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Sports Bike Challenge 1.5
Challenge your dexterity by driving this motorbike. It is difficultto pass all levels of Sports Bike Challenge. You try to collect allcoins in the road, with 500 coins you can save life and playcontinue.Jump on your motorcycle as you attempt to safely race upand down the hills, jump through gaps and avoid any deadlyobstacles. Safely get to the checkered flag as quickly as possibleto pass each level. There are 24 different levels for you to masteras you try to complete your racing trials.You can change the typeof control.Now this time to rock with CRAZYMOTORBIKE!!!*******Feature******- Addicting game play.- Fungraphics.- Interesting sound track.- Collect coins.- 24 levels andmore.Play SPORTS BIKE Challenge and get fun!
Alien Hunter 2018 - Super Hero Adventure 1.1
Alien Hunter 2018 is adventure game, in this game, our Hero have tosave world.In the game, our hero must save the world, against alienmonsters, help the hero collect coins to buy more weapons.Becareful because there are many powerful alien.Alien Hunter 2018 isplatform game, using nice graphic and amazing sound to make thisgame.Alien Hunter 2018 is very safe for kids to play, you can playthis game with your friends or family.
Super Ninja Adventure: Time For Jump 1.0
Super Ninja Adventure Time For Jump is very easy control with onetouch 🕹️, you can change the direction of Super Ninja.🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤Super Ninja need find the way to go to the door andcollect all the Shuriken to finish each level.Super Ninja AdventureTime For Jump is fantastic Ninja Games, play this NINJA GAMES toget fun!Your task in this game is to control Ninja, avoid traps,collect the Shuriken.🎮FEATURE🎮★ Cute and beautiful graphics★ Ninjaadventure world★ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game★Run, jump and explore in deep jungle.★ Easy and intuitive controls★Many scenes to pass ★ 20 levels and more coming soon.★ Over 20enemies and power up obstacles ★ Classic retro platform game style★Destructible environment★ Achievements and leaderboards, get bestscore over the world.🐈🐈🐈You must finish your adventure and nevergive up when you lose all your lives.ADVENTURE TIME:Try to finisheach level fastest and share the result for your friend and family.Let go with Super Ninja Go Go!Now this time for adventure with ourSUPER NINJA 🐱‍👤
Monster Jump Up 1.0
All the monsters want to jump high, help them jump high avoid thewoods. Get the star, you'll play new level.Monster Jump Up isaddicting game, use your skill to play this funny game.Monster JumpUp is easy to play, but very hard to get high score, play this fungame with your friend or family. This game safe for all kids toplay.
Jump Ball 1.1
Jump Ball is a new skill game, this game is very easy to play butvery hard to become master. You have to control the ball throughthe obstacles on the screen, collect the star to get one point.PlayFree Jump Ball 2018 Puzzle Game and share with your friends orfamily to get fun.
Zombie Defense - Halloween Night 1.1
There are many zombies want to attack the town on Halloween night.Help our boy shoot all zombies and defense his town.Zombie Defense- Halloween Night is addicting game to play or fun survival game,you can finish the mission of each day to survive. Shoot thezombies to get money and buy weapon, upgrade the barriers, boom.You can use the boom to call the bombers.FEATURE:- 30 days tosurvive.- Select weapon.- Upgrade barriers.- Nice graphics.-Addicting game.- Call the bombers.
Zombies Attack - House Defense 1.4
Omg, there're a lot of zombies, they're going to my house.Shoot allzombies to get coins and skulls, use it to buy gun or weapon, usethem to kill zombies.Zombies have invaded the yard, protect thefarmer's house by using weapons shoot all zombies. After completingeach quest, you can receive rewards.Zombies Attack - House Defenseis exciting defense games, Zombies Attack - House Defense is safeand free to play.FEATURE:- 30 days to finish this mission.- 4zombies character and more.- 4 weapons and more.- Easy to controland play this game.- Silky skilful gameplay.
Pirate Treasure - Zombies War 1.0
Pirate Treasure, Zombies War game is funny game. Help our littlepirate find the way to kill all zombies, unlock the treasure.Pirate boy have to collect all star coins to get three stars ofeach levels. Pirate Treasure, Zombies War have two worlds: Sea andAntarctic world with 20 levels for you to play. Discover the worldof pirates with your friends or family.Pirate Treasure use only onefinger to play, this game easy to control but very hard to finishall levels.
Zombie Killer : Physics Puzzle Game 1.0.1
Zombie Killer is a physics puzzle game, you can touch the itemonscreen to move them and kill all zombie. This game usesyourintelligence and ingenuity to play.Zombie Killer have 30 levelsforyou to play. Play Zombie Killer and create yoursolutions.FEATURE:* 30 unique levels.* Fun game play.* Innovativephysicsgameplay.* Constant free updates with new levels.*ZombieCharacter.Play Zombie Killer : Physics Puzzle Game and sharetoyour friend or family by using social sharing on game.