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My Little Bunny Dressup 1.0
Create Eggstra special worlds for yourfluffytailed Bunny. Get your furry rabbit ready for an Easterparade,school, or work. Dress up your Bunny with goofy ears,clothsandmore. Save Bunny Dress Up Salon to the photo gallery ortapJoin now and discover the fashion world of dress up:⁃Beautiful Dresses⁃Shoes⁃Ears⁃Toys-TailsPlay dress up games like a fashion master! Dressing up hasneverbeen like this before!
Play this beautiful My Little BunnyDressupnow, install for free!
Crime Of The Past HiddenEscape 1.0
GET THE BEST HIDDEN OBJECT GAME ON STORE!Crime Of The Past has beensolving mysteries for years and you’ve just been recruited to join!Climb your way to the top as the greatest detective and help solvecrimes throughout Europe! Can you find all the Hidden Objects?MainFeatures:
-COMPLETE hundreds of quests!
-INVESTIGATE and solvecrimes!
-HIDDEN OBJECT scenes change every time you play!
-HUNDREDSof items to find and collect!
-NO Internet connection required toplay!
-FREE hidden object game!
-HIGH resolution graphics!Have SomeFun With Aflatoon Games
Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes 1.0
This free game has a collection of the everyone’s favorite NurseryRhymes/songs of most kids.With a very easy to use user interface,this game also provides lyrics along with the nursery rhymes makingsure that your kids don't just remember the tune, they alsoremember the nursery rhymes/ songs. It is available FREE ofcost.its an educational interface for yourkids,toddlers,kindergarten. enjoy it with Aflatoon GamesThis appcontains the below mentioned nursery rhymes:1.Baby In TheCradle2.Bounce The Ball3.Boys And Girls Come Out To Play4.Early ToBed,Early To Rise5.Five Little Ducks6.Five Little FluffyBirds7.Goosey Goosey Gander8.Hands Up,Hands Down9.He’s Got TheWhole World In His Hand10.Hop A Little11.Knock,Knock12.12345 Once ICaught A Fish Alive
Musical Flower Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0
Puzzle with colorful flowers 100% free and fun for Kids,Toddlersand Kindergarten. Every game is unique and new puzzles will beadded regularly! Hours of fun for you and your whole family!EveryPetals is divided into pieces. The challenges is to slide all thepuzzle pieces to the right place to create beautiful images. Themore you play, the harder it gets! But don’t forget, the greateryour own collection becomes!characteristics of the game
• 10Colorful Flowers• Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti Music on each Petals• 10Popular Rhymes Enjoy and play with Aflatoon Games !!!
Fairy Princess Dressup 1.0
Fairy Princess Dress UpDo you love fairies? A fairy is a symbol ofmystery and beauty. Under the lovely and mysterious moon comes afairy princess who loves fashion. Can you be her fashion designerand give her the best fairy outfits through this popular dress upgame? This game comes with dresses and accessories that you can useto make our pixie look beautiful and stunning. Dress up and pairthe outfits with the accessories. Make sure to check on all of theoutfits and adornments that we have for you in this cute andbeautiful dress up game.Join now and discover the fashion world ofdress up: ⁃BeautifulDresses⁃Flowers⁃Shoes⁃Crown⁃Wings⁃Hair⁃EaringsPlay dress up gameslike a fashion master! Dressing up has never been like thisbefore!
Play this beautiful Night Fairy Dress Up game now, installfor free!
Hanuman Chalisa And Darshan 1.0
Hanuman Chalisa And DarshanHanuman Chalisa is a devotional songbased on Lord Hanuman as the model devotee, it is written byMahakavi Goswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century in praise ofLord Hanuman. It is very popular among a lot of modern hindus andis generally recited on Saturday (considered a holy day fordevotees of Lord Hanuman).This App Contains 1. Famous temples ofhanuman for DARSHAN2. HANUMAN CHALISA for listining and reading3.This App has hanuman chalisa in two language HINDI & ENGLISHfor your convenient Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!!!
Kid Leaning Fruits And Veggies 1.0
“Kids Learning Fruits and Veggies” is a free educational game forchildren between 1 and 5 years of age. It helps your child learnabout 32 kinds of fruits and vegetables in an enjoyable way.Eachfruits and vegetables has its own picture, text name and voicename.Features:
- Sounds of fruits and vegetables 
- Fruitsflashcards for kids
- Name pronunciation
- Each fruit has word withpicture
- Education game for kids
- Helps child to recognizevegetables
- Memory training- Could be used in nursery,kindergarten, pre-school, school, university
- Each Fruits have aits own characteristics description like vitamins,Proteins etc.
My First Word Common Objects 1.0
Let your toddlers,Kids learn spelling and their ABCs with KidsSpell & Learn : Common Objects! Spell & Learn is a seriesof toddler games themed for children aged one to four. Spell &Learn uses common objects, items or animals to help your childlearn their alphabet and spell better.In the “Common Objects”Edition, Spell & Learn helps your child spell the names ofcommon animal types as well as remember what they look like! Thistoddler’s game is perfect for children who are yet to learn or arein the process of learning their alphabets, adding familiar animalnames to their growing vocabulary.This interactive preschooler’sspelling game provides lots of fun with different alphabets fontsand distinctive Common Objects. Kids simply drag the letters intothe correct slots to form a word and they get rewarded with aninteresting picture of the animal the word represents!Encouragementsentences are also spoken whenever the answer is correct. Let yourtoddler learn correctly through positive reinforcement!This gameincludes the following features:- Many different colorful alphabetsto drag and form words with- Alphabets are spelled out as thelittle ones tap and drag them- Cute Common Objects appears aftereach word is completed- Sounds and special effects to keep yourkids engaged
Bird Matching Puzzle 1.0
Bird Matching Puzzle is a freeeasy-to-usepuzzle game with lots of cute Bird images.Simply turn the images of Bird and his friends by touching themandcomplete the puzzle to get the highest score.With Bird Matching Puzzle Game, you have to show adaptabilitybydeveloping effective tactics and develop your cognitiveskill.enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!!
Love Quotes 1.0
Love quotes provides quality love quotes for your loved one. Thisis the collection of famous love quotes. - Select the pages bymenu.- Finger swipe option to change pages.- Sharing option toshare your quotes on all social media websites.- All quotes withbeautiful background.- Set as wallpaper of your favorite quote.-Easy download option to save quotes in your gallery.- This LoveQuotes app you can also use offline.
Princess Wedding Salon 1.0
Wedding ceremony is life time event for every girl. Lots of weddingpreparation are needed to make a day memorable for bride and groom.Are you worried about your wedding planning?This wedding salon willhelp you with different bride make up, earnings for girls,beautiful pink and white bridal dresses to glow.Have Spa treatment,then groom yourself by choosing varieties of makeup accessories andthen finally pick your bridal dresses from our designer collectionand get a feel like princess. Features:
• Get girls ready for anamazing night at the prom!
• Change their makeup, give them a newhairstyle.
• Tons of different lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, haircolor and much more
• Huge variety of party items, includingearrings, necklaces and head gears
• Makeup and Dress up her in thegown of your dreamsHow to Play:
- Bring each girl into your salonfor a makeover.
- Pick out a new hairstyle and makeup.
- Chooseoutfits, accessories, shoes and purses.
- Send them to the dancefeeling like a princess!So this Girly Game is waiting to make youprincess.enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!!
First Words Baby Games 1.0
Do you want to introduce new words to your toddler, kid or baby?This game is great to teach new words to your babies, toddlers andkids! Baby flashcards will help them to learn everyday objects. Itincludes more than 160 carefully selected words.- There are 10 babyflashcard categories and more than 160 words(Pets, WildAnimals,Fruits-Vegetables,Colors,Objects,Cloths,Toys,Shapes,Vehicles,Clothes, Farm Animals, Food).
- Colorful high quality pictures keepyour babies' interest level high.
- Professional pronunciation ofwords for child's correct learning.
- First words for baby has asimple and intuitive navigation.
- Your toddler will learn muchfaster with this unique app!
- This app is designed for kidseducational purposes. 
- Baby flashcards can keep your kidsentertained anywhere, anytime!This game was designed withexperienced educators and child psychologists in order to helptoddlers and preschool kids expand their vocabulary and learn newwords. it was designed to provide quality playtime for parents andkids together.Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES
Christmas ABC Tracing 1.0
The ABC of Christmas game is adapted for all children so that theycan learn alphabets and trace letters of ABC alphabet while havingfun. It is full of bright colors and amusing virtual Slat foreducation game for education of preschool or kindergartenage.Features:
- All Alphabets coloring book includes letters A to Zand is fully-featured.
- Activities that teach your kid how totrace and draw alphabet's letters.
- Trace and draw letters by usefinger to drag instead mouse.
- Smart interface helps kids focus onletters and phonics without accidentally exiting the game.
- Eachletter will repeat its sound when touched. 
- Complete Alphabets
-Preschooler will quickly learn and exercise with fun.
- Learn andfun with ABC music.
How To Change 500 & 1000 Rs. 1.0
The Prime Minister said the notes of Rs 500and Rs 1000 "will not be legal tender from midnight tonight" andthese will be "just worthless piece of paper."In a move to curb the black money menace, PM Narendra Modideclared that from midnight currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500denomination will not be legal tender. People can deposit notes ofRs 1000 and Rs 500 in their banks from November 10 till December30, 2016.In his 40-minute address, first in Hindi and later in English,the Prime Minister said the notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 "will notbe legal tender from midnight tonight" and these will be "justworthless piece of paper."PM said the government has been fighting the menace of blackmoney and corruption ever since it assumed power two years ago. Healso urged people to help government in its fight against fakecurrency and black money.Besides depositing money in bank accounts, the Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes can also be exchanged with lower denomination currencynotes at designated banks and post offices on production of validgovernment identity cards like PAN, Aadhaar and Election Card fromNovember 10 to November 24 with a daily limit of Rs 4000.Those unable to deposit Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes till December30 this year can do so in designated RBI offices till March 31 nextyear after filling a declaration form along with proof and reasons,the Prime Minister said.Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will be valid for transactions relatedto booking of air tickets, railway bookings, government bus ticketcounters and hospitals till the midnight of November 11 and 12."Banks will be closed tomorrow. It will cause some hardship toyou....Let us ignore these hardships... In country's history, therecomes a moment when people will want to participate in the nationbuilding and reconstruction Very few such moments come inlife," Modi said.While making the announcement, the Prime Minister said thesweeping measures were aimed at curbing the "disease" of corruptionand black money which have taken deep root."There is a need for a decisive war against the menace ofcorruption, black money and terrorism... Corruption, black moneyand terrorism are festering wounds which make the country hollowfrom within," PM said, adding such activities hold back thenation's progress.Describing illegal financial activities as the "biggest blot",Modi said that despite several steps taken by his government overthe last two-and-a-half years, India's global ranking on corruptionhad moved only to 76th position from 100th earlier."This shows the extent of the web of corruption in the country.The disease of corruption is the domain of some veted people whoare flourishing. Some people have misused their positions andbenefitted. On the other hand, honest people are suffering," PMsaid.PM linked fake currency to terrorism and questioned how enemiesof the countries are using such methods to harm India."We have to get rid of this termite of corruption"
