Aditya Bawankule Apps

Campfire VR 1.04
Transport yourself to the middle of aforest,in the middle of a starry night, with only a campfire tokeep youcompany. Relax, and enjoy the view, and immerse yourself.Tapping the screen (or pulling the Cardboard trigger) togglesVRand normal mode.
Low Poly Island VR 1.1
Google Cardboard optionalPull the trigger or touch the screen to start walkingandstop.Back button once exits VR mode, second time quitstheapplication.Audio by Mike Koenig
Zombie Island 1.0
Fight to survive against an increasingnumberof zombies in this wave based shooter set on an abandonedisland.The entire game is done in a low-poly style.
Space Jumper 1.02
In Space Jumper, you control a variety of rockets and spaceshipsinmany beautiful low poly environments and attempt to get tothelanding pad while avoiding deadly obstacles.
Sci-Fi Facility VR tour 1.001
Take a tour of a next gen Sci-Fi science facility that could onlyexist in the future, in VR, with this app. Explore 3 separatelevels, and transition between them by moving into blackened zones.Includes mood setting music, please use earbuds or headphones forthe best effect.