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Maths Tricks & Quiz 1.0
It is the best free and cool Maths Trick & Quiz ever! Ourappwill let you master in math and learn many Maths Tricks &Quizhelp to improve your skills in a very easy, fun and amazingwaywhile surfing over the greatest brain challenging mathlearningapp. Maths Tricks & Quiz brain training app will alsohelpstudents a lot to improve their math skills by enhancingtheirspeed and accuracy. Mathematical calculations to play andpracticewith simple addition subtraction multiplication,division,Squaring, Exponential, Nth root, Percentage calculation.MathsTricks & Quiz is designed for solo player, exercise mode,Dualplayer, and Multiplication table. With Timer challenge,Extendedmode, Custom time Challenge and Endless game along withdifferentlevel of math problem. Dual Player Mode help you to playwith yourfriend and test your math problem solving skill with humanbrain byselecting 3 different sets of Screen. The aim of the MathsTricks& Quiz is not only to acquaint the students with varioustypesof problems given in these examinations and how to solve them,butalso to teach the students effective ways to tackle each oftheproblems faster and more effectively. When you learnthesemathematical tricks, you'll be able to show off your skillstofriends and prove to them that you have a talent formathematics.New skills you can use in the store, at school, atcollege, at work- wherever thanks to quick calculation skills cansave a lot ofprecious time. Features of Maths Tricks & Quiz:Game Play: SoloPlayer ✿ Extended Game mode ✿ Custom Time ChallengeMode ✿ TimerChallenge Mode ✿ Endless Game Mode Exercise Mode ✿Addition ✿Subtraction ✿ Multiplication ✿ Division ✿ Squaring ✿Exponential ✿Nth Root ✿ Percentage calculation Dual Player ✿Designed for twohuman brain can challenging each other. ✿ WithRespect to timechallenge and Point challenge. Multiplication TableApplicationLevel: ✿ Sound and Vibration ✿ Dual set of keypads foreasy to use✿ Dark and Light Theme with Personalize color set ✿Change gamelayout instant in game play ✿ Cool User Interface.*Division Rule& Problem (soon) *Math Formula (soon) *GraphicalMath Problem(soon) ★ Privacy and Security We will never collectyour personalinfo. We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, please share it withyourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback. Thanksfordownload.....! Enjoyed
com.androsoft.allredio 1.6
FM Radio – World FM Radio App is the best radio listeningapplication to Listen free melodious music/news and the top of themost popular world radio station - live FM radio station for free.FM Radio app allows you to listen for all genre station, popstations, hip-hop stations with huge collection of World FM RadioLive Station FM Radio – World FM Radio App is Free and that getsyou live radio from around the world, there are no hidden fees, nospecial memberships and no annual subscription fees to enjoy a wideselection of online Internet Radio Player. FM Radio provide youeasy user interface to play live radio station and channels arecategorized by countries name & flag. To make Easy to Browse,Search and Play Live Radio. FM radio is the simplest way oflistening to your favorite FM radio stations anywhere any time. FMRadio is an app to play Internet Radio stations. Radio FM allowsyou to listen and enjoy variety of genres like classical, rock,pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, talks, news,comedy, shows, concerts and other variety of programs madeavailable by various Internet Radio Broadcasters across the world.Features of FM Radio – World FM Radio: FM Radio - Internet radiosupports a lot of beautiful features for its user. The mostimportant features that our radio player app is supporting are: ✿All World FM Radio Station App is very simple and easy to usealways. ✿ You can search your favorite internet radio stationseasily. ✿ You can add or remove your favorite world radio channels.✿ Radio stations from all over World Globe are easily accessibleglobally. ✿ Radio World FM is 100% free to use + internet radioonline. ✿ Listen best world radio stations online and free + worldradio online. ✿ Now you can listen free radio in the background byusing multiple apps at the same time. ✿ Choose from the top livestreams with Music and News from World Internet Radios We bring allOnline FM radio Station from around the world: ✿ Radio Mirchi FM(98.3 FM), ✿ Big FM (92.7 FM), ✿ Radio City, ✿ AIR FM Gold, ✿ Genreradio stations, ✿ Pop radio stations, ✿ Rock radio stations, ✿ Newsradio stations, ✿ Sports radio stations ✿ kmrw springdale ✿platinum radio 903 ✿ Merle FM, ✿ Geula FM, ✿ Odia FM - Radio, ✿Tamil FM - Radio, ✿ Kannada FM - Radio, ✿ Gujarati FM - Radio, ✿AIR Vividh Bharti, ✿ Indian Radio. …….. Many More online RadioStation + Online Indian Radio + World FM Radio Station. Thefollowing are few international stations from the world that ourapp support: ✿ Afghanistan ✿ Albania ✿ Algeria ✿ American Samoa ✿Angola ✿ Argentina ✿ Armenia ✿ Australia ✿ Austria ✿ Bahamas ✿Bangladesh ✿ Belarus ✿ Belgium ✿ Bolivia ✿ Brazil ✿ Cambodia ✿Canada ✿ Chad ✿ China ✿ Denmark ✿ Egypt ✿ Finland ✿ France ✿Germany ✿ India ✿ Indonesia ✿ Israel ✿ Italy ✿ Japan ✿ Malaysia ✿Mexico ✿ Nepal ✿ New Zealand ✿ Norway ✿ Pakistan ✿ Russia ✿ SaudiArabia ✿ Serbia ✿ Sri Lanka And Many More….. ★ Privacy and SecurityWe will never collect your personal info. We only use the wordstyped by you to make the predictions more accurate ★ Note: FM Radiorequires good Internet connection so make sure you are connected tointernet before using this app. There may be some FM radiostations/channels that do not work because their stream istemporarily offline. If you love world radio? This is the App toPlay live radio from world radio anytime anywhere. If you enjoy theapp, please share it with your friends and leave a review. Weappreciate your feedback. Thanks for download.....! Enjoyed
App Backup And Restore - Easy Backup tool 1.0
The fastest APK data backup and restore tool on Android phones.AppBackup and Restore Tool - Backup your apps to SD card andclouddrive. FREE UP your Backup & Restore app used to backupandrestore apps for android. App Backup and Restore useaccessibilityservices to improve auto uninstall feature in somedevices.AutoBackup, Restore, Transfer your Apps and Personal datafor FREE.Apps Backup and Restore is used to backup your installedapps toyour internal, SD card and restore backup apps. Features ofAppBackup And Restore - Easy Backup tool: ✿ Free Backup appstostorage. ✿ Free Restore apps from storage. ✿ App Details.✿Schedule automatic backups. ✿ One tap to share APK files. ✿Usercan change backup folder path in Settings. ✿ Share app link ✿Easyto use. ★ Privacy and Security We will never collect yourpersonalinfo. We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, please share it withyourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback. Thanksfordownload.....! Enjoyed
Auto Blur Camera - DSLR Camera 1.2
Blur Camera - DSLR Camera Effects (Bokeh Effect), Focus on PhotoDSLR Camera Effects is Best App for Photo Editing. This app allowsyou to take best picture and edit photo and make your photobackground Blur & Stunning Photography. Now, you don't need a“Special Blur camera” or you don't need to be a “ProfessionalPhotographer” to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on yourPhoto. Blur Camera Photo editor app is Ultimate Blur Effects/Filterapp which make Blurry Photo & Enhance look. Selecting a focusarea more precisely with auto focus. You can capture more naturaland professional image from camera or can Edit it later with BlurEffect. Blur Camera captures photo with blur background, Combinewith Filters and Shapes and Easy to control area with Finger/Touch.Blur Camera - Portrait photography App is best app for photoediting. Blur Camera - Blur background is fast and easy to use appto create amazing blur background effect pictures. Auto BlurBackground, DSLR Camera Blur Background app has lots of photoblurring effect, bokeh tools and Filters/Shapes for bestPhotography experience. Using them you can easily make your ownDSLR Bokeh Effect. To make Photo background blur - Manualbackground editor using your finger & touch on unused parts ofpics that you want to blur and keep your great part focused. AutoBlur Camera is a powerful tool and easy to use image Photo editingapps with many amazing photo effects and photo crop and backgroundeditor, blurring effects – with shapes and filters. Features ofAuto Blur Camera - DSLR Camera: ✿ This will get the background blureffect like professional photographer. ✿ This will blur some partof your photo image. ✿ 100+ Blur shapes. ✿ Select image from yourgallery ✿ This will used to changed after the strength of theeffect. ✿ Very easy to use with friendly user interface. ✿Automatic blur effects. ✿ Zoom in and zoom out photos easily tomake editing easily. ✿ Stunning photo filters and blur effecttypes. ✿ Color overlay, Depth Effect. ✿ Have fun using Point Blur.