Good Habits For Kids 1.0
App to Teach Kids Good Habits.For the Parents who care about GoodHabits in their Kids .One of the most important facts that parentsneed to understand is this: Children who practice healthy habitsearly in life are much more likely to continue those habits throughtheir teen years and into adulthood. According to the AmericanAssociation for Health Education a key reason for that reality isthat a child’s brain is more impressionable than an adult’s.Mannersare to be taught. When children are very young, We have to grab theopportunity to teach appropriate behavior. When children arepolite, kind and honest, they develop character -- and also maketheir parents look good!“Young children haven’t had a realopportunity to develop a concrete preference in their likes anddislikes, so it is easier to start them off on the right foot thanit is to stop a bad habit later in life,”
Draculaura Pregnancy Checkup 1.2
Draculaura Pregnant is an interesting pregnant mommy and newbornbaby care game.The beautiful draculaura princess is pregnant andthe baby is nine months till today, the draculaura mommy isthinking that her sweet baby is coming out soon, she is verynervous and expecting, today, the draculaura mommy is going to thehospital for preparing to give birth to her baby, before give bothto the baby, mommy have some examination need to do, sweet babies,let’s help the draculaura mommy to check-up now.Key Features:1.Thebeautiful draculaura mommy is about to give birth to her baby, helpher to do the pregnancy check-up.2.B ultrasound examination, testblood pressure and heart rate is very important.3.The cute littlebaby is coming out, take a good care of the newborn baby.4.Learnhow to take care of the mommy and the newborn baby, a meaningfulgame for baby.5.Exquisite and fluent flash, fresh and adorabledrawing with wonderful music.
Indian Pregnant Mommy’s Check Up 1.2
Mommy is going to the doctor for a last check-up before having abeautiful baby princess! Step into the doctor's room with her andlearn how to use fun tools like a thermometer and stethoscope. Makesure Mommy is taking the right vitamins and eating healthy food,then have fun playing music for the baby and choosingtattoos!Mainly the game is divided in two parts1.Mommy’s checkup2.Mommy’s care during Pregnancy To be a nurse of your pregnantmommy and take care of herEnjoy with Aflatoon Games.!!!!
Little Baby Care & Dressup 1.0
“Little Baby Care & Dress up” game offers kids a great chanceto play and learn about childcare. Become an experienced babysitteras you run your own kindergarten at home.Adorable babies are notnewborns anymore, their moms and dads put them into day care toyou. Baby kids are playing in the interactive playroom and waitingfor your attention. Delight those cute children with diverse careactivities in 4 lovely scenes, like a funny bathing, foamy caring,trendy dressing, caring doctor and joyful play. Babies want you atthe same time, so satisfy their wishes step by step and take carethat they don't start crying!*4 Lovely Scenes⁃ Bath Time: Thesebabies loves to bath with shower soap air freshener, and gettingready for a festive day.⁃ Dress Up Time : dress up babies withfashionable clothes.⁃ Care Time: These babies growing with milk andother caring things like smoothie,room freshener,with cool coolpowder and nappy etc.⁃ Hospital Time: Make sure your baby is healthenough.Take him for a health check-up and save him from multipleinjuries.We are sure that our little baby will be very happy. Thankyou for your help, have fun!!
Prom Night Makeover And Salon 1.3
Tomorrow is the prom night! She has little time so she is reallyfussy. Can you help her? Help your girl get ready for theProm.There is lots of things to do here, start off in the Spa, thendo her make-up and finally help her pick out the perfect outfit inDress up section.Features:
• Get girls ready for an amazing nightat the prom!
• Change their makeup, give them a new hairstyle.
•Tons of different lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and muchmore
• Huge variety of party items, including earrings, necklacesand head gears
• Makeup and Dress up her in the gown of yourdreamsHow to Play:
- Bring each girl into your salon for amakeover.
- Pick out a new hairstyle and makeup.
- Choose outfits,accessories, shoes and purses.
- Send them to the dance feelinglike a princess!Download now this free makeover dress up kids gamefor girls.enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!!
Christmas Games 1.0
Happy Holidays Everybody! Our series just got richer with a specialfestive Christmas themed games for your little toddlers andpreschoolers. 1.Match Puzzle Games Match Puzzle Game is a fun freeChristmas themed matching game for toddlers and kids.2.JigsawPuzzle Games A beautiful Christmas scenery with twelve Christmasthemed jigsaw puzzles in brilliant and colourful graphics. A funway for young children to develop logical thinking and learn simplewords. 3.Drawing Book Color the colorings pages of christmas onyour device in this virtual colouring and painting book. It so easythat even toddler can play. This coloring game is a kids game wherechildren can color the christmas colorings pages, and share it withfriends .Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!
Mandala Coloring Book For Kids 1.0
Beautiful mandala coloring pages for adults and children. Coloringbook filled with over 30 free flower mandalas. Download andrelax!Both easy and complex flower mandala designs for everyone toenjoy and relax.This app offers:
* 30+ Mandala's
* Easy to play
*Share your artwork
* Save and load your work
Have fun and acreative moment! Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES !!!
