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Commando Enemy War Strike 1.2
The blood-pumping shooting FPS action game isnow in new outlook. Upgrade your weapons, sharpen your skills andfight against the enemy army…. Prepare for battle!It is 2050. World War III has begun. But this time, it is notamong humans; enemy is common this time. Aliens from Mars haveattacked the Earth. All countries have contributed to kill them. Aspecial force is prepared for this. You are a part of these specialcommandos. Show no mercy to the brutal army of the aliens. Broadenthe borderlands and push enemy army back.BRAG AS THE HERO OF AN EXPLOSIVE SOLO MISSIONS CAMPAIGN• Fight a number of missions.• Watch multiple scenarios.• Play different types of missions: survival, time-attack, defendand sniperPLAY THE MOST SPECTACULAR REAL WAR GAME• The realistic and most instinctive FPS gameplay on yoursmartphone• Enjoy the real heat of war with collection of real warweapons• Experience realistic intelligence of the enemy• Tackle the realistic war strategy by the enemy
Ladies Dress Design Collection 1.0
Go trendy and stay informed about latest andbeautiful fashion design ideas for your wardrobe! In this app, wehave collected most amazing and beautiful dress designs for ladieswho want to dress Pakistani.This collection includes all types of dresses like modern,conservative, western, shalwar kameez, kurta, pajamas, sarhi,etc.Are you searching for design for the coming wedding, party oreid? Don’t worry, we have a huge collection of designs which willfulfill your needs.The photo gallery is regularly updated to inform you about newfashion designs. So please track the latest updates.
Hill Climb Racing 2016 1.0
Set out on your life journey to become themost furious Moto hill climb racer and be the top on the charts.Hill climb racer is a fast action packed and extreme addictiveracing game. You will never try to drive the bike fast on themountain tracks! Control and balance your Bike with during driving!And enjoy scene views during the race of the beautiful tracks! Ridethe fastest bikes, with most incredible tuned physics andcomfortable control. Hill climb racer is a superb game to kill yourtime. You cannot resist playing this game on stunning hilly tracks.Select from various bikes and cars and drive it to the finish line!Control your vehicle with just simple physics and controls then seehow it jumps on the track. Start the ignition, accelerate thethrottle and test the limits of your ride to the maximum. Hillclimbing rider gives you Fun and exciting game play with real timephysics based game on store.The adrenaline running through yourblood when you get on actual bike on the most difficult tracks onthe way. As you fasten up your seatbelt for the exciting journey,you will get the option to race against time, complete the missionbefore time runs out. You will also have to keep your eye on thefuel meter. Reach to the fuel collectable before you run out ofyour fuel. This means, you have to enjoy your racing experienceevery time you got on the bike. Improvise your ultra hardcoreskills of driving the vehicle on the most difficult tracks. Feelslike a real biker feel when he rides a bike in this brand new Motoracing game of 2016.HOW TO PLAY:Tap forward to accelerate.Tap brake to stop and control the balance.Press pause button to pause the game.
School Time Bus Simulator 1.0
The summer holidays are over. Now heat uptheengine of your school bus and take the kids to their schools inthebeautiful hilly areas.It’s time for you to now get behind the steering of yourfamousyellow school bus. And start the ignition because it’s thedutytime.Take the bus to the school bus stop. Honk your horn and letthechildren and other students to get into the bus.Then take them to their school on time so they can be intheirclasses before they start. Park your bus into thehighlightedarea.Be the fanatical bus driver because the kids like you. Letthemenjoy the beautiful scenes to their way to the school.Drive carefully on the mountain roads, because sometimes thetrackcould get bumpy. So keep your eye on the road all thetime.You can also improvise your driving skills in this schoolbusdriving simulator 2016. Complete the given challenge to takeonnext level.Driving big school bus is not as easy to drive small cars andothervehicles. So you have to be most skilled driver to take overthecontrol of this bus.To pick up the students park your bus right in the highlightedareain front of the bus point and drive them to their school.Explore the beautiful and realistic mountain area whiledrivingaround the kids to their desired destinations.School time is really a rush hour time, so you have todrivecarefully and try not to crash the bus and be on the school intimenot after the school bell rings.Let the children party in the bus, so they can enjoy theirwholejourney from their home to their schools. Stay calm and driveinthe blazing breeze.Morning job is really a refreshing day start for you so driveamodern day bus and avoid any kind of destruction on yourway.The students and kids are waiting for you because you aretheirfavorite bus driver so you can transport them all to theschool ontime.So what are you waiting for transporter? Hop in your bus andjustlet the ride begin.HOW TO PLAY:Tap left and right to turn left and right.Hit the throttle to accelerate.Tap on brake to stop and reverse.Tap on pause to pause the game.FEATURES:Explore the big mountain and hill station environment.Enjoy the realistic sun rise and sun set views.Pick and drop the kids to school.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Highly tuned school bus physics.Lot of challenging levels.Improvise your hardcore driving skills to the next level inthissimulator.
Modren City Taxi Driver 2016 1.0
You are city cabbie who has only one dutywhichis to transport the passengers across the city.Load the taxi with the passengers and drop them off totheirdestinations. Pick them up by parking the taxi in thehighlightedarea in front of the taxi stop.Wait for the passenger to get in to your taxi. After that drivethemto their desired location.Drive your taxi around the beautiful city of New York andexplorethe city. Pick up the passengers from their stops and dropthem offto their final destination.Park the taxi in front of the passenger and wait for them to sitinthe car. Then drive the car with carefully.Avoid any kind of accident and drive the passenger to itsstationsafely and complete the mission.Be the cab driver in the city of New York and pick up thepassengersfrom taxi stations and drop them off to theirdestination.Park your taxi right in to the highlighted spot and wait forthegirl to get in the car. Then drive her safely to herdesireddestination by avoiding any kind of accident.Don’t rush into other traffic vehicles. Be the crazy taxi driverinopen world city of New York.Drive with great care and responsibility and take care of yourtaxiand your passenger. Drive them safe.You take charge of a taxi and your mission is to get yourpassengersto the destination in the fastest way possible.You will get a very realistic feel of the virtual city asthetraffic that you would have to navigate through will behighlydetailed.Fast turns, sharp maneuvering between traffic and other suchactionswill be what you’ll have to master if you are to progressthroughthe game.A game with a pulsating concept and a well-designed virtual worldissure to keep you glued to the screen.It is next generation 3D car racing simulator game for them,wholove to drive fast and especially the ones who love fastcoolracing sports car.Play a taxi simulator game with an awesome realistic graphics,coolenvironment and easy fun gameplay.HOW TO PLAY:Tap On left and right buttons to turn left and right.Tap on throttle to accelerate.Hit brake to stop and reverse.Tap on camera to change camera view.FEATURES:TAKE ORDERS
Find your passenger, follow the directional arrowsandpick them up.

GET THE SCORESGet high scores and beat your own records.

ACCOMPLISHDAILYMISSIONSComplete tasks and progress through game.

MIND THE FUELIf you crash the taxi, then game is over.CAMERA ANGELSDrive with different camera views.

Play Taxi Simulator 3DCityDrive and enjoy the weekend!
Gun shooter ; real navy war 3D 1.1
Terrorists have entered in your city toattackthe people. You are a marine with a gunship full of weapons.Keepthe nerves calm and fight like a patriotic soldier. Kill theenemyas soon as possible to clear the area. It is a great way toshowcases your strategic skills.You need lots of energy and tactics to win this water war. Stayinbetween the canal and hit the target with continuous firingofbullets, missiles and rockets. Protect yourself andsurroundingjust like armed person. Believe in yourself and fightfor yourcountry with full passion. You will learn different warskills andstrategies.Game Features:ï Eye catching city environment with water canalï Different types of gunboatsï 8 challenging and exciting missionsï Easy ship control with smooth game playï Bullets and missiles sound effectï Interesting story line with mission statementsï Different camera viewsï Time limitHow to play?Use right button to accelerate the buttons, and left threebuttonsto stop, fire bullets and missiles. Use camera buttons tochangeangle. Complete the missions with full energy within givetimeslot.Support:We believe in developing quality android games and alwayswelcomeyour quality feedback. For further information and updatesvisitour website or email us.Install Gun Shooter : Real Navy War 3D to enjoy realisticexperienceof a water combat.