✿ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo. ✿ share you editedphotos on social media or with friends easily. ✿ Easy to use.Download DSLR Camera, Blur Camera, Blur Photo, Blur Background,Auto Blur Camera, DSLR Camera Blur Effects, SLR Camera – BlurCamera for free now! Tag: # Portrait photography # Photo BlurCamera # DSLR Blur # Auto Focus # Afterfocus # Blur Image # BlurPhoto # Blur Camera # Auto Blur # Blur App # Blur Picture ★ Privacyand Security We will never collect your personal info. We only usethe words typed by you to make the predictions more accurate If youenjoy the app, please share it with your friends and leave areview. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for download.....!Enjoyed
Neon Music Player - Neon Player 1.0
Neon Music Player is a Free MP3 Music player that playslocalcontent. Highly customizable, smooth and snappy withmodernminimalist Material design. Elegant tasteful animationsthroughoutthe mp3 music player interface. Top audio quality. NeonMusicPlayer is a Free elegant modern local Music player. It's easytouse and one of the fastest out there. Beautiful neon musicplayerfor Android with an equalizer that plays songs from foldersand hascustomizable user interface. Neon Music Player is thehighest ratedmusic player in Android, beautifully crafted withMaterial Designin mind and packed with some extraordinary powerfulfeatures. NeonMusic Player + Equalizer is a powerful music playerfor Androidwith bass booster, music equalizer, music library, andstunninginterface. Features of Neon Music Player - Neon Player: ✿Manageand play music by album, artist, folder and genre. ✿Smartplaylists with most played, recent played and newly addedtracks. ✿Provide different Neon background for Neon music player.✿Automatic sync missing album/artist images. ✿ Support all themusicformats ✿ Full screen mode + Screen lock. ✿ plays songsfromfolders and from own library. ✿ Fast search across albums,artistsand songs. ✿ Home screen widget. ✿Fast library scan. ✿Customize bybeautiful themes. ✿High level of customization viasettings +Equalizer. ✿ Various colorful Skin. ★ Privacy andSecurity We willnever collect your personal info. We only use thewords typed byyou to make the predictions more accurate If youenjoy the app,please share it with your friends and leave a review.We appreciateyour feedback. Thanks for download......! Enjoyed
Truth or Dare - Spin the Bottle 1.1
Truth Or Dare game brings the original feeling to every party!Playwith over 100+ crazy questions and tasks or use your ownideas.Truth and Dare app or Spin The Bottle is the best Party gameandGroup game. We usually play when we are with friends, familybutsometimes we don’t have a bottle to rotate. Truth or Dare isagreat way to play the game Truth or Dare. Enjoy the game as apartygame or as any other casual entertainment. This a multiplayergamein which you will get a different task to perform. Play thisgameand enjoy the holidays. If you are looking for realentertainment,something that will change your boring party inawesome moment -install this truth dare app! ✿✿ 3 different gamemodes ✿✿ ✿ Truthand Dare app for kids. ✿ Truth and Dare app forteen. ✿ Truth andDare app for adults. Features of Truth or Dare -Spin the Bottle: ✿Spin the bottle ✿ Custom Truth and Daresquestions list. ✿ Hundredsof Truth and Dares questions. ✿ Add yourown clean or dirty daresinto the app. ✿ spin the bottle featuremake game most unique. ✿change the bottle. ✿ multiplayer games -Play with up to 15 players✿ Set player names - perfect for largegroups games and party games✿ Frequently updated with more content✿ truth and dare app isCompletely free to play ✿ Keep track of whois winning with ascoreboard displayed ✿ 3 different