Sugar Skull Mandala 1.0
Sugar Skulls Coloring Book for Adult - Free Color Pages. Can usehis fingers or light pen to color on the tactile screen of hisintelligent telephone. Has a wide gallery where there can be chosena great quantity of images to color as well as hundreds ofavailable colors in our palette.mandalas, color and pictures foradults, zen, paint sugar skulls and drawing of colorsColoring BookFor Adults is fun, if you like games to learn to paint and coloringcan not miss this fantasy game, you have many colors available soyou can combine and can paint.Sugar Skulls Coloring Book for Adult- Free Color Pages, with lots of pictures that can be drawn,paintedSome characteristics:* Free drawing : a leaf is included inwhite for your own creations.
* A simple palette of colors tochoose the suitable color.
* To sabe the drawing in the phone
*Colors with brilliant effects..
* Always you will be able to eraseany color that you do not like.
* More than 100 colors.
* To guardthe drawing to continue at any time.
* To erase the whole Drawingto return to begin.
* To send the drawing to the gallery of imagesof the device.
* Drawings To complete.
* To erase the wholelinen.
* Many, many different colors.
* Easy navigation for thechildren and babies.Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!
Wedding Salon 1.0
Wedding is the great time with bride, that should get a spa salonbefore the wedding time. And most girls always like to play weddingor princess spa salon games. Are you looking for any wedding gamesor nice girls games now? Our this Wedding Spa Salon-Girls Games iscoming and lots of items you can find and play. Spa salon yourmodel and make her to be your bride, she will get a gorgeous andperfect wedding soon! Before this, you need to help her makeup anddressup with so many items. It's a spa salon game but not a normalone, you will find so many nice dresses, choose them and you willget more fun. Come on and go to play it now! It's a specialbeautiful girls games and salon games!If you'd like my game, don'tforget to rate us, thanks very much!Features:1. Give a facialtreatment for the wedding girl. 2. Help wedding girl make up. 3.Dress up for wedding girl and make her beautiful .4. Make hairstyle for a wedding girl by your own.5. Let them have a wedding .
Christmas Kids Doodle 1.0
Christmas Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids with supereasy-to-use painting on photo or canvas. It has endless brightcolors and 50+ beautiful brushes.The built-in gallery stores bothkids drawing picture and drawing procedure. Kids can continue theirdrawing Different drawing pens, cute stickers, shiny stones andtextured brushes. Whether its doodling, drawing or coloring- Itssimply fun. Its a simple game with easy UI ever specially designedfor your kids which will engage your kids for hours. Little Babyartists can choose different Canvas to show their creativity. Theycan choose to paint from their favorite story pages or simply drawfree hand. This Kids doodle and drawing game
--Choose from different colors of canvas.- Choose from story pages orfree style drawing.- Use bright colors and different brushes toshow your creativity.- Take pictures and show your friends yourtalent.Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!
Christmas Rendeer Spa 1.0
Christmas Reindeer Spa is a cute free petsalongirls game where you can look after your own reindeer. Thisis a fungame for kids that will teach them how to look after thecutestreindeer pets.A wonderful Christmas game for the most magical time of theyear!We specially designed it in an intuitive way, combining thecheerfulcarols that these baby Reindeer will sing with caringsteps and funNorth Pole facts.If you ever thought about teachingyour little onecharming facts about Santa's land, while enjoying achristmassytime, this game and its fluffy darlings are the perfectanswer foryou.
• Reindeer baby animal
• wash up, dress up, Hair salon and other fun activities 
• create their outfit and dress them up for the Holidays!
• the sparkling Aurora Borealis in the background
• cheerful and fun design, Christmas Spirit in every singledetailof this app
• high-quality graphicsEnjoy with AFLATOON GAMES
SantaClaus Coloring book 1.1
Christmas Coloring Book - Christmas edition is a wonderfuleducational game/activity for kids. Our application has beenprepared in such a way as to encourage children to work creativelyin coloring and drawing pictures of Christmas SantaClausYour childdoes not need a felt pen to color, all the images can be colored inusing just your finger! Download the free app and give your kids afun time for Christmas. Education, play and fun all in one!We haveover 70 Christmas coloring SantaClaus for your kids.With theChristmas Coloring Book, your child has the opportunity forcreative expression while we provide the tools your child needs. Inaddition to color screens your child has the opportunity to choosefrom a palette of colors to create images from their imagination.Learning through playing is the way to go!The Christmas SantaClausColoring Book was created with an emphasis on being intuitive sothat a child can easily focus on what s/he likes best in terms ofshapes and colors.With all these benefits, we happily pass thesemost educational tools into your hands to develop your kids motorskills. Painting is a valued art and it in particular cancontribute to the proper development of your baby .Key Features•Coloring and drawing pictures on the screen with your finger .
•Coloring with sound !
• The application develops kids fine motorskills and creativity.
• A wide range of pictures about ChristmasSantaClaus .
• Completed drawings can be saved in the gallery ofChristmas Coloring Book and shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.
• Free updates .
Balloon Pop Kids Games 1.0
Popping stuff is fun and is sure to bring laughter to your child'sface, - what can be more precious than that? This game is all aboutyour kid making stuff boom, producing completely new excitingobjects hidden inside, much to the player's amusement andsatisfaction.With sharp graphics, awesome special effects andenjoyable game play.Features:- Incredibly easy play - all that'sneeded is to touch the screen in the right place.- Compared toother similar balloon pop games, the graphics are incrediblycrisp!- Great for children of any age, perfect for girls! - Threeoptions are available for numbers of balloons flying up, as well astheir speed. - While playing, you can enjoy a sweet background withenchanted forest coming alive right in front of you. - Balloonscome in 12 different shapes, colors and kinds, including the cutestanimals, a ladybug, a butterfly, flowers and so on. Not too girly,yet sure to offer hours of giggling delight. - Pop one to see anobject fall down or fly away - a great variety of those areavailable, many of them with stunning animation effects! - Animatedobjects include a yummy cake with burning candles, butterfliesplayfully flying away and even a fairy! Falling objects are mainlyyummy treats, like cupcakes and ice-cream, as well as a unicorn anda dinosaur! - Exciting bonuses are available!Enjoy with AFLATOONGAMES!!
