02
Become a master of sushi maker! What better way to do that thanplay Sushi vs Knife. Chop the knives into the fish to cut them, Cutdown the coin to spend them on new fishes in the store. Each 4thstage is defended by a boss beat them! Be careful do not hit otherobstacles! One-touch simple controls and addictive gameplay. -1000+ Levels of limitless fun! - Bonus Levels. - Various Fishes& Tables.