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AppLock: Password Lock Master 18.4.6
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AppLock, your best applock and gallery lock app for android device,lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat,Contacts, SMS, Gmail, Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hideand encrypt private & sensitive photos and videos with passwordlock and pattern lock with free app lock for apps. With applockprivacy protection, your phone privacy is well-protected, no onecan snoop around your private apps, gallery, and messages, mess upyour phone settings. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard &applocker! AppLock is the best app lock and photo vault app forAndroid! Safe photo and video vault can hide and encrypt your veryprivate photos and sensitive videos. Hidden pictures and videos aredisappeared from gallery and can only be viewed in safe vault.AppLock can lock photo and video app, full protection for yourphone, giving your phone 360° security protection! AppLock hasrandom keyboard password and invisible pattern lock! Choose yourfavorite way lock apps! Highlights of AppLock: - App lock for apps- Lock any app like system apps, photo lock, lock private Gallery,downloaded apps and games - Hide and encrypt pictures or videoswith Gallery vault - Lock apps with passcode lock, pattern lock -Lock incoming calls - Lock Google Play to prevent unauthorizedpurchase - Unlock with Password, Pattern - Intruder selfiesupported. AppLock takes selfie of intruders entering wrongpassword, pattern password AppLock, the smartest and safestapplocker, the most powerful privacy guard. Give your phone360°privacy protection. AppLock Main Features: AppLock Lock PrivacyAppLock can lock SMS, Gallery, Calls, Settings, Gmail, and Contactswith password lock. Giving your phone all-around privacyprotection, keeping snooper away from phone private contents!AppLock Lock Private Apps ▶Hide photos, videos and lock social appslike Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger. Prevent your most privatemessaging apps, photos and sensitive videos from peeping bysnoopers. ▶Lock work related apps. Secure your important files andsecret work information. ▶Lock shopping apps like Amazon, eBay andgames. Keep your kids away from buying unnecessary items. AppLockPhoto Vault Lock gallery. Hide and encrypt private photos andsensitive videos behind PIN & pattern lock. No more worry aboutprivacy got peeped by intruders! Lock via Pattern & PIN LockPIN or pattern lock, choose your favorite way to lock apps. Patternlock is easier and faster to unlock. You can hide draw pattern andmake draw path invisible. PIN lock has random keyboard. No moreworry people may peep your passcode. Much safer to protect privacy!AppLock Break-in Alert Take pictures of intruders who trying tobreak in secured apps with wrong password, pattern or password.AppLock will record the date and the time for this intrusion.AppLock Fake Lock Screen Fake force close dialogue” &“Fingerprint Scanner” will hide real lock screen. No more worryabout phone privacy be checked! Email:
Super Flashlight Brightest Flash Light 18.4.5
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Free Torch LED Flashlight is the best flashlight! Fastest,brightest and most handy flashlight app that uses camera LED flash.Torch LED Flashlight turns your Android device into super fast& bright LED flashlight widget, giving you extra light in thedarkness! It’s very small size but useful flashlight app. Torch LEDFlashlight Highlights: ☆Brightest flashlight stronger than normalflashlight & torchlight ☆Instantly turn your device into thesuper bright LED flashlight ☆Flashlight app with fast startup andsmooth operation ☆Super fast LED flashing alert for incoming calls☆Keep brightest flashlight light when messages coming ☆Switchon/off the flash like real flashlight ☆Convenient & brightestLED flash controller for super fast camera LED flash ☆SOS flashlight blinking, high light frequency light ☆Best flashlight onlyaccess camera flash ☆Simple flash light & LED light Torch LEDFlashlight Main Features: 🔦Super LED Flashlight Torch LEDFlashlight uses camera LED flash of Android device as a real torch& flash light. The brightest flashlight can instantly light upthe darkness 🔦Power Flashlight Torch LED Flashlight uses camera LEDflash on Android device and turns your device into super bright& fast LED flashlight. Free flashlight light up your night andhelp you in danger. Torch LED Flashlight is the most powerfulflashlight widget, provide best flash light & power light🔦Flashlight Widget Torch LED Flashlight can be added on lockscreen. With convenient flashlight widget, you can switch on/offthe brightest led flashlight by pressing the button withoutlaunching the flashlight app. Super handy, super bright and superfast led flashlight app 🔦LED Flashing on Calls & Messages TorchLED Light with camera LED reminder when phone rings or textmessages, social app messages come, reminding you with LED flashingalert 🔦SOS Light SOS flashlight frequency will help you to beprepared for emergency situations Note: The flashlight app needscamera permission of your device (flashlight is attached theCamera. For opening the flashlight, it’s necessary to requestpermission. We promise we will never peep your privacy! If you haveany question, please contact us via:
Brightest Flashlight LED Light 1.0
AceMobi Tools
Super bright, handy and brightest flashlight with LED light!Yourphone will shine as a real brightest flashlight by simplyaccessingyour camera LED light. Super bright and convenient whenyou needextra light when you in the dark! Brightest Flashlight LEDLightinstantly turns your device into super bright LED torchflashlight.The best flash light app takes full advantage of the LEDcamera andscreen flash. It’s the best brightest flashlight! Thebrightest& fastest flash light app is totally free! DOWNLOADNOW!Brightest Flashlight LED Light Highlights: 🔦BrightestFlashlightLED Light turns your device into fastest and brightestflashlight🔦Brightest Flashlight LED Light fastest flashlight. Lightonstartup. 🔦Camera LED light source 🔦Full screen as lightsource🔦Convenient to switch on/off like real flashlight 🔦Auto lightonwhen launching app 🔦Powerful LED torch light 🔦Alwaysavailableflashlight-a powerful flashlight app is designed to be athand whenneeded 🔦Elegant design and easy to use UI Note: Theflashlight appneeds camera permission of your device. For betterusing thisflashlight app, it’s necessary to give permission.
Free Music - MP3 Player, Equalizer & Bass Booster 1.0.4
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Free Music - Equalizer & Bass Booster is one of the best musicplayer app for music and audio player for Android, you can easilybrowse and play your favorite local music or songs by songs,artists, album or folders. Free Music - Equalizer & BassBooster combines the built-in sound effects to your musicalexperience. Its powerful equalizer and bass booster can fulfillyour musical needs! Free Music - MP3 Player, Equalizer & BassBooster Main Features: ♪Play all audio files, support almost alltypes of mp3 and other formats ♪Browses and Play your music bysongs, albums, artists, folders ♪Music shuffle and repeat mode ♪5band graphical equalizer with presets ♪Search music by songs,artists, album or folder ♪Set time for sleeping ♪Headset support♪Library scan Free download this perfect Free Music - MP3 player,Equalizer & Bass Booster. It provides you powerful equalizer,bass booster and different tones. Enjoy endless music!