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Beat Shot 3D - EDM Music Game 1.4.3
Adaric Music
💖Do you want to experience different music games? Then Beat Shot isthe game designed for you! 🎶You can find worldwide Epicmasterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker, Alone by Marshmello ...and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautiful melody, relax yourpressure with this EDM music game! 🔥Beat Shot combines one-fingercontrol gameplay with carefully selected EDM songs to create anexperience you have ever seen before. Immerse yourself in a 3Dscene combining beautiful music and gunfire, you will find yourselfloving this music game. How to play: -Tiles appear and follow therhythm of the music. -Slide your finger to adjust the direction ofthe gun to break the tiles. -Do not miss any tiles to keep the gamegoing. - Collect coins and gems to unlock new songs. Game Features:-Realistic 3D visuals and effects. -Fantastic EDM music andgun-sound effects. -Easy one-finger control. Test your reflexes& finger speed. Try it now! Music lovers will definitely loveit! Support: Any questions? Send an email to
Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds 1.1.45
Adaric Music
Beat Fire creates a music feast suitable for YOU. Play it at hometo release stress - with 10 million players around the world! Youcan find worldwide Epic masterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker,Alone by Marshmello ... and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautifulmelody, relax your soul with this EDM music game! Try this greattime killer now. Let BeatFire make your day! How to play: - Tilesfall with EDM music. - Use your finger to control aiming and smashtiles. -Try not to miss any tiles to keep the game going. -Enjoyaddictive challenges and EDM beats designed for each song. GameFeatures: - Amounts of songs to satisfy different tastes! Enjoy theDJ and Hop music, relax in epic music! - Background color changebrings you a new experience every plays! - One-tap control, easy toplay. - 10+ cool Skins and Weapons to choose from.️ Beat Fire - EDMMusic with Gun Sounds is easy to play! Simple one-touch gameplaywill keep you entertained for hours! Play this EDM music game now!If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime
Beat Trigger - EDM Music & Bullet Time 1.1.3
Adaric Music
GOOD NEWS!!! The brand new music rhythm game 2020 - Beat Trigger,designed for EDM music fans, finally made its debut! 😫Feel stuck?Get bored? Stressed out? Get a bang out of Beat Trigger! 😍 2020popular songs + gun sounds + cat runner = FEEL GOOD!!! 🎶Faded byAlan Walker, Alone by Marshmello, Unity and Monoday by TheFatRat...Believe it or not, your body will groove to the rhythm even whenyou don’t know it's happening!💓 Free & Easy to play : Drag andhold to control the cat runner. Do not tap ;) Grip your gun, shootblocks, dodge traps. Bang!!! Why you CAN’T miss out Beat Trigger:1.Simple one-finger control, but not simple to get high scores2.Songs of different genres updated constantly 3.Stunning 3Dvisuals and dazzling neon background What other music games CAN'Tgive you: 1.Terrific integration of Gun Sounds & EDM Music.2.Thrilling Bullet Time. Be careful of the mysterious enemieshidden behind beats. 3.Trigger Invincible Mode. Hop on power-upwarcraft and smash whatever gets in your way! 4.Talented rhythmshooter awaits. Pick your favorite cat role. Meow~ Time to put yourtactics and reflexes to the best in Beat Trigger! Everything youwant from music games and shooting games is here! Any questions oradvice to help us improve? Feel free to contact us
Piano Fire - EDM Music & New Rhythm 1.0.7
Adaric Music
Play Piano Fire on mobile anywhere today! Piano Fire is a specialgame in different genres of piano games and wonderful gameplay.Blends piano and EDM music perfectly, you can feel the collision ofice and fire, get addicted to hot and popular songs around theworld! How to Play: It’s similar to other piano games, tap thetiles continuously to follow the music melody and don't miss anytile. Prove how fast and accurate can you play! Game features: -Real music feeling when tapping the tiles. - More albums and songsof various styles. - Cool design and graphics. - Simple to play,hard to master. Tapping only the music tile in some high-speedsongs can be a real challenge! Do not hesitate to try Piano Fireonline! This excellent piano game has more surprises in store foryou than you imagine!