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Shadow Fight 2 Theme 2.2.6
Air Themes
Nekki and AirThemes present the official Shadow Fight 2 Theme! Getyour favourite characters, icons and battlegrounds from ShadowFight 2 and customize your Android device. Download now!Features:-Lock screens with breathtaking backgrounds and ambient sounds fromthe game- 3 live screen wallpapers with characters from ShadowFight 2 to choose from- Fully branded Shadow Fight 2 icon pack-Interactive menus and widgetsAll these features are included in oneconvenient package, just click download and install by followingthe on-screen instructions. For the lock screen to work properly,please disable any native Android lock screens. You can find thisoption in the "Settings" menu, by setting the "Screen lock" menuitem to "None".
AirThemes marketplace 1.0.4
Air Themes
AirThemes makes Android smartphones unique and personal by bringingyour favorite gaming and brand experience to your screen.It offersunique and fun way of interaction with the smartphone for users ofall ages. Interaction, which can be customized with user's favoritebrand experience.
Air Launcher 1.5.0
Air Themes
Key Features:• Automatic apps categorization• Latest Android 7trends and standards• No Ads, No Fees• Search for appsPerformanceNoheavy or useless features, allowing your phone to run smoothly –even your 3 year old beloved device will perform as new.Thelauncher is made of Android Nougat stable performance and ourcareful attention to user experience. This is not a solution forthose who like to customize. We are making Air Launcher as clearand simple as possible, without unnecessary features – one tapinstall and ready to use.StyleDesign is light and uncluttered. Wepresent you a set of crafted icons and wallpapers that arecarefully curated by our design team.FeedbackAir Launcher is stillin development, so we’d be happy to hear your feedback! If youstumble upon a problem or have an idea how to make it a betterproduct, please drop us a line to: hello@airthemes.comFollow ourworkon: