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Угадай ютубера по фото 4.15.0z
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В этой игре тебе предстоит угадывать видеоблогера лишь по егоаватарке или фото. В игре более 85 уровней с топовымивидеоблогерами России. Среди них: Ивангай, Янго, Эдвард Атева, СашаСпилберг, Катя Клэп, Марьяна Ро и многие другие. Все они вошли втоп Youtube. По мере прохождения игры уровни становятся сложнее, авидеоблогеры менее популярными. In this game you have to guess thevideo blogger only by his avatar or photo. The game has more than85 levels with top videobloger Russia. Among them: Ivangai, Yango,Edward Ateva, Sasha Spielberg, Katya Clap, Mariana Ro, and manyothers. They all entered the top of Youtube. As you progressthrough the game, the levels become more difficult, and the videobloggers are less popular.
Kpop Idol Quiz 4.3.0z
Agloe Games
In this game you have to guess the K-pop groups and theirmembersonly by their photos. There's more than 100 levels with themostpopular K-pop groups and Idols. Among them: BTS, EXO, BIG BANG,REDVELVET, TWICE and many more. As you progress through the game,theK-pop bands and their members become less and less popular.