Christmas Baby Phone 1.2
A classic christmas baby phone game for kids, with colorfulgraphics and cute christmas images! One of the best free apps forbabies or toddlers who love to play with their parents' mobilephones.Does your child want to play with your cellphone all thetime? Then you use this game to turn your Device a colorful babyphone, with cute graphics, high-quality music and lots of greatsounds.When your child dials a number, an image chosen at screen ofthe phone. Your child can touch the button to hear the sounds andwatch it move around.Fun features in the game:
- Cute ChristmasTree,Candy Cane,Snowman,Reindeer,Christmas ball,ChristmasStockings,Christmas Wreath,Elves,Ribbons and it Hilarious Sound 
-Popular 10 Christmas Baby Songs(Rhymes)Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES.
Christmas Number Tracing 1.1
The 123 of Christmas game is adapted for all children so that theycan learn Numbers while having fun. It is full of bright colors andamusing virtual Slat for education game for education of preschoolor kindergarten age.Features:
- All Numbers coloring book includesletters 1 to 10 and is fully-featured.
- Activities that teach yourkid how to trace and draw numbers.
- Trace and draw letters by usefinger to drag instead mouse.
- Smart interface helps kids focus onletters and phonics without accidentally exiting the game.
- Eachletter will repeat its sound when touched. 
- Complete Numbers
-Preschooler will quickly learn and exercise with fun.
- Learn andfun with 123 music.
School Bus Spa Simulator 1.1
School Bus Spa Simulator For Kids Wash, build, repair, paint anddrive. All the cool things a mechanic can do with his bus, you cando with yours, too! School Bus Spa Simulator hands you the partsyou need to build and repair cool drives one by one. Open up yourmechanic shop, bring in the buses, add new parts for that sweet newbuild, slap on a cool kind of paint and you're good to driveaway!Nobody wants an ugly bus, especially not you! As the bestmechanic around, your job is to build and repair bus out of newparts so they're hot and cool at the same time. Drive each one intoyour mechanic shop and let the repair work begin.This game isspecially made for kids,kids will really make a lot's of fun whileplaying this game.this game includes a many more features,wash theschool bus after wash dry the school bus.apply your favoritestickers on that bus and share your this game isbunch of joy,download and make a lot's of fun.One Interesting partof this game is its include one lovely popular rhymes “WHEELS ONTHE BUS” in this nursery rhymes enjoyable colorful background andmany more kids are available for enjoyment.Features:
- Work as amechanic in your very own bus shop.
- Many different kinds ofbusses to clean, repair and fix.
- Decorate each car with coolpaint jobs and accessories.Download it and enjoy with AFLATOONGAMES!!
Little Princess Hair Salon 1.2
Little Princess is a beautiful princess in a kingdom. She hasbeautiful long hair and she likes to try different hairstyles. Thekingdom garden is her favorite place to play.Today, she is invitedto her friend's wedding party.You are her hairdresser. She needsyour help!Princess is in your hair salon now! Are you ready to makeher the most beautiful guest at the wedding party? Let's see whatyou can do!Washing her hair first and you can choose various oftools to design and hair perming, of course can color hair, at lastyou can share the charming princess picture...
Cute Animals Dressup 1.0
This cute Animals are ready for a new showwithchildren, will take place this evening at the garden.Your purpose is to prepare this beautiful Animals for thetonightplay.A new animal dress up game is ready and kids willenjoyHave fun playing dress up games for Kids.Join now and discoverthefashion world of dress up:⁃Beautiful Dresses⁃Different Shoes⁃Colorfull Caps⁃Different Eye glasses⁃Different Item To Play In garden⁃Hand Gloves and Many more socks⁃Different Hair styles⁃Tails & EarsYou Have to Prepare 4 Cute Animals1.Baby Elephant2.Big Bear3.Little Bunny4.Cute GroundHogPlay dress up games like a fashion master! Dressing up hasneverbeen like this before!
Play this beautiful “Cute Animals DressUp”now, install for free!
Monster Baby Care & Dressup 1.0
Look at all these crazy monster kids running around! As a newmonster mommy, you've got a bunch of bundles of joy who need yourloving careThis game is all about caring baby, this is not anordinary baby this is very scary,naughty and wild monster baby.Areyou ready to take care of these baby?? Have fun and enjoy withmonster babies1. Bath Time: These monster babies loves to bath withshower soap air freshener, and getting ready for a festive day.
2.Dress Up Time : dress up monster babies with fashionableclothes.
3. Care Time: These babies growing with milk and othercaring things like nipple,room freshener,with cool cool powder andcolorfull nappy etc.
4. Hospital Time: Make sure your baby ishealth enough.Take him for a health check-up and save him frommultiple injuries.
Baby Phone Mothers Song 1.2
Free…Baby Phone Mother's Songs For YourKidsDownload and enjoy the best kids game for Mother's LovingChilderen. Dear Kids, Now is the time when you let your mom knowhow much they mean to you!…How much you are love her.Plenty of Mother’s songs inside the game, for you to enjoy andcherish. The game shows you the beautiful phone with colorfulbuttons to play.When your child dials a number, an image chosen at screen of thephone. Your child can touch the button to hear the sounds and watchit move around.Fun features in the game:
- Cute Animals and it hilarious Sound 
-Popular 9 Mother's SongsDon't miss to play beautiful Mother's Songs tunes dedicated to allloving Mothers. A perfect song for kids of all ages to celebrateMother’s Love.
