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Billionaire Clicker 1.5.1
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Who hasn't wanted to be corrupt at some point? Take a little here,take a little there, travel, gifts, cars. With Billionaire Clickeryou can also be part of the problem! Billionaire Clicker is a gameidle where you should make money and get rich by: making a fortunesigning contracts, making dodgy investments, avoiding paying tax,and making the most out of any opportunity to get more coins andgems. Because only the worst get famous! Make improvements to youroffice with the different objects that become available as youbecome more prestigious. Characteristics: ✔ Seriously addictiveclicker ✔ Invest money so you make more without contracts ✔ Upgradeyour pen so you can increase the value of contracts you do sign for✔ Receive 'brown envelopes' to get your bonus ✔ Add fun accessoriesto improve your prestige ✔ Play the wheel of fortune to win prizes✔ 3 possible ways of completing the game ✔ 20 Achievements tounlock Billionaire Clicker will teach you to get involved in aworld full of corruption that we always hear about but few of usknow anything about. WARNING This game is a parody that is absurdlyrealistic.
PolyPop - Spot & Blast 1.01
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Fight against yourself in the best challenging game in which youare your own enemy!In PolyPop - Spot & Blast you have to blowup a specific geometric shapes without mistakes, nor missing any.Succeed or fail depends on it. Spot the correct shape and blastthem all.How many points can you get? Only the best players achievethe trophy! Are you one of them? Blast, expand your score and findit out!PolyPop is a fun challenge and colorful casual game. Itincludes music, sound and visual effects that capture you at anytime and situation. Also, you can share your score with yourfriends and compete to see who blasts more figures.HD and 3D game,adapted to all kinds of devices.Tags: blast, spot, challenge,addictive, free, best game, brain, reflexes
Clicker Influencers: Followme! 1.1
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Tired that your only Twitter followers are from your other fiveaccounts? You do not want to change it?Influencers is a game ofclicker / idle and upgrade type where you have to get followers toearn money and be popular.The more followers you get the more tasksyou can take! There are 36 ways to reach the social summit and be agreat Influencer!At first it costs a lot to gain followers, butsoon will rain down millions! and with the money you earn you canbuy and upgrade items to make your routines easier. For example,you can make others write a tweet for you. For example, you canmake others write a tweet on your name.Compete with your friendsand not so friends around the world. Compare scores with GooglePlay Games.Get all 42 Achievements and complete your wall of fame!
ImpossiBall - Impossible game 1.01
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ImpossiBall is a 3D platform/puzzle where you must do theimpossible to move a sphere towards the goal. The ball moves bytilting your phone; the ball bounces by tapping the screen.Challenge yourself and move from platform to platform controllingthe speed with your hands. Reach the other side, fightinggravity.Keep your balance on the platforms while you calculate yournext move towards the goal. Avoid traps, dodge hammers, climb anddo parkour in this "impossible game". Use your brain as much aspossible without the ball falling off the platform to get to thenext level!-Use the accelerometer to control the ball.-3D Puzzles.-Beat gravity and not fall into the abyss.-Visually ambient andminimalist geometry.-100% free, no adverts.
Defend & Smash - Tiny Invaders 1.2
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The tiny invaders are coming ...Defend Ovulia and smash themall!!!Tiny Invaders is a simple, fun and hilarious action game inwhich you have to defend an ovum from its invaders. Fight in thebattle and smash your invaders, receiving rewards as you improveand increase your ranking. Knock down the invaders who want to takeover the sweet Ovulia! Defend her and smash with no mercy atall...This game takes us to the exciting major battle ofprocreation, and you will be the hero in whose "fingers" is thefate of Ovulia, beset by small invaders of dubious reputation ...Your mission is to protect and defend Ovulia, by fighting bravely,smashing and expelling all those tiny invaders who dare to face youand prove who is the best in the Global Ranking!You will haveskills such as: Spermicide, Cryogenization, or the Pill Defender!helping you in battle.You can improve your skills and many otheraspects to fight and smash better, and move up the rankings.
Rapid Go! 1.2
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Rapid Go! is a fast and fun application where you can train yourreflexes, speed and agility with your fingers. We have sixdifferent levels for one player to test your speed and each one ismore difficult than the previous one.Rapid Go! also has a twoplayers experience where you can challenge your friends to see whois faster. Play our classic map, the stealpoints and other fivedifferents maps where you will have fun with your friends and seewhich is faster.Game Modes:1 Player:2x2 Click on the numbers inascending order starting at 1 till 4. You have 3 seconds tocomplete this task. Very Easy!!3x3 Click on the numbers inascending order starting at 1 till 9. You have 4 seconds tocomplete this task.4x4 Click on the numbers in ascending orderstarting at 1 till 16. You have 6 seconds to complete this task.5x5Click on the numbers in ascending order starting at 1 till 25. Youhave 12 seconds to complete this task.6x6 Click on the numbers inascending order starting at 1 till 36. You have 21 seconds tocomplete this task.7x10 Click on the numbers in ascending orderstarting at 1 till 70. You have 90 seconds to complete this task.2PlayersVersus Challenge:2 players battle out to find who isfaster.Win the player who guesses 5 numbers. If you fail the otherplayer gets points.Fastest PVP Challenge:Click on the numbers inascending order starting from 1 till 20. Win the player who endsfirst.Special PVP Challenge:Click on the numbers in ascending orderstarting from 1 till 20. Win the player with the highest score. Thenumbers appear randomly. If you fail the other player getspoints.Steal Points Challenge:Win the player who guesses 5 numbers.If you are right, you steal points from the other player. If notyou lose points.Reverse World Challenge:Win the player who,starting at 20, reaches 0 first.