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Horror Butcher:First Infected 1.1
welcome to horror butcher: first Infected , this game is inspiredbythe murderous granny, only 100 times worse! well, you only have3days to run away, he listens to almost everything, don't messwithhis wife, otherwise he'll be furious! this game is part of aseriesof games to come! this game contains: Nudity sexual violenceBloodand much more you are Max Marrelol Nonxer, the same people ofterrorhunters and drunks. what is drunk drunks is my futuregigantichorror game, and I'm already making a few games in thisfranchisefor mobile, but most of it will be for the pc. I'llrelease: littleboy, the last war,harder,egg up,break it and more!Warning: None ofmy free games will have an ad, as I know this isannoying! made by a12 year old Brazilian found bugs or errors?send me this email: andso I will fix these bugs or errors