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Ada – your health companion 3.7.0
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Ada helps you and your loved ones check symptoms and discover whatmight be causing them – day or night without an appointment.Whatever’s bothering you, from stomach problems to headache, Adacan help you find answers and let you know if you should see adoctor. Developed by doctors and scientists, our app istrustworthy, fast, and available when and where you need a healthcheck. How does it work? You answer simple questions about your ownor someone else’s health and symptoms. Ada’s AI assesses youranswers against its medical dictionary of thousands of disordersand conditions. You receive a personalized assessment report thattells you what could be wrong and what to do next. What can youexpect? - Data privacy and security – we apply the strictest dataregulations to protect you and keep your information private. -Smart results – our core system connects medical knowledge withintelligent technology. - Personalized health information – yourguidance is personal to your unique profile. - Assessments forloved ones – if you assess someone else, their information staysseparate from your own. - Health checks – your assessments includeinformation that may be relevant and helpful to your doctor. - 24/7access – you can use the free symptom checker anytime, anywhere.What can you tell Ada? Ada answers medical questions of every kind.Here are some of the most common searches: Symptoms - Fever - Lossof appetite - Headache - Abdominal pain and tenderness - Nausea -Fatigue - Vomiting - Dizziness - Cough Conditions - Common cold -Influenza infection (flu) - Viral sinusitis - Diabetes - Tensionheadache - Migraine - Irritable bowel syndrome - Anxiety disorder -Acute panic attack - Depression - Chlamydia - Gonorrhea - HerpesCategories: - Skin conditions such as rashes, acne, insect bites -Pregnancy - Children’s health - Sleeping problems - Indigestionissues, such as vomiting, diarrhea - Eye infections Disclaimer TheAda Health App is a Class I medical device in the European Union.Registration in other markets is pending. We want to hear from you.If you have any feedback or just want to get in touch, reach us