Adam Skowroński Apps

Sat View 1.5.0
The application through which you can easily browse through sets ofsatellite images available on the site & Images Sets:Europe, Alps, Belgium,Holland, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany,Poland, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia,Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Balkans, South-East Europe,Hungary,Africa, Algeria, Canary Islands, Central Africa, Tchad,Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Israel, Lybia, Madagascar,Marocco, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia,West Africa, Zambia, South AfricaUSA, Alaska, Canada, North West,North Central, North East, South West, South Central, South East,Hawaii, Pacific North West (Radar), Pacific South West (Radar),Southern Rockies (Radar), Northern Rockies (Radar), UpperMississippi Valley (Radar), South Plains (Radar), South MississippiValley (Radar), Central Great Lakes district (Radar), North-EastUSA (Radar), South-East USA (Radar)Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong &Korea, Southest Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore,Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam, Papua NewGuineaOceania, Australia, New Zealand
Day Light 0.3.4
The application allows to check information on the time of sunriseand sunset times for your current location. In addition, theapplication shows the elapsed time of sunrise or sunset, and alsothe time remaining to the sunset (during the day) or the rising ofthe sun (at night). With this application you can also check thelength of the shortest and longest day of the year for the currentuser location.
Garage 1.1.1
The application helps you manage your vehicles, you can addinformation about refuellings to then display statistics and graphsof fuel consumption. You can also configure notifications aboutevents, such as: technical inspection, oil changes, insurance,timing belt replacement, replacement filters, replacement of brakediscs and pads and many more. The application will remind you at aspecified time or when you pass a specified distance.The programallows you to monitor the fuel consumption in vehicles with dualfuel system: eg. petrol and gas.This is an offline version, all ofyour data will be stored on your device. Although you can makebackup copies of application data on Google Drive for free.In thefuture, the application will automatically synchronize all of yourdata to the cloud, so you'll be able to manage vehicles on otherdevices, and share them with other users.