Adventure Cat, LLC Apps

Cyberkat v1.0.3
This three-eyed cyber alien cat is hungry forsome robot fish and he's going to get some no matter what! Jointhis crazy cat as he explores a scifi-themed robotic alien planetfilled with monstrous alien seafood, including mutant anglerfishes,laser king crabs, colossal nautiluses, shuriken starfishes, andmany, many more!Cyberkat wants to catch some robot fish for dinner. So this cathas decided that it's time to do some space-fishing - using machineguns, laser pistols, and a heaping ton of explosive rockets!— Enjoy explosive fast-paced action arcade gameplay.— Blow up seafood-themed enemies in this uniqueaction/runner/shooter hybrid adventure game.— Supports two flight controls: touch & hold, or tiltfunctionality.— Equip powerful microchips to enchance your cat's cyber suit andunlock new powerups.— Craft more microchips to further expand your arsenal.— Includes 8 worlds to explore, 4 Levels each.— Includes epic fish-themed boss battles in each world.This cat is hungry for some serious action-packedseafood-flavored adventure! Are you ready?
Dog Vs Homework - Idle Clicker 1.0.8
Love dogs but hate doing homework? Let yourpetdogs do all the homework for you! Score millions of A+’swithouteven lifting a pencil in this all new idle game. This isanincremental / idle dog pet simulation game.Tap on the screen to earn A’s. Once you earn enough A’s, buynewpet dogs to generate more A’s per second, or buyincrementalupgrades to increase your A’s generated per sec. Unlockextra roomsto purchase new dog breeds. You can also buy otherincrementalupgrades in the Shop to double, triple or quadruple yourtotal idleA's production.All pet dogs still do your homework even when you're notplayingduring idling mode. You’ll be a straight A+ student in notime!Each dog has its own ridiculous, unique way of dealing withyourhomework. Each room houses a specific dog breed. Unlock newdogbreeds and discover all unique ways each dog deals withyourhomework!*Conversion rates are per every thousand (ex. 1000 A = 1 A+;1000A+ = 1 A++).*You earn A+'s even when you're in idle mode(offline/idling).*Use A+'s to upgrade and unlock new pet dog breeds.*Purchase incremental upgrades and improve your dogs attheShop.*Automatically saves progress.Imagine owning hundreds of dogs as pets - enough to amassyourvery own dog army to do all your homework for you inthisdog-themed idle / incremental pet simulation!
Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game 1.0.12
Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Need a silly, dumb gameto help pass the time? Let your furry canine friends do all thehomework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting apencil in this all new clicker game. This is a dog pet simulationclicker game / idle game.Tap on your homework to earn A’s. Once youearn enough A’s, you can adopt new pet dogs that does your homeworkfor you. Use A's to purchase upgrades and level them up. Once youhave enough A's, you can buy and upgrade dog toys and adddecoration to your bedroom. Unlock new rooms to make new dog breedsavailable to you. And if you're feeling really brave, you canexplore the school grounds, and send your pet dogs to attenddangerous classes that belong to Mathematics, Science, Literature,Arts and Sports! Your pet dogs also chew your homework even whenyou're not playing, so you don't need to tap all the time. Justrelax, adopt a pet, and let your dogs do their thing. You’ll be astraight A+ student in no time in this idle game! Each dog has itsown unique personality and way of dealing with your homework.Explore the various areas beyond your backyard! Unlock new dogbreeds and discover all unique ways each dog deals with yourhomework!Clicker game features include: * Tap on screen to generateA's.* Earn A's even when you're offline/idling.* Use A's to adopt apet dog breeds and upgrade.* Purchase dog toys and otherincremental game upgrades at the pet shop.* Explore new areas tounlock more unique dog breeds. Tap your way to become an A+student! Imagine adopting hundreds of dogs as your own pets -enough to amass your very own dog army to do all your homework foryou in this dog-themed pet simulation clicker / idle game!
