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AegisLab Antivirus Premium v4.7.0
AegisLab Antivirus Premium, developed by AegisLab, is a Swiss Armyknife security tool on Android platform. It can protect usersagainst the threats of Android malwares and also have some otheruseful functions – 1. Mobile Malware Scan - Real-time and manualscan mobile malwares - Support 4 scan modes – System Scan, FileScan, Cloud based Scan and Scheduled Scan - Automatically scan whendownloading or installing app - Cloud based scan provides muchhigher virus detection rate. 2. Permission Detector - Checking thepermissions of installed apps and helping user to find out thesuspicions programs 3. File Encryption - Encrypting files toprotect against data leakage - Encrypted files are not accessibleto any other programs 4. Application Lock - Locking specific appsfrom running - It can be configured to be unlocked at a period oftime for child 5. URL Filter - Supporting AegisLab Web ContentCategory Database for classifying categories as porn, drugs …etc. -Protecting children from improper categories like porn, drugs …etc.6. Support multi-lingual: currently supporting English, Chinese andJapanese. 7. This app uses Accessibility services. The trial periodof AegisLab Antivirus Premium is 14 days. After that, users may payvia the in-app billing of Google Play by credit card. The standardprice is 0.99 US dollar per month. If there are any questions,please email to
AegisLab Antivirus Free v4.4.0
AegisLab Antivirus Free is a antivirus tool for Android devices, itincludes the following features: - Real-time and manual scan mobilevirus - Support 4 scan modes * System Scan * File Scan * Cloudbased Scan * Scheduled Scan - Automatically scan when downloadingor installing app - Cloud based scan provides much higher virusdetection rate. If you have any questions, please email
(遠傳版) AegisLab 行動安全防毒 v4.5.0
【完整功能介紹】 1. AegisLab行動安全防毒工具 (簡稱防毒工具) ★惡意軟體掃瞄:即時/手動掃描可疑軟體,防止病毒駭客的入侵。 ★ 連絡人管理:可遠端或本機執行備份/還原連絡人各項資料。 ★權限顧問:簡易操作介面、一鍵檢測隱私、保護手機安全、評估隱私風險。 ★檔案加密:保護檔案防止有心人開啟,加密檔案可防止任何應用程式開啟。 2. AegisLab行動安全兒少防護網 (簡稱兒少防護網) ★安心鎖:應用程式管理 / 應用程式排程 / 應用程式上鎖。 ★ 安心網:過濾色情網站 / 暴力網站 / 賭博網站 /…等八項類別。-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【手機防護知多少?】  您知道智慧型手機和電腦一樣,會中毒,會被駭客入侵嗎? 您知道一旦手機的安全受到威脅,您可能被監視側錄,個人資料被竊取,信用卡被盜刷?  您知道要保護您的手機安全,其實很簡單?立即安裝『(遠傳版)AegisLab 行動安全防毒』,保護您的行動安全!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【門號用戶需知】  非限定遠傳門號,所有用戶皆可安裝使用本服務-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【貼心小叮嚀】  防毒工具與兒少防護網之功能需各別申購。-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【FAQ】 Q:我的門號不是遠傳的門號,那我也可以使用該產品來保護我的手機安全嗎?A:可以的,無論您是否為遠傳門號之使用者,所有用戶皆可以使用本服務喔。 Q:非遠傳用戶要如何購買? A:(a)非遠傳用戶需先申請成為遠傳會員。(b) 進入本產品後登入會員。(c) 於產品內「服務專區」的畫面→點選「服務申租」。(d)新增信用卡帳號付款。 Q:使用時需要網路嗎? A:是的,使用本產品需在 WiFi 或 3G/4G的網路環境下使用,進行認證、雲端掃描或是更新病毒特徵碼,傳輸費用將依您所使用之費率決定。Q:遠傳門號客戶或非遠傳門號客戶,該如何取消服務? A:於產品內「服務專區」的畫面→按下「退租服務」即可退租。Q:移除產品是不是代表取消服務了? A:請注意移除本產品並非代表取消服務!請務必於產品內「服務專區」的畫面→按下「退租服務」即可退租。Q:安全密碼忘記了,該如何處理? A:請到手機的「管理應用程式」畫面,按下「清除資料」,再重新設定即可。 Q : 安心網相關設定問題A:安心網網路瀏覽阻擋資料庫,設定基本群組有八大類別。當使用者瀏覽網頁被阻擋時,頁面會顯示被阻擋之所屬類別。 以Facebook為例,勾選阻擋類別「社交網站/聊天及交友」,則當使用者開啟Chrome或是內建瀏覽器瀏覽Facebook時將會被阻擋。 Q:安心網適用於任何瀏覽器嗎?A:目前安心網適用於的瀏覽器:Chrome 與 Firefox Q:如何移除產品?A:於產品的選單中點選「解除安裝」即可卸載本產品。若有設定安全密碼則必須先輸入正確的安全密碼才可卸載。 軟體支援語言:繁體中文此應用程式使用無障礙設定服務

