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Beckon / Made by 4.2
Beckon is the best high quality free call app, allowing you to makeinternational calls for free. One-and-one and group call are bothsupported with HD quality. It is the world 1st to use 32kHz superwide band IP call, 4 times of traditional phone calls. Beckon seemslike an ordinary free call app. But if you try to make a call viaBeckon, right away you can feel how great the 32kHz voice qualityis like. is the developer of Beckon. At we makeit easy to embed voice and video into mobile/desktop and web appslike Beckon with global reach and unparalleled quality ofexperience. Agora ensures quality of experience for Internet-basedRTC and WebRTC communications through an optimized virtual networkdeployed across more than 100 data centers worldwide. The team hasmore than hundreds of millions of minutes call service per year andthe official video technology partner for lots of popularcompanies. If you are interested in getting SDK, please for more information or contact **World 1st 32kHz super HD voice quality, SDK available ** Our teamhas world A-list voice and video experts from Apple, Vidyo,Polycom, WebEx and etc. State-of-the-art acoustic algorithms (e.g.,"Blind source separation" "Echo cancellation" "Noise suppression")are built-in to deliver a vivid high quality voice, feelings likeyou are next to me. This is perfect for friends and family membersto talk with each other. If you travel abroad, on a business trip,or study abroad, Beckon would be your best free call app to stayconnected with your family and friends. ** Group call with maximum100 people, know and control call session, SDK available ** Beckonprovides group call up to 100 people. But actually SDK can supportat a maximum of 2,000 people in a single session. In a singlesession, you can easily know who’s speaking, who’s muting, who’swith bad network quality, who quit and who joined; at the sametime, you can also mute yourself or others, send text messages andpictures, replay the last 4 seconds talk and etc. ** Service uptimeis 99.999% with extremely low latency ** is the developerof Beckon, which is the world 1st to have global virtual networkand the early Real Time Cloud player with more than 100 datacenters across continents. Agora solves the challenges of real-timeperformance across the Internet backbone, the difficulties of the"mobile last mile", and the media optimization required forspecific devices. Service uptime is 99.999% and call set up rate is99.9%, latency averagely within 400 ms. ** Embed voice and videoSDK into e-health, e-learning, collaboration, social, gaming appsand make them "talk" ** Agora voice and video SDK can be embeddedinto mobile and web apps for e-health, e-learning, collaboration,social, gaming and etc so that you can easily have users "talk" toeach other in those apps. Any questions regarding Beckon or Agoravoice and video SDK, please contact or go for more details. Please check out our other appsdemonstrating our video and streaming products: Agora Video Call –Super HD video call, one-and-one and group call
Agora Live 2.4.0 provides the low latency live broadcasting SDK to appdevelopers enabling maximum 7 hosts cast. Developers can use theSDK to develop an amazing "broadcasting" app demo in a few minutes,like Blab. Users can use this tech to do live interviews, debateshows, interviews and etc. Agora interactive broadcasting SDK cansupport maximum 7 people live conversations and broadcast toothers, and viewers can call in to join any conversation. 【Call into talk with hosts】thumb up, send gift and more importantly talkdirectly with hosts 【7 people live talk】maximum 7 people can talklively and broadcast to others 【Low latency】super low latency【Super clear video quality】feels like the hosts are just next toyou 【Face beautify feature】must have feature for live broadcastingto make you more confident Contact us: Please visit www.agora.iofor a SDK free trial and get your app live broadcast
Agora Video Call 3.0.8
Enjoy high definition video communication anywhere anytime. HDVideo Call, Extremely low latency, Quality assurance on all kindsof internet conditions.   Main features: ・HD Quality of Videoand Voice communication ・Low Latency, smooth communication ・Ease ofuse, specify a room name, then you are in the call ・Various VideoProfile supported for any kinds of internet conditions 1 to 1 Video& Voice call Group Video & Voice call