Ms. Alma's Math Trainer - Plus Minus Times Divide 1.1
Ms. Alma wants to help you keep your brain in good shape! Solvesimple math equations, and improve your mental math skills. Earntrophies for doing a good job. Stay sharp, and keep your brainhealthy with Ms. Alma's Math Trainer.§ This application is usefulfor:• Children and students - Kids who already know basic plus,minus, times, divide and wants to improve their mental mathcalculations.• Adults - Refresh your brain, and practice on simplemath equations. Keep your brain in good shape by giving yourself agood math workout.§ Improve your mental math skills in:• Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.§ Earn trophies for doingwell:• Challenge yourself against the clock, and earn trophies forachieving high scores.Train your brain to be healthy and smart withMs. Alma's Math Trainer.
Dragon Keepers - Fantasy Clicker Game 1.0.25
The fairies of Dracon Forest need your help! The DRAGONS have gonemissing, and they need your help to get them back. Tap your way tocollect mana and become the ultimate Dragon Keeper! This is a petdragon clicker game.In this idle game, dragons need mana tosurvive. As the Dragon Keeper, it's your job to feed your dragonsmana! Tap on the screen to collect mana. Once you collect enoughmana, you can summon dragons that collect more mana for you. Levelup your dragons to unlock more upgrades and increase yourproductivity! Expand your territory and unlock new areas to allowyou to summon new dragons. And once you've established your hordeof dragons, you can go on a quest! Battle evil monsters to collectmagical Dragon Eggs and other rare artifacts in one of the bestdragon games of all time!Clicker game features include: * Tap onscreen to generate mana.* Summon dragons with your mana.* Generatemana even when you're offline in this idle game.* Purchase areaimprovements and other incremental game upgrades.* Explore newareas to unlock more unique dragon breeds. * Migrate your dragons(soft reset) to earn medals and buy artifacts!Tap your way tobecome the ultimate Dragon Keeper! Experience one of the bestdragon games of all time! Summon hundreds of dragons, collecthundreds of artifacts, and grow your dragon horde in thisdragon-themed idle / incremental / clicker game.
Indie Jane and the Snake Tower 1.0
Explore the forgotten Snake Tower as Indie Jane, treasure raiderextraordinaire! Fast-paced, snake-jumping action! Jump to reach outand collect rubies as you climb up the perilous Snake Tower,guarded by tons and tons of SNAKES!! Unlock magical relics withspectacular powers that lets you glide mid air and can even saveyour life!—Jump over platforms to climb the Snake Tower.—Evadesnakes.—Collect rubies.—Unlock relics with special powers.—Lots ofmulti-colored snakes! (Indie Jane hates the pink one themost!)—Fast-paced, action arcade.—Retro theme, indie, pixelart!—Family friendly.So what are you waiting for? Start jumpingsnakes with Indie Jane and the Snake Tower!
Kiss The Puppy 1.0
Do you miss your dog when you're away from home? Do you think aboutyour dog when you're busy at work? A seemingly dumb game that canbe loads of fun to any dog lover!Tap to shoot kisses at your puppy.Aim for the perfect kiss for a lovey-dovey heart explosion!Earncoins to unlock more puppies to kiss!
Clicker of the Dead - Zombie Idle Game 1.0.46
CLICKER OF THE DEAD - ZOMBIE IDLE GAME The zombies have taken overthe world! Recruit survivors to help you rebuild the city in thisidle clicker game. THEN CAME THE OUTBREAK No one knows how itstarted, but you witnessed how the zombies took over the world -and survived! Now, with the cities are all in ruins, it's up to youto save what's left of humanity! Tap your way through the city ofthe undead and reclaim civilization in one of the best idle gamesof all time! GROW YOUR CAMP Tap to scavenge for food. You canrecruit survivors and level them up by feeding them food. Survivorsgenerate food and materials even when you're idle or offline.Materials can be used to construct buildings. Use strategy tofigure out which buildings your survivors need. Upgrade thebuildings in your camp and rebuild your city. RESCUE MISSIONS Onceyou are strong enough, you can send your survivors to missions. Youcan find various tech plans, tools, weapons, and trinkets that willhelp you grow your survivors even stronger! Keep an eye out forevolved zombie bosses. They are much harder to defeat, but rewardsyou with legendary loot. TECH UPGRADES Tech plans are likeblueprints for a technology. Spend your tech plans to improve yoursurvivors with incremental upgrades. Specialize in differentsurvivor classes including: Camp Leaders, Harvesters, Builders,Guardians and Scavengers. RECRUIT HEROES Some survivors arespecial. You can recruit them using Hero Tokens. Assign a team ofheroic survivors to increase your attack power so you can take onharder missions. START A NEW COLONY Once your camp is big enough,you can start a new colony and collect Chemical X. Use Chemical Xto purchase fantastic inventions that give large bonuses to yourentire camp. Build your own city! INVADE OTHER CAMPS IN PVP In thisidle game, you can participate in weekly PVP tournaments. Invadeother player's camp, and earn rewards as you climb up the ladder.Clicker game features include: * Tap on screen to generate food. *Recruit survivors using radio calls. * Level up your survivors withfood. * Survivors generate food and materials even when you'reoffline. * Construct new buildings with materials, and customizeyour city building. * Use class XP to research incremental gameupgrades. * Spend gas to go on missions to earn tools & items.* Recruit heroes and form a strike force team. * Invade otherplayers in PVP tournaments. Tap your way to survival and rebuildhuman civilization! Experience the tribulations of thepost-apocalypse in one of the best idle clickers of all time!Summon hundreds of survivors, collect hundreds of equipment, andgrow your camp in this zombie-themed idle / clicker / incrementalgame.
Crypt Critters - Idle Monster Game 1.0.2
Want to know how to become rich the easy way? It's simple! Justadopt some cute critters who love to make you gold! Just make sureyou give them a good place to live, like a musky old crypt, or a~haunted~ forest. Tap your way to collect gold to become therichest crypt keeper of the land in this clicker game!As the CryptMaster, it's your job to take care of your little critters! In thisidle game, tap on the screen to collect gold. Once you collectenough gold, you can adopt more critters that produce more gold foryou. Level up your critters to unlock more upgrades and increaseyour productivity! Expand to new areas and collect different kindsof Crypt Critters. And once you've amassed your army of critters,you can go on a quest! Battle evil monsters to collect MagicalSpellbooks and other rare artifacts in the best monster tycoon gameof all time!Tycoon game features include: * Tap on screen togenerate gold.* Adopt more critters with your gold.* Generate goldeven when you're offline in this idle game.* Purchase areaimprovements for your critters and other incremental gameupgrades.* Explore new areas to unlock more unique monster types. *Sell your crypt (soft reset) to earn medallions and buyartifacts!Tap your way to become the ultimate Crypt Master!Experience one of the best monster tycoon games of all time! Summonhundreds of critters, collect hundreds of artifacts, and become therichest Crypt Master of the land in this incremental game / idlegame / clicker game!
Veggie Tails - Furry Plant Tycoon 1.0.3
What's a Veggie Tail? It's a plant, that's cute, furry and wants tobe your friend! Some are half cat breeds, while others are dogs.Some squeak, or moo, while others like to chirp! Build your farmand fill it with your new furry veggie friends! Tap to produce bagsof seeds. Grow your seeds into a new Veggie Tail pet. Then combine,mix and match your plants to upgrade them into new animal hybrids.The breeds include cat. dog, mouse, cow, chicken, sheep and a wholelot more! Earn coins even when you're offline. Fun & casualgameplay! Discover and unlock new species. TAP, PLANT, and EXPANDyour way to a bigger farm. Become the ultimate furry farmer planttycoon!