Modren Navy Commando Warship 1.0
Get ready for the attack on terrorist boat inadeep sea. It's time to laid down enemies in deep oceans. Yourtargetis continuously fire on you. Shoot them one by one anddestroy thereboat. You are a hero of this battle and get anopportunity tocommand on navel ship and destroy all terrorist withnavelweapons.Battlefield CommandoYou are a commando of your navy battlefield so show no mercy toyourenemy and kill them out. Show skills and target your enemyfromfrontline. Collect power ups from deep sea to enhance yourboathealth and shield to protect boat from danger. Time is limitedsoshot all pirates on time.Survival KeysAttack, shoot, kill and encounter are the keys to survive foryourlife. This war can be a challenging for you. You have to cleanyoursea from pirates. Attack on them before they shoot you.Let'sencounter all the pirates and wipe out your city fromterrorism.Mission is impossible but you are the only who candestroy enemy inthe deadly seas.MissionCommando war is third person shooting game. Being a commando youarea hero of battlefield. So your duty is to cop and encounterallpirates who robbing in a deep sea. Enemies have modern weaponsbutyou have to kill them with navel ship. Time is limited so shotontime and collect power ups in a way of you to defend navelboatfrom pirates hunting.War HighlightsThird person shooting game.Show no more mercy.Encounter all pirates.Protect navel ship.Use modern weapons.Destructive nuclear missile.Power ups and boat health.FeaturesHigh quality 3d graphics.Epic shooting missions.Stunning weapons.Excellent sound effects.Collect power ups.Limited time.Free game play.Smooth Control.Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.How To PlayBeing a commando of navel ship and battlefield use strategy toshootpirates.Fire on to pirates boat and through missile to destroy them.Water will floats you to near enemy boat. Keep control on yourboatby tilting and moving forward and reverse.
Angry Darts Revenge 1.0
Real fun is on here, just pick up the darttakeaimand hit the target. As close you hit the target the morepoints you get, make sure you don’t miss your target by far, Avoid hitting the child on board topreventing the level gets over. Real test of your skills and great fun to play this addictive game. Once youhave started playing this fun making game you are never going to stop playing it again and again. It’sagame for every type and every age of users as it issimple to see but hard to get the target, mindexploring and makes you feel fresh mentally. Your patience and skill will help you getting the centeroftarget. It’s get difficult level by level, the speed of board increases in every level. Try this to get unlimitedfun!!!Features:Defined no. of darts to hit the targetDifferent levels of addictive game playSmooth game playNice graphicsGreat chance to improve your skills
Crazy Fighter Jet Simulator 1.1
Tired of playing run games? Let us introduceyou jet flying game with entirely new concept. You may have notplayed such game. Though it is endless game in which you collectcoins yet game play is entirely new. You have 3 spaceships tochoose one of them to fly in the outer space. Each of them has itsown specialties. Collect coins to gain points and unlock otherspaceships.Special features:҉ Entirely new idea҉ Unique game play҉ Cool graphics and world҉ Easy controls҉ Addictive game
Crazy Monster Hunter Mountain 1.0
Monsters are imaginary creature that are uglyand huge in size but they do not exist in reality.These monsters attack and kill humans therefore, the player willhave to kill these monsters to escapevaluable lives.It is not easy to kill a monster using an ordinary weaponbecause monsters are powerful andskilled enemies of humans. For this purpose, the player will haveto use golden gun or a silver sword.The monsters appear with different colors and shapes. One thing theplayer can easily identify them is thatthey attack humans. The player should keep in mind that he/she willhave to move quickly andefficiently in order to kill monsters. Otherwise there are leastchances to save his life.Game Features :- Realistic characters.- User Friendly.- Stunning environment.- Realistic SoundHow to Play :- Use move button to go left,right,forward or backward.- Touch and move in order to aim on monster.- Press shoot button to kill monster and to go to sweatyhome.- Kill as soon as possible.