New Born Pet Baby Doctor 1.2
“New Born Pet Baby Doctor” game offers kids a great chance to playand learn about PetBabyCare Pet mommy will give birth soon, andthis time, she is is full with excitement, tension, pay out,fatigue, joy and fun. in the period, go through various checks,birth, bathing, dressing, feeding and other tedious work, but thebirth of new life is very exciting! Now come to help these fewnervous and excited Mommys let their pet baby safe and healthybirth into this world!4 Lovely Scenes~>Mommy Food : Feedpregnant mommy what ever doctor say to eat her foods,medicine,milketc.~Mommy Checkup : Mommy’s weight,Mommy’s temprecture,baby genderchecking and so many exciting technic for checkup ~>Bath Time:These babies loves to bath with shower soap air freshener, andgetting ready for a baby born.~>Care Time: These babies growingwith milk and other caring things like smoothie,room freshener,withcool cool powder and nappy,Lullabies for its sweet sleep and sweetdream.We are sure that our little pet baby will be very happy.Thank you for your help, have fun!!Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!!
Musical Flower Lullabies2 1.0
Wondering how to make your toddler sleep? Your baby cries a lot?Can you put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel.Choose the music and the time and put your child to sleep, abeautiful song That will really calm your baby.AFLATOON GAMES herepresents a new concept of lullabies with musical flower,your gartenwill love goodnight songs with musical flowers but touching itsplay musical notes.Soothe your baby and help him to sleep and relaxby playing a lullaby.Hearing a soft, rhythmic cradlesong brings asense of peace and security to the baby.As soon as a lullabybegins, a calming sense of order infuses the baby. The simple,repeating melody is a source of comfort during bedtime.Lullabiesare sung by mothers around the world for Their children fallasleep.√ You can choose the music.
√ You can choose the flowers
√Great quality of the sound
√ Absolutely Relaxing!
√ The bestrelaxing sound!
Montessori 123 Learning 1.0
Montessori preschool educational app for kids and toddlers from thecreators of Montessori 123 learning games featured by theGuardian!Montessori preschool and kindergarten education has neverbeen more fun. Based on the proven Montessori learning methodologythe new app from Kids Academy helps develop early reading, writing,counting as well as fine motor skills through a set of engagingeducational games.Features:• Developed with the help of leadingexperts in preschool education
• Learning games to develop everyaspect of preschool education
• Multi-sensory approach that keepskids engaged and entertained
• Professional voiceover guides withpositive reinforcement 
• Step-by-step progress at the pace thatkids choose themselves
• Set of learning games to develop everyaspect of preschool educationIt Includes:• Shadow Matching• ColorBall• Jigsaw Numbers• Bubbly Numbers• Bingo Numbers• Dots to Dots•Odd One Out• Sequence Crawl• Letter HopeEnjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!
Christmas Holiday Makeover 1.0
Princess needs to be dressed for her christmas eve! Can you helpthese beautiful princessHave Spa treatment, then groom yourself bychoosing varieties of makeup accessories and then finally pick yourbridal dresses from our designer collection and get a feel likeprincess. Features:
• Get girls ready for an amazing night at theeve!
• Change their makeup, give them a new hairstyle.
• Tons ofdifferent lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and much more
•Huge variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces and headgears
• Makeup and Dress up her in the gown of your dreamsHow toPlay:
- Bring each girl into your salon for a makeover.
- Pick outa new hairstyle and makeup.
- Choose outfits, accessories, shoesand purses.
- Send them to the dance feeling like a princess!Sothis Girly Game is waiting to make you princess.enjoy with AFLATOONGAMES!!!
Christmas Kitty Salon 1.0
> Welcome to the Christmas Kitty Salon - the place to care foryour cat’s fluffy hair! 
> MEOW! These adorable cats need a hairmakeover ASAP! Can you help them out?!
> Become a professionalcat stylist and choose from tons of styling activities! Curl,straighten, cut, color and more! 

Give these cuddly cats thecraziest hairstyles ever! Enjoy tons of professional grooming toolslike curling irons, blow dryers, scissors and magic hair growingspray! You can even color your cat’s tail in a variety of crazycool colors! Help these lovable cats look Perfect.. it’s all up toyou! 

> Choose from 2 adorable cats
> Choose fromtons of crazy collars!
> Style your cat’s hair with the curlingiron and straightener! 
> Cut your cat’s hair with professionalscissors!
> Regrow hair with hair growing spray!
> Snap apicture to show off your cat’s new look!>Dozen of Costume foryour lovely kitty!>Sunglasses,Caps,Dresses,Toys are absolutelyfree for your kitty to ready for christmas night!>MultipleSuitable Background for your fluffy cat!Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!
Christmas Doll Makeover 1.0
Doll needs to be dressed for her christmas eve! Can you help thesebeautiful DollHave Spa treatment, then groom yourself by choosingvarieties of makeup accessories and then finally pick your bridaldresses from our designer collection and get a feel like Doll.Features:
• Get girls ready for an amazing night at the eve!
•Change their makeup, give them a new hairstyle.
• Tons of differentlipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and much more
• Hugevariety of party items, including earrings, necklaces and headgears
• Makeup and Dress up her in the gown of your dreamsHow toPlay:
- Bring each girl into your salon for a makeover.
