Agostino Mosillo Apps

Strips of Planets 1.0.9
You have to get strips of planets.How to do?through the laser you can do the planets explode before theyarriveat the base oryou can move them to the right or left, always being verycarefulnot to make them explode!For each planet that arrives at the base, increasesthepercentage for to advance of the level.For each planet that you explode, remove a little of thepercentageused to advance of the level.For each planet that explodes when it arrives at the basebecausethere is no place, eliminates the percentage to advance ofthelevel, in practice it is best to blow before the planetsdissolveif you want to advance of the level.To make score you have to make rows of three or moreplanetsvertical or horizontal, as well as give you the score willalsogive you a good percentage to advance of the level.What's more:I hope in a fun!
TrediPrint! 1.3
TrediPrint is an app to connect your 3Dprintervia wireless to your Phone.For this you must connect the module 3DWebfier now Zubi that youcanfind at