game modes -truth and dare appfor kids, truth and dare app for teenagers, truthand dare app foradults ✿ Simple and easy to use. ✿ HD graphics. ✿Minimum 2 playersare required ✿ Create your own Custom truth ordare questions. ✿Truth and Dare app offline to play ✿ Sound on/Offfeature ✿ couplegames ✿ Awesome score board UI ✿ FUN!!! &Entertaining. ✿ Truthand Dare app Total Free. ✿✿ SCORE SYSTEM ✿✿Truth | Completed = 1,Forfeited = 0 Truth or dare app or spin thebottle covers thefollowing. #spin the bottle #spin the bottle forkids #spin thebottle and truth or dare #Spin the Bottle truth ordare #spin thebottle and truth or dare game #spin the bottle online#spin thebottle app #Rotate the bottle #Roulette game #Truth andDare #truthand dare app #truth and dare app for adults or teen orkids #truthand dare app for kids #truth and dare app for teenagers#truth anddare app for girls #truth or dare app for couples #Truthand darefree #Family games #couple games #party games #games forgirls#truth or dare - party game #truth or dare? - the party game#truthor dare - fun games for teens and adult #truth or dare partygamesfor adult #truth or dare - spin bottle to play game #truth ordare- party #truth or dare? - teen edition #truth or dare? housepartygame ★ Privacy and Security We will never collect yourpersonalinfo. We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, please share it withyourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback. Thanksfordownload......! Enjoyed
Voice Translator - Free Translator 1.3
Voice Translator app is a fast translator with speechrecognition.You can pronounce sentences to be translated by thespeechrecognition tool or simply writing. Translations return injust afew seconds, then the voice synthesizer repeats thetranslated textinto the chosen language. This app can be used tolearn newlanguages. You can share your translation with any socialnetworkor app. Voice Translator – Free Translator support RealTimeTranslator makes easy translation to Communicate freely attheairport, hotel, gas station, supermarket or any otherplace.Translate Voice to all Language very easy and quicktranslationWay. Voice Translator also help you as learning andstudying toolsfor kids and adults - learn new phrases and listen tocorrectpronunciation, it’s makes easy to chat or communicate withsomeonewho use different language across language barriers. Here Weareoffering All language (Multi language Translator) -VoiceTranslator, Text Translator, camera Translator andPhotoTranslator, Verbal Translation & Speech Translation all inoneapp. Voice Translator is a speech translation app thattranslatesyour speech into different languages. Voice Translatoralso knownas a speech translation or verbal translation app thattranslatesyour speech-text-voice into different selected languages.VoiceTranslator supports 100+ languages, with a compact and lite UIit’smakes easy to use. Voice Translator - Free Translator isperfect totranslate Voice Instantly in your phone or tablet. Withthis onlinetranslator you won't have communication problems, GetEasyConversation, with the help of voice translator. AllLanguageTranslator – Voice Translator allows to share/copyTranslationsresult to friends. it also supports Translations resultread aloudfor user.Voice & Text Translator Supports AdvanceVoiceReorganization Technology makes Easy Translation. VoiceTranslatormakes Easy Translation with Verbal Translation and allowsto Freespeak and translate. Voice Translator – Text TranslatorsupportsTranslations: ✿ Voice to Text Translator, ✿ Voice toVoiceTranslator, ✿ Text to Voice Translator, ✿ Text to TextTranslator,✿ Camera Translator, ✿ Photo Translator. Features ofVoiceTranslator - Free Translator, All languages Translator: ✿VoiceTranslator - Translate between Multiple Language ✿ Free SpeakandVerbal Translator in more than 100+ Language ✿ SupportsImageTranslation, Photo Translation, Camera Translator. ✿ Get TextfromImage/Photo using Camera or Photo Translator (OCR) ✿Translateimage text with Multiple Language ✿ Share Voice or Textwith anySocial Network in one click ✿ Perfect way to translate whatyouwant with this application ✿The interface is simple andstylish,compact UI. ✿ Quick and easy translate. ✿The application istotallyfree. ✿ Easy to use. iTranslate Voice Lite!!! SUPPORTEDLANGUAGES:✿ English, ✿ Hindi, ✿ Gujarati, ✿ Tamil, ✿ Japanese, ✿Mandarin, ✿Korean, ✿ Arabic, ✿ Italian, ✿ Indonesian, ✿ Urdu, ✿Dutch, ✿Khmer, ✿ Sinhalese, ✿ Spanish, ✿ Thai, ✿ TaiwaneseMandarin, ✿Danish, ✿ German, ✿ Turkish, ✿ Nepali, ✿ Hungarian, ✿Filipino, ✿French, ✿ Vietnamese, ✿ Polish, ✿ Portuguese, ✿Brazilian ✿Portuguese, ✿ Malay, ✿ Myanmar, ✿ Mongolian, ✿ Lao, ✿Russianetc.... ★ Privacy and Security We will never collect yourpersonalinfo. We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, please share it withyourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback. Thanksfordownload.....! Enjoyed
Voice Recorder - Sound Recorder 1.0
Voice Recorder is a high quality voice recorder, it designedforsimplicity and able to record voice notes/voice memos/audio,andshare them with your colleagues/friends, we have optimalvoicerecording settings to give you the best possible HDrecordingexperience. You can record a business meeting, a lecture,aninterview. This app is a best choice. Voice Recorder isyoureveryday companion to record important moments. Capturemeetings,personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, withouttime limits!With no time limits and the option to choose acompressed format,it's easy to record the longest classes andlectures. voicerecorder, Audio recorder, recorder for lecture bestrecorder forvoice recording with high quality voice recorderapplication issimple and easy to use Free. Features of VoiceRecorder - SoundRecorder: ✿ Record to high-quality Wav file ✿Simple UI, instantstart, ✿ recording in background (even whendisplay is off) ✿ Liveaudio spectrum analyzer. ✿ Displays therecording status in thenotification bar. ✿ Trim/Cut your recordfile. ✿ Delete yourrecording right from the app. ✿ Easy Manageexisting recordings —play, rename, or delete them ✿ Auto saverecordings to your SDcard. ✿ Microphone gain calibration tool.✿save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control ✿ Send/Shareand manage your recordings easily. ✿ Easy To Use NOTE: Thisapp isnot call recorder. ★ Privacy and Security We will nevercollectyour personal info. We only use the words typed by you tomake thepredictions more accurate If you enjoy the app, pleaseshare itwith your friends and leave a review. We appreciate yourfeedback.Thanks for download......! Enjoyed
com.androsoft.assistiveeasytouch 1.0
Easy Assistive Touch for Android Easy Assistive Touch is aneasytouch tool for iphone ios devices, now has similar appsforAndroid. It's fast, it’s smooth, and it’s totally FREE.EasyAssistive Touch is an assistant manipulation tool for yourAndroidphone is a similar shortcut iphone cell phone and it's AllFree!You can use Easy Assistive Touch to control your device.EasyAssistive Touch is also an ideal app to protect thephysicalbuttons for Android device! Features of Easy AssistiveTouch - EasyTouch: ✿ Virtual Home button, easy touch to lock screenand openrecent task. ✿ Custom size and transparency of Floatingicon. ✿Control your device with Easy Assistive Touch menu. ✿VirtualVolume button, quick touch to change volume and change soundmode.✿ Virtual Back button. ✿ Change Floating icon with many cuteicons.✿ Clean ram, boost speed, one tap ram booster. ✿ EasyAssistiveTouch to open your favorite application. ✿ Go to allsetting veryquick with a touch. ★ Easy Assistive Touch - Easy Touchsettinginclude: - Capture Screenshot (5.0 and up) - ScreenRecording (5.0and up) - Power popup (5.0 and up) - Back button -OpenNotification - WiFi - Bluetooth - Location (GPS) - Ringmode(Normal, Vibrate, Silent) - Screen rotation - Volume up &down- Airplane mode - Flashlight Bright - All application onyourdevice ★ Language support - English "This app uses theDEVICEADMINISTRATOR PERMISSION." It is necessary and used onlyforlocking the device when you use feature turn off the screen.Youneed to enable Administration before it can be used thatfeature.To uninstall the app, please open my app and click the"Uninstall"button. ★ Privacy and Security We will never collectyour personalinfo. We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, please share it withyourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate your feedback.Notice:Some new advance function such as capture screenshot,powerpopup...only support high software version 5.0 and up. Ifyourphone dose not supported please mail us with yourdevicedescription before negative review. Thanks fordownload.....!Enjoyed 1.1