 [full function introduction] 1. AegisLab MobileSecurity Antivirus Tool (referred to as antivirus tool)    ★ Malicious software scanning:Instant/manual scanning of suspicious software to prevent theinvasion of virus hackers.     ★ ContactManagement: You can remotely or locally perform backup/restorecontacts.     ★ Permissions Consultant: Easyoperation interface, one-click detection of privacy, protection ofmobile phone security, assessment of privacy risks.    ★ File Encryption: Protect files from beingopened by people. Encrypted files can prevent any application frombeing opened. 2. AegisLab Action Security Child Protection Network(referred to as Child Protection Network)     ★Security Lock: Application Management / Application Scheduling /Application Locking.     ★ Filterporn sites / Violent websites / Gambling sites /... and other eightcategories. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------[How much does mobile phone protection know?] Do you know thatsmart phones and computers are poisoned and will be invaded byhackers? You know that once the security of your phone iscompromised, you may be monitored for side-by-side, personal databeing stolen, and your credit card stolen? You know that it is veryeasy to protect your mobile phone. Install "AegisLab MobileSecurity and Antivirus" immediately to protect your mobilesecurity!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------[The door number user needs to know] Unrestricted remote doornumber, all users can install and use this service---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------[Intimate little 叮咛] The functions of anti-virus tools andchildren's protection nets need to be purchased separately.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------[FAQ] Q: My door number is not the door number of the remotetransmission. Can I use this product to protect my mobile phone? A:Yes, regardless of whether you are a remote door number user, allusers can use this service. Q: How do I purchase a non-remote user?A: (a) Non-remote users must apply to become a remote member first.(b) Log in to the member after entering the product. (c) In the"Service Area" screen of the product, click "Service Subscription".(d) Add a credit card account to pay. Q: Do you need a network whenusing it? A: Yes, the product needs to be used in WiFi or 3G/4Gnetwork environment for authentication, cloud scanning or updatingvirus signature. The transmission fee will be determined accordingto the rate you use. Q: How can I cancel the service if the remotedoor number customer or non-far door number customer? A: In the"Service Area" screen of the product, press "Return Service" tocancel the lease. Q: Does removing the product mean canceling theservice? A: Please note that removing this product does not meancanceling the service! Please be sure to return the rent in the"Service Area" screen of the product → press "Unsubscribe Service".Q: The security password has been forgotten. What should I do? A:Please go to the “Manage Application” screen of the mobile phone,press “Clear Data”, and then reset it. Q : Anxin network relatedsetting problem A: network browsing block database, setthe basic group has eight categories. When the user browses thewebpage is blocked, the page displays the category to which it isblocked.  Take Facebook as an example. Check the blocking category"Social Website/Chat and Dating", which will be blocked when usersopen Chrome or build a browser to browse Facebook. Q: Does AnxinNetwork work for any browser? A: Currently the browsers applies to: Chrome and Firefox Q: How to remove theproduct? A: Uninstall this product by clicking “Uninstall” in theproduct menu. If you have set a security password, you must firstenter the correct security password before you can uninstall it.Software Support Language: Traditional Chinese This app usesaccessibility settings