- Pick outa new hairstyle and makeup.
- Choose outfits, accessories, shoesand purses.
- Send them to the dance feeling like a Doll!So thisGirly Game is waiting to make you princess doll.enjoy with AFLATOONGAMES!!!
Christmas Musical Games 1.0
“Christmas Musical Game” is a fun musical game for kids. They learnto play different instruments, wonderful songs and exploringdifferent sounds!This game is specially designed for kids to playand learn for fun.
The whole family can develop their musicaltalent and composing songs together!3 Instrument games.1) Drums: Doyou want a drummer in the house? You will have it. With the drumset we have drumming will be so fun for you and your child with afull drum kit of bass drum, tom, kick drum, snare and symbols, yourtoddler love will feel as a drummer in few seconds.2) Piano: Ourpiano for kids has the sound of a real grand piano and except the16 notes it also includes all the half notes too, this will makeyou able to play any kid songs you remember from your childhood.3)Xylophone: Specially designed for kids this colorful xylophone willteach your kids not only the xylophone for kids sounds but alsocolors.2 GAME MODES:1)SONGS Mode :Can learn to play wonderfulsongs. The "Auto Play" mode plays the song to learn the melody.Then can play it alone following the aid they Can choose to playsongs with the following instruments: Piano, Xylophone, drums,Itsinclude Popular nursery rhymes like~>Baa baa blacksheep~>It’s Raining it’s Pouring~>London Bridge Is FallingDown~>Row row row your boat~>The Muffin Man~>Green nyellow basking~>Wheels on the bus~>Oh Where, Oh Where Has MyLittle Dog2)INSTRUMENTAL Mode :Allows select several collections ofobjects with representing images and sounds. Children becomefamiliar with their sounds and learn to identify them. The childcan explore and recognize the different sounds.Enjoy with AFLATOONGAMES!!
Christmas Holliday Games 1.2
In addition to the Christmas themed join the dot puzzles, yourchild can build their memory skills and recall in the Christmaspairs game and build logic skills with Dots maze escape.ChristmasConnect Dots is one of our most popular puzzle games for kids.Enjoy the variety of beautiful and funny hand drawn creations thatyour toddlers and preschoolers will simply adore.It`s a uniqueearly learning game for preschoolers where young children can learnall about the fun of Christmas while playing.Features:~>Join allthe numbered dots and find out the hidden Christmas object behindthe dots. ~>Finding the right shadow for the different Christmasobjects~>Jigsaw shadow puzzle game for kids.This educationalgame for kids and toddlers can help them to learn lot of differentactivities and improve their learning capability.Enjoy withAFLATOON GAMES!!!
Santa Claus Hair Salon 1.0
Ready to play Santa Claus HairSalon??Gettingready for the festive season? Well what better way tocelebratethan to give Santa Claus a makeover with this Santa hairsalonChristmas game. Create a brand new style and look for Santareadyfor him to deliver the presents and make his public debut. Tryyourhand at washing, rinsing, drying, combing, cutting andstylingSanta's hair ready for the fun colors you can add. One youhavecreated that brand new look accessorize and create a perfectlookwith new glasses, new clothes, or maybe even a top hat! Withsomuch fun to be had, why not have a merry Christmas thisholidayseason with this fun Santa hair salon Christmas game today!Features:
• WASH, rinse and dry Santa's hair ready for styling!
• COMB, Cut, Straighten, or Curl his hair to create a grandnewlook!
• COLOR his hair in multiple colors including red, pink,blue,yellow, orange, black, red, and green!
• CHANGE his suit to give Santa a fresh new look for everyonetoenjoy!
• ADD a top hat or glasses to complete his new and improvedlook!And you can resize it byzoomIn,zoomOut,RotateLeft,RotateRightEnjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!
Christmas Drawing Pad 1.0
Christmas drawing pad and painting game. Free app for all boys andgirls which love santa claus, christmas trees, reindeer, gifts orelves. Color your own cards and send a christmas greeting or wishto family or friends..-Fun to play-Share your drawing as christmascard via email, Facebook, etc.-Create your own painting-Many, manydifferent colors-Easy navigation for kids and toddlers.Color thecoloring pages and send your design as a wish or greeting card tofamily or friends. Free app with lots of designs of santa claus,reindeer, christmas tree, gift, elves, party and snow.EnjoyAFLATOON GAMES!
Tracing Alphabet 1.0
All the letters from A-Z have come alive and they are here to teachyou all the alphabets in this educational game for toddlers. Selectyour favorite color of pencil and draw on the dotted alphabets.This will help you to write all the alphabets perfectly and learnon your own. Enjoy this educational alphabet game for kids byAFLATOON GAMES and learn all the alphabets in a totally new and funway.Features:1) Trace on all the alphabets to learn to write themby yourself.2) Use many different color pencils to draw on it.4)Also paint on those uncolored drawings.5) Share this educationalgames with friends and have fun with the alphabets6) Alphabet Songfor kidsEnjoy With AFLATOON Games
My First Word Birds Learning 1.0
Let your toddlers learn spelling and their ABCs with Kids Spell& Learn : Birds! Spell & Learn is a series of toddler gamesthemed for children aged one to four. Spell & Learn uses commonobjects, items or animals to help your child learn their alphabetand spell better.In the “Birds” Edition, Spell & Learn helpsyour child spell the names of common bird types as well as rememberwhat they look like! This toddler’s game is perfect for childrenwho are yet to learn or are in the process of learning theiralphabets, adding familiar bird names to their growingvocabulary.This interactive preschooler’s spelling game provideslots of fun with different alphabets fonts and distinctive animals.Kids simply drag the letters into the correct slots to form a wordand they get rewarded with an interesting picture of the bird theword represents! Let your toddler learn correctly through positivereinforcement!This game includes the following features:
- Manydifferent colorful alphabets to drag and form words with
-Alphabets are spelled out as the little ones tap and drag them
-Cute birds appears after each word is completed
- Sounds andspecial effects to keep your kids engaged.