Beauty yourself - Make up Photo Editor contains number ofmakeupsticker styles and amazing beauty effects. You can make upyourselfwith eye lashes, eye brows, lips, ornaments, ear rings andmanymore stickers. Beauty yourself - Make up Photo Editor is afreeBeauty Editor tool helping you remove blemish and slim face.Beautyyourself - Make up Photo Editor , makeup styles. Filters,stickers,quick snap, and many other amazing features. Do you spendhoursevery day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? Whilemakeup isa fun way of expressing yourself and enhancing yourfeatures, youdon’t need to rely on it as a crutch to define yourbeauty.Features of Beauty yourself - Make up Photo Editor: ✿ Importphotofrom photo gallery, camera. ✿ Face Makeup easy and userfriendly. ✿makeup styles and filters. ✿ It includes skin whiten andglowingeffects. ✿ Change your look with stylish hairstyles andspectacles.✿ Perfect skin is yours with skin tones and filters. ✿Change eyecolor and overlay makeup. ✿ Make up with eyebrows, eyelashes andlips. ✿ Create your pretty look with amazing make upstickers. ✿Many hairstyle available in this girls Hairstyle changereditor. ✿Can write text on your photo. ✿ Easy to use. ★ Privacy andSecurityWe will never collect your personal info. We only use thewordstyped by you to make the predictions more accurate If youenjoy theapp, please share it with your friends and leave a review.Weappreciate your feedback. Thanks for download.....! Enjoyed
com.androsoft.mirrorpipeditor 1.1
The Best FREE Mirror PIP Editor - Mirror Photo Editor App for youtocreate Mirror Photo – Mirror Picture. Do you want a photo looklikea twin? Or do you want yourself repeat multiple times in onephoto?Here is the best Mirror PIP Editor - Mirror Photo Editor& PhotoFrame app for you to create the attractive pictures orphotos ofyou.You can try this app and make many different Mirrorphotoeffect. Mirror PIP Editor – Mirror: - Mirror Effect allowsyou tocreate reflection of photos, To create Mirror Effect forpicturethis is the best app you can try. - You can select yourphoto fromgallery. - 20+ mirror effect allows you to create uniquephotoeffect. - Save or Save photo with one tap. Mirror Effect –PhotoEffect: - Mirror Effect – Photo Effect is powerful toolallows tomake 3D mirror effect contains shapes live love, heart,square,rounded, bubble, books & many more concepts. - You canalsoDownload Different template to make more unique photography. -Photofilters is one of the most important part in Mirror Effect -PhotoEffect. There are wide range of photo filters availabletoapply onmirror photo frame. To give new look of your photo applythe bestphoto filters which match your personality. Cool photofilters givebest effects on your pics. Photo Editor – Sticker,Text: - You canwrite on photo or create the custom stickers bywrite somethings onphoto. You can customize the size, style,colors backgrounds &shadow effects of your writing fonts.Photo Frame: - We have widerange of Frame collection to createcomplete your photography.Mirror Pic – Photo Style: - Mirror Pic –Photo Style allows you touse different Mirror Templates. - PhotoStyle: Gradient effect toenhance your photo quality. - Blur Effect– Background blur, FishEye Effect: Mirror Photo Editor allows youto create mirror effectwith your photos. You can create left-right, up - down, reflection,repeating reflection style photos.Features of Mirror Effect forPicture: - Best Collection of MirrorEffect - 3D Mirror Effect -More than 20+ Mirror Effect. - Drag& Drop / Zoom In & ZoomOut to selected photo,the mirrorphoto will be changed. - More than50+ Style and shape for uniquephotography. - 15+ Photo Filters. -Allows to Write Text on Photo.- Overlay effects and textures -Multiple shapes and blur effect. -Colorful Emoji stickers - PlentyCollection of Different Frames. -Share your Photo on onlineplatform to your friends. - Simple andEasy UI. Tag: # Mirror #Mirror Effect for Picture # Mirror Pic #Photo miroir # miroir photo# mirra photo # Photo reflector # Photoecho effect # 3D MirrorEffect ★ Privacy and Security We will nevercollect your personalinfo. We only use the words typed by you tomake the predictionsmore accurate If you enjoy the app, pleaseshare it with yourfriends and leave a review. We appreciate yourfeedback. Thanks fordownload......! Enjoyed
