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Adolf Sorian
Dive into the adventure of Fluty,overcomingdifferent obstacles in each of the beautiful stages andfindingclues that will lead you to the true love.- Tap to fly through colorful and wonderful stages- A game only for Braves- Evade charming obstacles- Watch the videos after beating each stage- Enjoy the story of Fluty the Brave Penguin !!!
Adolf Sorian
-Discover the adventure of SHARPY OWL, a little owl who has theability to throw very sharp feathers similar to steel -All thegame's music has been composed by us, enjoy it !! -Join to SHARPYon his journey, where you will find the BIRDYDROIDS, shaped birdrobots who attempting to stop you -Enjoy the glacial environment,specially designed for you -Defeat to FLAKY, the boss to beat inthis chapter, but beware… it's very resistant! -Read the mini comicwith the game's story. Where FLUTY THE PENGUIN appears as specialguest -Meet our new characters !! -Download our other games andshare it with your friends on social networks ^_^ -For Smartphonesand Tablets use the game's Virtual Joystick -Looks better ondevices with 800x480 resolution onwards -Enjoy the story of SHARPYOWL ;)
Adolf Sorian
Have fun with U.FOREST !! And advances through the forest likeanUFO, overcoming obstacles as much as possible and If you get 100ofscore, you will see the final game story. - Guide the UFOtocomplete his goal - Tap to cross the forest - Get 100 of scoretosee the final game story - Good Luck !!!