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Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care about isnot feeling well. Developed by over 100 doctors & scientists,Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from a common coldto rare diseases. Given a 5-star rating by over 90,000 users, Adahelps thousands of people every day to live a healthier life. HowAda can help you: 1. Tell Ada what's troubling you 2. Answerpersonalized, simple questions 3. Understand what could be wrong 4.Get instant information relevant to you • 100% Private – Firstnames only and your data is always safe • Share Health Data – Shareinfo about your health and activity with your doctor • Personalized– Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and gives healthinformation specific to you No topic is off the table. Ask Adaabout: • Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites • UrinaryComplaints • Sexual Health Problems • Pregnancy-related Problems •Infectious Diseases • Pediatric Concerns, Children’s Health •Neurologic Disorders • Mental Health Issues • Problems Sleeping •Indigestion Problems • Vomiting, Diarrhea • Flu, Cold, Fever, SoreThroat • Persistent Coughs • Chronic Diseases • Cold Sores • PinkEye, Eye Infections • Rheumatic Diseases You speak, we listen! Yourfeedback helps us to improve Ada. Just send an email