Egypt Princess Makeover 1.0
A Egypt Princess who want to get ready for attend differentceremonies like Christmas , weddings and school parties. She isgoing to egypt makeup salon or egypt girls salon which isspecialize of egypt dresses and light star makeover thelatest fashion and design. This is a girl barber shop.Choose yourfavorite dresses and color for Egypt Princess. With the selectionof primary and complementary color for egypt and dresses it's up toyou to choose your very own unique combinations. Spa Phase:whichyou can say bathing and washing parts Choose Shampoo to wash anddry Hairs then choose soap or face-wash to wash face and gettingtowel for her hairs and types of mask therapy for EgyptPrincess.Makeup Phase:You can say cosmetics part Choose blush-oncolors and starting blushing. Select those color which meet dresscolor for matching purpose as like matching then select Eye shadowMakeup Shades to bring out natural beauty of Eye Color,
beauty byadding Eye mascara and different lipstick shades and colors.DressUpPhase:In the third part which you can say Egypt Princess Romma willready for party by wearing colorful dresses,burkhas,shoes,pursesand many more accessory 
Express your creativity by puttingtogether designs for 
exclusive events. Take on top designers fromaround the world and convert your simple barber shop into StarFashion Designer!Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!!!
Indian Hijab Fashion Doll Makeover 1.0
A hijab girl who want to get ready for attend different ceremonieslike Christmas , weddings and school parties. She is going to hijabmakeup salon or hijab girls salon which is specialize of hijabdresses and light star makeover the latest fashion anddesign. This is a girl barber shop.Choose your favorite dresses andcolor for hijab girls. With the selection of primary andcomplementary color for hijab and dresses it's up to you to chooseyour very own unique combinations. Spa Phase:which you can saybathing and washing parts Choose Shampoo to wash and dry Hairs thenchoose soap or face-wash to wash face and getting towel for herhairs and types of mask therapy for hijab.Makeup Phase:You can saycosmetics part Choose blush-on colors and starting blushing. Selectthose color which meet dress color for matching purpose as likematching then select Eye shadow Makeup Shades to bring out naturalbeauty of Eye Color,
beauty by adding Eye mascara and differentlipstick shades and colors.Dressup Phase:In the third part whichyou can say hijab will ready for party by wearing colorfuldresses,burkhas,shoes,purses and many more accessory 
Express yourcreativity by putting together designs for 
exclusive events. Takeon top designers from around the world and convert your simplebarber shop into Star Fashion Designer!Features:- Indian muslimfashion doll- Indian Hijab Fashion Suit- Bridal Hijab Salon- HijabDressUp & Wedding MakeUp For Girls- Hijab Make Up Salon- IndianMuslim Hijab Makeover- Muslim Fashion Doll MakeoverEnjoy WithAFLATOON GAMES!!!!
Christmas Hidden Object 1.0
Christmas and New Year holidays arecomingwhich means the magic related to those dates becomes neartoo. Thefirst sign that those holidays are coming are usually thedecoratedshop windows that shine amazingly, waking up inside us afeeling ofhappiness, a feeling of magic. Those decorations,together with thedecorations on the streets, are usually inspiringus to decorateour homes too, making us feel that those holidays aresomethingreally important. And even if those stories related toChristmasand New Year are not true, they somehow give us hope forsomethingbetter, as our wishes really come true on thosedays...People start decorating their homes, and the Christmas treesareinevitable part of the decoration. In this game we will sneakintoone house where we can see that the people that live therearealmost at the end of decorating. They have made theirChristmastree look amazing but it seems that there is one thingmissing –the star that stands at the end of the tree. This star isveryimportant detail for this family.It has been was transferred from generation to generation forsomany years so now they are all nervous why they can't findit?!They are all worries that this long tradition could bediscontinuedbecause of someone's inattentiveness or maybe someonehas stolenthe star? Let's help this happy family find the wishingstar andhave a wonderful Christmas, without any worries.Enjoy with AFLATOON GAMES!!
Kids Numbers & Math Learning 1.0
Welcome to Best Math For Kids! Is a new educational app thatfocuses on numbers and math learning. This colorful game presents acollection of math exercises for kids from 2 to 10 years, dividedinto several categories based on difficulty.The app includes thefollowing topics: addition, subtraction,number counting, comparenumber, number sorting and pattern making. This way, children canexercise various areas and not get bored of doing the same tasksover and over again.Kids Will Learn:
~>Counting Numbers
Countthe number of objects and click the correct answer from the givennumbers.~> Comparing numbers
Check the numbers value and dragthe correct suitable sign (<, =, >) to the empty box to matchequality.~> Arranging numbers
Check the object sizes and arrangethe numbers in ascending order or in descending order.~> AddingNumbers
Find the sum of the numbers in the wooden box and pop theballoon with correct answer.~> Subtracting Numbers
Find thedifference of the numbers in the wooden box and pop the balloonwith correct answer.~> Objects Patterns
Observe the Pattern anddrag the correct object from the available objects to complete thepattern.Enjoy With AFLATOON GAMES!!!!