com.clockthevault.photovideolocker 1.0
Clock the vault - Secret Photo Video Locker is an app that youcanuse to hide your private Photos, Videos, Files and Contactswithoutanyone knowing that you are using any kind of vault app. UsethisFree App. Clock the vault is a best privacy protection app tokeepsafe & easily hide your private photos, videos & anyotherfiles that you do not want others to see on your device. Clockthevault may look like simple Clock with the naked eye but hasasecret gallery lock behind it. If you enter the correctpassword,this will actually allow user to Keep safe photos andvideos behindfully functional Clock. This is a Must-Have App forprotecting yourprivacy as hiding each of the media files usingpassword!You caneasily manage the folders, Albums, gallery inexport pictures.Features of Clock the vault - Secret Photo VideoLocker: ✿ Importand hide pictures, hide video from photo gallery. ✿Locked appswill not open without password or pattern lock that isset by you.✿ Easy file management system. (Edit, Move, Rename,Create Foldersetc) ✿ Support Fake Passcode and show fake contentwhen you inputfake passcode ✿ Support hiding icon, and no one knowsthe existenceof gallery vault except you. ✿ Powerful Applock tolock apps likemessenger, gallery lock, contacts and mail. ✿ LockApps by App Lockfeature available by both Password Lock and PatternLock. ✿ LatestMaterial Design with easy to use interface. ✿ shareyou editedphotos on social media or with friends easily. ✿ Easy touse. SmartApp Lock Features: ★ Intruder Selfie: Selfie will beautomaticallytaken of person who trying to break your app locksecurity withwrong PIN or pattern. ★ Icon Hide/Replace: Replaceyour Clock Iconwith other icons like Vault Calculator, Whether,Music, CalculatorLock, Calculator Vault etc for better disguiseVault. ★ FakePassword(Decoy Locker): Support Fake Locker system andshow fakecontent when you input fake password to protect realgallery lock.★ Fingerprint Protection: You can use your fingerprintto Unlockyour secret Clock vault and Applock Fingerprint. ★PrivateBrowser(Incognito Browser): Private web browser to downloadandLock photos, videos and audios from Internet & leaves notracksin your system. Download Clock the vault - Secret PhotoVideoLocker, privacy photos-photo locker, Clock Vault, Timer Lock,TimerVault, Secret Gallery Vault, Photo Video Locker App, Clockthevault for free now! ★ Privacy and Security We will nevercollectyour personal info. We only use the words typed by you tomake thepredictions more accurate Device administrators Permission:ByStart Protection, You will be asked to activateDeviceAdministrator Permission for this app. App usesdeviceadministrator permission for prevention of accidentallyUninstall.To Uninstall you need to deactivate device administrator.You caneasily deactivate by Turning off Start Protection from theapp oryou can go to Settings->Security->Device Administratorsfromyour phone anytime. You Enable Device administrators Permissionforapp uninstall protection we confirm that you are agree withDeviceadministrators Permission. BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICEpermissionAllow BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission to useapplock so thatyou can use the app lock feature fast and reducebattery usage. ★Frequently asked Q&A Q - Forgot password. Howcan I reset it? A-To reset password you have to open our Clock Lockand enter 10:10time on clock and press middle button. It will openpassword resetscreen with secret question set by you, answer itcorrectly and setnew password or press on ? symbol button on screenand it will openreset screen. Q - I uninstalled this app and againinstalled. Can Iget my locked pictures back? A - you need to unlockpictures beforeuninstall. Files are not available in new install.If you enjoy theapp, please share it with your friends and leave areview. Weappreciate your feedback. Thanks for download.....!Enjoyed