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MineSweeper (Sweep The Mines) 1.01.2
About Game: The object of the game is to clear an abstractminefield without detonating a mine. The game has been written formany system platforms in use today.The game is played by revealingsquares of the grid by clicking or otherwise indicating eachsquare. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player losesthe game. If no mine is revealed, a digit is instead displayed inthe square, indicating how many adjacent squares contain mines; ifno mines are adjacent, the square becomes blank. The player usesthis information to deduce the contents of other squares, and mayeither safely reveal each square or mark the square as containing amine. Our MineSweeper: MineSweeper is a classic game and it isredefined by BTDW Solutions.Here is the list of cool features weprovide, - Its compatible with any android handset (right fromEclair to Kitkat). - Pinch Zoom and drag minefields like breeze. -All new detector mode makes gameplay easier for minesweeperhaters.(its timed though!!) - 6 distinct gameplay modes available.- Build your own game arena with custom game mode (Maximum of 2500minefields with 2250 mines can be built). - InGame instruction thatdoes not affect user gameplay. - OpenGL rendered pixels promises avisual treat to users. - Everything is for free of cost!!! AboutDeveloper: Game Developer- Agilan Anandan (Co-founder of BTDWSolutions) This game is developed by a 20 year old teen pursuinghis B.E degree in Computer Science.This game is released under BTDWSolutions.All rights reserved. Support: For further queries orsuggestions do mail us in Help us improvewith your feedbacks,reviews and ratings.Thank you!!
The Lost Path 1.1
Note: A new and improved version of this game can be enjoyed at, through a caricatured path your neurons guide you throughto, collecting diamonds staying afloat with infinite paths leadingto it. Unleash your creative avatar by drawing magic paths to reachyour goals. Draw to play and tap to jump is all you need to knowfor this fun packed instable journey. Glide through the instablepath you draw and collect as many diamond as possible. Path fallsoff in seconds, so be quick. Fun filled instability awaits you.Goal: - Catch as many diamonds as possible. Controls: - Scribble todraw paths. - Tap to jump. Constraints: - Can jump only if a pathexists. - You die if you hit the walls. Get friends along with youon your journey with our global leaderboard. Play, Share and Havefun !
Spiro - The Cosmic Titan 1.04
Spiro is a heavenly character that getsspawnedfrom a major catastrophic space explosion. This cosmicevent hasgifted Spiro to posses gravity. All other heavenlycreatures whoshared birth with Spiro during this cosmic eventfailed to possesgravity. Hence by nature these creatures getpulled towards theforce of gravity i.e towards Spiro. Is Spirogoing to befriend hisbrother creatures and sacrifice his life ?Or, Is he going to killevery creature that tries to collide on him? Is gravity a boon orbane for Spiro. Its for you to resolve! Overtime Spiro has alsolearned to create bullets from fellowcreatures. Wise and fearlessSpiro is yours for play. Enjoy !Gameplay:Game provides a floating joystick that can be used to buildvelocityfor Spiro. Remember, Spiro has to move in zero gravitysocontrolling spiro can be tricky, WATCH OUT! By holding yoursecondfinger on the screen you can deploy bullets from Spiro'shead.During the game just like the enemy creatures there are threeallycreatures that can provide bullets, health and shield forSpiro,MAKE USE OF IT! You can upgrade the ally creatures fromExtras-> Upgrades using score points or cash. Each new levelexposesyou to a different enemy with unique attack strategy. Gamealsoprovides 20 unique Achievements that makes thegameplayrefreshing.Features:- 20 Challenging and unique achievements.- 7 Unique and progressive game levels.- 2 Online leaderboards to challenge and share your progresswithfriends.- 12 Unique upgrades using in-App purchases or score pointsearnedduring the game.- A never seen before game user interface. Flexible acrossdifferentsized screensAbout Developer:I am 21 years old doing B.E in Computer Science who isfondlypassionate on Game Development. Support me and my workthrough BTDWSolutions. Feel free to give your feedback. Play, Shareand Havefun !