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Okey Pro 1.370
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Experience the okey game like never beforewith ★Okey Pro★. Most fun and addictive board game onAndroid market is now a Pro! Okey Pro allows you to play Okey boardgame with players all around the world. You can also playwith a friend simply and instantly by sharing a 6 digit code. Okeyboard game is immensely popular in Turkey, get the feeling ofTurkish and Ottoman culture by Ahoy Games'sOkey Pro.You might compare Okey game with Rummy or Rummikub, but no, thatwould be a mistake. It is not Rummy, indeed, it is better thanRummy. Just try it for yourself !You can choose to log in with Facebook, but you can get the samefeatures without ever having to log in with Facebook. Although, wehighly suggest logging in with Facebook. That way you can play viamultiple devices using the same account and have your profilepicture and name displayed.You can join your friends' games. This works only if your friend isplaying in "Play Now" mode. You can access this feature from thefriends panel.50% of your bet is returned if you get disconnected while in a betgame. This percentage will be lowered as we will make theconnections more and more stable.If you are disturbed by the chat messages, you can disable chatspeech bubbles in the settings dialog. Settings dialog can beaccessed by tapping the cog button on the top right of the mainmenu.Advertisements are show only when you leave a table. Normally, youshould just wait for the next game to start instead of leaving thetable and therefore never see any ads.Game is completely free of charge.
Okey 3.54.0
Ahoy Games
Okey is a traditional tile-basedgame with long history and many variations. It's highly popular inTurkey among Turkish people, played mainly in coffee housesby people in every age. It's very similar toRummy/Rummikub as it is played with the same set ofboards and tiles but with different rules.Realistic feeling, simple interface and exciting gameplay!Okey Game is played by four players with a set of 106 tiles and 104of them are numbered from 1 to 13 with four different colors.During the game each player has 14 tiles on his board. On each turna player draws one tile and discards one tile. The object of thegame is to be first to form a board which consists sets and runsusing all 14 tiles. There are special tiles chosen in every game,called jokers which helps the player form his 14 tiles board ofsets and runs, by replacing the tile which is missing. Two lasttiles from 106-tile-set represented with stars are tricky 'falsejokers', which against expectations acts as normal numberedtile.Features:★ Advanced Artificial Intelligence★ Full HD graphics (perfect for high resolution tablets)★ Multitouch support★ Unlimited hours of joy★ Multiple game modes★ High playability★ High quality animationsIn Okey game, when you attempt to win a game by discarding a tileto the center of table (bank), if there are any mistakes with yourgroups, these groups will be highlighted with red color.You can tap and hold a tile in the same place for 3 seconds to flipit. This is generally used as a reminder of joker tiles in Okeygame.For online version please try our new game Okey Pro !--------------------------------Türk insanının en çok sevdiği okey oyununun teknolojiyle en güzelbirleşimi. Evde, yolda, bayırda, çayırda istediğiniz zamanoynayın.Bu Okey oyunu online değildir. Bu Okey oyununda gelişmiş yapayzekaya karşı oynuyorsunuz. Bu sayede internet baglantisina ihtiyacduymadan oyunu oynayabiliyorsunuz ve diger oyuncularin tas atmasinibeklemekle vakit kaybetmiyorsunuz.Özellikler:★ Gelişmiş yapay zeka☆ Full HD grafikler★ Multitouch desteği (tabletler için mükemmel)☆ Mükemmel oynama kolaylığı★ Sayıdan düşmeli oyun modu☆ Yüksek kalite animasyonlarOnline versiyon için lütfen "Okey Pro" adlı oyunumuzu deneyin!Lütfen hata raporlarınızı, önerilerinizi ve istekleriniziahoy.games.contact@gmail.com adresine iletiniz.Ana menü'de 'Kurallar' butonunun yanındaki butona basarak oyundakimasanın resmini değiştirebilirsiniz.Desteğiniz için çok teşekkür ediyoruz !
