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Shotgun : Free 3d Soldier shooting game 1.32
This army shooter arcade game is about the love story of thearmysoldier who was attacked by goons when he was with hissoulmate.They ran towards the jungle to hide but due to badconditionsoldier was unable to run anymore, they decided to takerest forsome time, but then they heard the sound of incoming goons,sosoldier told his soulmate to hide and he starts fighting backwithShotgun. Help soldiers fire back in casual arcade games.Gameplay :1) You are sitting on a chair which is in continuousrotationalmotion. 2)Soldiers can shoot the wall to move 3)Soldiershave 3main powers: Normal Fire, Burst Fire, Time Slow Down Power4)Youcan change the appearance of soldiers in the main menuKeyFeatures: * Multiple Boss Fights * Beautiful love story * Oneofthe best 3d army shooter arcade games * Arcade Games Requiretimingfor the perfect shot Download now one of the best armyshootertiming arcade games based on the love story.
Fantasy Soldier:Run & Gun Metal Shooter Game 2020 2.4.6
Play one of the new 2D metal shooter game where you are aSoldierand use your shooting ability to explore the fantasy landand shootenemies like zombie , ghosts and Moon! It is a game whichcombinesthe adrenaline of platformer style game. During yourexploration offantasy world , you will be shooting different kindsof enemies andunique boss fights with moon ,bats, zombie , ghosts!You will dealwith unique boss fights and enemies on halloween day,shootingzombie down is your first task before they come closely.Features:★Beautiful fantasy land ★Challenging boss fights ! ★Fightand killghosts, bats , zombie and moon! ★10 unique levels with bossfights★Kill different kind of enemies. ★3 directional 2D Shooter★Amazinggraphics, cool music and sound What are you waiting for?Play assoldier now and kill zombie in epic boss fights with ghosts,zombieand bats! Download now the best 2D metal shooter casual gamenowfor FREE and start shooting game now!
AR Characters App 0.15
AR characters app let you brings 3d models of characters,animalsand other objects to real world using augmented realityvuforia andunity. You can also capture image using this app. ⭐Youcan place 3dcharacters in real world using your camera ⭐Allcharacters areanimated and you can control rotation & scaleusing sliders ⭐ARcharacters app consist zombie, mummy, snake, wolf,spider and morecars & effects will be added in future updates⭐You can captureimage with 3d characters using camera