Acxiom Consulting Apps

RSPL BA 2.0.5
BA for Dealers and their sales persons forPurchase Order tracking, Stock Management and Target Management.Also manage Retailers, Routes/Beats, Retailer's Purchase Order andstock.
CBSAM 1.0.6
Cream Bell Application for PSR & VRS
Krishi Sugam App can be used for monthly sales and collectiontargetsetting, attendance and activity capturing, Indent creationfordealers, customer feedback capturing, payment collectioninformationupdation on daily basis and sales team also have accessto viewcustomer transactions, current outstanding, hub stock,pricecircular, dispatch view and new launch product information.Salesteam have easy access to data and reports which bringsexcellence intheir day to day work.
Cremica SFA 1.0.8
Cremica SFA Used for Secondary Sales Order Management forCustomer.In Cremica APK ISR Capture Attendance, Create Retailer,TakingOrder for Retailer, Branding and Supporting for Retailer.andShowing Report As Order Summary, Attendance Status andVisitStatus.
VBL MEE Audit App 2.6
This app is use by MEE for Asset Audit and Reporting purpose.Unauthorized use of this App is strictly prohibited and punishable.
Krishi Sainik 1.9
Krishi Sainik App can be used by Market Development team for daytoday tracking and monitoring of promotional andknowledgedissemination activities at farmer and trade level. Userscan alsorecord data of Field Demonstration, Farmer Meetings,FarmerRegistration, Jeep campaign and Field Days and user can alsoaccessvarious reports.
Wella Education App 1.0.6
Wella Education App for exclusive wella trainers.
Wella SFA 1.0.9
Wella SFA Application use we manage secondary outlet system.WellaSFA application used for salesperson. Salesperson Usethisapplication manage to beat, retailer, Target , Sale etc.forexample following activity perform (Retailer Info, StoreCheck,Presentation, Order Taking, Training etc).
VBL Technician APP 4.3.12
This app support Asset Technician to manage their tickets andputtheir feedback against those tickets.Unauthorized use of the appisstrictly prohibited & punishable
Shantinath Detergent Mobile App 1.26
This app includes functional modules, which support the salesfunctionalities. It helps manage beats, set targets, record sales,manage stock, etc. Unauthorized use of the app is strictlyprohibited.