Backgammon Legends - online with chat
Ahoy Games
Backgammon Legends is the most social backgammon board game you'llever see. Connect with your friends, meet new people and sharestrategies in real time as you play. Experience the seamlessintegration of plentiful social features and smooth gameplay withbeautiful 3D artwork. Use your wits to become the #1 Backgammonplayer in the world for everyone to admire! Roll your lucky dice 🎲Backgammon is a time proven 2 player strategy board game playedaround the world for millennia. Thanks to modern technology,Backgammon Legends allows you to enjoy the game on your mobiledevice anytime, anywhere! Roll your lucky dice, use tactics to gainan advantage, move your checkers and defeat real opponents foramazing rewards! Become a Legend with Backgammon Legends Theexperienced development team at Ahoy Games once again is raisingthe bar for quality board games. Try Backgammon Legends for freeand see for yourself! ✔️ Online Multiplayer with fair and fastmatchmaking for players of every skill level 🎲 ✔️ Real-time chatwith emoticons and friend list 💬 ✔️ Compete in weekly tournamentsand events for amazing rings, coin rewards and bragging rights 🏆 ✔️Progress towards the top of local and global leader boards 🥇 ✔️ Alarge variety of stunning Backgammon boards with full 3D animations✔️ Smooth and responsive gameplay focused on delivering the bestexperience and feedback 🏎️ ✔️ Fair and truly random dice rolls! 🎲✔️ Create your profile using your own picture or our colorfulcustom avatar 👤 ✔️ Learn new strategies by watching others playusing our Spectator Mode 👓 ✔️ Practice your Backgammon skillsagainst our entertaining yet advanced Backgammon AI 🤖 ✔️ PlayBackgammon together with your friends on a single device usingLocal Player vs Player mode 👫 ✔️ Realistic and immersive soundeffects. 🔊 ✔️ Login with Facebook, always have access to yourBackgammon Legends account, discover your friends. 👍 ✔️ Collectfree bonus coins every few hours 💰 ✔️ Compare your in-gamestatistics with other players and see how better you are atBackgammon than others 📈 ✔️ Many supported languages: English,French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Turkish and manyothers. ✔️ 🆓 Free to play 🆓 New to the game? Get ready with ourbeginner-friendly interactive in-game tutorial that will explainthe rules to you in no time! Offline Play Support ⛔ The gamerequires a stable internet connection. However, if you don't havean internet connection. You can still play Backgammon Legends usingthe Player VS AI and Player vs Player modes. These Backgammon modesbecome accessible in the login screen after a few seconds ofwaiting. Coins 💲 If you are low on coins, you can keep enjoyingBackgammon Legends by purchasing in-game currency or you can waitfor the next hourly bonus to be ready. Alternatively, you canchoose to watch a promotional video and get just enough coins toget back to the game. Push notifications 📲 Push notifications forthe hourly bonus, in-game chat messages, and others areconfigurable via the Notifications panel in the Settings menu. TheSettings menu is accessible from the icon on the top-right of themain menu. Coin Logs If you have any doubt about your Backgammonaccount's coin activity. You can access 'Coin Logs' from theSettings menu and check your account history just like you can doat a bank! Tournament mode and rings Every week the ring and theboards of each rank changes. Complete all 5 rank to collect theweekly ring. Arena mode Once you enter the arena, you must have 3wins in a row to be able to win the reward. Come and become one ofthe legends! Backgammon Legends! 🏆 For free coins, follow and likeBackgammon Legends on Facebook: 🔗 https://fb.me/backgammonlegendsWant to get in touch with us? 💌 Contact us at contact@ahoygames.com
101 Okey 1.30.0
Ahoy Games
101 Okey is an offline tile-based board game, where you canchallenge yourself and develop your skills and intellect! 101 Okeyis made by Ahoy Games, creators of the most popular Turkish boardgame: Okey. Features: ● Bet big and earn billions. ● 8 Turkish betrooms ● Breathtaking 3D graphics ● 8 Opponents to play against ●Exceptional AI engine ● No time pressure ● Play without needing aninternet connection (offline) You can enjoy 101 Okey wherever youare, without an internet connection! Our excellent AI engine willalways keep things interesting yet challenging.
Rummy Club 1.52.0
Ahoy Games
Rummy has the right combination of luck, your skills, andintelligence while keeping that magic Casino feel! If you enjoyplaying Rummycube, Okey 101, Canasta, Belote, or Gin Rummy, youwill find that Rummy Club combines the best elements of them alland improves upon it. Rummy Club is the best board game ever madeby Ahoy Games, creators of the most popular Turkish board game:Okey. Rummy Club is an offline, tile-based rummy game, where youcan challenge yourself and develop your skills and intellect! RummyClub allows manipulation of all tiles on the table placed byplayers, this gives you unlimited move possibilities. Features: ●Bet big, earn billions and become the King of the Casino. ● 8different City Themed bet rooms (Rio, Moscow, Istanbul, Bombay,London, Las Vegas, Paris, and Dubai) ● Breathtaking 3D graphics(including 3d main menu and 3d tiles) ● 8 unique opponents to playagainst ● Stunning animations ● Spectacular effects ● Carefullycrafted Tutorial ● Leave and resume the game at a later time ●Exceptional Rummy AI engine ● No time pressure ● Play withoutneeding an internet connection (offline) ● No need to wait for slowand disturbing players ● Free to play ● Challenge mode ● Supports 7languages You can enjoy Rummy Club wherever you are, withoutrequiring an internet connection! Our excellent AI engine willalways keep things interesting yet challenging. No matter if youare a beginner or an advanced player, we have many city themedrooms for every difficulty level! With a great tutorial, you canquickly learn the game's rules and start enjoying Rummy Club. Thankyou very much for your support!!